Yoga Zone: Power Yoga for Strength & Endurance
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This variation on the popular power-yoga style, as is the unfortunate case with many yoga tapes, moves both into and through its program too quickly, with virtually no warm-up or introductory instruction (especially in breathing techniques) for the uninitiated. For that reason, among others, it is not recommended for newcomers. The more experienced, however, will certainly get the "challenging, athletic workout" the tape promises. Instructor Lisa Bennett is cheerful as she conducts a vigorous series of sun salutes, balancing poses, backbends, hip and abdominal poses, and such; you'll keep moving almost constantly, and if breaking a sweat is your goal, you can't go wrong here. The overall tone, however, is rather like an infomercial, which could become irritating over repeated viewings. --Sam Graham

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice for a workout .... but boring
    I decided to buy this after I read so many good reviews about it,

    well the good news are : this is definitely a challenging yoga workout that is really good for leg and butt toning , the insructor is also very nice and has good instructions and pointers , also the outdoors set is really nice.

    the bad news are: this is a very dull and repetitive practice , like other reviewers have mentioned. The workout is about 60 minutes , 45 minutes are standing poses vinyasa series like doing b sun salutations for the whole time just with different poses from time to time. every series of standing postures (there's 2) is performed entirely on one side and only after you worked the hell out of one leg you switch to the other one, it ends with only a few stretches (unfortunately) on the floor and bridge pose and then savasana. also the video quality is a little bad.
    now it's up to you to decide if this is the kind of yoga workout you are looking for, I find this one too boring. ...more info
  • Good workout
    This is a power workout, it will definately let your muscles know yoga @ this level is challenging. It's a good challenge though. If you're thinking of taking it to the next level this is the dvd for you....more info
  • This is tough!
    I'm an advanced beginner at yoga and this video really works me! So much, in fact, that i still haven't been able to finish the video all the way through (i poop out midway). I don't mind that, though. It means it's a video which i can grow into - and i like that quite a bit. Definitely a challenge, sweat-inducing workout....more info
  • Great power yoga DVD!
    Like some other reviewers already said, this one looks easier than it actually is! I still have only the VHS version and it's much loved to where I will soon have to get it on DVD!
    I consider myself a fairly fit person; running and working out with weights, yet this tape always gets me sweating and working hard too!
    I love all Yoga Zone workouts and I think you can't go wrong with any of them! :)...more info
  • Just O.K.
    Since I have taken classes at Yoga Zone here in Brookville, which are wonderful, I thought how bad could a DVD be from them? Well, it was just O.K. I think that Rodney Yee and Barron Baptiste DVD's have much more to offer. It is too hard for a true beginner like my husband, and too slow for someone with over a year experience like me. There was too much explaining between poses. I guess, I just didn't like the format. The DVD might be good for some one who has been taking beginner classes and wants to do some daily yoga pracitce....more info
  • i love this DVD
    I am a 40 y/o male in decent shape-completed my first triathlon this summer and work out with weights regularly. I bought this DVD some 2 years ago as my introduction to yoga and have continued to use weekly without disapointment. Even with the experience I have with the DVD some poses on side 2 remain a little outside my ability but I skip the most difficult and still end up with a 45 minute challenging routine, which is ok as I enjoy the challenge of improving. I think this DVD is great for people with a decent base, but maybe a little much for those with back problems or new to exercise. BTW I am a chiropractor by profession.

    Dr. Jeff ...more info
  • Very Good but not for beginners
    This is a very good video but definitely not for the beginner level. I got this one and the Yoga zone for Flexibility and Stress Release. I can't get through the whole tape without a break. The DVD says it's for all levels and they offer modified poses, but it definitely gets your heart rate up. The Flexibility and Stress Release tape said it was for intermediate levels on the box and it is very manageable. This tape will definitely give me a goal to work towards....more info
  • #1 Yoga Video For All Levels
    Wow.. this Yoga Zone DVD is one of the best I've tried. I'd consider myself an intermediate yoga student and I had a tough time with some of the balancing postures. Most of the poses are very common and there are two other instructors in the video who move at a different paces. Once you have done the postures, the instructor brings them all together into one movement. It's very invigorating. At the end, you move into Relaxation pose and you feel amazing. It's a fantastic video for all levels....more info
  • Got me into the best shape of my life mentally and physically!
    Be prepared for an easy to follow, but challenging work out! Let me tell you, it is harder than it looks! Think you are in shape? Try this workout and then tell me! I challenge you!...more info
  • More strenuous than it looks
    I've got to admit: before this video I had an attitude about Yoga Zone. It was great that they were bringing yoga to a larger audience, but the yoga from their television shows seemed very watered down. I waited until this video was recommended by two people before giving it a try.

