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Star Trek fans were decidedly mixed in their reactions to this, the ninth big-screen feature in Paramount's lucrative Trek franchise, but die-hard loyalists will appreciate the way this Next Generation adventure rekindles the spirit of the original Trek TV series while combining a tolerable dose of New-Agey philosophy with a lighthearted plot for the TNG cast. This time out, Picard (Patrick Stewart) and his executive crew must transport to a Shangri-la-like planet to see why their android crewmate Data (Brent Spiner) has run amuck in a village full of peaceful Ba'ku artisans who--thanks to their planet's "metaphasic radiation"--haven't aged in 309 years.

It turns out there's a conspiracy afoot, masterminded by the devious, gruesomely aged Ru'afo (F.?Murray Abraham, hamming it up under makeup resembling a cosmetic surgeon's worst nightmare), who's in cahoots with a renegade Starfleet admiral (Anthony Zerbe, in one of his final screen roles). They covet the fountain-of-youth power of the Ba'ku planet, but because their takeover plan violates Starfleet's Prime Directive of noninterference, it's up to Picard and crew to stop the scheme. Along the way, they all benefit from the metaphasic effect, which manifests itself as Worf's puberty (visible as a conspicuous case of Klingon acne), Picard's youthful romance with a Ba'ku woman (the lovely Donna Murphy), the touching though temporary return of Geordi's natural eyesight, and a moment when Troi asks Dr. Crusher if she's noticed that her "boobs are firming up."

Some fans scoffed at these humorous asides, but they're what make this Trek film as entertaining as it is slightly disappointing. Without the laughs (including Data's rousing excerpt from Gilbert & Sullivan's HMS Pinafore), this is a pretty routine entry in the franchise, with no real surprises, a number of plot holes, and the overall appearance of a big-budget TV episode. As costar and director, Jonathan Frakes proves a capable carrier of the Star Trek flame--and it's nice to see women in their 40s portrayed as smart and sexy--but while this is surely an adequate Trek adventure, it doesn't quite rank with the best in the series. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • I Don't know what everyone else is talking about, but this movie is great
    I've been a Star Trek fan for a long time, and for the most part I agree with most people on the Trek movies. For instance, I think Nemesis, is horrible. But then I hear people saying this is a horrible movie. I have to disagree, this movie is great.

    One of the things that I love about Star Trek, is how the episodes are all about contempory and controversial issues, that is what this movie is all about, issues. Society at large in this movie have decided that they can take advantage of a civilization because it benefits them more than it benefits this group of people. This movie is much more complex than many of the older movies (and definitely more complex than the one movie that's newer).

    What makes any movie great? Issues that are covered in the movie that challenge society, I feel that this is something that's in any movie that is successful over the years, and this movie does that....more info
  • A Diferent Movie
    This movie of Star Trek series is somewhat diferent of the Next Generation Movies, this one is about ethical and moral conflicts, not that much action and adventure, the effects are not that impressive as the others (TNG) movies, but the essence is the same, and the subject of a federation officer being corrupted is interesting, i still recommend it, very pleased with amazon...more info
  • matter of opinion
    i really like this one it has all the good actors in it.It is alittle different than the other shows but is good i feel.I am not into the tv series of Star Trek but i do like all the other movies they did and i like this one also....more info
  • Very good
    It was a nice change of pace to have another comedic Star Trek movie, in the spirit of Star Trek IV. The special features were impressive, especially the deleted scenes. I'm also glad that they included the featurette from the original dvd release, which was the only sepcial feature on the first dvd. Typically, when a superior dvd is released, any special features from the original release are excluded. But I don't think the subtitle fit, it's really just Picard rebelling against Admiral Dougherty. A better one would have been, "Prime Directive."...more info
  • The Battle For Paradise Has Begun...
    When "Star Trek: First Contact" was released to huge box office numbers, it was evident to Paramount Pictures that audiences were still extremely interested in this franchise, and were responding very well to the new crew. So, wasting little time Paramount greenlit the 8th sequel in the franchises history, "Star Trek: Insurrection", but this 'Star Trek' movie would be of a different mold than previous installments, and would that spell fortune or disaster for this lucrative franchise?

