The Thomas Crown Affair
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Thrill-seeking billionaire Thomas Crown (Pierce Brosnan) loves nothing more than courting disaster - and winning! So when his world becomes too stiflingly "safe" he pulls off his boldest stunt ever: stealing a priceless painting - in broad daylight - from one of Manhattan s most heavily guarded museums. But his post-heist excitement soon pales beside and even greater challenge: Catherine Banning (Rene Russo). A beautiful insurance investigator hired to retrieve the artwork Catherine s every bit as intelligent cunning and hungry for adventure as he is. And just when Thomas realizes he s finally met his match she skillfully leads him into a daring game of cat and mouse that s more intoxicating - and dangerous - than anything either of them has ever experienced before!System Requirements:Starring: Pierce Brosnan Rene Russo and Denis Leary. Directed By: John McTiernan Running Time: 1 hrs. 53 mins. This film is presented in both "Widescreen" and "Standard" format. Copyright 1999 Warner Home Video.Format: DVD MOVIE Genre: DRAMA Rating: R UPC: 027616745224

For the Hollywood remake rule, which dictates that an update of an older film be inferior to the original in almost every aspect, The Thomas Crown Affair stands as a glorious exception. The original 1968 film, starring a dapper Steve McQueen and a radiant Faye Dunaway, was a diverting pop confection of mod clothes and nifty break-ins, but not much more. John McTiernan's new version, though, cranks up the entertainment factor to mach speed, turning what was a languid flick into a high-adrenaline caper romance. Thomas Crown (Pierce Brosnan) is now a man of industry who likes to indulge in a little high-priced art theft on the side; Catherine Banning (Rene Russo) is the insurance investigator determined to get on his tail in more ways than one. If you're thinking cat-and-mouse game, think again--it's more like cat vs. smarter cat, as both the thief and the investigator try to outwit each other and nothing is off-limits, especially after they start a highly charged love affair that's a heated mix of business and pleasure.

What makes this Thomas Crown more enjoyable than its predecesor is McTiernan's attention to detail in both the set action pieces (no surprise from the man who helmed Die Hard with precision accuracy) and the developing romance, the witty and intelligent script by Leslie Dixon (she wrote the love scenes) and Kurt Wimmer (he wrote the action scenes), and, most of all, its two stunning leads (both over 40 to boot), combustible both in and out of bed. Brosnan, usually held prisoner in the James Bond straitjacket, lets loose with both a relaxed sensuality and a comic spirit he's rarely expressed before. The film, however, pretty much belongs to Russo, who doesn't just steal the spotlight, but bends it to her will. Beautiful, stylish, smart, self-possessed, incredibly sexy, she's practically a walking icon; it's no wonder Crown falls for her hook, line, and sinker. With Denis Leary as a police detective smitten with Russo, and Faye Dunaway in a throwaway but wholly enjoyable cameo as Brosnan's therapist. --Mark Englehart

Customer Reviews:

  • They Have Us Rooting For The Crooks Again!
    I found this to be a pretty solid re-make of the Steve McQueen-Faye Dunaway film of the early '70s. Actually, a lot of people thought this version was a lot more interesting and entertaining.

    This '99 re-make was more of a thinking man's crime movie that one normally sees these days in which violence and profanity are way overdone so many times. However, this movie is far from "family entertainment, " not with Rene Russo baring her breasts a few times, just to give one example.

    Here's too, another case of the film world making the criminals the good guy and the police as someone to root against. Neither of the two leads has an ounce of integrity....but we are manipulated into rooting for them.

    For nostalgia buffs, the let Dunaway play a small role in here, as a psychiatrist.
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  • Fantasy Love Nonsense
    Slick, stylish remake of 1968 film which had Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway in lead roles. This time we have Irish actor Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo in a formula love story similar in many aspects to James Bond movies from the late 90s, which coincidentally starred Pierce Brosnan.

    If you want a safe, entertaining movie to watch with a girfriend or wife then this fits the bill. Don't be deceived by the art-heist caper as it is simply a hook to connect billionaire Wall Street crook Thomas Crown (Pierce Brosnan) with insurance investigator Catherine Banning (Rene Russo). Females love Rene because she is not a stunning, hot-body and provides subliminal hope to all average looking girls.

