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  • Track: 1: Sweat,
  • Track: 2: Hush,
  • Track: 3: Part Of Me,
  • Track: 4: Cold And Ugly (Live),
  • Track: 5: Jerk-off (Live),
  • Track: 6: Opiate
    Media Type: CD
    Artist: TOOL
    Title: OPIATE
    Street Release Date: 09/17/1996
    Genre: HEAVY METAL

    As the title of Tool's 1992 debut implies, they're none too impressed by religion, though other targets--fear ("Cold and Ugly"), hypocritical moralizing ("Jerk-Off"), nonconformity ("Hush")--get their time in the spotlight as well. Opiate is a collection of heavy, aggressive, cynical music (though the tail end of the title track sounds more like acid rock), packaged in songs noticeably shorter than on their later efforts (Undertow, 1993, and Aenima, 1996). While not as impressive as Undertow, arguably their finest effort, Opiate has a definite appeal. If ear-crunching riffs and enraged lyrics are what you go for, check this one out. --Genevieve Williams
  • Customer Reviews:

    • Vintage Tool!!
      Opiate is vintage TOOL a must have for any real fan! I highly recommend it!!!...more info
    • an angrier, less complex side of tool.
      This album is for Tool pretty much the same thing that 'adrenaline' was for the Deftones. This album is a pre-mature display of raw fury. There are hardly any progressive hooks or colorful contrasts in this recording, but that is not what this album is about. This album is about being pissed off, and is a must have for any die-hard tool fan. More casual fans of Aenima, Lateralus, or 10,000 Days may not enjoy, but to fans of Undertow, this album is well worth every last dollar....more info
    • lovely audible growing pains
      There are several reasons why 'Opiate' is an excellent EP. The key reason is the material in general. While lengthy, progressive tracks on 'AEnima' and 'Lateralus' seem to define the band's obvious (and somewhat underrated) genius for texture and reflection, 'Opiate' reminds us all that Tool CAN write a taut, muscular rock song that runs under 6 minutes. That's not to say that the tracks on this EP are stupid or simple. You need a brain to operate to this one, and there is plenty to chew over. There's a real disillusion towards humanity in a lot of the album's lyrics. There's just something about Maynard singing about anger and disgust that make them seem profound even in their simplicity. That's the definition of charisma. Maynard could sing the phone book and people would come in droves. He makes you want to listen. In retrospect, you can see the shape of the band begin to take form in tracks suck as 'Sweat,' and 'Opiate.' 'Hush' is a charming little ditty about censorship, with helpful suggestions from Maynard(...). While the band might not have hit their full creative stride until AEnima, the audible growing pains of their first release promised more in the future. And Tool delivered.
      A second reason is the length. There is no filler on this EP. Six tracks and out (well, seven if you count 'The Gaping Lotus Experience,' which is the hidden track at the end of 'Opiate'). You can literally listen to the whole thing in a short car ride to the city or...wherever. I actually prefer the live tracks in most cases, mostly for the small background noises. Maynard's intro to 'Cold and Ugly,' (...) was a tongue-in-cheek reference to drummer Danny Carey's sometime band Green Jelly.
      Every track on this EP delivers the goods. If you know who Tool are, then you have no excuse not to own this. If you're new, this may be a comfortable introduction to their music. Either way, it would be in your best interest to purchase....more info
    • I had a friend once he took some acid...
      TTTTTTOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL!!! These guys are incapable of making a bad album. Not a single bad track on this thing. Even the live tracks sound great which is a big thing with how the bands out right now sound like crap live....yeah thats right even crapier then they sound when they're not live. If you're one of those people that think that Linkin Park are the ultimate geniuses in the metal genre this is not for you. Especially if you have something against a band that doesn't write the same song over and over again like they do....more info
    • The Beginning of Tool
      Here are the songs for tool's Opiate:

      1)Sweat - The best song on the album, Tool are really at there best here, this song is one where you can stand up and rock to it, or just sit down and enjoy. With motivating lyrics, booming drums and catchy guitar riffs "sweat" is an overall well-made song.(5 STARS)

      2)Hush - I love this song, Maynard is making a strong point here. I'm pretty sure it is about censorship, judging by the lyrics and the video. And once again this also has a very catchy riff by Adam Jones. Oh yeah, it's great when Maynard goes F*** Yourself! For 10 seconds. Classic.(5 STARS)

      3)Part of Me - Amazing drumwork by Danny, in this song he shows what a great drummer he is. But, the song is kind of a reflection of the two first songs. Different lyrics, but still there is a similar flow to the music.(4 STARS)