    "Star Trek: Insurrection" begins with the crew of the Enterprise-E being notified by Starfleet that their android comrade, Data (Brent Spiner), while on a research mission has gone rogue. Picard (Patrick Stewart) convinces Starfleet to let him and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise-E be the ones to bring Data in before someone gets seriously hurt. When the crew arrives to confront Data, they discover that all is not as it seemed, and though Starfleet is indeed conducting research on this strange planet that holds the key to immortality, they are also planning something much more dastardly. Starfleet, in association with an alien race, are planning to remove the people that inhabit this planet so that they may plunder the planet's resources for the "benefit of mankind", what they fail to mention, or realize is that by removing these people, their bodies will begin to age rapidly to catch up with the amount of years they have been alive, which could mean death for many. With orders from Starfleet demanding the Enterprise leave the planet immediately, and their own consciences telling them to stay and defend these people, the crew must decide on which side they will stand. Let the insurrection begin!

    I thought that this film was another great installment into the 'Star Trek' franchise, though I feel it is weaker than say "Star Trek: First Contact", it was still a very entertaining film. I know that some fans were unhappy with this particular outing, feeling that it was too romantic and funny, with not enough sci-fi action for their taste. I personally enjoyed the change in pace that this film gave to the series, after such an extremely action-heavy film with "Star Trek: First Contact", the next movie needed to slow things down a bit, or else run the risk of being judged as having not enough story and too much action in the series. Basically, it was a no-win situation, and I think Paramount and the creative forces behind this film made the right decision in terms of what was best for the franchise as a whole.

    The actors all did wonderful jobs with their individual character arcs in this film, and this is where much of the movie's humor stems from, because each character begins to feel the effects of the planet making them younger, many funny moments come from Worf (Michael Dorn) going through a 2nd Klingon puberty, and another from Data overhearing a comment made by Dr. Crusher (Gates McFadden) to Counselor Troi (Marina Sirtis) regarding their breasts becoming firmer. However, humorous this all is, there is still some heavy dramatic beats when the crew realizes what will happen to the people of this planet if Starfleet has its way, and all the youthful enhancements they are experiencing pale in comparison to the pain this people will soon endure. Jonathan Frakes (who directed and starred in the film) does an excellent job leading his co-stars, his talent for direction is very well-honed, and he handles the more romantic story in a very cool way by having many of the camera movements be more lyrical, almost like the camera is dancing with the actors in the scene, a choice that heightens the mood of the movie even more.

    Overall, this entry into the 'Star Trek' franchise, though not the strongest, is still very solid, and definitely worth owning. Don't listen to the critics that hated this movie, if you're a fan of 'Star Trek' then watch this movie, you will be entertained.

    "Star Trek: Insurrection" is rated PG for violence....more info
  • This TNG caper deserves a second look.
    The ninth caper in the Trek movie franchise initially received mixed reactions from fans, but it's definitely worth looking at a second time.
    Some viewers scoffed at the notion that the Federation could have "mis-used" the Prime Directive, but in the Trek universe, anything's possible. Lapses in judgment and logic were part of Gene Roddenberry's "morality play" from the beginning. And besides, isn't this what makes good drama?
    Capt. Picard is caught in a moral dilemma: Obey Federation orders and help "forcibly" relocate a peaceful alien race from their "fountain-of-youth" regenerating planet so that it can be "strip-mined" to help millions of others; or, oppose the Federation and defend this weaponless, technology-denounced, simple folk?
    F. Murray Abraham plays the principal villian, Ru'Ofo, with over-the-top theatrical flair (not easy to do under a grotesque mask of prosthetics). His character becomes the chief motivator in trying to remove the Ba'Ku off the planet.
    There are wonderful moments in subplot: Due to temporary exposure to the planet's regenerative effect, Riker and Troi rekindle their romance (as a result, Riker shaves off his beard!); Worf re-experiences Klingon puberty (complete with accelerated hair growth and acne); and the most heartfelt moment comes when LaForge's eyesight is temporarily restored, allowing him to see a sunrise for the first time, tears welling in his eyes. It's definitely LeVar Burton's finest moment.
    There's also a sweet romance between Picard and a lovely Ba'Ku woman (Donna Murphy), as well as a poignant & charming friendship between the child-like Data and a 12-year old boy, who initially rejects him because he's a machine, but then grows to like Data.
    But the moral issue embodies itself in the person of Admiral Dougherty (veteran actor Anthony Zerbe), who becomes entangled by his loyalty to the Federation and his faust-like partnership with Ru'Ofo.
    There are some great action scenes here: Picard's retrieval of a malfunctioning Data in an exciting scout ship chase; the previously-mentioned malfunction, as a berserk Data jeopardizes a surveillance mission; and Ru'Ofo's scout ships swooping down and shooting "transporter tags" on the Ba'Ku.
    But no Trek film would be complete without light comedy touches:

    Picard: Mr. Worf, are you familiar with Gilbert & Sullivan?
    Worf: No sir, I have not had a chance to review the crew roster.
    Riker (spotting a giant zit on Worf's face): You Klingons don't do anything small, do you?
    Worf (speaking to Picard from the alien vessel): They would like to discuss terms of may also have something to do with having only 3 minutes of air left!