    In reality this is just an old-fashioned Hollywood love story in which rich playboy falls for poor, working girl. He dazzles her with expensive restaurants, jewelry and trips. She pretends to play hard-to-get but in the end succumbs to his money and lifestyle. Story ends with them embracing and kissing.

    In spite of slick production and excellent direction by John McTiernan, the script by Leslie Dixon and Kurt Wimmer has glaring problems. Leslie wrote the love scenes and Kurt the action sequences. Approximately 12 minutes into the film and two days after the heist of a $100 million Claude Monet painting from a New York City musuem, insurance investigator Rene Russo while guzzling a can of Pepsi One in a New York Police Department precinct office has a mind-boggling revelation: billionaire Wall Street financier Thomas Crown is the thief. She rushes to a computer terminal and with four keystrokes generates a report about all top bidders at woeldwide auctions during the previous five years for Claude Monet paintings. Voila, Thomas Crown is consistently among the top bidders.

    Then with nothing more than the auction report and her feminine intuition, Rene confronts Pierce. And, so begins the cat-and-mouse romance. Rene has a dossier about Pierce and Pierce a dossier about Rene. She is from a poor family in Lima, Ohio and has clawed her way into the world of high-paid of insurance investigators with a gig for some rich Swiss. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

    After dancing the tango, he asks if she "wants to dance or wants to dance?" They rush to his luxurious Brownstone in the upper 60s (streets) off Park Avenue in Manhattan and fornicate on the stairs leading to his bedroom and then again on a desk in his home office. Rene or her body double shows bare breasts.

    Soon after they fly a glider plane and then fly by private jet to the Caribbean island of Martinique for a romantic tryst.

    Of course, he has fallen in love with her and to seal the relationship promises to return the stolen painting. But, she cannot forsake her alleged ideals and commitment to her employer, so she tips the New York Police Department about his plan to return the painting to the museum during the day, just before her planned elopement with Pierce. However, Pierce assumes such and brazenly outwits the NYPD by mysteriously infiltrating dozens of similarly dressed men into the museum. NYPD detectives are reduced to bumbling idiots and Rene is happy. As she sneaks away to rendezvous with Pierce, the chief detective tells her to say hello to Pierce.

    Rene rushes to meet Pierce at the East River heliport in Manhattan but Pierce is not there as promised. Rene proceeds to JFK airport and boards a United Airlines flight to London. After the plane departs she begins crying. A man in the seat behind her offers a hankerchief. Yes, it is Pierce. Somehow, he either followed her or knew she would flee to London. Somehow he knew she would fly United Airlines rather the more popular British Airways, Virgin Air or American Airlines. Somehow he managed to obtain the seat behind her. And, somehow he managed to board without her noticing.

    End of story as they embrace and kiss and she promises to break both his arms if he ever pulls another similar stunt. Most females in the audience will have tears in their eyes. All I can think is that I write free reviews and two writers got paid $1 million for some trite cliches.

    This film premiered during 1999 with a mild box-office opening of $14.6 million in the USA. Eventually after two years it grossed $124 million. However, it was far overshadowed by the World Is Not Enough, the James Bond film starring Pierce, which opened in the USA during early November 1999 with an initial weekend gross of $35 million and then went on to become the then biggest-grossing James Bond film with worldwide theatrical revenue of $362 million.

    Pierce began playing James Bond in Goldeneye which was released during 1995. He was the fifth actor playing Bond and replaced Timothy Dutton. You can see much of the James Bond films in the Thomas Crown Affair, especially since Pierce also produced the Thomas Crown film.

    However, as with the first Thomas Crown Affair film, it is superficial like a stunning, mindless blonde bimbo or male model. Beneath the surface are the usual cliches giving hope to all poor girls dreaming of escape from poverty by marrying a rich man and living happily after. Such nonsense has now been embraced by alleged music cable channel VH1 which for the 2009-2010 season is offering psuedo-reality show "Megan Wants To Marry A Millionaire." I wonder if Megan is going to fornicate on second dates like Rene and Pierce?