      4)Cold and Ugly(Live) - My second favorite song on the CD. I can't believe this is Live! The drums, bass, and guitar work together perfectly. The music goes great with the singing, and Maynard at the beginning saying, "Throw that Bob Marley wannabe M***** F***** outta here."(5 STARS)

      5)Jerk-Off(Live) - Again, I can't believe this is live. Maynard shows the type of vocals that he would later use on future albums. Like always, great job on the musical part as well.(5 STARS)

      6)Opiate - Not your everyday tool. Kind of different, but still good. I do respect that every man has the right to an opinion. If you are going to like tool, then you must do the same. Also, the song at the end is hilarious!(4 STARS)

      So go out and by this CD, if you are a fan of rock, then you won't be disappointed....more info

    • MJK's lyrics seem misguided , ignorant and self-serving."Opiate's" music suffers as well.
      One primary thing I have learned from MJK from interviews and topics he discusses is that he is uniformly as ignorant as the "mindless sheep" he bashes.He constitutes and alludes that astrology and magik are the primal truths in the universe and explain the nature of everything in perfect absolutes.Doesn't it take a marked degree of faith to believe that eternal truths are spelled out in the stars above?Is he one of the mindless herds who are brainwashed into believeing that Alestier Crowley, alchemy and necromancy have the awnsers for mankind's questions?Could it be possible that he has pigenoholed and restricted his perception of truth as well?It takes a strong ammount of personal assent any way to believe that magik and witchcraft are redemptive wellsprings for illuminating the pathways of the universe.The music on this CD is equally as muddled and uncertain.MJK's bandmates show some considerable skill but don't come close to the effective and affecting powerhouse of "Lateralus" or even "aENIMA".Ideologically,while those discs invite direct confrontations with God through their misguided and one dimensional bitter and overt blasphemy and point towards magik as the ideal truism,the music is still more in the forfront, particuarly "Lateralus", so that the lyrical agenda doesn't suffocate the musical means.MJK's personal fallout with Christians I find a bit hypocritical, especially for a lead singer who thinks religion is for fools.Isn't magik a type of religion and doesn't MJK support that wholeheartedly?The songs on here are pretty narrow minded lyrically and musically fall short.I was impressed by "Lateralus" as their definitive musical statement and by and by that CD is less a Christ/God bashing soapbox and more an enigmatic sonic journey.The expression of the latter might be this band's redeeming strength.They should let the music and not MJK's hateful rhetoric do more of the talkin'....more info
    • Short But Awesome
      Although this was Tool's first cd its one of the best EP's ive heard. In Opiate Tool introduces their dark, creepy sound w/ Paul D'Amour's muddy bass lines, intricate guitar work, and Danny Carey's percise percussion. All of this glazed w/ the soothing and sometimes brutal voice of Maynard James Keenan. Opiate is proof that an EP debut can still be successful.

      1.Sweat- A dark, brooding track w/ creepy lyrics and fantastic guitars.

      2.Hush- An ironic yet heavy song. Has a nice groove to it.

      3.Part of Me- A nice hypnotic song from the masters of hypnotic songs.

      4.Cold & Ugly(Live)- An awesome heavy song w/ intense vocals and of course crazy drums.

      5.Jerk-Off(Live)- Another intense epic...what can i say Tool rocks.

      6.Opiate- Shows that Maynard doesn't like religion (although he was raised Baptist). Excellent music, the lyrics are pretty dope too....more info

    • I'm a punk fan, before I loved punk, I loved metal
      Sure enough, before I like Descendents, NOFX, Rancid and all them, I liked metal and I really liked Tool. This is their first album, not their best, but still pretty freakin' awesome.

      1 - Sweat - Awesome song. This is the song that went on a soundtrack. Cool. 5/5
      2 - Hush - Ya might wanna hush it when your parents around. Meaning, you hear "you-know-what-word" alot. Hard, metaly song. 5/5
      3 - Part of Me - Not bad, but not the best. 4/5
      4 - Cold & Ugly - It's a live song?!!???! They haven't released another freakin' album before it!! Good song, but how could it be live?? 5/5
      5 - Jerk-Off - Live, again. Hmm. Can't figure that out. 5/5
      6 - Opiate - Not good, but not bad. Ya know? 3/5
      6+ - Gaping Lotus - This song totally SUCKS!!!!! Worst Tool song EVER MADE! Maybe I'm wrong....1/5

