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Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
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Media Type: CD
Street Release Date: 10/24/1995
Genre: PUNK

Emotionally over-the-top pop extravaganzas like the string-swelling "Tonight Tonight," the Metallica-influenced alternative rock of "Zero," the techno via new wave of "1979"--the 28 songs on this swell two-disc album are as eclectic as their themes are epic and ambitious. Billy Corgan's thin whine isn't much of an instrument, but he makes the most of it by writing smart songs that take emotional chances that more-typical alt rockers would deem uncool. Pessimistic and feeling trapped but still wanting to believe in love, in a future, in something--this is the sound of Gen X at the millennium, with all the self-indulgence and power that would suggest. --David Cantwell

Customer Reviews:

  • Better than Siamese Dream
    People are like ahhhhhhh, this has so much filler and this is BS because this is like the only double album that dosn't have at least two tracks that are so weak it makes you wonder. Stadium Arcadium is very weak compared to this amazing cd. The only other album that is a double album that is like this is the White Album but that was made by the Beatles and that had one filler on it and this does too: Avoid at all costs the song Tales of a Scorched Earth.

    Best Ones:

    All of the first disk except Porcelina of the Vast Oceans
    2 disk:
    6: Tales of a Scorched Earth; avoid at all costs...more info
  • An absolute masterpiece!!!
    Let me start off by saying that most of the reviewers here seem to be a lot younger than me. I am 41 years old, so I have listened to music for a long time. I enjoy many types and genres of music. With that being said, Mellon Collie is one of GREATEST albums ever made by any band. It is an epic masterpiece and I love all 28 songs on this classic piece of work. It ranks up there with Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" and "The Wall", Metallica's "Master of Puppets", Pantera's "Vulger Display of Power" and U2's "The Joshua Tree" as one of the greatest, and one of my favorite albums of all time. What else can I say. ...more info
  • Outstanding
    'Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness' is as diverse and eclectic a rock album as you are likely to hear. As well as the heavier more regular rock songs like 'Jelly Belly' and 'Zero', this album has a lighter contrasting side with songs such as 'To Forgive', 'Cupid De Locke' and the violin bathed 'Tonight, Tonight'. It is because of this eclecticism that this album escapes the repetitive nature that certain other bands fall prey to.

    There is much negativity in certain places throughout the lyrics: "God is empty, just like me". But this is not to say that the Pumpkins completely close the door on hope. Indeed it is their phases of optimism that tends to set them apart, this is an album which is lyrically courageous and dares to go to areas that other bands wouldn't.

    Like all great albums 'Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness' has the feel of a journey and not just a group of songs patched together. Essentially this is a wonderful and innovative album and is one of the must haves of 1990s rock....more info
  • My one and only
    Mellon Collie is an album very dear to me...the cover art and the imagery on the booklet, i found this very stunning when i was 14, ten years ago now. I remember vividly sneaking into brothers room to listen to his mellon collie cassette. I was captivated by the track stumbeline, and i began a 5 year infatuation with the band. How couldn't I?

    I think this album was the point when the Smashing Pumpkins captured their image most brilliantly, and to a 14 year old they were mysterious, interesting, fascinating, brilliant, and so so so different and better than everything else at the time. Indeed the world realised this, this was a very popular album at the time.

    The band seemed to have an understanding of what it was to be the Smashing Pumpkins. To this day i am captivated by the video clips accompanying the singles. This wasn't a shallow garage band, i believe that everything they touched at this moment was magic.

    I would disagree with the people saying that too much was crammed on Mellon Collie, and filler, FILLER? Maybe you just want to justify a negative respone. No there isnt any filler, each track is alive with melody, a subject matter, dynamic, beauty. To me each song has it's own life which means no two songs are alike.

    Maybe I'm a bit sentimental but this CD captured a time. I would love to be 14 again and soak in all the imagery and sounds all over again for the first time. Mellon Collie was responsible for me beginning a life long interest and obsession with music. I think music is the best friend you can have, Mellon Collie is my oldest friend....more info
  • 1979
    If you happened, like me, to be like the kids in the car in the video of "1979," having one of those titanic parents-aren't-home parties that the whole town shows up to and everything gets trashed, every bedroom has kids making out in them, kids diving in the pool, wrecking stuff, kissing, fighting, dancing, drinking, kegs, driving, 7-Eleven burnt-out afterward... You and your friends drive to the top of the hill, park, get out, yell at your stinking town, drive around some more, drinking, smoking, windows down, alive to your possibility, to your own death, energized for anything, everything, the boredom, the hurtling of senseless existence, the cool of being without style, without anything but the moment... How I survived all that exploding to be hunched over in the dark tonight, tapping away lonely at a keyboard, washed up like old bones on the beach, bald, aging, as the world they all made slides into the fires of san diego, the drought of atlanta, the horrors everywhere that we turned our backs to in 1979 and swore to reject, to never become part of, they've surrounded me and I've surrendered to them, the mellon collie and infinite sadness settles over me from the knowledge that there are many more years left in the long slide down, and it only will get worse. Where are all those beautiful kids we burned out with, growing old and replaced by new kids, besides in the few heartbreaking songs on things like this overwrought album, where in a few aching moments, the smashing pumpkins got it right? ...more info
  • Sprawling and occasionally quite derided double album.
    Mellon Collie... is an album that was much acclaimed on its initial release, becoming a huge hit and developing an immediate reputation as something of an alt-rock landmark. Subsequent years have seen the Pumpkins become less fashionable, and their albums (this in particular!!) have been criticised for being nothing more than sprawling, self-indulgent odes to Billy Corgan's rock-star apathy, and sense of creative pretension. Whether this criticism holds true is really down to the individual listener... to me, it still sounds good, even if this kind of store-bought angst doesn't really ring true in an age where the word is threatened by something much more uncertain (and much more dangerous!) than rampant self-pity.