    The first time I did this I sweat buckets. What really revs this workout up is the chairs and twisted prayers which are held for what first seemed like an eternity. Those asanas are part of an extended sun salutation which progressively builds. You start with warrior 1, then move into warrior 1, warrior 2. This continues until you have built into warrior 1, warrior 2, right angle, crescent, triangle. Throughout, you are interspersing the chairs and twisted prayers. Following the sun salutation are several balancing poses. They don't look that challenging on preview, but when your legs are quivering, you feel it.

    This is a nice, challenging video, and I enjoy Lisa Bennett's instructions and tips, particularly to pay attention to the breath and not push yourself beyond a flowing breath. However, it would have been great if the video had begun with instruction on ujjayi breath and ended with a longer guided relaxation. This would have put the tape at over an hour, though, and maybe they were trying to keep it brief.

    I would recommend this tape for being familiar with the breathing; however, beginners should try the Total Yoga series to get acquainted with the basics....more info

  • WOW!!!
    I just did this for the first time this morning and all I can say is WOW!! I loved it!! I sweated and trembled, but really felt like a million bucks afterward. I didn't think I would like power yoga, Yoga Zone has proved me wrong!...more info
  • One of my favorites - challenging!
    I love this DVD - what a great workout! Straightforward poses (Warrior 1, Warrior 2, right angle, triangle, etc) are held for a long time for building heat, deep stretching and intense strengthening. The tape is a bit slower than some other power yoga tapes, which actually leaves me feeling like I've gotten a more thorough and challenging workout. The routine takes you through a series of sun salutation poses with long held awkward chairs and some great twists. I have tried and will continue try out other Yoga DVD's, but this will ALWAYS be one of my regulars!!...more info
  • Great tape for people who know the basic positions in yoga
    This yoga tape is vigorous compared to most but for beginners i wouldn't recommend it. First try to attend a few yoga classes or get the Gaiam's "yoga conditioning for weightloss" DVD and learn the basic positions. Yoga is all about great form and concentrating on the breath, hence the stress release and and challenging workout at the same time. If you are a beginner this tape moves quickly with not as much instruction as it should have. There are a lot of very advanced exercises on this tape where good form would be hard to attain if you have never done yoga before or are just starting. I am at a intermediate level and was not out of breath from this video but was challenged with the balance exercises, defintely a great tape for a veteran....more info
  • Yoga Zone---Make more of these!!!
    This is by far the BEST POWER YOGA DVD I have ever used!!! It focuses SO much on the legs and glutes. It's very intense and does the work you need!! I wish that Yoga zone would make another Power Yoga DVD similar to this one and incorporate more difficult standing postures for the legs and glutes in a 50 to 60 minute session. I wish more Power Yoga DVD's were like this one....more info
  • Great "traditional" work out
    I initially did not like this video upon first viewing. It looked slow, and boring. However, I actually tried it, and was pleasantly surprised. The workout is not like a lot of today's Power Yoga DVD/VHS tapes where the pace is fast and furious. Here the positions are held for a fair amount of time, and repeated several times.

    The Yoga instructor starts out by throughly warming up the right side of the body and then the left. Most of the poses are not pass the intermediate level. The body is given a through stretch through slow repetition versus speed (i.e. MTV's Power Yoga and Rodney Yee's Power Yoga dvds).