    This a worthy addition to the Trek franchise, with Picard and crew sort of riding in like "the Magnificent Seven" and saving the day as they stand up for what they believe in.
    ...more info
  • Insurrection Interlude
    The Good Things
    *Good action and special effects. Love the nebula battle scene.
    *Good filming style. Generally more colorful and upbeat.
    *Pretty good storyline.
    *Good characters.
    *Good writing. Contains some comedy and a nice love story. Also some interesting content concerning immortality and having two species of the same genetic root fighting each other.
    *One or two interesting themes about youth.
    *Pretty good music.

    The Bad Things
    *Nothing particuarly special; the movie feels more like a two-hour long episode.

    The Questionable Things
    *This film is called "Insurrection," but it's not that big of an insurrection. I expected the Enterprise to oppose the entire Federation or something, but it's more like a small isolated incident.
    The Questionable Things

    This film is nothing too big, dramatic, or exceptional, and plays out more like another typical episode. Still, it is pretty fun, as it contains some good action, special effects, and comedy. It is also stylistically interesting, with some very slick ship designs and colorful settings. It's good fun for Star Trek fans, but most other people may be dissapointed.

    The one-disc version has good video and sound quality. The two-disc version also has good quality, and includes a number of featurettes and trailers....more info
  • Just plain fun.
    Great movie. A fun time with friends from the TV series. One of my wife's favorite movies, so it was a gift for her. She loves it. ...more info
  • Better than "Nemesis"
    I think that this movie had better writing, acting, and directing than "Nemesis". You can tell that Star Trek was starting to falter when this movie came out. ...more info
  • Bland
    Although I consider this to be the worst of the Next Generation movies, I believe I'm giving it the same rating I gave First Contact, which I think is the best Next Generation movie.

    If this is true, then all of the Next Generation movies are pretty much the same. Indeed, I feel they are. They're all on par with what I would call an "average" episode of the series. For instance, I would call the episode Symbiosis average. This movie is like Symbiosis, except longer. I would give Symbiosis 3.5 stars, but I would give Insurrection 3, just because Insurrection is longer than it needs to be.

    The film isn't bad. I can't really identify anything bad about it. It's plot isn't bad or forgettable, the acting isn't bad, the atmosphere isn't bad. Nothing is bad. Everything just seems bland. I don't know why I didn't like it, but to me it just didn't stand out. I guess I was spoiled by some of the great episodes of the series that involve things like shifting time periods and dimensions....more info
  • It could be worse!
    Star Trek: Insurrection my not be the best Star Trek movie made but it is definitely not the worst (can you say Star Trek V: The Final Frontier). As for as the story goes it is a great story and it definitely has a lot of humor, which it always a good thing. So if you love Star Trek in any form buy this movie....more info
  • The Prime Directive.....
    Okay, this wasn't too bad. The plot is about the Prime Directive and what it means. Well, an alien force and certain Star Fleet members express interest in a planet with regenerative properties. Their interests violates Star Fleet's golden rule, "The Prime Directive". The Federation may not interfere in the development of other civilizations. Picard makes a very hard choice and go against Star Fleet's golden rule. Picard and his crew must protect and defend the planet. Even if it means the end of their careers at Star Fleet. ...more info
  • A good movie
    After the dark and violent First Contact, Insurrection seems much brighter and more optomistic. The story also is centered around one main moral, which brings it back to what Star Trek really is (although there is still some action in it).
    The movie brings in a Picard romance for the first time since TNG, and each of the characters has their own moments as well. Of course, no TNG film would be complete without Mr. Worf, so he comes to visit from Deep Space Nine.
    I would say this film is good for Star Trek fans, as the air of the original series hangs around it....more info
  • Star Trek: The Episode
    There are several great character moments in this movie, and the pacing does move the story along well enough. However there is a bit too much political posturing for my taste, which, as I see it, is one of the big things contributing to making this movie play out like a big-budget, big-screen episode of the TV show.

    Of course, there is also the lack of feel of galactic scope or personal investment in the story. The scope of Star Trek II was narrow: Khan's revenge. But the audience had personal investment in the characters from the episode "Space Seed". Star Trek IV had the impending destruction of Earth. VI had galactic peace looming in the horizon. First Contact had the assimilation of Earth by the Borg and Picard's personal quest to "make them pay". Here, we have a people on an alien planet facing the possibility of forced relocation. Nobody we've met before besides the crew. Nothing that has immediate repercussion for Earth.

