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3 Feet High and Rising
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De La's debut represented a new path for hip-hop, a reaction to conventions that had turned into clich¨¦s. It was friendly and playful enough to cross over to a pop audience (thanks to Prince Paul's production, which found the funk hiding inside Steely Dan and "Schoolhouse Rock"), but complicated and tough enough to be hugely influential in the hip-hop world. Cryptic but ecstatic, and sometimes sexy (especially the ingenious double-entendre "Buddy"), Trugoy and Posdnuos's lyrics invented a "new style of speak," dense with self-invented slang and metaphors. The hits, including "Say No Go" and "Me Myself And I," are delightful, but the little sketches and sound-experiments between them make the whole disc flow effortlessly. --Douglas Wolk

Import edition of the alternative rapper's seminal and groundbreaking 1989 debut. Currently available domestically on cassette only! Standard jewel case.

Digitally Remastered. Includes a Limited Edition Bonus CD with 15 Additional Tracks.

Customer Reviews:

  • A+ Great Transaction
    Product came quickly and in great condition. De La Soul albums are pretty hard to find, so this seller is definitely reliable and fair. Thank you for doing business!...more info
    This is one of the absoulte best Rap albums I have heard in my entire life. It is a taste of the old school, without the gangster Rap. De La Soul is one of the most influential and soft but sweet Rap groups of all time. This album was made before I was even born, 1989 to be precise, and is still being bought 16 years later. That is the power of this cd. You could go to a store and have your parents look at this album and go "Oh I remember when this album came out". You could share this album with your little sister, older brother, Mom, Dad, or even your grandparents. This has only God knows how many singles on it, and each so individual in it's beats and slow rhymes. Here are the top 5 songs on the album.

    5. Say No Go- I haven't heard this song yet, but I have heard alot about it, and seems like one of their greatest hits ever.

    4. The Magic Number- This song has apeared in many games, and commercials, and is A very catchy song and beat, and is one of my favorites on the entire album.

    3. Buddy- This song features fellow stars The Jungle Brothers and Q-Tip from A Tribe Called Quest, who are some of the best rappers of their time. This is probably the most played song on the album, and most famous. I liked it when I heard it but not as much as the 2 that are about to come.

    2. D.A.I.S.Y. Age- The beginning beat is the same as in the song "Microphone Fiend" by Eric B. and Rakim, which may I remind you is one of the hottest beats... EVER! The lyrics really make this song.

    1. Me, Myself, and I- And the winner is "Me Myslef, and I". This has the best lyrics, beats, and is one of the most interesting songs ever. I absolutely love this song, and I recommend this entire album to anyone who likes Rap.

    De La Soul is one of the most unique groups that ever performed, and had one of the most important albums period. It has beautiful beats and lyrics, and is unbelieveably special to the world of Rap. Here are some of the things that make this album so great:

    3. It has so many singles and hit songs that you can't resist buying this album.

    2. The greatest album of one of the greatest music groups ever. No one could ever top this album while still making the same kind of music.

    1. For $13.99, you might pick up an okay album, but to get this deal for 14 bucks! Come on people, when will you ever get another deal like this. Not to mention there is 24 tracks on it, and the bonus cd!

    ...more info
  • Dawn of the Daisy Age!

    Had the CASSETTE when it first dropped back in 1988! (I'm 33 ya'll)
    Ad-libs? Cryptic metaphors? Obscure samples? Intros? Skits? 20+ trax? conceptual?
    THIS ALBUM STARTED ALL OF THAT. Welcome to the Native Tongues. Oh, and 'wipe your Lottos on the mat'.