    Overall, the workout is slow and intense. Please note that by slow I mean that the poses are held for a while, and the pace is not as aerobic as some of the other popular Power Yoga tapes, but you will still build up a meaningful sweat. The cool down is also pretty rewarding. If you are the type of person who loves a slow pace, this is definitely the dvd for you. This is a great dvd to practice yoga to, and definitely makes me believe that you cannot judge a tape until you try the work out....more info

  • If only all yoga videos were like this
    I am a total beginner yoga fan and I have looked around at a number of videos. This one is one that I can actually do the majority of. I do struggle a bit with the balancing poses (partly since my legs are seriously tired 35mins into the video) but on the whole this workout is truly excellent from a beginner point of view. I say this because you are offered modifications the way you ought to - most videos I look at always seem to show just advanced postures and assume you can do everything without your legs bent (or just don;t show you the beginner way). I have had to go and practise in the conservatory my postures at night so that I can see from all angles in the reflection how my actual posturing is coming out. I love some of the awkward chair stuff even though it really burns up the thighs. This dvd sures does go fast as it progresses. Still - if you're a beginner and you are looking around for some good videos and you're a little bit adventurous, try this one. I first checked out the yogazone power yoga for beginners (which I found easy) and then have since moved up to this one. My absolute favourite yoga video and I am struggling to find a series that suits me as well as this. As a beginner learning from home, it's imperative I am shown the modified postures since I am very nervous I don't over-exert myself and cause injury by launching into advanced postures. Just praying Yogazone release more power yoga videos... I am hungry for them now! ...more info
  • One of the Best!
    Since starting Power Yoga a month ago, I am already seeing major changes in my body. I am athletic and was looking for a challenge. I have had this DVD *unbeknownst to me, you know how that goes!* for over a year and I finally picked it up and did it and I got hooked. Since then I have bought Crunch Total Yoga, Brian Kest power yoga and MTV Power yoga. All these titles are good, but for some reason the Yoga Zone is my fave. It's very challenging (still have major hip flexer issues in Standing Moon posture!) but rewarding. Quick pace. Great instructor--she's a calming influence. I would very much recommend this DVD; I do most postures at the advanced (but not crazy advanced!) level and I am always thrilled with how I feel after. I would recommend heating your room as hot as possible to aid in sweating and flexibility. Hope this helps!...more info
  • Not for beginners, but an excellent workout!
    For those who really like to feel the effects of their workout! While there are adjusted poses demonstrated for the beginner, most of the poses and the flow series in general are pretty strenuous. I have only taken a few yoga classes in my time (and consider myself low-intermediate) but I was familiar with all of the poses presented. Lisa Bennett is an excellent instructor, managing to explain how you should feel in each pose while still keeping up a good pace in the series. I really appreciate the first half-hour of the tape which is a gradual progression from one pose to the next with lots of up-dogs and down-dogs in between. There are lots of twists for the spine which feel wonderful, as well! The video moves on to balancing postures next, which are really challenging (including some excellent hip work) then into a bit of floor work before corpse pose at the end. I have tried Yoga Zones Flexibility and Tone also, but this video is much faster paced and a far better workout....more info
  • yoga-at-home
    This is one of my favourite at-home workouts because it's really HARD! You will really feel this one in the muscles of your lower body. The instructor gives you lots of cueing to keep the practice safe and shows modifications, useful for when your legs are starting to shake from the effort! A good, rigorous practice if you are familar with the triangle, warrior, and awkward chair poses. I would not recommend this to a first-time yogi, unless you are already very strong....more info
  • Absolutely Excellent!
    This is an EXCELLENT excercise video. I do this video twice a week with a group of women at work during our lunch hour. We use a conference room with a VCR, and have been doing this for a few months now. Everyone in this group has high praise for this video. It is certainly challenging, but that is what keeps it fresh even after monthes of using the same tape.