    The album holds together exceedingly well, which is surprising given the tendency for double albums to wane slightly at certain points of the running time... Mellon Collie just about works, capturing the same sense of mystery and archaic wonder suggested by the retro-style cover art, whilst aurally conforming to the fuzzy-distorted style of guitar-driven alt-rock popular in the last decade. There are, of course, deeper musical references to be found beneath the grungy veneer, with Corgan and Co. drawing on elements of shoe-gazer dream pop, 80's style electro, 70's prog and indie-orchestral... managing to find a comfortable middle-ground between Black Sabbath and Procol Harum, whilst simultaneously pointing to My Bloody Valentine and British label-mates The Auteurs (particularly their mid-nineties opus, After Murder Park). Some songs are better than others, which is to be expected of an album that clocks in at almost two-hours, with Corgan really pushing the light-grunge distortion thing on the first disk, offering up live standards like Jellybelly, Galapogos and Muzzle, as well as the singles, Bullet with the Butterfly Wings and Zero.

    There's also the beautiful instrumental title-track, which shows the Pumpkins moving into the realms of melody and atmosphere... something that had often been buried beneath the layers of angular guitars and piercing percussion. Then there's that other great single, Tonight Tonight, a string drenched ballad that is cinematic in the best possible sense (the video, which captured the hand-cranked, colour-tinted style of films like A Trip to the Moon, remains one of the greatest music videos ever made), and does act as the calm before the raging storm that developed throughout the next four or five tracks. Other highlights from the first disk include the raging and pulsating Love (a song that has fierce droning noises and angular samples that seem to evoke dentist drills and tattooist's needles), the lush To Forgive (one of Corgan's most beautiful ballads) and the gentle James Iha penned closer, Take Me Down.

    The second disk is more varied... Corgan and his co-producers (Alan Moulder and U2/My Bloody Valentine collaborator Flood) incorporating more electronic samples, slower tempos and traces of light-jazz (most apparent in that gorgeous track, In The Arms of Asleep). The most iconic moment here is the ¨¹ber-hit-single 1979, Corgan's anthemic ode to apathetic youth and listless abandon, which still stands up exceedingly well ten-years on, even if it does lack the musical adventurousness of certain other songs found on the album(s) in question. Thru the Eyes of Ruby is an epic stadium-rock ballad that begins well, but quickly becomes a mess of repeated choruses and repetitive solos, until the end when it suddenly becomes a beautiful acoustic downer, and, for one brief moment, begins to make sense... much better is the pulsating Where Boys Fear to Tread, the fantastically sinister Bodies (perhaps my ultimate favourite song from both albums), the bleak and remorseful Stumbleine, and the closing track, Farwell and Goodnight, which is really the best place to end.

    Between those highlights there are a few other hidden-gems (X.Y.U., Tales of the Scorched Earth, An Ode to No One, Beautiful, Lily..., etc), but really there's too much to mention. You could argue that some of the album's heavier tracks now sound dated... or that the mid-90's vogue for all things self-pitying (a trend that reached it's nadir with nu-metal) sounds a little embarrassing in this "indie-saturated" day and age. Regardless, I think Mellon Collie is a great piece of work... an epic and ambitious project that shows Corgan and the Pumpkins moving away from the anthemic grunge rock of Siamese Dream and embracing prog and almost psychedelic influences. In fact, the only thing missing from the album to make it more authentic (in a late 60's early 70's sense) is an overriding concept... however, that said, many have take the sequencing of the record (and the two-disk subtitles Dawn to Dusk/Twilight to Starlight) to imply a conceptual feel.

