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Evil Dead II
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Ash the sole survivor of the evil dead returns to the same isolated cabin deep in the woods with his girlfriend linda. The two discover a mysterious tape recorder and hear the voice of professor knoby reciting passages from the necronomicon or book of the dead. Studio: Starz/sphe Release Date: 09/24/2002 Starring: Bruce Campbell Dan Hicks Run time: 85 minutes Rating: R Director: Sam Rami

Writer-director Sam Raimi's extremely stylized, blood-soaked follow-up to his creepy Evil Dead isn't really a sequel; rather, it's a remake on a better budget. It also isn't really a horror film (though there are plenty of decapitations, zombies, supernatural demons, and gore) as much as it is a hilarious, sophisticated slapstick send-up of the terror genre. Raimi takes every horror convention that exists and exaggerates it with mind-blowing special effects, crossed with mocking Three Stooges humor. The plot alone is a genre clich¨¦ right out of any number of horror films. Several teens (including our hero, Ash, played by Bruce Campbell in a manic tour-de-force of physical comedy) visit a broken-down cottage in the woods--miles from civilization--find a copy of the Book of the Dead, and unleash supernatural powers that gut every character in sight. All, that is, except Ash, who takes this very personally and spends much of the of the film getting his head smashed while battling the unseen forces. Raimi uses this bare-bones story as a stage to showcase dazzling special effects and eye-popping visuals, including some of the most spectacular point-of-view Steadicam work ever (done by Peter Deming). Although it went unnoticed in the theaters, the film has since become an influential cult-video favorite, paving the way for over-the-top comic gross-out films like Peter Jackson's Dead Alive. --Dave McCoy

Customer Reviews:

  • Not Worth It
    Do not upgrade. Picture has a fuzzy quality to it. Not saying it's horrible but really there is no reason to upgrade from the dvd version. I also purchased Dawn of the Dead and there was an immediate quality difference, well worth the upgrade. Unfortunately there just isn't enough of a quality upgrade for Evil dead 2 to make an extra dip worth it. Real Bummer....more info
  • A rockin' sequel that kicks high on Blu-Ray!

    Five years since Ash (Bruce Campbell) battled the demonic forces of evil in the woods of Tenessee, he has forgotten about that horrible night. Now he sets off on a vacation with a girl named Linda to a secluded cabin in the woods, over there he discovers an old book of the dead similar to the one he encountered before. He even discovers an old dagger and a tape reel that translates the bizarre language of the book as he foolishly unleashes the dead by accident. Evil spirits began to torment him including possessing people around him as he fights evil creatures, zombies and even his own hand that gets possessed.

    An ingenious sequel/semi-remake to the 1981 cult masterpiece of terror from writer-director-producer Sam Raimi. It's one of those rare sequels that could actually surpass the original using a dose of dark humor and over-the-top gore more then the original. While some may say this is a remake of the first one then a sequel, i'd say it works well as a semi-sequel and semi-remake combined. It's a true classic of the 80's with the brilliant make-up effects by KNB with amazing camera trickery and memorable quotes that turned this movie into one of the most unique cult movies of all time.

    This Blu-Ray offers high quality high definition with superb sound into two qualities with some nice extras like audio commentary, featurettes, still gallery, pop-up triva track and trailer....more info
  • Excellent sequel!
    The first Evil Dead film was pure horror. The third is pure comedy. Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead II" is a mixture of both horror and comedy - which is why it works so well. The film manages to make you go "Urgh! Gross!" AND laugh at the same time. Here's an example: in one scene there's a zombie trying to get out of a cellar through a trap door. Two men try to keep the trap door closed by standing, lying and jumping on it. But the zombie's head sticks out at the same time they're jumping on it. Whaddya get? A squashed head. And whaddya get when that happens? An eyeball that pops out of the head - one that goes flying across the room and goes straight into a screaming woman's mouth!!! HAHAHAHA. This film is hilarious! And the "possessed hand" scene is awesome....more info
  • Welcome to the evil book of the month club...
    If you liked the first Evil Dead movie then this will be a nice refresher of some very similar scenarios. After seemingly escaping with his life intact, Ash is back in a cabin! I tell you that boy has no common sense but without his poor judgment who else would release demons back onto our domain? So back in the cabin - check, new girlfriend - check, recycled gift given ( necklace) to new girlfriend since the last one died - check, demon book in cabin - check, tape recorder with the words needed to release the evil - check...we are back in business! Ash gets back to doing what he knows best - unleashing havoc into the world of the living. One would think that he has joined some wicked book of the month club, where the books end up getting people killed as he's always finding them. Best part is that the action starts right of the bat, there is no sitting around waiting to be attacked and when few more people get stranded in the cabin the real fun begins.