    I tell our first timers to take it easy and rest when you need to. It is a good idea to take a yoga class with an instructor so that you can learn the proper form for these poses. But, even our beginners have high praise for this video....more info

  • A real challange but good.
    This video will leave you exhausted but in a great way.
    The video is a real challange and I would not recommend it to any on who is new to the practice. As well Instructor Lisa does a great job in explaining the poses, and the secquence. There is also two other Yogis in the video. One to follow if you are more advance and the other if you are on the beginner/interrmediate line.
    With any video I would really give this one five to eight tries before you put it away and forget about it. If you can get the hang of it, it will become one of your favorite videos....more info
  • This is tough!
    I'm an advanced beginner at yoga and this video really works me! So much, in fact, that i still haven't been able to finish the video all the way through (i poop out midway). I don't mind that, though. It means it's a video which i can grow into - and i like that quite a bit. Definitely a challenge, sweat-inducing workout....more info
  • Powerful, Moderately Difficult, and Rewarding
    The best part of the Yoga Zone series is the level of instruction in how to perform the poses. Alan Finger and his crew understand that mere observation and vague, vapid monologues about relaxation and breathing do not sufficiently explain yoga poses and practices. Yoga Zone instructors do point out how yoga can lead to inner harmony and abstract notions of spirituality and being, but the majority of the series is spent telling and showing you how to perform yoga safely, emphasizing that yoga is not about competition with others, but with the self. Some instructors are better than others, and some routines feel like repetitions of other DVDs. I am writing this introduction to all of the Yoga Zone DVDs I own. The following pertains to this particular DVD.

    Yoga Zone's Power Yoga for Strength and Endurance can be very challenging for yoga beginners, those who have weak legs and a weak back, and especially for those who are overweight. The routine is divided into two sections - one that builds heat and strength in your system and one that challenges your balance. The overall routine relies heavily on the muscular strength and endurance of one's legs. Expect to get sweaty doing this program. The poses and exercises are performed in full and modified forms, but one should be aware that the modified forms are not necessarily easy. I have lost seven pounds since beginning this program, and the extra weight I started with made some of the poses difficult to perform. As I lost weight (and my stomach and waistline decreased), I began to be more comfortable while doing the routine.

    The instructor is Lisa Bennett. She has a pleasant voice and explains poses thoroughly (if a bit quickly). She seems like a real person and does not speak over your head or get all mystical. After all, power yoga is work, and one needs an encouraging coach to perform work, not a spiritual leader (which is often appropriate for other kinds of yoga routines). Lisa Bennett is definitely a good coach and instructor, and this DVD is a fine addition to your yoga video collection....more info
  • My Favorite Yoga Workout
    I have used about eight other yoga tapes and this is by far the best. I still can not do everything in the tape, but I love that I have some things to look forward being able to do. I don't think it's too advanced as long as you know your limits and there are modified forms of the poses demonstrated to keep you on the right track. The verbal instructions are great (especially since you are usually upside down and unable to see what to do). I feel strong, energized and cheerful after each workout. Highly recommended!...more info
  • One of my favorites
    I started doing yoga with the Yoga Zone "for beginners" series a couple of years ago. I definitely recommend that series for people new to yoga (particularly "Total Body Conditioning," also with Lisa Bennett), and I still use them sometimes on days when I'm too tired for a really challenging workout.

    Now that I am more advanced, I was delighted to find that this MUCH more difficult Lisa Bennett video is out there. The way she arranges the postures into a flow is wonderful-- I find the time goes very quickly doing this video. When I first started, I could only do the first 35 minutes: the warm-up. Then I would collapse on the floor dripping sweat, and with my legs shaking. It is very difficult to spend ~18 minutes working just one leg, and at first you may hate it. But it's worth it-- it will really give you the results in your legs and thighs that you want to see. After just one workout, you feel a difference.

    The poses Lisa proceeds to in the remainder of the session are also advanced. On a couple of them I still can't do even the modified version-- so I have to make up an even more modified version to build strength until I can get there. Even so, I look forward to doing it, and love the feeling that I will be able to do the whole thing soon.

    My only beef with this practice is that the only specific ab work is one boat pose near the very end of the video. I assume that I am supposed to be getting abdominal strengthening by keeping my abdomen firm during poses, which I try to do, but this doesn't do enough to get rid of that (baby-related) stomach fat that is one of my main motivations for exercising in the first place. However, this isn't enough for me to reduce my number of stars on this one....more info