    Pierce since 1999 has been trying to produce Thomas Crown Affair 2 and during 2009 said that if it did not go into production during 2009 that it would probably never happen. After ten years, I suspect that few people care. And, apparently the Thomas Crown Affair with Pierce and Rene is no longer a hot commodity considering the low price on Amazon for used DVDs in very good condition. That says more than all the glowing reviews by Pierce and Rene fans.

    By the way, I formerly worked for a very rich man who had a world class art collection and regularly bought at worldwide auctions. He never attended such and never bought in his name which is standard practice for the ultra-rich. First and foremost he did not want rivals to know he was pursuing any artwork and secondly for security and insurance, he did not want public records of his acquisitions.

    So, Rene's supernatural revelation and miraculous, instantaneous worldwide auction report is nothing but nonsense and Hollywood fantasy which also is this film's foundation. If nonsense and fantasy are your desire then this will fulfill.

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  • The Thomas Crown Affair
    One of the best chick flicks ever!! I watch it over and over. Rene Russo rocks. Pierce Brosnan much better than as James Bond....more info
  • windmills in your mind.
    the thomas crown affair stands as one of those cinematic moments where the re-make truly builds on the cultural foundation of the original film so much so that the newer film -- starring rene russo and pierce brosnan -- crystalizes the original intent far better than the film on which its based. while the great steve mcqueen and faye dunaway could have done no better, the raw sexuality of the second film matched with the even more over-the-top antics of the affluent make the second film soar. the first features a bank robbery, the second an art heist -- you almost have to have money to even understand the crime in the second film. the first film introduces faye in a scandalous mini-dress, the second throws rene onto the scene in tailored perfection, legs for days, and a fur.

    while the plots do diverge in many ways, it's interesting to see what society would allow of a woman in the late sixties and how much further that got pushed forward by the late nineties. if only the studios saw the wisdom in creating these "two packs" so audiences could decide for themselves. a treat for fans of the old and the new....more info
  • A really fun film
    I recently saw this film again and it has aged very well. Its an escapist "caper" picture cleverly done. Its also far less depressing than the original was while almost as stylish. The basic plot has a board rich man (Pierce Brosnan) turn to over-the-top crime and a conflicted insurance investigator (Rene Russo) going after him.

    The only thing I disliked was the poorly constructed way that Pierce Brosnan became the prime suspect in the case. Everything else was well thought out but the logic of the film at that particular point was lacking. The introduction of the thearpy sessions was a good step over the original though in that it made the Thomas Crown character more human....more info
  • Beautiful Russo, Beautifully Written
    There are two things worth noticing about this movie. One is the writing of Leslie Dixon who makes the cat-and-cat love affair simmer in spite of its gross improbability. The other is the absolute dominance of Rene Russo, a creature so gorgeous that one has to be amazed that she can also speak. Of course, when she speaks, the energy (in this otherwise fairly silly film) just about melts the screen.
    There are people who insist that the other lead lends some interest to the sexual tension. They're wrong.

    Lynn Hoffman, author of the beautiful bang BANG: A Novel and New Short Course in Wine,The...more info
  • Thomas Crown Affair
    A movie that is better than the original. Thomas Crown is a very complex character played well by Pierce Brosnan! Rene Russo is perfectly cast as his counterpart Catherine Banning. Pierce and Rene literally sizzle on screen, and I don't think anyone could have done this better.
    ...more info
  • Great Movie
    I love this movie. It is fun, sexy, interesting, and what an adventure. Brosnan and Russo play off each other and the tension is wonderful to watch. Dennis Leary plays a great role also and is a great counterpoint to Brosnan. This is a gotta have it and watch it multiple times kind of movie because you can't pick out everything that is going on without watching multiple times. ...more info
  • A Brosnan/Russo classic adventure film
    Superb movie. This was the first movie we ever purchased on DVD. We love it so much that we wore out the DVD (spindle cracked from usage). The copy I am "reviewing" here is a replacement copy....more info
  • Thomas Crown II
    This is a very good remake. Pierce Brosnan is more dashing than cool but Rene Russo is just plain hot! My wife says they used body doubles for the wild sex scenes - Horay for stunt men! The guy playing Catherine Banning must have shaved his legs.

