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Romanza (Italian/Spanish Language Edition)
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Product Description

From his childhood on the family farm in rural Tuscany to the worldwide stage, Andrea Bocelli has achieved phenomenal success. His singing is only partially the point, and his fame owes much more to the aura of romance and the romantic archetype that's attached to him. Romanza is by far Bocelli's largest success, winning adoration thanks to the swooning vocals and the easy, sometimes lush, always pop-safe instrumental textures and melodies. As far as his opera chops go, Bocelli has won the approval of Pavarotti but likely will not wow enthusiasts. The upside is that Bocelli will likely grow the opera pie, convincing labels to take on more operatic projects. --Andrew Bartlett

Customer Reviews:

  • Captivating!
    Where can I hear more of the man who sings with Bocelli in Misere? Can anyone help me?...more info
  • The best music you'll ever hear - Heaven on Earth!
    From the moment I heard Andrea Bocelli singing "Con Te Partiro" on public TV, I have been totally captivated by this remarkable voice and its delightful owner. There aren't enough superlatives in the English language to describe Sr. Bocelli's magnificent musical gift, which is beautifully presented by "Romanza". This music will reach the depths your soul and virtually transport you to Heaven. Bocelli stirs the emotions as no other singer ever has.

    Whether it is the soothing, romantic ballads of "Romanza" or the emotion-filled arias of "Viaggio italiano" or "Aria-The Opera Album", Bocelli's music is enjoyable listening for all ages and all occasions. Beware: this music is extremely addictive - happily, there are only pleasant side effects! You will never tire of listening to it. I ardently recommend "Romanza".

    I thank God every day for Andrea Bocelli - a gift to music fans all around the globe....more info

  • I would like to know who John Miles is?
    I love this cd, and would really like to know who John Miles is, and does he have any recordings of his own?...more info
  • Most emotionally overwhelming CD I've ever listened to.
    I listen to this CD every chance I get. On weekeneds I play it for four hours straight. Andrea puts so much emotion and heart into his singing. I don't know how anyone can criticize this man's talent. My favorite song on this CD is Per Amore. Every time I hear it I'm overcome with emotion. I've never owned any classical music before but this is a CD you won't be able to get enough of....more info
  • You don't have to understand the words to get the feeling!!
    Although I don't understand a single word, the music and the feeling comes through in vivid color!! This man is truely an artist!!...more info
  • Captivating
    This CD is OUTSTANDING. As one "critic" noted, Andrea is no Domingo. That is what makes this cd so special. Andrea's voice is light and soothing and lacks the strain and "overblowing" of a normal operetic tenor. I first heard Andrea when watching his music video "A Night in Tuscany" and I was impressed by his effortless singing. He makes it look easy. And, he sounds GREAT doing it!!!...more info
    What can I say that hasn't been said and reiterated...more info
  • Beautiful!
    This Album is a true work of art nobody makes music so beautiful and so beautiful as andrea bocelli, the best of all is Vivo Por ella (Vivo Per lei), which is one of the best songs that have listened in all my life together with LUNA of Sarah Brightman, which I also consider also its music a work of art this I help him to compose songs for this album, another beautiful song of Album is Romance (Romanza), this Album is definitively of collection it should be in all the houses of the world because it is art. this album is 100/100 on all the albums of the world....more info
  • emotional
    I listened to this cd and it actually brought tears to my eyes. I rarely cry when I listen to music, but there are songs on this cd that makes me stop what im doing and listen. As I listen I close my eyes and my eyes get all full of tears. I feel real good inside....more info
  • very romatic
    he maybe blind but his voice make it for that lost...he is a very good came on time and in perfect condition.will order again any time
    thank you ...more info
  • We LOVE this CD!
    Someone mentioned that listening to Andrea Bocelli's singing releases seratonin in the brain. I agree...his music is a natural high!...more info
  • A must have CD! Botecelli at his best here in both Italian & Spanish!!
    Romanza" was my first Andrea Boticelli album and still remains my favorite. I think this is the tenor's most definitive collection, showcasing his sweet, rich sound, powerfully held long notes, and exquisite sense of cadence. Supposedly, this was the CD geared to "bridge the gap" between pop and opera. Boticelli certainly exhibits a diverse style with this top-notch selection of romantic songs. I also prefer the mix of both Spanish and Italian lyrics.