    To be fair, it was specifically designed to balance out the very dark tone of the previous movie with much more light fare. On that level, it does work. The nature of the Star Trek movies is that they are all different adventures that are placed in the same universe. The tone can change, since it does that on the TV series from episode to episode. But the story still needs to resonate with the audience.

    Again, the crew has some nice character moments, and the special effects are actually quite well done, but those are not what Star Trek movies are built around. They're necessary elements, but the audience wants a ride they care about.

    In the end, it is competently made and it is worth watching. Just know that it was, by design, a much lighter fare than First Contact....more info
  • "Lost Horizon," Trek Style!
    This is a solid Star Trek movie, but slightly more disappointing than Generations or First Contact.

    "Lost Horizon" is plagerized, but that's okay... it's a wonderful theme.

    The "Ba'ku' are very dull, however. They putz about, growing crops, making quilts, baking and playing with the children... but they don't seem to have any purpose! They ENJOY life, but is "enjoyment" all that life is about?

    As contrasted with the Amish, at least the Amish have a defined spirituality and an expectancy of Heaven. Right or wrong, they have a future purpose. To the Ba'ku, their current life IS HEAVEN... and they are seemingly immortal. I wouldn't want to live forever, if all life entailed was farming, quilting or picking flowers.

    The Ba'ku homeworld is a "beautiful place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there."

    The Son'a... the villians, are a good concept. An aging group who desire immortality. Their vanity isn't their ultimate goal... it's their satirical obsession as they stretch their skin to unrecognizable lengths. Michael Jackson and Mary Tyler Moore should see this film.

    F. Murray Abraham is a brilliant actor, even in ludicrous make- up.

    The effects are good... especially the depiction of the "Briar Patch." Alas, ILM seems to have a better touch with the starship effects.

    the "Shuttle chase" is a great sequence... which made me expect more excitement... that unfortunately didn't come.

    The humor is great... albeit, overdone at times. Worf's pimple still makes me crack up.

    The scenery is exceptional... great location shooting! Star Trek finally escapes the desert!

    Complaints would be that the battles are fleeting and unfulfilling.

    The starship battles leave you "wanting more."

    Crew members firing at dart shooting drones flying through the air has all the drama of shooting cardboard ducks at a carnival.

    And most definately... TOO MUCH TECHNO- BABBLE!! This film has the most techno gibberish than any other Trek film.

    Despite these flaws, this is a worthwhile film with more intelligence and humor than most.

    [...] ...more info
  • Star Trek - Insurrection
    I loved this move ... It's one of the best Star Trek movies!...more info
  • My Favorite Star Trek Movie
    Insurrection grabs you from the start and doesn't let go. You are drawn into the story, and you consistently find interesting things along the way to ponder or enjoy. I was amazed at how captivating this movie was, compared to the previous Star Trek movies (it beats them all), or even compared to movies in general. If you are a Star Trek fan or an action movie/sci-fi fan, check out this movie. It will not disappoint you....more info
  • Another Trek !!!
    Patrick Stewart (Like Bill Shatner) takes the crew to another crisis with the Federation gone amok. It takes a while, but Ol' Patrick ferrets out the baddies and rights the ship. We are entertained in the meantime in the Trek Universe, with various tangents to the storyline. This one is better than the sum of its parts. Visually impressive ... great storyline and not an overabundance of un-necessary padding....more info
  • Coooool
    Who knew that there was so much humor and genuine affection between the mainstays of the Next Generation cast? (Everyone who watched it, probably, except you had to really pay attention.) This selection is a refreshingly "freed" and less stoic group of characters who are less worried about making a mistake and more worried about doing the right thing against the odds.
    It's a good story, a wonderful showcase for the characters, including a wonderful flirtatious affair for the Captain, and a moral victory. We get to root for the good guys and watch the bad guys either see the error of their ways or get incinerated.