    The biggest difference between the original and the remake is the psychological make-up of the principal characters. Neither Brosnan nor Russo play antisocial characters as did McQueen and Dunaway. In the remake, Crown is just a rich guy who is bored and likes art. Russo's character displays the ethics and good judgement you would attribute to a successful insurance investigator in real life. Brosnan and Russo portrayed the believable characters of a love story. Thomas Crown II has a feel good ending and reinforces most of what we are looking for in our own lives; with just a little bit more flair!

    BUY THE MOVIE - watch it with you sweetie and eat a warm snack, like popcorn. You're gonna have a good time!...more info
  • Artful Dodger
    It's not often that a remake is better than an original, but since the original sucked fairly significantly, almost anything would end up being better. This one is spicy, funny and has some WICKED music (and I'm not particularly a music lover).

    Premise: insurance adjuster (hot chick) comes into town to investigate the theft of a famous painting. She meets and falls in love with the billionaire theif, and then has to cope with betraying her job or her heart...

    This movie has one of the best and most memorable scenes I've ever watched; the bit at the end where it all "comes clean in the wash".... funny as, and brilliant. I grin like an idiot every time. ...more info
  • An Enduring Story... Becuase It's Real
    There are plenty of Thomas Crowns in the world; maybe not all as rich as the title character, but just as clever at the "game of life" - and lonely - as a consequence of their insight and talents.

    This film does an excellent job of highlighting the frustrations of "self made men" when it comes to finding trust, happiness, and expressing themselves to women, and society at large.

    Anyone who knows the feeling of being "alone in a crowded room" will find this movie to be a beacon that there is hope out there.

    The soundtrack is bangin' too! ...more info
  • Hot, Hot, Hot....
    This remake of a Steve Mc Queen movie is much better than the original and it took some convincing for me to even look at this film, but once I did, wow! Pierce is by far my favorite Bond and his character is an action packed one as well. He plays the perfect man--suave and debonair. His antics as a billionaire playboy are entertaining! The love scene with Rene Russo was so hot, you have to control yourself. This movie has it all--action, comedy and pure entertainment. You never get bored with it. A great buy....more info
  • OK
    This movie is OK, but I prefer the original version with Steve McQueen. This remake is too Hollywood for me, with too many unbelievable stunts. The original was better....more info
  • He got his Kicks
    Despite my misgivings I actually enjoyed this movie. I found it to be very entertaining. Pierce Brosnan is rich, affluent and board. He steals art treasures for kicks. Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo make an acceptable and reluctant love duo. Denis Leary as the detective trying to nab Brosnan actually steals this film with his dedicated yet easy going style. As remakes go this is one of the better ones as of late. This film was made as one of Brosnan's non-Bond films during his tenure as 007. I still prefer the original.
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  • Interesting Remake
    I actually enjoyed this movie. I found it to be very entertaining. Pierce Brosnan, Rene Russo and Denis Leary are unparalleled. As remakes go this is one of the better ones as of late. This film was made as one of Brosnan's non-Bond films during his tenure as 007. I still prefer the original....more info
  • Find out what a billionaire does in his spare time

    This movie is a remake (actually not an exact remake) of the 1968 movie "The Thomas Crown Affair" starring the legendary Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway (who has a small role in this remake).

    In this movie a bored billionaire named Thomas "Tommy" Crown (Pierce Brosnan who also co-produced) masterminds an art theft of a 100 million dollar Monet painting. Unlike in the original movie (that was a bank heist), Crown actually participates in the theft.

    Enter insurance investigator Catherine Banning (Rene Russo) with police detective Michael McCann (Denis Leary). Banning identifies Crown as the mastermind behind this crime. She's out to get him but a problem ensues along the way: she falls for Crown and Crown falls for her. Their scenes together are sizzling and explosive.

    Unlike the 1968 original, there is tension created as the viewer wonders if Crown will actually get caught. As well, the sexual tension between Crown and the insurance investigator is heightened in this movie.

    The acting is terrific by Brosnan, Russo, and Leary. I have to give special kudos to Russo as the smart and very sexy insurance investigator Catherine Banning. The background music is interesting and adds to each scene. There is a clever ending that I found unforgettable and fun to watch. I felt the entire movie was slick and ingeniously done.

