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Eleven-year-old annie has been living in an orphanage her whole life run by cruel miss hannigan. After unsuccessful escape attempts grace farrell comes to take the child home to live two weeks with billionaire oliver warbucks during christmas. Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 09/03/2002 Starring: Alicia Morton Kathy Bates Run time: 90 minutes Rating: Ur Director: Rob Marshall

Disney's 1999 TV production of the classic 1977 musical Annie is remarkable for its casting of stage actors rather than ratings trump cards. Tony winners Audra McDonald (Grace), Alan Cumming (Rooster), and Kristin Chenoweth (Lily) join four-time nominee Victor Garber (Daddy Warbucks) and Les Mis¨¦rables veteran Alicia Morton (Annie) to tell the tale of the Depression-era orphan who gets a taste of the upper-crust life. Not surprisingly, they all turn in strong performances, and even Oscar-winner Kathy Bates acquits herself well in a singer's role, as the villainous Miss Hannigan. Perhaps best of all is the original title moppet, Andrea McArdle, making a sensational one-minute cameo as the Broadway Star-To-Be in "N.Y.C."

Compared to John Huston's plodding, overly busy 1982 theatrical release, this production as directed by Rob Marshall (Cabaret, among other shows) is quite conservative; few numbers leave the confines of their sets, giving it the feel of a stage production. It is also more faithful as a whole to the Broadway original, though at a running time of 90 minutes it leaves out most of the historical context of the FDR administration as well as some of Charles Strouse and Martin Charnin's familiar songs, and makes a few plot changes, some of which work and some of which don't. Because of the omissions, this probably isn't a definitive film translation of Annie, but it's well paced for a young audience, and would be an excellent introduction to get children interested in live theater. Annie was produced by the team behind the 1993 telecast of Gypsy with Bette Midler, as well as 1997's Brandy-Whitney Houston Cinderella, and there are plans for many others. As Broadway shows are too often represented on video by inferior big-screen translations, this trend toward good, solid small-screen productions is most welcome. --David Horiuchi

Customer Reviews:

  • Amazing Annie
    This is the Wonderful World of Disney's version of Annie.

    And boy do I love it. Newcomer Alicia Morton as Annie is a star in her own right and she is very well supported by her cat. Billionaire Oliver Warbucks is played by Victor Garber who would go on to play Sydney's father in ALIAS. This Oliver Warbucks is less imposing than the one from the previous version of Annie. We also have Kathy Bates of MISERY and TITANIC as Miss Hannigan, Alan Cummings of the SPY KIDS trilogy as Rooster and Kristin Chenoweth from the Broadway musical WICKED as Rooster's Dame. Other appearances include Audra McDonald, Andra McArdle and Ernie Sabella (the voice of Pumbaa in THE LION KING trilogy).

    This version of Annie is pretty straight to the point- there are new songs every few minutes, and the choreography and direction by Rob Marshall is lots of fun. I partilcularly love the orchestration- trust me, this Annie has some serious bass.

    The DVD is in Dolby Digital 5.1, with no special features and an edited end credit sequence. The VHS is in Dolby Surround and has the full end credit sequence. Choose for yourself if you want VHS or DVD....more info
  • A visual stunner and a wonderful surprise
    I just recently watched this by accident, thinking it was the Finney/Burnett version, at a friend's house. WOW! There were a few moments that didn't flow, that seemed a bit choppy or like something was missing, but it is well-cast, beautifully filmed, and OHMYGAWD I had to play that scene with Andrea McArdle over and over again! That beautiful lady steps out onto the stage and on the second note of the song "NYC" ... the "Y" ... I knew it was Ms. McArdle! That pure, distinct, powerful voice is unmistakable. I sure wish the song was longer and she'd been implemented into the storyline! I can't wait to get a DVD player and make this one of the first discs in my collection! Bravo, Disney!...more info
  • Tomorrow, tomorrow...
    This version was originally produced for television by the Walt Disney Studios and knocks the socks off of the 1982 Aileen Quinn/Albert Finney/Carol Burnett version. Newcomer Alicia Morton (who played Cosette on Broadway) joins Broadway veteran Victor Garber and the phenomenal Kathy Bates to take a fresh look at a classic.