    Whether or not you approach the album this way is completely down to you... though for me, the album seems to be about the idea of dreams and nightmares, and how even the most beautiful of dreams can be as troubling and as upsetting as even the most terrifying of nightmares. It's hard to believe that this album is already ten years old. I remember listening to it a lot through school and college, but then, sort of forgot about it sometime a few years ago. Reacquainting myself with an album that played such a large part in sound-tracking my adolescence was a strange experience... and although I feel I probably enjoyed it a lot more as teenager, I feel that it's an album that justifies itself perfectly, featuring a handful of great and/or interesting songs, and proving once and for all, that the Pumpkins where a greater and more creative band that most would ever give them credit for....more info
  • "The world is a vampire... set to drai-ai-ai-ain..."
    Mellon Collie is a very good album, but I have a couple reservations about it. My biggest problem is the sheer LENGTH of this thing. Two hours, and twenty-eight tracks. Now most of them are good: disc one is especially solid, with one glaring exception (I can't get into the industrial-prog epic Porcelina of Vast Oceans) - Take Me Down isn't great either, but it's passable country-grunge. It is loaded with most the rockers on this disc, and all of those are loud but melodic, punishing but worthwhile: Jellybelly, Zero, Here is No Why, Fjordk You (An Ode to No One) - of course, that's not its real title - Here Is No Why, Love, Muzzle and of course Bullet with Butterfly Wings. I know Bullet was a huge hit, and it's a cool song: the tension buildup and release hits hard, and there are some memorable lyrics. However, there are also some regrettable ones: as catchy as the chorus is, I find the lyric "Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage" nauseating LCM angst. It's better than anything Limp Bizkit could do - that's a no-brainer - but there are quite a few better songs on this album. I've gotta salute its awesome video, though, and it's a song I really enjoy. Anyway, they also do the soft, sensitive stuff quite well: Tonight, Tonight is a longtime favorite of mine. It got me into the group after I saw its top-notch video (arguably the best I've ever seen - the Pumpkins are one of the few groups who make consistently amazing music videos) at the Hard Rock Cafe. And the songwriting drew me in as well: Billy can really write an emotional, meaningful song, and he really proves it here. To make things even better, the string-based melody is dramatic without being over-the-top. And then there's my favorite part: the buildup near the end, where it keeps getting louder and more intense, Billy practically screaming "Believe in me as I believe in you...", and then the whole band drops out and he whispers, "Tonight...", then you get the "Doot, doot, doooooo...", and it cuts off. (sorry for the rather immature description - I know a heck of a lot more about music than that passage implies). Wonderful, lovely song there. I'd also add the almost Disarm-like Cupid De Locke; Galapagos and the instrumental title track to the good list.
    Disc two is where the problems slowly start to set in. There are still quite a few solid songs: Where Boys Fear to Tread, Bodies, and X.Y.U. all fall in the same category as Bullet with Butterfly Wings and the like, and are all highlights as a result; Thru the Eyes of Ruby has a great proggy atmosphere; Thirty-Three, Beautiful, and Luna (My One and Only) are more of those stunning ballads; and 1979 is... well, 1979: a triumph of Billy's amazing songwriting abilities, propelled almost entirely by tape loops and D'Arcy's best bass line. They even get away with a screwy music-hall thing (We Only Come Out at Night) that would've faltered in the hands of a lesser songwriter. However, some of it's simply awful, like the jarring feedback experiment Tales of Scorched Earth (aaaah!), and some of the atmospheric, introspective songs that the group usually excels at (Disarm, anyone?) falter: I'm just bored by In the Arms of Sleep, Starlight, and the CSN-esque (there's a surprise influence!) Farewell and Goodnight.
    I'm torn between four and four-and-a-half stars with this one: really, bump off Scorched Earth and I'd go with that rating. I do think that Siamese Dream is the Pumpkins' best album, but do give Mellon Collie a listen. It's perhaps a bit overhyped, but still a very rewarding, memorable album with all kinds of good songs on it. ...more info
  • Magnum Opus
    This is one of the best albums ever made, by anyone. Where it fits in that list of top 25 is hard to say and quite arguable, but nonetheless, it deserves a spot.
    A lot of people will argue till they're blue in their faces about whether this or SIAMESE DREAM is the best Smashing Pumpkins album. Let me say, I give SIAMESE DREAM 5 stars as well, but it is just not the same work of art that this is. This is truly a masterpiece, and Billy Corgan hasnt' made anything that's come close since.
    MELLON COLLIE .. - great instrumental, perfect way to start an album.
    TONIGHT, TONIGHT - obviously a classic. when i first heard this song, i was shocked. i'd never heard anything quite like this before.
    JELLY BELLY - good rock song. great lyrics as usual. "welcome to nowhere fast".. but could be too 'heavy metal' for some people.
    ZERO - great lyrics, great rock song. gets skipped a lot by me though since i've heard it too many times.
    HERE IS NO WHY - i like this song a lot, but i didn't always. the chorus is great -- "may the king of gloom be forever doomed!"
    BULLET with BUTTERFLY WINGS - great title, and great rock song. it always seemed like kind of a joke on angst to me. "despite all my rage, i'm still just a rat in a cage"
    TO FORGIVE - sad song about childhood. not always immediately accessible, but it grows on you a lot.
    F--- YOU (AN ODE TO NO ONE) - great song. the guitar work is amazing. really knocks my socks off.
    LOVE - not one of my favorites, but still alright. good lyrics.
    CUPID DE LOCKE - very interesting song, and there is no other SP song (OR ANY OTHER SONG, FOR THAT MATTER) that is like it. the lyrics are somewhat of an old-style (i dont know what it's called) poem, and the music is quite fantastic.
    GALAPOGOS - one of the best songs on the album, and has great lyrics and the vocal he delivers is INTENSE, by all means. musically excellent as well.
    MUZZLE - good rock song, but until i heard his acoustic version from the United Center show (their 2nd to last performance) i didn't really 'get' it. it's his favorite pumpkins song, and the lyrics are very very good. empowering.
    PORCELINA OF THE VAST OCEANS - amazing song, especially the encapsulating and hypnotic intro. great guitar work. great vocals.
    TAKE ME DOWN - a good song by james, but doesn't really fit with the rest of the album, imo.
    -DISC 2-
    WHERE BOYS FEAR TO TREAD - excellent rocker. love the riff here, very dark.
    BODIES - another excellent rocker, great lyrics. "no bodies ever knew / no bodies felt like you"
    THIRTY-THREE - highly underrated last single from the album. if i were to use an overused word, it would be 'poignant'
    IN THE ARMS OF SLEEP - one of my favorites, acoustic, amazing lyrics, a feeling all of us have identified with- "i'll always need her more than she could ever need me / i need someone to ease my mind / but sometimes a someone is so hard to find"
    1979 - everyone knows this song. it's great.
    TALES OF A SCORCHED EARTH - everyone hates this song. i don't, personally. i just never listen to it. good lyrics, but i suggest reading them instead of listening to it unless you're feeling angry.
    THRU THE EYES OF RUBY - excellent song, and the end of it features the reprise to the title track, which is excellent, and done on acoustic guitar.
    STUMBLEINE - one of my absolute favorite songs. very minimal, just billy on acoustic guitar, singing a very personal and touching song. excellent.
    X.Y.U. - great rock song, great contrast after the previous song. i love this one.
    WE ONLY COME OUT AT NIGHT - very simple song, but i like it a lot. i like the vocals.
    BEAUTIFUL - really really great song. great lyrics, great singing, great music, great production. great. should i say 'great' again? yes. it's great.
    LILY - really good song for the voyeur in you. lily was his cat, and i think there's a picture of her on the back of the 'i am one' single, perhaps? in any case, another really good song.
    BY STARLIGHT - spectacular song, and sonically it blows me away. such emotional intensity rules this song. 'and are you just like me? her eyes were as vacant as the seas..'
    FAREWELL AND GOODNIGHT - great song that features all of the members singing, which is the only instance of this on an official release. i think they should have done this at their last show, but they didn't. jimmy can't sing very well but he does alright. d'arcy and james are sweet together though.