    Finally, the DVD (the one released in 2000) is perfect in visual and audio quality. It has the movie on both sides of the disc. Extras consist of the 1968 and 1999 theatrical trailers as well as a director audio commentary.

    In conclusion, watch this movie for yourself to discover what a billionaire does in his spare time!!

    (1 hr, 55 min; 1999; full screen; 36 scenes; rated `R')

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  • Watchable caper flick
    This is a movie that moves in fits and starts. Parts of it are a lot of fun, parts of it stumble.

    Most of the stumbling is done when Rene Russo is the focus of the movie. Admittedly, the script verges on the downright ridiculous, and she's placed in scenes that were simply hopeless. (Some of the dialogue is so bad that this movie might almost have made its way into an MST3K episode.) Still, a better actress might have made them...less hopeless. I found myself groaning and rolling my eyes at her hamming. And to hot things up, she's reduced to shimmying sans underwear in a see-through gown, and then providing plenty of topless footage. It doesn't work. The sudden, extended nudity seems kind of jarring, as if I just switched over to Cinemax without realizing it. There are also scenes where Russo switches to the cartoonish character known as The Bitch, and she's not believable then, either.

    Brosnan is also a touch ridiculous from time to time, but mostly he plays his usual suave, handsome character. If you like that, you'll like him here.

    Dennis Leary surprises with a low-key performance. If I would have expected anyone to deliver a true hambone performance, it would have been him.

    There are lots of shots of exotic locales, like a hilltop cabana on a tropical island, or a glider flying over a forest alive with autumn colors, that are nice eye candy. We had just gotten our first widescreen TV and it was pretty nice to watch this movie show off the TV.

    I found myself reaching for the remote a few times during this movie, telling myself, "OK, I've seen about enough of this." But I must admit, it held my attention, just barely, to the end....more info
  • Excellent!
    I absolutely LOVE this movie. I am on my way to purchase my very own DVD today. I have been borrowing my sisters and decided I need my very own copy. Just like another reviewer said this movie requires intelect so if you do not have that don't bother. This movie is sexy, it has suspense, the music is nice and the characters make this movie seem very real. My sister and my friend use to rave about this movie years ago and I wonder what the hype was about then finally years later I decided to watch it and became hooked! I can watch this everyday! LOL...more info
  • Thomas Crown Affair
    "Do you want to dance, or Do you want to DANCE". Favorite Movie, favorit music. Hot, hot, hot. Intellectually, Visually...Nice to see two characters who are so perfect together. Many times in movies I never understand the attraction or connection. But in this movie it is obvious. That is what I love about it. Two people finding the perfect person for them. The intrigue and fantasy features a plus. Take me to that island anyday and with Pierce Brosnan..oh yeah! The Art...the music and two very HOT people..Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle....more info
  • Brosnan and Russo shine in this remake of the 1968 original
    In 1968 there was a little caper film titled The THomas Crown Affair starring the ever-cool Steve McQueen and a radiant Faye Dunaway. The film was considered hip, cool and sexy in its way during the late 60's. It took 31 years, but a remake was finally made of this film but this time around starring Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo in the roles originally played by McQueen and Dunaway. With some great direction from thriller and action filmmmaker John McTiernan, 1999's The Thomas Crown Affair ends up being the exception to the rule of remakes of older films turning out lesser than the original. This modern and updated version of The Thomas Crown Affair actually surpasses the original McQueen production. McTiernan's film ably combines humor, thrilling action set pieces, sexy chemistry between the leads and just a beautifully shot film.

    Set in New York that never looked as good as shot by McTiernan and his crew, Pierce Brosnan stars and shines as the title character Thomas Crown. Thomas Crown is a suave, roguish and successful businessman who has everything a man could ask for: money, power and any woman he desires. What does a man like Crown would ever want in life? The film looks at this and shows that no amount of money in the world could replace the adrenaline rush and thrill of getting acquiring it. Crown does this by staging a complex and elaborate plan to steal a Monet from the NY Metropolitan Arts Museum and do so in the middle of the day. His plan goes off without a hitch and with none the wiser.