    This movie was insane, I mean bug out crazy! All the things you think you'd do in your wildest dreams come to life - horror style. Not only is Ash running in circles from the menacing evil, but his own body turns on him and starts to betray him, leaning towards the dark side. Best part was the puppets again, there were some gooey gross faces from the demonic possession due to the transformation and sometimes I didn't know whether to laugh or just watch in disbelief.

    This movie felt very short in comparison but the ending was fantastic, it really sets you up for a grand finale that I can't wait to watch.

    - Kasia S.
    ...more info
  • Pick of the the Litter
    This is one of the greatest movies I've ever seen. Period.
    It's a perfect balance of funny, startling and over-the-top
    Special FX.
    This review may seem very undescriptive,
    but it doesn't need to go into details.
    Buy this movie. Shut up. Break out the card.
    Order the most expensive edition available.
    And enjoy....more info
  • dont bother
    Stupid i fied retelling of a decent horror film ( THE EVIL DEAD)
    Why do film directors think that the addition of third grader slapstick humor will improve a film!
    Please Bruce Campbell, stay out of movies!...more info
  • Splat-stick Classic
    No horror collection is complete without Sam Raimi's Evil Dead II, honestly. The Evil Dead was a solid effort for its day and age but seems like treaded territory by today's standards (excluding the "Tree Rape" scene, something only tried again in the theatrical remake "George of the Jungle"). Evil Dead II, however, remains almost timeless with its over-the-top gore and sadistically savage humor. On the A-List of B-Movies, this film remains a cult favorite with star Bruce Campbell manning the show in one of his most memorable performances to date (see "Army of Darkness" for more memorableness and see "Bubba Ho-Tep" to make you urn for an "Evil Dead IV" with an older Ash). This DVD edition is no slack on bonus features with hilarious commentaries by the filmmakers and Bruce Campbell himself. You'll see this one on Best Of lists forever and ever. So do yourself a huge favor and just get it....more info
  • True cult classic - B-movie king Bruce Campbell
    Some of the reviews on Amazon for this movie are laughable. The "baby boomer alert" Crabtree guy who says this movie isn't funny. Umm, who on earth watches a movie with Bruce Campbell and expects a serious movie? This movie is supposed to be a comedy not a horror movie (after all we're talking about a guy who played Elvis battling a mummy!). Wow just wow. It's not often you see people miss the point THAT much. Nobody comes into this movie expecting any sort of serious horror except for 1 guy, LOL!

    And the guy who says Shaun of the Dead is the only other competition for this movie in terms of horror comedy. LOL, OK let's see: Bubba Ho-Tep; An American Werewolf in London; The Toxic Avenger; Gremlins; Re-Animator; Bad Taste; Dead Alive; etc. You get the picture. There's tons of great horror comedies and this is just one of many.

    To sum this movie up, it contains very hammy acting and some nice gory bits all rolled into one. It's a very fun movie.

