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Happy, Texas [VHS]
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Three prisoners on a chain gang find themselves on the loose when their prison van overturns to avoid hitting an armadillo. Two of them--Jeremy Northam (An Ideal Husband, The Winslow Boy) and Steve Zahn (Out of Sight, That Thing You Do!)--steal an RV that turns out to belong to two junior-beauty-pageant promoters on their way to organize a pageant in Happy, Texas. When Northam and Zahn find themselves stuck in Happy, their only option is to follow through with their masquerade and put on the pageant. Unfortunately, the promoters are known to be gay, which complicates matters when both men find themselves attracted to local women--Illeana Douglas (Grace of My Heart, Cape Fear) and Ally Walker (While You Were Sleeping, TV's Profiler). The cast is uniformly entertaining, but it's William H. Macy (Fargo, Pleasantville) who really steals the show as the town sheriff with a secret of his own. Happy, Texas was an audience favorite at the Sundance Film Festival but didn't do as well in wide release, probably because viewers expected a nonstop farce. But though the movie is a comedy, and a very funny one, its humor springs more from nuances of character than broad wackiness. The situations are a little predictable, but the performers--especially Macy--give it zest and genuine feeling. --Bret Fetzer

Popular stars Steve Zahn (FORCES OF NATURE, YOU'VE GOT MAIL, OUT OF SIGHT), Jeremy Northam (AN IDEAL HUSBAND, MIMIC), and William H. Macy (MYSTERY MEN, A CIVIL ACTION, FARGO) enliven a hilarious comedy where a case of mistaken identity leads to a beauty of a con game! When escaped convicts Harry Sawyer (Northam) and Wayne Wayne Wayne Jr. (Zahn) are pulled over in the town of Happy, Texas ... while driving a stolen Winnebago ... they think they are being arrested. Rather, they're immediately welcomed as the vehicle's owners: a gay couple who've come to orchestrate the "Little Miss Fresh-Squeezed Pre-Teen" beauty pageant! Not ones to let a good con pass them by, the pair don't hesitate to adopt flamboyant new personalities ... and quickly meet with outrageously unpredictable consequences! With a great cast of stars playing an unusually offbeat collection of characters -- you'll be more than happy you picked up this laugh-out-loud comedy treat!

Customer Reviews:

  • A Good movie for a Sunday afternoon...
    One of my favorite movies. Light humour and no violence. This a great family movie. An underground classic in the same stream of Happy Gilmore or Raising Arizona....more info
  • Well, then.... The light is green!
    Happy, Texas is a real delight: a very smart comedy with a uniformly strong cast that draws much of its appeal from the relationships between the characters. William H. Macy brings genuine sweetness to the role of Chappy, the lovesick sheriff, and Steve Zahn is out-of-control funny as Wayne Wayne Wayne, Jr., but Jeremy Northam steals the show in a complete departure from his roles in films such as "The Winslow Boy" and "An Ideal Husband." His dance scene with Macy is one of the funniest in the movie, and he and Ally Walker generate real chemistry together. I hope we'll see more of him in contemporary comedies. I've enjoyed this movie a number of times and never get tired of it. Definitely a home video library requirement!...more info
  • Dumb and Dumber III...
    The guys in this film are dumber than dirt but they get the women anyway so the women must be really dumb or hard up. If you liked the elegant Jeremy Northam of 'The Idal Husband', 'Emma' or the 'Winslow Boy' buy those DVD's first. William Macy's character (the lawman) is sappy and I found him very unappealing (buy Fargo instead).

    The film has the depth, class, and humor of 'The Three Stooges.' Older kids might like the film because they can laugh at a guy holding a squashed Armidillo, but you might not want your kids to see it....more info

  • Small Texas Town Lives Up To Its Name
    Happy Texas is one of the greatest comedies you've probably never heard of. Shot in just 29 days on a shoestring budget, this film's acting, directing, script and comedic timing are so clever and incisive that it has attracted an almost cult following, especially among Steve Zahn fans.

    There are plots within plots that all pull together in the end to make a perfect film. Starting with escaped convicts (Wayne Wayne Wayne played by Steve Zahn and Harry Sawyer played by Jeremy Northam) who have to hide and steal an RV belonging to two gay pageant designers, to discovering the gay lifestyle in a small Texas community (Happy), to finding love in the arms of a doe-eyed banker (Ally Walker ...sorry for the cliche, but she really does have doe-eyes), this movie hits on all aspects of life and puts a hilarious spin on them.

