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The Count of Monte Cristo
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The Count of Monte Cristo is a tale of revenge and retribution. Edmond Dantes, a young, energetic sailor, is falsely accused of treason on his wedding day and incarcerated in the forbidding Chateau d'If. His escape and ultimate revenge on those who wronged him makes this one of the most thrilling stories in French literature, as compelling now as when it was first published in 1846.

Customer Reviews:

  • Dumas's True Masterpiece
    The Count of Monte Cristo is the quitessential Dumas novel. This book is his own creation, not one which his factory of writers wrote and he flourished and embellished. He found a story about a cobbler who after being imprisoned by presumed friends brutally murdered them all. Dumas entrigued by this occurence proceeded to write a glorified version of it. The book provides the tense atmosphere of France during the Napoleonic Era, the political dealings and believable characters. From the most vile villain to the Count everyone seems human and flawed. Dumas has created a world in which one can easily delve into and be absorbed. This work is truly worth reading!!

    P.S. Do not be daunted by the length- after the first 50 pages or so the story truly moves!...more info

  • The best plot in literary history.
    Enough good things can't be said of this book. It is rightly considered Dumas' masterpiece. The story in a sentence is how a man named Dantes is falsely accused and imprisoned thanks to the machinations of his treacherous enemies, escapes jail, comes across a fortune and spends many a year spinning a sweet, sweet revenge on all.

    Of course the brilliance of the novel can't be described. It truly is great in its descriptions of the machinations and the motivations of the characters, as well as its insight into the human condition, second to few. Just because a book was published serially as popular fiction doesn't make it less worthwhile than the most pompous novel. The book explores the moral justification of Dantes in his revenge.

    This is a work where the hundreds of details come together (nothing being told for no reason) to pack a powerful punch. As such, no abridged version will ever do. It's long but it's a good read and worthwhile. A must....more info

  • A literary masterpiece....
    This is a story that must be read to be truly appreciated.

    Set at a time of political turmoil in France, with Napoleon in exile,Edmond Dantes is an ambitious young sailor with prospects, and a beautiful fiance, Mercedes. Three people conspire against him to ruin his life, one wants his girl, another his position. He is banished to the notorious Chateau d'If, and is believed by his friends to be dead.

    In prison he meets the Abbe Faria, who becomes his teacher, and together they plan to escape. Edmond escapes with a treasure map 14 years later, claims the fortune, and becomes the mysterious Count of Monte Cristo, bent on getting revenge against those who wronged him. With his new found fortune he effortlessly penetrates the highest levels of society, and unrecognisable to his enemies, he now befriends them.

    The revenge comes slow and sweet, as he plots the downfall of his enemies. He is ruthless, deliberate and unrelenting, and appears to know everyones dark secrets, although we don't always know how he knows.

    There are many sub characters and subplots that are not in the movie versions of the story. There are some genuinely good characters whose path to love is blocked, and he is in the background pulling the strings to work the situation for those he loves. He is also pulling the strings on those he is out to get.

    He refers to himself as providence, as he takes the archetype role of flawed hero avenger, and wreaks his awful vengeance. He mysteriously appears everywhere, and knows everything, and uses it. He is karma incarnate.

    The society and manners of the time are brilliantly evoked by the beautiful writing of Alexandre Dumas. As the words leap from the page into your imagination, you see the characters, you hear their words, and feel their emotions.

    Most of all, you feel for Edmond Dantes. Will revenge bring him some measure of satisfaction, and make him happy? Or, will he be forever unable to forgive, and be happy. In some respects his life is our life, as you hope for some measure
    of transformation in his experience that you can apply to your own.

    Will he reunite with his beautiful fiance, now married to one of his enemies? Can he get revenge, and be forgiven by her?

    This is a story to be savored. So, go for the unabridged version.

    If you have seen the original movie with Robert Donat, and the more recent one with Jim Caviezel, who subsequently went on to play the contrasting role of Jesus Christ, I love both of the movie versions.

    There is way more in the book than can be conveyed in a two hour movie, and so the story is condensed and some of the characters altered to make the story more movie friendly. So, if you are like me, and enjoyed the movie, you will love the book.