    BUY THIS, and BUY IT NOW. Also highly recommended are the b-sides to this album, "THE AEROPLANE FLIES HIGH" boxed set, which features some of the Pumpkins' best work ever, incl. "MEDELLIA OF THE GRAY SKIES," "THE LAST SONG," "THE AEROPLANE FLIES HIGH (TURNS LEFT, LOOKS RIGHT)" "MY BLUE HEAVEN" "MARQUIS IN SPADES," "PENNIES," and "ROTTEN APPLES"
    ...more info
  • Great album, I wanna buy it
    No doubt, it's a must-have album. It's a double-cd album. I found there're two versions of this album. One version comes in a double jewel case, the other comes in a standard jewel case . Could anyone tell which version it is? Thanks...more info
  • Wrap me up in arm weights
    I had the great fortune of being a teenager when this album first came out. Many (too many) years later I still find this an incredible example of artistic creativity and sheer talent. The Smashing Pumpkins' eclectic style shines more so here than any other CD (Siamese Dream was great but fairly uniform). Some may complain of "fillers", but to be honest I do not think there is a single song on this double CD that would make the whole better by its removal (even James Iha's two entries--which I originally found intollerable, have grown on me as a pleasant and partially tongue-in-cheek break from Corgan's downpour of emotions and ideas). After this album, the Pumpkins went off in new directions, never returning to the brilliance demonstrated in Mellon Collie....more info
  • Mellon Who?
    I was a mere 10 years old when this hit the market. It was a stage when I was still extensively listening to country (did I really buy all those Garth Brooks CDs?) So, lucky for me, I missed the grand "play out" stage of this album. Lucky for me. I bought it in 1998 and became and instant and loyal listener, both to this album and the pumpkins as a whole. Now it's 2005, and if anything, I love it more. In fact, either this or Counting Crows' "August And Everything After" may be my favorite album of all time. And that says a lot. I listen to anything from the Beatles' "Abby Road" to Green Day's "American Idiot." As a previous reviewer mentioned, this double disc has a lot in common with the Beatles' "White Album," not so much as in the way the songs sound, but just how they flow and are arranged. So, w/out further adew, here is the breakdown of the songs:

    DISK ONE: Dawn to dusk
    1.Title Track-I might have picked more of a rocker for a beginning, but this is still a beautiful, instrumental piano opening.
    2.Tonight, Tonight-Everyone who remembers the 90s remembers this. It's a mainstreem radio-friendly award-winning song that is actually good!
    3.Jellybelly-The opening is a little messed up, and it's a typical pumpkins "fuzzed out" rocker. Not my fav but I listen to it.
    4.Zero-big hit for it's time, inspired the "zero" pumpkins t-shirts. Never cared much for this t-shirt, but this song kicks a**!
    5.Here is no why-No idea how they got the title for this. nevertheless, this has always been a favorite. The analogy about "sad machines" speaks to me, in a way
    6.Bullet W/ Butterfly Wings-Classic. Need I say more?
    7.To Forgive-Meh. Not the most interesting song on the album, but it's listenable.
    8. Ode 2 No-one- or F--- You, as it is sometimes refered to as. The lyrics are a bit cheezy (corgan was obviously pissed as hell about a former love) but fits well as one of the album's heavier rockers.
    9.Love-Listen to this song on headphones and you'll feel really tripped out. I think Corgan's idea was to musically recreated this dizzy in-love-for-the-first-time feeling. Always loved this one.
    10.Cupid De Locke-Took me a bit to understand this one. It's not really "teenager" but now that I'm almost 22, I recognize that this is living proof that Pumpkins can be satanic or sweet.
    11.Galapagos-BEAUTIFUL more mellow piece about change and nostaligia. Reminds me of my past summers in MI
    12.Muzzle-Another hit from the album, I always loved the lyrics to this one. It not too heavy, not too soft. One of my favs.
    13.Porcelina of the vast oceans-This should have gotten playtime on the radio, all the way! It's classic. I do wonder how they came up with porcelina, though. Sounds like a toilet.
    14.Take Me Down-James Iha-penned slower song to finish off the first half of the show. I usually skip this one. They should just let Corgan write the songs.

    Disk 2:Twilight To Starlight
    1.Where Boys Fear To Tread-Complete Hard Rockin' redemption from the first disk's poor closing. The band I used to be in jammed on this song sometimes. Always been a fav.
    2.Bodies-Another Fav, same rocking vein as the previous. I remember wondering what was going on between this song and the last. I thought something was wrong with my cd player. How creative!
    3.33-Another hit song. Well written, deep, and a good calmer tune after the previous two.
    4. In the arms of sleep-If the pumpkins would have made an mtv unplugged (with they should have!), this would have been on it. Great guitar work, and overall, great song.
    5.1979-classic hit song and one of my favorite sp songs ever
    6.Tales Of A Scorched Earth-can almost feel the heat of it happening too. The pumpkins rip your face off after three slower songs. Rock on!
    7.Through The Eyes Of Ruby-This is a really poetic alternative song, followed by a reprise of the title track at the end. This is a friend of mine's favorite sp song. It's not mine but it's fab!
    8.Stumbeline-I play this on my guitar sometimes. This is prolly the best from Corgan's solo acoustic catalog. "Jupiter's Lament," which prolly got bumped by this one, isn't nearly as good.
    9.XYU-Jeeze! I would really like to know where Corgan got this title idea AND the lyrics! This giant rocker makes Korn sound like sesame st. music.
    10.We Only Come Out @ Night-A song about bats. And who better to write a song about bats than the pumpkins. This is one of the reasons I say that this has similarities with the "White Album"
    11. Beautiful-Title says it. I'll save the wearNtear on my keyboard.
    12. Lily, My 1 + Only-This track is genious, and is another potential radio-hit. It's a slower song about a guy who climbs a tree and watches his crush through her window.
    13.By Starlight-Straight forward and clean, this could have been from a U2 session. Good sound.
    14.Farewell and goodnight-"The White Album" ended with a track with a similar title. That song is kinda tacky, while this ending is perfection. Nicely done, pumpkins!