    The greatest things about this film were Steve Zahn's acting while trying to teach pre-teen girls how to dance, and William H. Macy's stunning performance as Happy's town sheriff who comes out of the closet.

    Always sharp, incredibly funny, superbly paced, this movie's small budget belies its excellent acting and directing.

    Few films will tickle your funny bone as perfectly as HAPPY TEXAS. Watch it. Buy it. Live it!...more info
  • A BIG Waste Of Money And Time!
    I like a big dummy purchased this dvd because of the reviews it received in Amazon and the Sundance Film Festival. Also, because I'm a huge fan of Bill Macy, since I enjoyed him so much in Fargo. Do not buy or rent this movie under any circumstance. I could not empathize with any of the characters. For example, the blonde chick who played the banker reminded me so much of Holly Hunter, who I cannot stand whatsoever. The two guys who played the pageant directors were so dumb and ignorant, that it insulted me beyond belief. I had no compassion or feeling for them either way. I didn't even bother to read their names listed on the DVD. Macy did a good job in his portrayal, but I'm amazed that he would be involved in this piece of .....! The first thing I'm going to do tomorrow, is to try and sell this "CLASSIC" to one of those places that buy Used DVDs....more info
  • Wonderfully surprising
    Ally Walker puts on one heck of a performance I am very glad to have purchased this film bravo to the writer's it is interesting, funny and keeps your attention....more info
  • Steve Zahn - modern comedic hero!
    I have no idea why this DVD is no longer beiong manufactured! Just last weekend, I watched it again on a cable network, and was blown away for the 4th or 5th time by Steve Zahn's performance. Jeremy Northam & William H. Macy are terrific, as well, although this should have been a star turn for Zahn. Want a completely "Happy" day? Watch this & "That Thing You Do" back-to-back; while both movies are extremely clever, for me, Zahn's characterizations linger most in the memory. Right now, I'm going to peruse local used stores to try and find a copy of "Happy, Texas!"...more info
  • A fun little movie, a slightly flawed DVD
    OK, so it was a little predictable in places; but it made me laugh. The acting is good, the humor doesn't pander too much.

    I'd give it four stars, but once again Disney (Miramax) have botched the DVD mastering, so that the disc erroneously produces an annoying "multiple angles" icon throughout the opening sequence. (No, there are no multiple angles.) You can usually reconfigure your DVD player to get around the problem, but it's a pain to have to wade through two or three obscure menus just to watch a movie. I don't know what it is about Disney that they can't get it right; every other movie studio seems to manage....more info

  • extremely funny
    this movie is extremely funny, what more do i need to say. excellent story line, great acting. may be one of the best movies you have never heard of....more info
  • Happy Texas, Happy Filmers, Happy Me
    The DVD version is a treasure - you get a funny movie by a team of first time movie makers, and you get an excellent commentary on the process of getting it made, complete with all the pitfalls, mistakes and kludges they had to use. Did you know that William H. Macy's dog Walter running around was the reason they had to focus high in the rabbit hunt? How you get a child with a flaming baton in a film and still keep your insurance? And do look in the mirrored sunglasses of those Texas Marshalls at the end. ;)

    The movie was good fun, and the story behind the movie is even funnier. Get the DVD and enjoy - it will be one you'll share with your friends for a long time to come....more info

  • great movie
    this is a very funny movie, steve Zahn is his usual antic self, great supporting cast. can't keep this movie on my shelf, people 'borrow' and never return!...more info
  • Great Little Movie
    This movie is hilarious from beginning to end. It is quite simple and predictable but that's not the point of the movie. You see it for the incredible performances of the actors and actresses, especially Steve Zahn and William H. Macy. Lots of laughs and great acting. Recommended for anyone looking for a good time with a light-hearted movie....more info
  • Couldn't Be Happier
    "Happy Texas" is one of my all-time favorite movies. It has a good natured sense of humor, great performances by all the actors, especially Steve Zahn and William H. Macy, and to see the handsome Jeremy Northam act convincingly as an American convict, while remembering his many roles as an Englishman with an upper-class accent, gives a special buzz to the movie. The little girls of the Miss Fresh Squeezed Pageant are a delight. Both escaped convicts (Zahn and Northam) find true love and the promise of happiness, once they serve their sentences. The story is pure fantasy -- not the way life really is but the way we wish it could be.