    I hope you find this review helpful, and, if you do, please click yes.
    ...more info
  • No one word to describe
    Awesome. Fabulous. Excellent. Great. Supurb. Brilliant. Exceptional. I could go one forever. This is, by far, the best book I have ever read. It was so good that I read all but two chapters in 2 days. It took me over a week to finish the last two because I didn't want the book to ever end, and in fact, I cried when I finished! This is an outstanding book that grabs you and pulls you right into the scence, so much that it feels as if you are there, smelling the salty sea and the bitter sweet revenge. I'd give it 100 stars if I could!...more info
  • Clever plot, enjoyable complexity.
    Loved it, and when it was over, I wished it wasn't. While some call it "verbose", I would disagree, saying that they probably did not catch the full plot, and were not reading the book, but skimming though 1400+ pages with negative feelings already in mind....more info
  • A Well Done Abridgment
    I can't tell you the number of times that I have read The Count of Monte Cristo. I have studied several translations and many abridgments. Although nothing is a truly adequate substitution for the unabridged version, this the by far the best that I have read. The story flows nicely, and unlike some abridgments, there is not the feeling of having missed something. The major details and plot lines are all present, and the characters are as genuine as in the unabridged versions. I would highly recommend this abridgment over the others on the market....more info
  • The Count Of Monte Cristo
    This book is outstanding. I receved it without delay or any other problems. It is also in good condition....more info
  • One of the greatest books ever
    The Count of Monte Cristo has to be one of my favorite novels. It's full of intricate plot twists, fascinating characters, romance, revenge, hope, despair, deception, betrayal, redemption and all the other emotions and experiences that make up life. All of the characters are multi-layered, no one, not even Edmund Dantes (aka the Count) acting out of easily-defined motives, and are intertwined in such beautifully complex ways with terrific backstories. Edmund takes revenge on these horrible people who ruined his life and took his fiance and future away from him, but one still feels a little sorry for them, because they're real characters. All in all, a fantastic book that really delves into the psyche of revenge. It's quite long, but it's worth it because it is so intricate and detailed and so beautiful....more info
  • Revenge is best served cold
    Edmond Dantes, a kind compasionate young man about to begin the journey of his life. He is preparing to captain a ship. He is preparing to marry the girl of his dreams and start a family, begin his life.

    Suddenly, out of nowhere, he is destroyed.

    A vain little man in a position of power strikes him down, sends him to a living death in order to avoid the truths being revealed about a relative. Three people lie to destroy him for their own personal gain.

    He is condemned to a living death in isolation in the notorious prison of the doomed. Where he rots until one day another inmate inadvertently digs his way into his cell. And together they work to escape. The Kindly Abbe shares with him all he knows, including the location of a vast fortune.

    Upon making his escape, he returns to learn the vile truth, and then with his new found wealth and knowledge systematicly brings those who wronged him down one by one. But he also takes care of those who tried to help him for an eye for an eye is a measure of justice not just revenge.

    But revenge has consequences.

    A great novel, better than any of the movies made so far. ...more info
  • Fabulous, Amazing, a Work of Art
    This was the first book I have read by Alexandre Dumas, and I have to say I loved it. The size is rather intimidating, but it is completely worth it. Despite the large size, I decided to read it, and I could not put it down. You know, I had those late nights where you just stay up and read for hours.

    The story begins with Edmond Dantes arriving home off his ship to marry his beloved Mercedes. The novel dives right into action with a plot made up by his "friends" to ruin him for some gain of their own. Edmond is falsely accused of being a Bonapartist involved in a scheme to overthrow the King and gets arrested right during his betrothal feast, and is thrown into prison. Right when he begins to give up hope, he befriends a very intelligent, old Abbe, who helps Edmond escape. The novel continues many years later with Edmond, or rather, the Count of Monte Cristo, and his brilliant, conniving plot of revenge.

    "The Count of Monte Cristo" is a tale of adventure-yes, it is a tale of love-yes, but what this novel truly is, is a tale of revenge. How one's past haunts them because of one's wrongdoings and losses. But also how revenge cannot fix everything. Things in life do not usually work out perfectly, but there is always hope.

    This is a book full of twists and turns and those "Oh! What happens next!? I want to know!" moments. I can't wait to read more of Dumas' books. He's a gifted writer- able to write a thrilling plot and portray realistic characters and their true feelings. If you're a sucker for good literature, like myself, this is the book to read. Enjoy!...more info
  • Comte De Monte Cristo
    Greatest book ever written. Don't wimp out. get the unabridged edition and enjoy!...more info
  • Why Every One Of The 1500 Pages Is Worth Reading
    Some time back, a friend recommended that I read this book. I am very glad that I have that friend. This book is perhaps the best I have ever read, and I have read A LOT of books.
    While an extraordinarily long book, I never found myself putting it down unless I had to. It is classic example of a book with every good literary element without unrealistic plots, characters, and events. Everything that happens is plausible (except maybe the Count's money).
    However, the book can be difficult to understand. I would advise rereading over what you have already covered, or just skimming over the pages you already read. Also, it wouldn't be a bad idea to take notes on who is who and what is happening, because it can get very confusing.
    Overall, if you want to read a really good novel, this is your best bet. It has something to satisfy everyone, from action to romance to revenge. Not only that, but all of these elements are cleverly woven together in such a way that everything from earlier on comes back to be of vast significance in the later parts of the book, etc. This work is nothing short of spectacular, so get reading!
    ...more info
  • an exciting tale of revenge
    this book is awesome. Its a little complicated because of all of the characters and the past crimes they have commited but in the end the characters all tie together in weird twists of fate. You'll enjoy every one. The book is so different from the movie. Way better!! It goes into more detail and depth....more info
  • The Peak of Storytelling
    Most people are in awe of the "classic." However, a book does not pick that title on the whim of a professor of arcane texts, rather a book gains such when it constantly and consistently speaks about the human condition. Classics do not only thrill and teach, they also live.
    The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas is a classic.
    This tale of accusal, love, betrayal, imprisonment, redemption, and retribution, defies genre.
    Recounting the plot serves no purpose, so I will simply surmise that most readers focus on vengeance at the expense of reward. Edmond Dantes could not have desired living just to kill those who wronged him; he expected to return to those who remained faithful. Here Dumas, using Dantes, Sinbad, Albert and Abbe Busoni, championed a nonviolent stoicism which exposes a person to death to experience life.
    The Count of Monte Cristo is a vivid potrayal of French life after the Revolution, an epic account of a man's quest for closure and an inspiration for the Shawshank Redemption. It is never too late to read it....more info
  • Some Classics really are classic
    Sometimes books are listed as Classics, and you have no idea why. English teachers are an odd lot as a whole, and I guess they're the ones who more or less determine what is considered classic. Some are clear choices, however, and to me "The Count of Monte Cristo" falls into that category.
    To begin with it is immensely readable, a point of necessity often overlooked on modern lists. It is a page-turner of the highest order, with romance and intrigue, suspense and drama, and as complicated a morality play of revenge and justice as one could desire. And the reader isn't harmed by a decent dose of French history in the process. There was an old movie version, with Tony Curtis of all people as the Count, that was amazingly true to such a long and complicated story. The more recent movie was forgettable, and if you don't recall it don't feel bad.
    Back to the story. It is well worth the reading, or re-reading, and personally I enjoyed it far more even than the Three Musketeers. It starts a little slowly, but if you stay with it through the point of Dante's (the Count) imprisonment, you'll be rewarded with a story you can't put down.
    ...more info
  • Magnificent!!!
    I believe this book is excellent, the movie is mediocre compared to the book. The theme and everything is so well written, it won't let you drop the book....more info
  • Simply WOW
    I thought I liked the movie, until I read the book. Now I realize the movie was pathetic, and that the filmmakers could not have been more wrong when they decided to make it a "happily ever after" kind of movie. The book ends on somewhat of a high note, and certainly gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling, but isn't exactly a feel-good book. But it's so much better that way, and more realistic. It left me feeling staggered.