    Smashing Pumpkins are one of the 90's best bands, the this album is the reason why. How can u go wrong?
    ...more info
  • Great Experiential Album
    First of all, whenever you buy a double album, you're already getting a sweet deal: two CDs for the price of one. While some of the songs on this album ranged from mediocre to not so great (Sometimes, Billy tried to put too many tracks into a single song), some songs are fantastic hits that jump out of your stereo. Some of the better songs include Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, Tonight, Jelly Belly, Zero, Bullet with Butterfly Wings, Here is No Why, Muzzle, Thirty-Three, 1979, and Thru the Eyes of Ruby. I listen to these songs when I'm driving in a lot of traffic, and it always relaxes me and lets me experience the world of the Smashing Pumpkins (without distracting me from the road, of course.) Two thumbs up for this album. Remember, with a double album, it's hard to lose. Other Smashing Pumpkins albums that I recommend are Gish and Siamese Dream....more info
  • the item you need to have
    this is one of the most perfect compilations of songs, melody and lyrics that someone could create. is an item that everybody should have as a treasure...more info
  • Totally Rad Dude!!!! I miss the 90s because of awesomeness like this!!!
    Where do I even begin on this one?? Smashing Pumpkins are like.. totally awesome dude!!! Annoying vocals, generic radio rock riffs, and simple bass/drums... what more could you ask for!?? They are totally epic and original too!!! The lead singer has got to be like... GOD! or something... Songs like '1979' and 'Zero' make me wanna....cry...! I love 90s music like this because it makes me remember how great music is!!!

    Avoid talented music like death metal, thrash metal, industrial, classic rock, and stick with 90s radio-friendly alternative rock..!!!...more info
  • mellon collie
    good album. heard them on the chris isaak show and decided to give it a whirl....more info
  • Alot of bang for the buck
    I've been a fan of smashing pumpkins since I heard Drown. This double cd is packed with tons of great songs. Billy and the gang REALLY put alot of effort into this cd. Just about every song on this cd is great!...more info
  • Masterpiece that still stands 12 years later
    Amazing album that I would have to say is THE BEST ALBUM EVER due to its limitless string of great songs I can't find one song on this album with any flaws....more info
  • MCIS
    I don't know, why it has taken me this long to write a review for this album. I purschased this album in 1995 when it first came out. After my first listen, I was impressed, but I did not truly apriciate this album, until I listented to it several times all the way through. This is truly a masterpeice of an album. It has every emotion on this album. Yes I love Siamese Dream and Gish, but this album is the best and I understand why Billy went a differnt direction after this album, because how do you top a masterpiece.

    My favorite songs are thru the eyes of ruby, "XYU" and Stumbleine. I also loved the "areoplane flyes high boxset, which is all the left over songs that were recorded during the session. If you don't have this album get it and give it the time it deserves. Trust me!
    ...more info
  • oh BILLY
    Holy cow, was Siamese Dream a masterpiece. Which makes this nonsensically titled wad of bloat a complete letdown and a half.

    What happened to Billy's voice? Why does it sound like he's singing from a Lay-z-Boy with new beer-fueled layers of neck fat choking his trachea, producing this new sound, this throttled, screeching goose honk? He never used to sound like that!

    And where did the songs go? This tatwaddle from a guy who crafted "Drown" and "Obscured" and "Quiet"? And when did you start taking yourself too seriously, Billy? What did we do to deserve lines like "I'll never be the shine in your spit"?

    Oh Billy, what happened?

    There are a handful of great tunes on here, but a handful does not a double album make. Billy, Billy. Did you really have to take out a full page ad in the Chicago Tribune to tell us your solo album was a pile of poop? We KNEW it was, pal.

    Word to the wise: relax. Don't go publishing any more books of poetry. Don't wear black leather smocks, and for god's sake, pack up that Zero t-shirt. You made some great songs there for awhile, and that's something to be proud of. There are even some classic ones on Adore, and one or two on Machina II, but that's as far as I go.

    And for you SP fans who stuck with them 'til the end, I've gotta hand it to you. You're a better fan than I am, apparently.