    Everyone with whom I shared this film truly enjoyed it. It's a pity the original distribution of this film was so limited....more info
  • Get "Happy"
    Happy, Texas is a smart, funny movie that kept me laughing from beginning until the end. Starring William H. Macy (Fargo), Steve Zahn (Saving Silverman) and, Jeremy Northam(The Net), "Happy" is a classic mistaken identity comedy. Northam and Zahn play escaped convicts who, while driving a stolen Winnebago, are pulled over by the sheriff of Happy, Macy. Mistaken for the gay couple hired by the town to coach beauty pageant contestants, and given the keys to the city, so to speak, Zahn and Northam set out to scam the town and rob the bank. Happy features great performances by Ally Walker and Illeana Douglas and a suprising appearance by Ron Perlman. The characters in this movie are delightfully off-beat and the laughs don't stop.

    Great for movie night, highly recommended for a good time....more info
  • good movie, very good cast
    Funny and entertaining. The cast makes up for the predictable script. My only problem is the price tag: $27.99?? You got to be kidding!...more info
  • Shhhhhhhh!
    I would have rated this one three stars, were it not for the acting brilliance of William H. Macy, who is fast becoming a legend in his own time. He makes an average 'We're No Angels' knockoff above average. Overall the movie is entertaining, but the female cast was grossly underutilized. Each of the scenes containing children, with the exception of the final, redemptive frame, played out like afterthoughts, thrown in to provide perfunctory embellishment. And the joe who played the Texas Marshall with 'a secret of his own'--didn't he play opposite Linda Hamilton in the 'Beauty and the Beast' series some years back? His turn in this flick was, quite frankly, a campy disappointment. My advice? Go to 'Happy, Texas', if you can't find a copy of 'Mystery Men' at the video store....more info
  • Happy Happy Happy!
    For a light-hearted funny film this is the one to watch! I waited in line hours to see this at Sundance back in 1999....and could not wait until it made it to the theaters..but somehow because of a lack of publicity I missed it. But do not let that turn you away. Watch this movie and you will be laughing for hours! It will put you in a very happy happy happy mood....more info
  • insufficiently funny comedy
    Like so many quirky independent comedies of recent years, `Happy, Texas' is a film that does everything but sit up and beg, then roll over and play dead to be loved. Yet, for all its scattered moments of whimsical charm, the film merely demonstrates that a cute premise and a genial tone are insufficient compensation for an underfed screenplay that fails to generate many substantial laughs.

    Since even the premise itself lacks real freshness, the movie must finally be judged on the quality of its execution. This is the umpteenth version of that old chestnut in which two fugitives on the lam find safety by impersonating individuals with personalities completely antithetical to their own (we've seen them many times before - disguised as women, priests, nuns, cruise directors, choir directors, you name it ). Finally unmasked for all to see in their nakedness and shame, such characters inevitably find their redemption in the generous attitudes and forgiving hearts of the people they may have deceived it is true, but also touched in some deep emotional way.

    Following slavishly in the footsteps of all these previous films, `Happy, Texas' fairs badly in comparison since, although it sets up a situation rife with farcical possibilities, it never really finds the manic energy or ingeniously convoluted and multi-layered plot structure necessary to the success of such a film. Steve Zahn and Jeremy Northam charmingly portray chain gang partners who, suddenly finding themselves escaped prisoners, stumble into a small Texas town where they are immediately mistaken for a gay couple hired to direct a little girl beauty pageant. The scene in which the two macho men discover the `truth' about the men they are impersonating is genuinely hilarious and betokens many more laughs to follow. Yet somehow, they never manage to develop. For one thing, the men essentially go their separate ways during the majority of the film's running time so the comic tension that exists between them simply dissipates. In addition, the beauty pageant concept is a dud since having these girls be of such a young age gives the men's forcibly repressed heterosexuality no room for comic play. Thus, the comic possibilities inherent in being a straight man trapped in a gay man's body seem strangely underplayed and unexploited. Moreover, both the conventional romances between the lead characters and their respective women and the `unconventional' one between Northam and the suddenly smitten gay sheriff (William H. Macy) fail to result in any real sparks or passion. In fact, the movie as a whole simply lacks energy and imagination.