    I still can't believe someone actually watched a Bruce Campbell movie and expected an actual horror movie. If you want real horror I would suggest A Nightmare On Elm Street (only part 1), The Thing, The Fog (the original), Halloween, Dawn Of The Dead (original Romero), The Shining (probably the best horror movie ever made), The Exorcist, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original), Psycho and The Descent. So there, I just gave you a list of some of the best real horror movies out there - watch those for horror, watch Evil Dead II for the slapstick. ...more info
  • Evil Dead II:Dead By Dawn........
    Evil Dead II:Dead By Dawn is the 1987 sequel to the Evil Dead movie made in 1981. The film was directed by Sam Raimi. It starred Bruce Campbell & Sarah Berry. Often looked upon as a remake of the first film on a higher budget, it isn't and wasn't intended to be. The story goes a lil something like this: Ash and his girlfriend Linda take a romantic vacation to a seemingly abandoned cabin in the woods (which is all just basically a recap of the first film minus everyone else to catch viewers up with the plot). While in the cabin, Ash plays a tape of an archeology professor reciting passages from the Necronomicon(or "Book of the Dead"), which he has discovered during an archaeological dig(the professor, that is.). The recorded incantation unleashes an evil force that kills and possesses the body of Linda. Ash is forced to sacrifice his girlfriend. After he buries and dismembers his girlfriend, a spirit is seen on the hunt for Ash. It's there where the film picks up and continues. Alot of people don't know it but this movie might not have been made if it weren't for Author Stephen King. At the time, King was directing his first movie, Maximum Overdrive, based on his short story "Trucks". He had dinner with a crewmember who had been interviewed about the Evil Dead sequel, and the crewmember told King that the film was having trouble attracting funding. Upon hearing this, King, who had written a review of the first film which helped it become an audience favorite, called Dino De Laurentiis and asked him to fund the film. Initially skeptical, De Laurentiis agreed but only alotted Raimi & company $3.6 million as opposed to them wanting $4 million to make the movie. This sequel was originally planned to send Ash back to Medieval times but it was scrapped because of funding. That concept, eventually, became the third movie in the Evil Dead series. Evil Dead II did quite well at the box-office with fans of the original returning to see the further adventures of their favorite hero, Ash. Only this time, it isn't so much a horror movie as it is a 'dark' comedy of sorts with lots of gore. It's further proof that movies of this type can succeed. This Special Edition DVD is packed with plenty of extras. Indeed, it's another classic worth adding to your collection.

    ...more info
  • Hopefully I don't end up "needing" another BluRay version...
    For the past ten years I've been mighty frustrated. I'd buy an Evil Dead DVD, and 2 months later there was another, "better" version of it...mind you, a lot of them were transparent money grabs, but some were actually decent and had content I wanted. I'm tired of it, and have been for quite some, I finally get a BluRay player and what a shock, "Evil Dead II" is available. Being that I'd sold off a great majority of my DVD collection to prepare for "the upgrade" I decided to pick this up because the price was right's Evil Dead II...YOU HAVE TO OWN IT IN SOME FORM!

    Sure, it's the same old, recycled bonus content as the DVD releases pumped out for years, but it's all good stuff and I'm glad they didn't replace it. Sound and video are great, but didn't necessarily need the BluRay touch -- at points this looks about as good as it can on DVD. In short, this is a great addition to your collection if you don't already have it DVD (or "upgraded" like I did), but the THX-approved DVD version is probably just as good as this.

    I'd say grab this up if you're a first-time buyer or upgrading from laserdisc/VHS, but don't sweat it otherwise...I'm sure in a year there will be a mega-super-deluxe-Evil-Dead-IIray. Here's hoping THAT trend dies with this release, at least!...more info
  • Creepy and cool!
    This movie is what started it all for me. Love this type of horror movie, not to serious not too silly but scary as hell. Sam Rami shows great direction skills and imagination. Bruce Campbell will always have a gig at comic book conventions for the rest of his life because of this role. Out of the three this is the best. Sam, come back and direct some real movies and leave spidy alone. This movie is just a bad ass, fun movie to pop in and make your kids watch....more info
  • A fantastic sequel, and stands quite well on its own
    Evil Dead 2 seems to be more of a reinterpretation of the original rather than a chronological sequel. The plethora of special effects that you are bombarded with from the first scene makes it quite evident that the film makers had a considerably larger budget to work with here, and the rest of the movie continues to pile the effects on pretty thick. Fancied by many as the best of the series, Evil Dead 2 at the very least matches the entertainment value of the original classic, and goes down as a solid offering on its own.