      So, buy this CD. A good 6 songs. (Not 7! If you know what I mean)...more info

    • awesome
      First off I really really love this EP. I've been a Tool fan for as long as I can remember and I can tell you that this is probably (in my opinion) their best. It just goes to show you that they are awesome live with all their live songs on the cd. Oh and to the person who thinks Christians can't listen to rock music. You're an idiot. and ignorant. People can listen to whatever music they want to. Anyway. I recommend this cd to anyone who has heard the name tool. righto....more info
    • A half hour of power.
      This early EP might not be as mindblowing as their last few releases, but it packs a powerful punch. It's much more straight forward alt-metal, and not as experimental as say the epic "Lateralus". "Sweat" is a sweet track, but it's "Hush" that makes you realize how good this is. "Part Of Me" and the 2 live tracks rock as well. "Opiate" is a bit more involved, and is a sign of things to come on the "Undertow" album. There's also a hidden track on the cd, but I have this on vinyl, and it's not on that. Though not as essential as their other albums, it's a must for the "Tool" fanatic....more info
    • In pocketknife phase
      Meager by comparison, this debut EP still had many of the standout metal act's ingredients surprisingly assimilated, producing essentially a glorified demo that served better as an appetizer teaser than anything to truly sink ears into. ...more info
    • Tool starts off with a bang
      The first Tool song I heard was 'Sober' and even though it is probably Tool's biggest single I didn't really care for it. After listening to all of Undertow I started to like the band more and then with their third release I started to love them. Once I founf out they had the EP Opiate (their pre-Undertow) disc I wanted to check it out. Many years later I'm here writing this review and I still think Tool's Opiate is the best EP ever made. If your a fan of Tool or good old rock music in general give it a listen or two and see how it all started many years ago. ...more info
    • Superb
      A really good album although it is kind of short. Any Tool, or any metal fan should own this own.
      Opiate is definitely the best song....more info
    • Tool - Opiate
      Ya know, I love reading the reviews here on amazon for any of the Tool CDs. It really is entertaining. I know that sounds pathetic, but what else can I do... homework? haha... anyway, this cd is excellent. I love every second of it. But I can understand why someone wouldn't like it... gasp a Tool fan who can understand why someone doesn't like his favorite band in the world... omg... c'mon, if you dont like it, then why bother to write a review except to say that you don't like it. Don't go bash the fans or the band... its not like they really care what you have to say about them... and that can go both ways. i did like that one review that was full of sarcasm... brilliant. funny too. well, not all Tool fans are like that. Just get over it, Tool is here to stay, and if you don't like them, don't listen to em. Ignore what the Tool fans say about "not getting it" because it really doesn't mean anything at all. i don't really get Tool, and i still like them.

      ok, ive said my two cents, if you enjoyed it, yay, and if you didnt, yay again.

      bye bye...more info
    • Early Stuff Of Tool Not Great Yet Good
      This isnt all that bad and for this to be their very first release i think it is quite impressive this album is the early works of what Tool is today if you want to dig the roots and trace the raw talent of what they were then this is for you i suggest if you are a beginner listening to tool that you should buy Undertow...more info
    • yummy
      I lai-ket it, i lai-ket alot! anything t00l rox...more info
    • Great start
      For being Tool's first CD, it's a really good piece of work. Not something that is way out there, or epic like most of their later stuff. Just something that introduces to you basic ideas of where they come from artistically and mentally, with a taste of what's ahead with the last track, Opiate....more info
    • First example of the madness
      This is Tool's first albumeven though its half studio and half live but it still rocks. Tool is possibly my favotite band, and thats saying something about me. Just cant wait for the new record coming this spring. Til then I'll stick to the first four albums. ...more info
    • Unquestionably the best
      Its hard to express just how much Tool or another band needs to build a new album based on the groundwork laid by this classic masterpiece EP. All the variations Tool makes and all spin-off efforts are quality work. However, the ferocity of Opiate remains unmatched and leaves you gasping for another breath of its fumes......more info
    • One Of The Best EP'S of All Time
      Keep In Mind Opiate is not tool's debuet.... Officially Undertow Is The Debuet Because Ep's Are Debuets Only LP'S..... This came out first though. i know it's confusing but i dont make the rules.