    Another thing about the movie: it left out some of the best characters. Where was Haydee, Monte Cristo's slave and adopted daughter? Or Valentine and Maximilian, probably the sweetest couple in the book? I know the movie would have been more complicated if they were included, but come on.

    But enough about the movie. I can certainly see why this book is a classic. It's deeply moving, surprisingly easy to read for an old book, and has one of the most amazing fictional characters of all time in it: Monte Cristo himself. Edmond Dantes is the character every author wishes they could create. What else can I say? It's a thick one, but give this book a chance....more info
  • Triumphant Revenge
    Edmond has everything going for him. He is handsome, young, and popular. He is engaged to the girl of his dreams, and has just been appointed captain of a ship. Life couldn't possibly get any better for Edmond.

    But every likable and successful young man has enemies. Edmond's conspire to get him arrested as a spy, at a time in France when the political situation was very touchy. On trumped-up charges, he ends up in prison, in confinement alone in the dungeon.

    For awhile Edmond thinks he will die. He thinks he would like to die, and begins starving himself to death. But then a chance interaction with another prisoner allows Edmond to gain some insight into his situation. Despair gives way to fury, and Edmond decides to get himself out of prison and take revenge on those who did him wrong. Through a fortunate set of circumstances, Edmond begins to put his plan into action.

    I really liked the plot of this book; I loved the idea of Edmond having the mental strength as well as the financial resources to ruin the lives of those who had him locked away in his youth. I enjoyed watching the worlds of Edmond's enemies crumble.

    The book was rather simplistic, though, with far too many coincidences that allowed the characters to get what they needed to get, from stumbling into a fortune to being in the right place to eavesdrop on a critical conversation. The author's hand was heavily felt in this story, when things just happened to work out exactly right for the characters....more info
  • This is NOT the Modern Library edition for kindle ...
    This is a must reading for any reading lover. It easily ranks among the best 20 novels ever in any language. Just one piece of useful information for kindle users. This is NOT the Modern Library edition. I downloaded the free sample from my kindle and I am glad I did. This is a mobile 'cheap' edition with the text only that I can get for free some place else. Amazon should be careful in listing books, because not all editions are the same. If this was the Modern Library edition, I would happily pay the $0.99 they are asking for....more info
  • Amazing book.
    This is one of those elite pieces of art that will change your life. Don't ever see the movie, it can not even begin to explain the amount of pain he experiences, or the amount of revenge he inflicts. I love this book....more info
  • Couldn't put it down.
    I have just returned to the land of the living, having hidden from the world to read all 1276 pages of "The Count of Monte Cristo" in just under five days. It is definitely my favorite book now, beating out one that has been my top since I was a teenager. You know how you can get through a book, love it, and also be sorry that it's done? Well, with a book of this length, it's as if you read five books that you don't want to end. You get the complete story. Nothing is left out that should have been said. Sheer perfection....more info
  • Get the MOBI Version (The only Full version! at $.99)
    I must say that I have read the abridged version of this book and it is nothing compared to the full version ($.99 mobi version of the book).

    This book is a wonderful read it flows much better in the unabridged version. Go for the gusto and read all 1600+ pages it is worth it.

    Enjoy....more info