    Here, we begin with Ash and his girlfriend driving down to the isolated cabin from the first movie for a weekend. We seem to be given the abbreviated version of the events that took place in the original, because the book is discovered and the spirits are unleashed a mere five minutes into the movie. Ash is soon alone again in the cabin battling the spirits as they taunt him and they even give life to house hold items, coming across as more comical than anything as a deer head on the wall begins cackling loudly. A number of rather silly comedic moments ensue as Ash dismembers his own possessed hand and has a game of cat and mouse with it armed with a shotgun. Meanwhile, two couples make their way to the cabin in hopes of retrieving the book and research about it. However they soon join Ash in his struggle against the evil dead as the movie intensifies, and eventually culminates in a completely over-the-top ending.

    As I mentioned, while the movie is plenty gory and horror themed, the overall vibe of it is quite comedic and it is more satirical of horror in nature. So if you're the type that doesn't like any slap stick goofiness mixed in with your terror, this would probably not be one for you as it is almost remniscient of Three Stooges material with a horror spin added. If this does indeed sound like the type of movie you'd like, this is one of the better examples of how it's done along with Army of Darkness, (which this film sets the stage for). I'd highly recommend Evil Dead 2 to the campy horror fan....more info
  • Ash is back with a fury and this time he's ready!
    Ash is back in this campy, gorey, horror gem/classic! If you loved The Evil Dead then you'll love this Hilarious sequel. This sequel to The Evil Dead takes the mood and tone to a fairly different direction in that it's not quite as gorey or violent as the first and it's pretty darn funny. I just love that hysterical scene where Ash's hand become possessed and flips him and breaks plates over his head. I'm really impressed with its higher budget and faster pace. Best of all for the first time we get to see Ash's chainsaw hand weapon(AWESOME)! So if you like Sam Raimi Robert Tapert Bruce Campbell or just love a funny action-packed horror movie this one's right up your alley! ...more info
  • Fantastic
    One of the greatest movies of all time just got better on Blu-ray. The quality is great. It has tons of features and extras that will keep you hooked for a month or so. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • one-of-a-kind entertainment
    Is it a horror movie with some very, very funny elements? Or is it a comedy with some very, very scary elements? (I'd say it's the first one.) Either way, it is over-the-top gory and terrifying and hilarious and entertaining. I've seen it probably 20 times, and it still shocks and delights every time. ...more info
  • "Evil Dead II" is one of the most hilarious, over-the-top but.....
    ..It's not nearly as good as the original in my opinion. Despite the more professional look and better pacing, I prefer the original for its lack of slapstick. The first worked so well because it was such an unrelenting and grueling experience and was the finest horror film since "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". It didn't take prisoners, and while its a bit dated it still has the power to terrify the audience. Not to mention it had some great if primitive stop motion effects. I really wish Sam Raimi would make another all out horror film again as that's what he does best.

    That being said, "Evil Dead II" is still quite enjoyable on its own merits. I usually hate films that attempt to combine horror with comedy. While "Evil Dead II" is not quite scary, its often hilarious. Imagine an off the wall combination of "Friday the 13th" with the Three Stooges, and you're coming close. The sight gags are often surreal and inspired, the sequence with the hand being the finest. Also, the film is very atmospheric and still maintains a sense of unnerving creepiness, which was completely jettisoned for "Army of Darkness" which I'm a big fan of. This film has plenty of gore to still appeal to fans of the original. The gore is so over-the-top its difficult to find it even remotely offensive.

    Special mention must go to Bruce Campbell. While he was a meek and unwilling hero in the first film, he is a completely over-the-top bad a.. in this one! It's a very finely tuned parody performance of action stars. While this is the role that leads him to being typecast, it also made him a cult legend. Its a shame he didn't become a bigger star. While its not as successful as the first installment, "Evil Dead II" is a lot of fun and one of the best combinations of horror and humor.