      1. Sweat - A Beautiful Song To Introduece What's Coming From This Powerful Group

      2. Hush - A Heave Song With Sense Of Humor And A Positive Message(Sensorship Is Bad)

      3. Part Of Me - Probly The Easiest Song To Sing Along On This Album Very Hooky

      4. Cold & Ugly - It's A Live Track From New Years Eve 91 Great Song short egnough to sing to and long egnough to enjoy

      5. Jerk Off - It's A Live Track From New Years Eve 91 Very Angry Sac Religious Lyric's EXCELLANT

      6a. Opiate - Best song on the Album and thats with all the competition on this cd

      6b. Gaping Lotus Experiment*Bonus Track* - Hillarious...Hillarious...more info

    • Hard Rock at Its Best
      This EP is just amazing it captures all the elements of Rock and binds it into beautiful riffs and the drum work is just awesome the vocals by Maynard James Keenan is also really great great great Cd buy now BUY IT NOW for you will not be dis pleased...more info
      The debut cd from the power group tool..... It is not as complex or in depth as lateralus or aenima, but it is definitely raw... This cd is about 20 minutes of about pure energy and rawness... YOu can see where tool was headed after this cd.... definitely a must have for hardcore fans, but if you dont feel like spending $15 on a E/P with only 6 songs... Then get Aenima or lateralus... Either way you cant go wrong....more info
    • The Roots of Tool
      Tool is a band that with each release takes not only time, but also effort to create something awesome. Although Opiate is just an EP with only 6 songs for its listeners, it still manages to satisfy. Whether you're a die-hard fan or just a metalhead it has much to offer so early in their career. This is what helped gain Tool's early fan base before losing a few as well as gaining many more fans during the release of ?nima and Lateralus. For me though, I love every release they have done. I have so much respect for each album and I think that they are all perfect in their own ways. I have taken the liberty of rating the songs below.

      1. Sweat - 10/10
      2. Hush - 10/10
      3. Part Of Me - 9/10
      4. Cold And Ugly (Live) - 9.5/10
      5. Jerk-off (Live) - 9/10
      6. Opiate - 10/10

      Overall: 95% A-

      If you don't have this album yet or are new to the band and already like their newer stuff I would recommend purchasing this. That is if you desire to hear the roots of the band known as Tool....more info
    • tool cd
      i am a HUGE Tool fan so this was originally purchased as a tape. I just recently upgraded it to a cd though. It is a harder, angrier side of Tool. They have since evolved into so much more but they never seem to lose their roots completely. They still have the dark sense of humor, anger and tackle thought provoking issues that others might not touch upon. This cd is how it all began. Anti-religion, angry guitar riffs and the young angry bassist Paul D'amour, who later parted ways with the band before the Aenima cd. The lead singer, maynard james kennan's voice is still young sounding but his belligerance is so blatent. This cd is gritty and features live footage but you can tell even back then they are a talent to be reckoned with and will have the longevity that they have had. If you liked undertow or are a d'amour fan you will love this one. If you are more of a lateralus, 10000 days person. I would proceed with caution because you may be a little disappointed. This cd shipped quick and its a nice addition to my extensive collection and hilarious to hear on my ipod. The art work alone makes you really appreciate the fact they are not artists featured on itunes or mp3 sites. This is a band who have kept their integrity in a very egocentric business. I recommend all of their cds. This band to me in a nutshell, darkness shedding away into a new light. ...more info
    • Not totally needed, but not bad
      'Opiate' is probably only necessary for Tool completists, but it isn't too bad of a listen. As many will tell you, this EP is pretty far removed from latter-day Tool, and is really nothing more than some fairly run of the mill early 90's alt-metal. Only 6 real songs here, none of them bad but none of them particularly remarkable either. The opener 'Sweat' is one of the best ones, great vocals, effectively driving bass, nice mix of melodic and more aggressive sections. Not a great song, but a pretty good one. The very best song here is probably 'Cold & Ugly'. It's a bit underwritten, actually, with like four different lines, but that main riff is just awesome. One of the best they've ever written. 'Jerk-Off' is also notable, not because it's a particularly great song, it's pretty average, but it has one fantastic scream which makes it worth listening too. One of the best screams of all time, easy. Then you close with the title track (well, not counting the stupid hidden track.) Again, not a brilliant song, but pretty good and a bit more dense and staid, pointing in the direction they would head shortly.

      Yeah, that's it, Not a great EP, by any means, but of interest to Tool fans, anyway....more info
    • brilliant
      I own every Tool cd, but Opiate was the last I bought. There is a big difference between it and Lateralus, but every album is excellent. This is their first one, and although it's only 6 tracks, it is well worth buying. It's one of Tool's heavier albums, and is easy to get hooked. So buy Opiate, you will not be dissapointed. (Best tracks: Jerk-Off and Cold&Ugly)...more info
    • The Beginning
      This is the beginning of the rock legend. This is a very aggressive and direct album. They throw truth in your face. ...more info