    When I originally bought "Romanza," back in the 20th century, I did so because of Botecelli's interpretation of "Con te Partiro," (Time To Say Goodbye"), which is still an exceptional song after all these years. It is dedicated to German World Light-Heavyweight boxing champion, Henry Maske and was performed at his farewell contest. Botecelli begins the album with his superb rendition of this piece, and ends with a duet of same with soprano Sarah Brightman. Simply outstanding!! The chorus was rewritten for the CD to incorporate the lyrics, "Time to say goodbye."

    Other favorite cuts include: "Vivere," also a duet, this time with Sicilian soul songstress Gerardina Trovato; "Per Amore" is an intense and intensely beautiful ballad, as is "El Silencio de la Espera," which I simply love. When the song comes on I belt-out the lyrics along with Botecelli - when I am alone with him, of course; "Caruso" is poignant, emotional, poetic, with a wonderful piano backup; "Vivo per Lei" features Giorgia. Her voice blends almost seamlessly with Andrea's in this romantic cut. "Miserere," a live duet featuring John Miles, is wonderfully bluesy and one of my favorite tracks. The contrast between Miles' raspy voice and Boticelli's soaring tones is fantastic!

    Andrea Boticelli's classically trained, expressive voice combined with the lush instrumental melodies and elegant material make this CD a must have!
    JANA...more info
  • Great music for a romantic evening!
    I really love this CD. In the past, I found it is very difficult for many classical performers to pull off a more popular album; however, this CD is a rare exception.

    While I don't understand Italian, the soulfulness of the music comes through loud and clear. Adrea Bacilli's is perfectly suited to interpreting this genre of music and the results speak for themselves.

    I have never tired of this CD. It touched something deep in the heart. It is modern and different. I highly recommend it for romantic evenings and thoughtful introspection about life and love.

    In general, it is difficult to miss with Andrea Bocelli. However, in my opinion, this is his best album for the general population.
    ...more info
  • Listen to This With Your Eyes Closed!!
    Following eye surgery, lying in a darkened room with patches over both eyes, I listened to Andrea for the first time. I thought the tears trickling down to my ears were from the pain of my eyes; they were not! You can literally FEEL the emotion of his music, see the colors of his voice. (Track 4 brought me to tears.) Positively BRILLIANT. Unusually versatile for any atmosphere of enjoyment. Now my prized CD well on its way to being worn out!!! Please listen to this with your eyes closed....more info
  • You don't have to understand the words to get the feeling!!
    Although I don't understand a single word, the music and the feeling comes through in vivid color!! This man is truely and artist!!...more info
  • How can one classify this singer as a serious opera singer?
    Just what I was afraid of. A list of vocal operatic arias including these two pseudo classical singers: Bocelli and Brightman. How can any serious catalogue list them along with the Domingos, Pavarottis, Curas, etc. Come on! This is not how the public will be educated......more info
  • i love andrea bochelli's music
  • Simply Beautiful
    Andrea's voice blows me away. I love it in Spanish and Italian! His lyrics are deep and powerful. You can get absorbed in the words. I got so lost in the music the other day, I crashed into a tree with my bike....more info
    Signor Bocelli demonstrates his fine vocal ability on the album's few shining moments, notably Rapsodia, E Chiove, and the two bonus cuts, Miserere, and the duet with Sarah Brightman. Otherwise, save this suitably named collection for those melancholic moments gazing into the glowing embers of your fireplace, your love's eyes, or if you're very lucky, both....more info
  • Hooked Forever
    I stumbled across Andrea by accident while doing a channel flick on the tv with the remote. There on public broadcasting was this incredible singer who just took my breath away. The next day I raced to my local music shop to discover this "unknown" singer had already sold in access of 40 million CD's. I can understand why. The TV show was called 'A Night in Tuscany' which I now have on video. To demonstrate the strange power of Andrea's voice my 4 year old grandson stopped me turning off Romanza and sat mesmerised through the entire performance. For a little person who has trouble stopping longer than 30 seconds this was amazing.I now have the pleasure of all of Andrea's work....more info
  • I feel that Bocelli will invite people who do not usually
    listen to this type of music to explore the beauty of opera...more info