    ...more info
  • Evil Dead 2 is another great Zombie movie - bloody , scary & funny
    This is a very entertaining zombie movie. Horror,scares that are blended with great funny moments make for one great movies. Bruce Campbell stars as Ash - his status become legendary after this, now he is a major horror icon and always gets roles in TV shows, and appears in Spiderman movies since his buddy Sam Raimi is the director. Sort of a remake of the first Evil Dead...the dead come to life after reading passages to the Necronomicon. The effects,action,horror and suspense are just all stupendous and the gore was really aplenty in this movie. You will laugh, scream & just have a great time watching this.A good scene to watch for is Ash (Campbell) fighting his own hand and watch out for flying eyeball (GULP)
    I know there have been plenty of releases on DVD of it as usual with Anchor Bay milking it for all its worth. I have the tin of it and stuck with it. I am satisfied with the transfer and features. ...more info
  • Who Says Horror Sequels Can't Be Better?
    THE EVIL DEAD was a cult hit when it came out on video, thanks to word of mouth and great camera work and special effects. It was also good thanks to the acting kitsch of Bruce Campbell and company, but Campbell made the cut. Now with the idea that another 'Dead' movie would follow, could it match up to the kitsch and scares of the first? You bet!

    EVIL DEAD 2: Dead By Dawn is ultimately more a campy, funny, and scarier re-make of the first film (although it is a sequel, it's more a reinvisioning of the first film with better elements). It even approaches a sort of "looney tunes" type status with some of its scares, especially the moment where Ash's girlfriend spins out in front with her head popping off and then back on (this is after ash decapitated her and buried her out front).

    Back to the woods we go, for another round. Ash comes to the cabin (or cottage, whatever you want to call it) with girlfriend Linda (not the same one from the first) for a relaxing getaway, and ultimately finds an device and plays the tape in it and incantations once again summon our evil spirit fiends from the woods. The real beginning of the film is terrific, with the "force" plowing through the woods, the cabin, through the front door and, ultimately, to our hero, possessing him until the rise of the sun. A new group of people decide to visit the cabin themselves, and then the mayhem ultimately proceeds to ensue, with one of the funniest being mother locked in the basement (remember the creepy moments in the basement in the first movie? those are nothing compared to the moments in this one), trying to trick her daughter into letting her out. The best moments of the film come when Ash's hand decides to take on a mind of its own after his hand gets bit by one of the possessed newcomers, and Ash hacks it off and links his hand-less arm to a chainsaw (could that be an homage to Texas Chainsaw? Nah!). This movie has more laughs than the first one does, but it still does have its very creepy moments, with the frenzied camera angles returning; the possessed woods capturing a woman and, near the end, ultimately coming to life to batter the cabin while Ash and one person struggle against the forces in the woods; the big giant scary, but really quite amusing, face that appears in the doorway before being sucked into the portal, which ultimately sucks our hero into another time, leading into the camp ARMY OF DARKNESS, which is by all means a true completion to this ever scary but truly fun trilogy. It, like its predecessor, has a great will truly appreciate the work Raimi put into this film, with Bruce Campbell (now one of my favorite actors) back in top form with his manic and frenzied performance.