    With the heist completed, the film soon introduces Crown's foil in the form of Rene Russo as insurance investigator Catherine Banning. Ms. Russo never looked more beautiful, sensual and sexy as she did in this film. Her performance as the determined and crafty Banning more than holds up to Brosnan's roguish and playful performance as Thomas Crown. From the moment she appears on-screen as the camera slowly pans up her silky-stocking leg and garters, Russo dominated the scene and pretty much commanded attention from everyone. This was especially true whenever she shared the screen with Denis Leary as police detective in charge of investigating the Monet heist. Leary's always a strong performer in any film he's in but was pretty much lost in the wake of Russo's performance when both were on the screen.

    The rest of the film was pretty much Crown and Banning trying to get into each others' heads to find the one advantage that would give them an upper-hand in the "game" they've both decided to play. It's hard to see who is chasing who in the film. Is Banning chasing Crown as her one and only suspect for the theft or is Crown playing her as part of a much more complicated scheme to spice his life. These questions swirl within the frame of the heist investigation and the growing relationship between the two strong-willed characters.

    To say that Brosnan and Russo's on-screen chemistry was strong would be a big understatement. The two pretty much sizzle when together. Whether it's a playful, flirtation during a nice dinner out on the town to the two steamy dance numbers in the middle of the film. When Crown asks Banning if she wanted to dance or does she want to dance the temperature just went up by degrees. Their love scenes together shows that it could still be done with class and also have a sense of playfulness and fun.

    There's not much else to say about McTiernan's remake of the Thomas Crown Affair than to say that he took a good film, that showcased Steve McQueen's coolness for everyone to see, and made a much more superior production in every sense. The direction was excellent and the cinematography was beautiful in every second shot. The cast performance was very strong with the two leads in Brosnan and Russo acting their hearts out on the screen. This film shows that remakes really are not bad ideas when put into capable hands. It would be nice to see how the sequel --- tentatively titled The Topkapi Affair --- to this film turns out with pretty much the same cast and crew returning. I, for one, will be there to see it when it comes out....more info
  • Steamy, Sexy, Thriller!!
    Great little film! I originally saw this movie in the movie theaters in 1999 and had to own it on DVD when it was relased to DVD. This movie is fun and wonderful to add to any one's DVD collection!

    The screenplay movies along a good pace and is very engaging from the start as a suspense, action, thriller with added benefit of a steamy, smoldering romance between Brosnan & Russo's characters!

    Characters are very dynamic and very well cast with very witty dialogue..... I couldn't have imagined the lead roles being played by anyone else other than Pierce Brosnan, who plays successful/rich playboy, Thomas Crowne who has everything that life has to offer & yet is out to push the envelope to get past the boredom of having it all.

    While Rene Russo, plays Catherine Banning, an insurance investigater out to "catch the thief" that stole a painting insured by the company she works for by any means neccessary. Banning is no shrinking violet, a real ball buster if you will, out to get her man, and one smart cookie to boot. She is beautiful as she is smart and isn't above using both her brains and sex appeal to get what she wants.

    Lots of plot twists and turns help make this movie anything but predictable! Love the whole movie including the soundtrack and even costuming. Highly recommend....more info
  • Better everytime I watch it
    "The Thomas Crown Affair" gets better everytime I watch it. I spot something I missed. Hear music which I heard but never listened to and see how it relates to the movie. Actually hearing the "Windmills of my Mind". This is an unbelievably good movie, although I prefer the original's ending....more info
  • Fantastic!
    This picture requires intellect. If you have none then this is not the picture for you. It has the usual steamy scenes and the great suspense but it has a lot more going for it than that. I say buy it and enjoy. This picture made me a fan of Nina Simone's voice. I had to get her music after watching this movie....more info
  • You already know
    As soon as I realized who was in this film, I knew how it was going to go. Its Pierce Brosnan . Playing James Bond with another name. In this movie he's a rich guy {thief} with a thing for art. Of course, he kept all of his UNCANNY charm from his Bond roles. If you wanna see Brosnan {effortlessly} make fools of EVERYONE {like he does in every movie he plays in} then this is for you. Personally I find it hard to care about a character that NEVER has it rough. ...more info