    Good fun overall. You'll want to watch it more than once and keep it handy for when every show on TV is "reality." Given the choice, I'll opt for Star Trek every time.
    ...more info
  • Good movie, disappointed with special edition
    I have been excited about most of the special edition releases of the Star Trek films and was hoping to see much more on this one than I did. I still like the story and the movie. The text commentary by Okuda is wonderful as always. But there really isn't much more to this version than the previous release of it. The first release had digital 5.1 and widescreen and a behind the scenes documentary. The special edition has all that, DTS, the text commentary, and subtitles, as well as background featurettes that aren't all that inspiring to watch. I was disappointed to see no deleted scenes or a audio commentary by the director or any of the actors. If you are a fan you probably already bought this. If not and you are happy with the original release, save your money or wait till you can buy this used. If you need the subtitles (I never understand why any dvd would be without them) or DTS mix then maybe this is worth it to you....more info
  • Shame on Paramount!
    When Paramount released the Director's Edition of "Star Trek: The Motion Picture," they showed an interest in giving fans a truly special and well crafted DVD. However, since II, they've gotten chintzier with each release. Now, Insurrection is packaged in a completely asinine case that literally has the two discs touching one another! It's bad enough that, editorially speaking, the Trek DVDs have gotten weaker with each release, but can't they at least continue to ship them in packages that promote the physical protection of the discs inside?...more info
  • Star Trek - Insurrection (Special Collector's Edition)
    As a Star Trek fan I really like this film with the added bonus and features. I think this is a great buy in my opinion. Wish they had these films in full screen. That would of toped it for me. Thanks...more info
  • Not what you would except
    This is a great movie, showing the humanity of the crew of the Enterprise, and allowing for something competely unexcepted to happen, the Enterprise to commit mutinity!! It shows that the people are really human, and can resist the urge of being immortial to saving a race of people. The Son'a are the 'evil' race in this movie, who need the need for revenge, and munipulate the heads of the Federation to support them because they are doing something that is not revenge, but will help people.

    This is a movie which is acted extremely well, and shows that even in the 24th century, there are still people who will take advantage of other people to get reveng for something that happened hundreds of years ago. ...more info
  • Where is Frakes' commentary???
    This is a 5-star film, ably directed by Jonathan Frakes. I even liked this one better than "First Contact", also masterfully directed by Frakes. Frakes is proving himself to be multi-talented as an actor and director. ("Clockstoppers" was a really rad film for kids, and young-at-heart grown-ups like me)

    I withhold a star because the Special Collector's Edition has no Frakes commentary, which would have been appreciated by diehard Trekkers like myself. What were they thinking?

    The story is well-developed and, as always in Trek, perfectly acted. There is a great Gilbert-and-Sullivan bit with Data, and this is the film where Frakes shaves off his beard!!!

    Oscar winner F. Murray Abraham is a delightfully menacing villain, which is, after all, his speciality.

    ...more info
  • 3.5 stars; not as bad as some would think but yes it's got issues
    Is it time for me to restate the oft-repeated explanation about odd vs even Star Trek films? Long story short: even good, odd bad. While I did like Generations(#7) and Search for Spock(#3), Insurrection(#9) does have some quite big concerns and plot holes and even a bit bad attempted humor but after being very dark with First Contact, it's nice to see them lighten up for once.

    On a planet, there's a secret investigation that's sanctioned by Starfleet: the spying on and eventual removal of a race called the Bak'u or is it B'aku? Anyways, there's something special about the planet: some kind of radiation in the planet regenerates celluar structure continously. In layman's terms, fountain of youth. So of course it's no surprise Starfleet wants in which goes against the Prime Directive, meaning they can't interfere in the development of societies.

    The race that's bringing out this is the Son'a, a race who try to extend life by going stretchy faced. With help from a rogue Starfleet Admiral, they try to keep the Enterprise off the planet and gone but wants our favorite crew realizes it, they go against orders and try to save the B'aku.

    The film in a way has a tone that resembles The Voyage Home(#4, another fan favorite althought not saying 9 is). Voyage Home was largely character and humor based so it was very atypical but that's what made it special. To watch your favorite characters have fun was what made it appealing. Sort of the same with Insurrection although some of the humor is flat. The HMS Pinafore use, a "firmer boobs" joke and Worf's bit of puberty just comes across as lowbrow humor rather than just being very funny.

    It is however a Star Trek movie so we can expect some cool action scenes and cool set pieces. To me, one of which stands out which is why the Enterprise takes on a Son'a ship in the middle of a nebula(Wrath of Khan anyone?) One thing that did strike me though was the set design. Meant to be shown as a kind of idyllic vacation-like village, it surely looks like somewhere you'd love to spend your summer. Very nicely done and beautifully photographed.

    Performances are typical across the board, each character plays just like their character would so don't expect Oscar caliber(really, Star Trek for acting awards? That'll be the day.) Although disappointingly is F. Murray Abraham as main village Ru'afo. Villains like Khan stood out cause although they essentially badmouthed our heroes, you felt something when they were disposed of(namely "take that punk!"). Here when our villain gets his comeuppance it's just simply "well there he goes."

    It's not as bad a Star Trek as one would claim(that honor is fought between Nemesis and Final Frontier) but it is an entertaining B-movie with A level cast and production....more info