    DEAD BY DAWN is the ultimate follow-up to a cult favorite, and the third and final installment of the series would very much end the series on a campy note. Would this be the last we hear from our buddies Campbell and Raimi? Definitely not. Was ARMY OF DARKNESS the last EVIL DEAD? Only time will tell. Is EVIL DEAD 2 worth your watch? Absolutely....more info
  • The Follow Up to Evil Dead
    Well the second Evil Dead is not as Scary as the First One. Of course they had a little more Money and the Effect's are a little better, but
    it also had a little bit of twisted comedy to it.
    All in All it is a cool Movie and if your a Fan of the First Evil Dead
    you will want to See it....more info
    I will not comment the story, everyone should know it by now /my opinion:nr.2 is the best of all 3 movies/, let us get to the packaging of this book, I found the design of the first one better, but this second one has a voice chip integrated into the left eye, activated by poking the eye, than a scream comes out at you /similar thing to what Shrek2 had as a Spec.Ed.dvd/. The first book had a pvc seethrough cover with a paper top with description on it, second one comes only in wholesize paper cover, with no seethrough cover.
    Both books together are scheduled for release Novem./
    Decemb.2005 in one paper package /same paper pack. as the second book/ as a gift set edition.
    I also recommend you to get a bootleg /30minutes/ of the original short movie WITHIN THE WOODS starring THE CHIN himself Mr.BRUCE CAMPBELL, I got it, the quality of vhs/dvd transfer was poor of course, but still a major thing for the hard deadite fans.
    The 2005 region2 /United Kingdom/ re - edition of The EVIL DEAD 1 /1982/ - BOOK OF THE DEAD1 was released as a 2dvd set including an extra dvd put alongside with the booklet with a film starring B.Campbell called Running Time /1998/, it had English DD2.0+DD5.1+DTS5.1,no extras.
    So keep your fingers crossed for The EVIL DEAD 4, Campbell,Tapert and RAIMI should reunite again for this movie, and now Sam Raimi being a Hollywood big shot because of a Spiderman1+2 succes, he should be able to come with a budget that could deliver The BIGGEST Evil Dead EXTRAVAGANZA ever, I would very much like to see a rating on that movie, probably a new classification would be needed. So long ASH fans, enjoy this BOOK OF THE DEAD 2 as it is written on the cover, it is definitely worth buying. One word subscribes it best:GROOVY....more info
  • If you haven't seen this movie, it's a must for any horror fan
    Holy cow, this movie was crazy hilarious! Wow, if you have not seen this movie (or the first Evil Dead movie), you have got to watch this movie.

    I won't go into specifics about what this movie was about, since plenty of other reviewers have done so, I will give my opinion about this movie instead.

    The movie is campy and cheesy, with lots of blood gushing in torrents that you know no human body could contain that amount of blood. This is not a horror movie to be taken seriously. While the whole idea of being alone in cabin in the woods with an evil demon/spirit trying to possess you or kill you is quite creepy, and there were a few creepy scary moments, this movie is more of a horror comedy.

    There are a lot of laugh-out-loud moments that will have you shaking your head in amusement. For instance, the scene where ordinary objects in the cabin come to life (the laughing deer head was funny) or Ash's dancing dead girlfriend. Both ridiculous, but entertaining to watch.

    My favorite parts of the movie is when Ash's hand gets possessed and it starts attacking him. OMG, that was so funny, Bruce Campbell did a great job there. The other was right after Ash fit a chainsaw to where his hand used to be and takes a cut-off shotgun in the other and says, "Groovy" with that "Ash expression" of "Let's go kill me some evil!!!" (I can't describe it, but you watch the movie you know what I mean.LOL).

    A must-see movie for any horror fan. Prepare for outlandish horror humor and to laugh a lot! ...more info
  • dark comedy mixed with gore
    this is just as good as the 1st but this one has alot of dark comedy which works very well with this film. they even tried to change the color of the blood too try and escape an NC-17 rating
    very funny and very dark...more info
  • the evil dead part 2
    this film is sam raimi's baby! when this film was released everyone started ripping off raimi's camera techniqes.he was way ahead of his time.i love the shots when ash is in his car trying to escape where sam only films the hood of the car and the back end with that perfectly eerie music in the back round. i also love the shots of the cabin and the fog retreating from the forest.sometimes i wish my house would come to life and everything start laughing just like in the movie.....just no blood spraying all over and least appreiciated film ever released by sam raimi!...more info
  • evil but grainy
    This is one of the best horror movies of the 1980's. That being said starz could have done a better job cleaning up the grainy picture. It is still a improvement over the standard dvd release though. Therefore it is a welcome addition to my collection. However I am going to email starz and ask them why at the more expensive prices of blu ray that they don't treat each release like a special edition. After all few of us are going to replace this version with a new blu ray version that costs 40.00 just to get deleted scenes. At this price all blu rays should be treated as special editions and deliver any deleted scenes that such a edition would have. Starz is not the only company doing this either. So it is worth the effort to email any studio and say that if you expect us to pay these higher prices, then we should expect it to be released like a special edition. ...more info
  • The Book Of The Dead
    I have to say that Evil Dead 2 is a great movie in popculture history, like Star Wars or the Blues Brothers. It is a great dvd to have in any collection, and in this awsome dvd case you get so much for your money. Its not only the DVD but the Necronomicon. its pages have special incantations that can be translated. the book is covered in a prosthetic rubber so it has that halloween smell to it and if you press its one good eye it screams. this is a great buy...more info
  • Simply the greatest film of all time.
    If you have not seen this film, do yourself a favor and watch it at least five times. ...more info
  • Paying Homage at the Altar of Raimi; This One's for Me.
    My friends and I have spent a lot of time this Halloween season trying to dig up hidden horror gems for each other. It's been a fun ride and an expensive diversion for sure. But as the bewitching hour draws near, it is time to stop digging for a minute and pay proper respects to a film that is so widely loved that this review will simply get washed away with the tide of reviews from its adoring masses. I give you "Evil Dead II" (imagine trumpets blaring)!!