    ...more info
  • Excellent Album
    With 2 discs full of songs, this album comes with their best, but also possibly their worst songs as well. But the worst songs are still listenable, and with 28 songs, it's very much a great album, especially for the price. Definitely get this album....more info
  • love it
    I got this way back when I was a teenager and it first came out needless to say I lost it. I am so glad I got it again I remembered it being good. But it is great I love it and I am glad I got it back!...more info
  • Still holds up
    I hadn't listened to this in a while, actually, and was going over my list of stuff I owned on Amazon. Still a really good CD to leave on and listen to in the background. Pretty amazing after this time, especially since the "alternative" label has changed so much since then.
    ...more info
  • Mellon Collie not Melancholy
    This cd is great. One ofthe best I've listened to. It offers a wide variety of songs, from soft to screamers, balancing it out perfectly. I definitly recomend this to everyone....more info
  • "As beautiful as they come"...
    The title is pretty much self explanatory."Mellon Collie and the Infinte Sadness" has to be one of the most beautiful,creative CD's to ever grace my CD player.It captures anger,love,hate...well,most emotions! Billy Corgan is a wonderful writer,guitarist,and person(despite what the media has described him as)Jimmy Chamberlain could win a drumming contest without even trying.D'Arcy plays great bass lines,and James is a great guitarist as well.When I first listened to this album,I was not impressed.I didn't like the songs a whole lot,and it just felt like a dissappointment to me compared to their 1993 album "Siamese Dream".But as I listened to it more,it grew on me and I soon loved it.I'm still surprised that an album with THAT many songs on it(28) there's only 1 song I don't like.(Take Me Down-I just couldn't get into it)If I had to pick a few favorites off Mellon Collie,they would be Here is No Why,X.Y.U.,By Starlight,Thru the Eyes of Ruby,To Forgive,An Ode to No One,Jellybelly,and Farewell and Goodnight.Another great thing about this album to point out would be the order of the tracks.While the first disc,Dawn to Dusk,is more commercial and positve,(Here is No Why,Jellybelly)the second disc,Twilight to Starlight,is loud,uncommercial,and thrashy.(X.Y.U.,Tales of Scorched Earth)I believe this was the best era of the Smashing Pumpkins.They produced some of the best rock radio staples of the past 20 years,and I have no doubt in my mind that Billy Corgan will be a guitar legend,among other greats(in my opinion,he is quite underrated)Even though this album was just hitting shelves in 1995,it still sounds as fresh as it did back then.If you are looking for a timeless,fantastic rock CD that will be remebered for ages,pick this up....more info
  • Corgan and Crew Keep Us Interested
    Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness is one of the most popular albums of the ninties, and has a definite right to that honor. This double disc set is very diverse with countless different musical styles intertwined througout. It goes all the way from hard-hitting heavy metal to light, enchanting love songs. It also has its fair share of pop rock and alternative rock thrown in there. Any fan of the Pumpkins will not be let down by the great variety of music on these two discs.
    Disc one is filled with wonderful hair-raising guitar riffs on songs such as An Ode to No One, Jelly Belly, Zero, and of course the first hit from the album, Bullet with Butterfly Wings. It also has several great ballads including Here is No Why, To Forgive, and Porcelina of the Vast Oceans. And let us not forget one of the biggest hits from the album, Tonight, Tonight.
    Disc two is also a delight but definitely has an edgier feel than disc one. It is filled with some of the most hard-rocking songs on the album. X.Y.U., Tales of a Scorched Earth, and Bodies are all Billy Corgan's way of telling the world to F off. Interlaced with this angry rock are some beautiful and soul-inspiring softer pieces including Thirty-Three, By Starlight, and Stumbleine. Disc two also includes the Pumpkin's biggest hit ever, the great techno-pop-rock song, 1979.
    This is one of my favorite albums of all times. Billy Corgan really lets you in to pick his brain and feel his emotions. Billy and crew keep you guessing throughout the discs and come out on top with this amazing and artful collection of music.
    Pretty much all the songs from this album are my favorite but if I had to pick. . .
    Favorite songs: disc 1-Here is No Why, To Forgive, Muzzle
    disc 2-Thru the Eyes of Ruby, By Starlight, Thirty-Three
    ...more info
  • One of the best of the 90's
    Smashing Pumpkins were a flower that grew out of a pot of dirt that was the must of the 90's littered with rap and grunge. ...more info
  • Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness
    The Smashing Pumpkins-Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness ****

    The Smashing Pumpkins are one of if not the greatest band of the 1990s, and will some day be concidered on eof the greatest bands of all time. Many people concider Mallon Collie And The Infinite Sadness to be the bands best album and one of the greatest albums ever. Well thats because it is. The band was at its best here. Siamese Dream is a much better album as a whole, but this because it has so many songs has more room for error. Many feel the album would have been better as a single disc, we'll see.

    Corgan who we all came to find would go back and rerecord over everyone elses stuff once they left the studio so he really is the only one that you here. He is at his best musicaly, idealy, and lyricly.

    Disc One: Dawn To Dusk

    'Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness' the title track which opens the album does it perfectly. 'Tonight, Tonight' 'Zero' and the massive success of 'Bullet With Butterfly Wings' were all big hit singles still get played quite a bit on the radio. 'Zero' which is maybe the best thing the band ever recorded is so in your face that it is not even funny. The lyrics are just scary, and deppresing at the same time. The guitar is some of Corgans best, a classic thats for sure. 'Tonight, Tonight' apart from having one of the all time greatest music videos to accompany it is one of the bands better songs. With mostly acoustic guitar and lots of string arrangements this song is a sure win. 'Bullet With Butterfly Wings' is The Smashing Pumpkins all time biggest hit and one of the most over played songs of all time, but it is still one of the best songs ever and the lyrics are pure poetry. Corgan has some issues as you can tell from listening to this song. 'Cupid De Locke' and 'Take Me Down' are both very similar songs.They are both slower and quiter then most of the rest of the first side and are very beautiful songs. 'Here Is No Why' is a harder rocker and a great asset to the album. 'Galapogos' 'Muzzle' and 'Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans' are all songs that the album could have done with out.