    A+. A hip-hop Essential....more info
  • Buddy!!!
    This album is so groundbreaking. This has to be the most innovative debuts in hip hop. Every track is great, including Jenifa Taught me(derwin's revenge). It's a shame it didn't receive 5 mics on the source....more info
  • A Masterpiece
    It is rare when a hip hop album comes along with a good vibe. 3 Feet is an exception. There are no egos to be found. From the first song, Magic Number, it is obvious that this is a special album. What is amazing is how young the members of De La Soul were when it came out in 1989. Singlehandedly changed hip hop. Showed that it was possible to make a disc that was fun and had no tint of anger. Nothing that comes out now is even close in terms of fresh sounds. If you think hip hop is negative and it all sounds the same, try 3 Feet. Anyone who is a fan of music will enjoy this....more info
  • Awesome - utterly awesome
    I remember buying this back in '89 on cassette, as I had just bought my first car - a bright yellow VW Beetle. This album was a perfect soundtrack to about two years of acid house, hippy hip hop and zooming around the Kent countryside searching for raves. Looking back on those years it all makes sense - people just wanted to have fun, with a capital F, and man were we having it. This album was groundbreaking in every way, and along with the Jungle Brothers and a Tribe called Quest, delicious to the extreme....more info
  • De La SooouuuL!!!
    This is one of my favorite hip hop album ever. Thanks to their song me, myself, and I and Buddy I discover them and been knowing these tracks since I was little. I like a lot of these tracks like ghetto theng, jenifa taught me, potholes in my lawn and more. I like these guys and remind me of a tribe called quest and all the other jazz rappers and if you like these type of rappers this is a must have. ...more info
  • How high is the water, mama?
    Since nobody has mentioned it, this album is probably the only classic hip hop album with a title taken from the lyrics of a Johnny Cash song.