    Oh yea, I'm coming after you people!! It's time to open up a can of reality woopak on you!! Those of you who say a horror/comedy is not horror at all are living in some self-defined fantasy world of limited thinking. Most people in their right mind will tell you that half the fun of horror movies IS THE FUN!!! "Evil Dead II" might be the most fun normal people will have while still getting a little bit scared. So, "true horror fans", you can take your constipated narrow view of horror and drop it in the trash can man. Sorry for that tantrum. But honestly, there are so few really good, completely serious horror films that I'd die of boredom watching the same ten films over and over again. Now that's "true horror".

    Indiscriminate Spoilers Ahead!!

    I've seen this film so many times and yet, every time Ash goes into the cellar I get a little creeped out. So yea, this film is still scary. It's not so dark with black, shere terror that you'll have trouble going to sleep at night, but it still gets a few chills from me. In fact, there are many elements in this film that set the standards for creepy camera work. Sam Raimi was very inventive here. When you see the camera (evil spirit) chasing after Ash, just think about how difficult that shot was. Never mind the scene with the trophy animals and the c.lock on the wall laughing at him; way creepy camera angles!! As creepy as this stuff is, it's all done brilliantly with a light hearted wink from Raimi.

    I need to honor the cast for making this one of my all time favorites. I tend to neglect actor for the most part. So, here's the role call.
    -Bruce Campbell = Ash: Campbell and Raimi clearly have a love for the 3 Stooges and are certainly Moe schmoes. As the main man, Campbell might have the most expressive face this side of Jim Carrey. Needless to say, he is great at slapstick and has made being a horror klown, art.
    -Denise Bixler = Linda: Next to Ash, Linda is the most memorable role. Even though she technically dies very early, she spends a lot of time as a head. Though hardly the queen of B movies, Denise gets huge respect for all the nastiness she endures in this classic.
    -Ted Raimi = Possessed Henrietta: His price for nepotism; spending hours in a ridiculous amount of latex! What a trooper. This is a pretty darn creepy character too.
    -Sarah Berry = Annie Knowby: She has the distinct honor of being the last woman in this realm that Ash lusts after. She gets pretty messy in the worst ways too. Raimi was just brutal on these people.
    -Kassie DePaiva = Bobbie Joe: She's so sweet and helpful in this film. It also turns out she's a tree hugger, well, they hug her anyway.
    -Dan Hicks = Jake: Dan gets to be meat.
    -Rick Domeier = Ed Getley: Rick gets to be meat too.

    These people didn't always distinguish themselves but will always have a place in the hearts of "Evil Dead II" fans for making this such a treat.

    Well son, or daughter, or "bro" or "sis" or whatever your position in life may be, I suggest that if you haven't seen this film yet then you either don't have the time (so why are you reading this?) or the will. Get off your butt and watch this all you fans of horror!! Bruce Campbell is no George C. Scot, man. However, he is quite brilliant in this standard-bearing comedic/horror classic. You can spend your Halloween all wet while you Bob for apples, and count to 22 or you can watch one of the most entertaining films a true fan of the genre could ever hope for.
    Sorry J. I couldn't figure out how to fit a single letter into this mess!!
    ...more info