    The main differences in this version are that it was staged more as a play - keeping true to its writing. Also, the producers were smart enough to get a cast that can actually sing! Morton's voice is beautiful and much stronger than fans are used to, but she does the songs justice. The sets and choreography are also worth an extra long look.

    There are some differences, some songs have been cut (though NYC makes its appearance once again in a wonderful rendition by Garber). A few minor plot changes, line changes, and order of scenes make this version unique, but not necessarily better nor worse than any other.

    Why 5 stars?:
    This DVD offers a fresh look at a classic and has an excellent cast that can act and sing! They do what the 1982 version just couldn't - and do it well! This should be a part of every family's DVD library....more info

  • The Best
    This is ten times better than the 'official' movie, and much closer to the original stage version.

    Buy!...more info

  • Absolutely Adorable Annie Movie
    The extraordinary cast featured in this Annie film will make you laugh, make you cry and allow you to pass this classic story on to generations to come. It is fantastic! ...more info
  • Not impressed
    I didn't care for this version at ALL. The bright spots were Andrea McArdle, Kristen Chenowith and Alan Cummings! But the orphans were dull and underused, Kathy Bates was NOT mean enough and Victor Garber wasn't gruff as Warbucks is supposed to be. Alicia Morton has a sweet enough voice, but she is NOT Annie material...she doesn't belt like Andrea McArdle or the other Broadway Annies I've seen! There's no power in her voice at all. Overall I was tremendously disappointed, and the ending was so awful I cringe just thinking about it....more info
  • I'm suspicious....
    While this movie was cute well, movie-wise, I'm suspicious of the fact that the orphans were made up of what seemed like EVERY major ethnic type! ..."
    I'm not saying that the girls in the movie were not good or even that some of them should not have been cast anyway, I'm just, well, suspicious. ... ( However, Audra MacDonald as Warbucks' secretary Grace Farrell did make sense to me despite the fact that it didn't to some people. (due to the fact that the story was set in the 1930's, and Ms. MacDonald is black) Oliver Warbucks always seemed like the kind of man who Did What He Wanted To Do No Matter What Anyone Thought, ......more info
  • Good version for sure!
    Movie is just wonderful...very entertaining. Victor Garber is excellent and such a versatile actor. He blew me away as I had just seen Legally Blonde and talk about a night and day character. I loved how he played Warbucks. He is fast becoming one of my favorite actors. And who couldn't like the wonderful Kathy Bates! She did a great job as Miss Hannigan but what ruined it for me as a whole was when she pretends to be Annie's lost mother and she's not disguised well enough and it's obvious it's her instead of the usual Lily character played by the adorable Kristen Chenowith. Alan Cumming was equally brilliant. He's an incredibly versatile actor as well and his character of Rooster was absolutely tantalizing. He brought such an incredible depth to his character...actually almost lovable! I thoroughly enjoyed it very much. Costumes were absolutely fantastic as well as the choreography too. Sets and props absolutely great. Someone had a really good eye. I still enjoy my Carol Burnett version though and will keep these side-by-side and just choose which one I want to watch the next time. You will love this movie!...more info
  • Annie DVD
    Thanks I've been looking in stores and could not fine this version, Daughter and I love. Was shipped very fast. Thanks...more info
  • Give it up for Annie!!!!!!