    This speaks to the sense of humor, play, and eclecticism that makes this album one of the best I've ever heard in any genre....more info
  • Smart inventive hip hop
    This album holds up. Even though it's over ten years old at the time of this writing, it's still catchy and fun to listen to....more info
  • One of the most important hip-hop albums of all time
    This is a groundbreaking album. Understand this: if there were no "3 Feet High," there would be no Fugees, no Roots, no Pharcyde, no Common. If you are a hip-hop fan, get this album....more info
  • Classic and original
    Play this for your friends who think they don't like "rap". Infectious and original, these guys are having fun in the studio laying down killer beats, riffs and dubs. Enjoyed identifying the classic tracks they sampled, never heard a Hall & Oates tune sound so good! Great party CD, totally danceable, and you'll have 'em asking you for its name. ...more info
  • much of hip-hop is so-so this is brilliant
    Very inspired and in a groove throughout. Happy sexy and funny. The whole album has a feel of in the right place at the right time right then or it wouldn't have happened.Out-standing...more info
  • May be a little dated...
    if you are one of those people who listens to Ludacris and all the other junk that's out there. In fact, if you even own any of the awful "Hip Hop" that they play on the radio today, please DON'T buy this album. It would only be wasted on you and taken off the shelf for some other person who may appreciate and understand what De La Soul means.
    This album is goofy, fun, groovy, light, interesting, yellow, pink and light blue.
    ...more info
  • You basically need it, even if you don't think you do.
    This joint from De La Soul is a classic that will always have a place in the pantheon of Hip-Hop records. It completly ignores all "gangsta" negativity, and wraps you in a soulful blanket of Hip-Hop magic. If you like Hip-Hop, and hate Gangsta B.S. get this album....more info
  • Makes you feel happy!
    That may sound stupid, but it's true. This is a fun album that puts you in a good mood....more info
  • an influential album
    If there was any record that were to influence hip hop the way we see it today whether it be black or white rap you could put in one group" De la Soul. This album came out in a time when rap was just budding in the wake of gangsta rap and beyond that there was no real direction as to where it was going. When 3 feet high and rising appeared it floored me since I had never heard anything like of it's kind in rap music. House music was the big thing and 3 feet high and rising couldn't have arrived at a better time. Play this album at your next party. It still gives me goose bumps when I listen to it!...more info
  • the daisy age
    I cannot help but think back to those days of 1987-88. De La Soul was unlike anything in the world of hip hop. The first time I heard Jennifer o Jenny, was amazing. Here were some MC's who sampled old/odd music/bits and created their own slang. Not much out there today resembles what De La did during this time. Maybe Outcast. Maybe. The musical direction of Prince Paul is evident. Maybe I am getting old, but I wish hip hop was like this today. Creative, unique, smart, hip, fun, and BRILLIANT. What happened to Hip Hop? Perhaps this is the greatest Hip Hop album of all time....more info
  • De La at their finest (and that's saying A LOT!)
    This album that De La crafted really is a masterpiece, and one of Hiphop's all-time ultimate albums. De La Soul has been excellent at every stage in their career, with whatever approach they go into albums with, but nothing they've done is quite as fresh and perfect as this. These teenagers(at the time) spit so much knowledge and love in the most creative ways possible.
    Every track, every skit, every sample is outstanding on "3 Ft. High and Rising," even the 12" version of Plug Tunin', which is a harder, spare version with some different(I think even better) lyrics. This album is full of satisfying lyrics, hilarious and enlightening interludes, influential, avant-garde production, a nice variety of how the two MC's exchange verses, innocence, wisdom, significant metaphors, and perfectly placed DJ scratches. My favorite song is "Tread Water," it's so creative. The skit, "Can You Keep A Secret" makes me chuckle every time. It displays such youthful humor that seems to be void in a majority of Hiphop. You gotta appreciate the commentary on "Ghetto Thang," and "Eye Love" is one of the most sincere, believable love songs to ever come out of Hiphop. Some may not enjoy "De La Orgee" and the following "Buddy"(w/ Jungle Brothers and Q-Tip) so much, I know I didn't at first, but they still are entertaining and can be written off as silly young humor. There are plenty other gems on the album such as "Magic Number," "Potholes In My Lawn," "Say No Go," "Plug Tunin'" the smash-hit "Me, Myself, and I," and "This Is A Recording 4 L.I.F.E." among other bright spots.
    If you can, buy a couple of their later albums like "De La Soul Is Dead," "Buhloone Mindstate," or "Stakes Is High," and enjoy them before purchasing this treat that is "3 Ft. High and Rising." You should no doubt be convinced that this is their ultimate work, and the group really comes into focus on this album, and it should help you understand their other albums even better! You shall even realize that this album wasn't even that strange or weird, because you get to know the guys so well. "De La Soul Is Dead" is definitely the strange, and black sheep album out of the bunch. I remember downloading songs like "Me, Myself, and I" and "Potholes" way before I bought this album, and not liking them too much. Once I bought the album however, these songs really sounded good and it became clear why they're standouts on the disc. Despite all the ground-breaking, life-changing work that Posdnous(or Wonder Why), Dave(or Trugoy the Dove), and Maseo(or P.A. Pasemaster Mase) have done throughout their career, nothing will ever be as earth-shattering as this! You can't deny how essential Prince Paul was to this album as well. I was lucky and found this album for a steal at under $10 with a new bonus disc full of great unreleased songs, skits, and remixes. Believe the hype! This truly is the 'magic number.'...more info