    As director and co-writer, Mark Illsley ruins many of his most promising comic moments by relying on overly emphatic reaction shots and routinely holding them for just a beat too long. More than anything else, movie comedy succeeds or fails based on the delicate rhythm that is established between the spoken word and the edited image. Perhaps, it is this lack of comic grace more than anything else that keeps `Happy, Texas,' likable as it is at times, from fulfilling the promise of its premise and really soaring into comic greatness....more info

  • Well, then.... The light is green!
    Happy, Texas is a real delight: a very smart comedy with a uniformly strong cast that draws much of its appeal from the relationships between the characters. William H. Macy brings genuine sweetness to the role of Chappy, the lovesick sheriff, and Steve Zahn is out-of-control funny as Wayne Wayne Wayne, Jr., but Jeremy Northam steals the show in a complete departure from his roles in films such as "The Winslow Boy" and "An Ideal Husband." His dance scene with Macy is one of the funniest in the movie, and he and Ally Walker generate real chemistry together. I hope we'll see more of him in contemporary comedies. I've enjoyed this movie a number of times and never get tired of it. Definitely a home video library requirement!...more info
    The opening armadillo scene is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time. This movie was a big hit with my hard to please 17 year old, as well as a variety of different ages of people. My only complaint is where the heck are those west Texas orange groves?...more info
  • Hilarious movie!
    When I first walked into the movie theater, I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this movie. What I found was a wonderfully entertaining and hilarious movie. The plot is original, the acting is great, and the script is hilarious! I really loved it!...more info
  • Great Sleeper
    This is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. It is up there in a cult like status following with such great hits as Office Space and The Big Lebowski. Ya' all know what the story line, and the bottom line is the acting is great, story is creative, and the movie is a classic hit for the family....more info
  • Funny and not well known.
    This movie is about 2 banks robbers and escaped convicts who think they've gotten a break when the town residents mistake them for pageant coaches. Things quickly get weird for them though, and this movie was what put the finishing touches on my respect for Zahn. It's very funny, but not over the top, despite the premise.

    Pick up Happy, Texas for a good belly laugh, as it's Zahn's best movie, next to National Security. I've always felt he was far underrated as a comedic actor....more info
  • Are we Reviewing the same Movie?
    This movie was somewhat watchable when it was free on TV. I am shocked by all the positive reviews. Esp. when so many critics rip apart good movies. This movie came out in '99, so the whole gay thing was already kinda tired then.
    Jeremy Northram does not work in any way as a redneck convict. He even periodically loses his accent. Much of Zahn's antics seemed a litttle more groan worthy than funny. Macy is kind of sweet as the town's closeted sheriff. But overall this movie just didn't work or seem believable. None of these actors seem like Texans. The plot was kinda stock. Simply not a 5 star movie....more info
  • Wonderful comic performances in a contrived plot
    Two escaped convicts (Jeremy Northam and Steve Zahn) lay low by impersonating a pair of gay beauty pagaent coordinators in the small town of Happy, Texas, where they become close to various members of the community while plotting to rob the local bank.

    The wonderful cast delivers with excellent comic peformances, particularly Zahn as the more dim-witted of the pair and William H. Macy as the love-lorn local sheriff. The problem is the script. Screenwriters Mark Illsley (also the director), Phil Reeves, and Norman Buckley were shooting for a whimsical tone and they were determined to get it, even at the cost of forcing characters to do things that seemed contrary to their natures. A good example is the way Zahn's character transforms over a period of days into an effective, motivated choreographer. Still, it is an enjoyable film....more info
  • Happy Texas
    This is a rebuy for us. We lost our first one during Katrina. Liked it so much we purchased another. If you have any sense of humor, you will laugh constantly....more info
  • Happy Texas
    I 'd passed this movie on the shelves of movie rental stores for some time now and I just want to kick myself for not renting it sooner. After I saw this movie, I just had to have it for my movie collection. The box cover isn't a natural "attention grabber", but don't underestimate this movie's quality because of that. Happy Texas packs tons of laughs. This movie was well put together and the story line is definitely unique. Steve Zahn is one hilarious character. The scene where he tries to teach a group of young girls how to dance for a local children's pageant makes Happy Texas worth buying in itself. There's plenty more to this gutbusting comedy, but I'll let you judge for yourself. I think you'll find this one handsdown, 'No Contest'. And remember...." the light is green!" Check this one out!...more info