    Not having seen the original 1982 version of "Annie" or the stage version on which the film was based, I can honestly say that this is one of the best movie musicals I have ever seen. The only reason I was curious to see the film was because "Chicago" became my favorite film of 2002 and I was eager to see Rob Mashall's film directing debut. (Many people consider Chicago his debut, but this is it, although being made-for-TV). The cast is magnificant--Tony winners Audra McDonald (Grace), Alan Cumming (Rooster), and Kristin Chenoweth (Lily), plus four-time nominee Victor Garber (who makes a terrific Daddy Warbucks) and Les Mis¨¦rables veteran Alicia Morton, who is absolutely mesmerizing in her portrayal of Annie. Oscar-winner and always terrific Kathy Bates is superb as the villainous Miss Hannigan, and surprisingly, she can SING!!! And although I haven't seen the stage version (as mentioned), Andrea McArdle's (the original Annie) cameo was very clever. Mention must also be made to the orphans, whose renditions of "Hard Knock Life" and "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile" were absolutely sensational. That said, ALL the numbers are show-stoppers and very catchy, and the story is truly heartfelt. At 90 minutes, it is a perfect running length, as opposed to the 130 minute original (if I get fussy after two hours, I can't imagine how a child will feel). Adults and children alike are bound to enjoy this version, which many consider superior to the original. I believe Rob Marshall's brilliant directing and genius choreograhy are to thank. He definitely matured in "Chicago", but this is a fantastic debut, and it is easy to see its influence in "Chicago" iself. I am not a huge fan of remakes, thinking them pointless, but this is one remake I am thankful for. Now, if only a special edition DVD with Commentary and Behind-the-Scenes is released. "Annie" is recommended!!!...more info
  • My Daughter Loves Annie
    My two year old LOVES Annie. She sings the songs all day. And for parents, if you have to watch a video over and over...This is not a bad one to watch....more info
  • I loved it!
    This is such a wonderful movie. Since I never could see the musical on stage, I can see this movie anytime I want and I love it. ...more info
  • UnNecessary Repeat
    Who's idea was it to have Victor Garber as Daddy Warbucks? Okay he is a good actor, but once they had shaved his head, did they not see how freakishly Enormal it was? or the shine? THe original Annie was awesome, it was perfect, it didnt need a cheesy remake in the 90's.The new Annie doesnt even fit the bill, no red curly hair, which wasnt the original movies idea, it was based on the cartoon. My niece saw this one first, and then the original, and she LOVES the original even though she saw it second, she said the new one isnt "as fun to watch" and i agree!...more info
  • Great Movie
    This movie was great I was just in a play called ANNIE JR. So I decided since I loved being in the play and all I got this movie. You should really get this movie it is very heart warming....more info
  • I Thought This Was Great!
    Before I saw ths Disney version of Annie I saw the stage musical and then the movie that starred Albert Finney, Carol Burnette, Aileen Quinn, Bernadette Peters and Tim Curry and I thought it was a good movie with a great cast so I bought that movie on DVD but when I heard about the newer Disney adaptation I decided I wanted to see that one too so I bought this DVD and I personally think that the cast of Victor Garber, Alicia Morton, Alan Cumming, Audra McDonald, Kristin Chenoweth and Kathy Bates was great too and I highly recommend this version of Annie! My only complaint and this is with both versions of Annie is that they didn't use all of the songs from the original Broadway stage musical but that doesn't stop me from liking either movie!...more info
  • this cheesy remake
    this 1999 version of annie isnt as good as the original because all the sets in the movie were fake you couldnt even see the roof of the mansion ive seen the original its much better
    but ive got to say annie has mostly had a makeover alicia morton does not have big curly hair like the original annie she has straight hair and you didnt even see all of the ofphan girls. When they were in bed there was only 5 or 6 of them but when they were going outside into the street there were 20 or something orphans this is not a good planned movie they cant even do one thing right...more info
    I loved this version of Annie, so much more than the original. My daughter is not too into television, but she will sit and watch this movie over and over and over..and I'll sit right there with her. We just don't get sick of this one. This movie is the best!! I highly recommend it and am looking for others that will please us like this one did! Its a life saver....more info