    All in all the first half of the album is pretty good. Only a few songs that could be thrown out, and the rest is amazing.

    Disc Two: Twilight To Starlight

    'Where Boys Fear To Tread' opens the second have greatly. 'Bodies' keeps the album going nicley and segues right into 'Thiry-Three' which is also one of the best songs on the album. '1979' is the only really big song on the album and it was massive when released as a single. The song that introduced most to The Smashing Pumpkins. Easily one of the best songs Corgan ever wrote, very electronic and goth, but very good with great drumming and nice guitar effects add a nice feel to the song that sets it apart from the rest of the album. 'X.Y.U.' is just insane, a very interesting song that is slightly out of place on the album but is still a great song. 'Lilly (My One And Only)' maybe the best song on the second disc. Its hard to explain, the piano and the song are so peppy and cheer full but the lyrics are sort of sad. A perfect song, and a truly original one at that. 'In The Arms Of Sleep' 'Thru The Eyes Of Ruby' and 'By Starlight' could have all benifited the album had they not been recorded. They are really just filler and the album would be a lot better with out them.

    Once again disc two is really good except for a few songs that are nothing more then filler, but over all another great side to the album.

    All in all could Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness been left a single album no! While yes there are still a number of songs that could have been left off there would still be way to many songs for a single disc, this album had to be big and huge and over the top. Could it have benifited from less songs, yes it could have. Is this the bands best album, no not by a long shot, is it one of the better albums in rock history, yes it is. Should you own it, is that even a question you are really debating at this point, click the order button....more info
  • The Wall of the 90's.....Yes!
    I at first didn't care for the album that much and only listened to the songs which had videos playing on MTV. Later I decided to put the album on and just let it play through while I cleaned my was then that I saw this album for what it is...a complete masterpiece!

    I've bought this album 3 times already after the discs got worn or lost.

    If I had to live in a jail cell for the rest of my life with only one album to listen to, this would be it (I'd probably still skip Take Me Down every time, hehe)....more info
  • Pure aural bliss... ok, with the minor exception of two crap-ass songs...
    My personal favorite album of all time. Before I listened to this album the music I listened too was shallow bubble gum pop, I was more of a casual listener of sorts. The moment my sister showed me the album when she was about to check it out at the register I scoffed at the idea that such a wierd-looking album could produce what she called "prime music", and a double album none the least, I was like the hell!! I had a bad impression of the band from the start, I thought they were just a gothic band judging by their "Bullet with butterfly wings" Music Video which I watched when I was about ten. Damn, I just wish I could have fully appreciated this band in their hey days when they were all the craze. Thats how I felt after I gave this album a thorough listen, I realized how skewed my vision of music was... all this time I was listening to shallow music, but out there, beyond MTV were the deep pumpkins, and could they kick it to the wicket man! On the drive home we popped it in the cd player and I listened intently cause I expected my sis too have a much more sophisticated taste in music than me... and there it went... tonight, tonight with its beautiful orchestral accompaniment, I was like the F***! wheres the blaring unmelodic guitar riffs!? then then its signature guitar strings went off and I was like damn... beautiful... and what the hells up with that guys voice!?

    I mustered enough courage and commitement to finally listen through the album one night I popped it in my cd player and went to bed with it... and we made beautiful music together, for two hours! The diverse array of styles blew me away and the consistency with the songs, I was amazed. From the emotinally moving "tonight, tonight" [ my favotite song of all time] to the bleak "zero" to the soothing sounds of 1979 and "porcelina of the vast oceans" , never once during the whole listen ok maybe except twice was I let down. The next day I bought the album for 30 bux from my sister 5 bux over the sticker price, I was crazy about em'. My life was changed from that moment I have idolized billy corgan and the pumpkins, I have all their albums and b-sides. Its just that this band showed me what a rock band was capable of. The heavy experimentation, the lyrics
    THey won my respect, they awakened me to the world of music and I will be forever grateful to them, i have even picked up guitar. Their other albums were just as ambitious too, check em' out siamese dream, adore, all of them! I listne to them on a daily basis.. the pumpkins are my anti-drug!

    Buy this album, after that you will be praising them just as enthusiastically as me!

    To the best band ever SP FOREVER MAN!!!!!!
    By the way their getting back together!!! boooyah!...more info
  • Smashing Pumpkins review
    Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness is one of The Smashing Pumpkins better albums with two CDs each geared towards a different time of the day. I truely enjoy both discs. The Songs seem to slowly head towards the other album as it goes. For example by the time you get to 'To Forgive' on the Dawn to Dusk album your starting to get a more end of day feel. Then 'In the Arms of Sleep' Gives you a in the night feel. Themed albums :)...more info
  • For me, the best rock album of 90's.
    For me, the best rock album of 90's.
    Fourteen years later i still enjoy most of it's songs....more info