  • 10 Years old, and still fantastic
    There are not that many albums in recent history that have left such an indellible mark on the industry than De La Soul's "3 feet high and rising." I have owned this CD for 10 years now (yes, the same CD) and it is still one of my favorite albums to listen to. It is still as original today as it was back in 1989. Truly a remarkable piece of work! A must have for any collection....more info
  • One of the very, very best
    This was the first hip-hop album that I heard that was really a work of art; not what a badass the rapper is, not about sex, not about how the white man is holding the black man down. It is new and inventive. In my opinion, they made it easier for Del the Funkee Homosapienm, Tribe Called Quest, and Diggable Planets available. A fine piece of work...more info
  • Essential to what we know as hip-hop
    This record is one of the most forward thinking and ground breaking albums in all of music. "3 Feet High and Rising" paved the way for almost every conscious artist of the '90s. Pos and Dove are at their very ridiculous--but incredibly relevant--best and Prince Paul on the crazy-whacked-out original beats is at the top of his game. This album solidified my love for hip-hop. If you call yourself a hip-hop head, and you don't dig on this album, you're a hipocrite....more info
  • 5 stars plus
    This is another tape I wore out back in the day. Why can't they make rap this good these days?...more info
  • "De La Soul consists of three and that's the magic number"
    Like many reviews for this album i will also say the cliche' line "A breath of fresh air" because De La Soul were indeed a deep long full breath of fresh air. With this one compact disc De La Soul kickstarted an excellent Mcing career that has lasted over 15 years to this very day and are still producing and making excellent album. De La recorded this at the top of thier game and made a hip hop career out of posotivity and pride, and they deserve every thing they get:
    2.The Magic Number-A+(2nd Best On Cd)
    3.Change In Speak-B+
    4.Cool Breeze On The Rocks-N/A
    5.Can U Keep A Secret-A
    6.Jenifa Taught Me-A
    7.Ghetto Thang-A
    8.Transmitting Live From Mars-N/A
    9.Eye Know-A+(3rd Best On Cd)
    10.Take It Off-N/A
    11.A Little Bit Of Soap-A
    12.Tread Water-A
    13.Potholes In My Lawn-A-
    14.Say No Go-B+
    15.Do As De La Does-N/A
    16.Plug Tunin'(Last Chance To Comprehend)-B
    17.De La Orgee-N/A
    20.Me,Myself and I-A+(Best On Cd)
    21.This Is A Recording 4 Living In A Fulltime Era(L.I.F.E.)-A-
    22.I Can Do Anything-N/A
    23.D.A.I.S.Y. Age-B
    24.Plug Tunin'(Original 12" Version)-A...more info
    this Disc is still strong after all of these many great songs.the Lyrics&Music went hand-n-hand.this disc has held up after a Decade out.this is a Rap Classic.this Disc has influenced other Rappers.this was the start of the Native TOngues.Tribe,&Jungle Brothers,etc.. a must have....more info
  • Finally Bought
    I have not seen this in stores for 2 years and a week a go I finally saw it and picked it up. I am glad I did. They were the original Tribe Called Quest(Q-Tip) even appears on here. Usually I hate skit's but they or good on here like "Transmitting Live from Mars" and the one about needing the numbers. Some of there music sounds like hippies other music is fun and some is funny. There are funny songs like "Potholes in my Lawn" and "Tread Water" then there extremely great pop tunes like "The Daisy Age" and "The Magic Number". Then there were also some socially consience songs like
    "Jennifa Taught me" and "Buddy". I was dissapointed not to here the Buddy Remix that version is better.Then there is "Me My Self and I" which was there only Top 40 pop hit. Go out and Buy all there album. Beats, Rhymes, and Life....more info
  • It's Old School, but still Fresh to the death
    Not only was this De La Soul's debut, it's also a landmark, classic album....De La carved out their own unique path in music and created a gem of an album on 3 Feet High and Rising....They presented an almost alternative form of hip hop...One where it was cool to let loose and poke fun at yourself instead of bragging how dope you are....As a result, they were unfairly labled "hippie's"....

    The music on here is top notch...Prince Paul, the groups main producer for their first 3 albums, delivers the goods at a time when sampling laws were much, much more relaxed....They do an amazing job of sampling Steely Dan on "Eye Know"....Some of my other favorites include 'Potholes in my lawn, Me,myself and I, and the funky collab w/ the Native Tongue Crew (A Tribe Called Quest (actually just Q-Tip) , and the Jungle Brothers) "Buddy"....

    I highly recommend this album for anyone.......more info
  • You MUST own this CD!
    Wow! This is without a doubt one of the most amazing rap albums of all time. De La Soul has so many original and wonderful songs on this disc that I wonder why this isn't one of the best selling rap albums of all time. The Magic Number, Buddy, Change In Speak, Ghetto Thing, Eye Know, Tread Water, Me Myself and I and the original Plug Tunin are songs I never get tired of listing to. Great lyrics and even better beats have made the members of De La Soul instant rap masters in my opinion. My favorite song is Say No Go. I love the scratches and samples and give props to Posdnuos for creating such a masterpiece. Do you own this CD? If the answer is no, ORDER IT NOW and see what you've been missing....more info