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What's Love Got To Do With It?
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She began her life as anna mae bullock and met ike turner in st. Louis. Together with ike she shot to the top of the music world. But she paid the price and eventually had to find the courage to leave it all behind and start her life and her singing career all over again. Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 01/14/2003 Starring: Angela Bassett Laurence Fishburne Run time: 118 minutes Rating: R Director: Brian Gibson

Tina Turner, that dynamic diva of pop/soul/R&B from the '60s to the '90s, sings like a woman whose life story is every bit as rough and tough as her voice. And What's Love Got to Do With It, based on her autobiographical account (in I, Tina, written with Kurt Loder) of her years under the iron fist of her abusive husband and musical partner/Svengali Ike, is further proof of what we've always known about Tina: She's what you call a survivor. The movie is sort of the Disney version of Tina Turner's story--a glossy but thoroughly enjoyable, old-fashioned showbiz biopic with laughs, tears, great music, and outrageous (but faithful) period decor, costumes, makeup, and hairstyles. Our Heroine triumphs not only over the rigorous demands of her career in the music business, but finally manages to bust out of her troubled, violent marriage as well and become her own person. This is a movie that'll have you shouting at the top of your lungs: "You go, girl!" --Jim Emerson

Customer Reviews:

  • Fabulous!
    I love Tina Turner and this was one of my favorite movies. I have been looking for it on DVD for a long time and was very happy to finally find it. ...more info
  • What's a Review Got to Say About It?
    "What's Love Got to do with It?" hit movie theatres in 1993. The movie stars Angela Bassett (the best actress in Hollywood, in my opinion), and Laurence Fishburne. This movie is a biography of singer Tina Turner. It shows just how dramatic her life has been. It also shows how she overcame the triumph that tried to stand in her way.
    I read all of the reviews on this website for this movie and I totally agree with those who said that Angela's performance is stellar. It's true, she does not look like Tina Turner, but because she played her role so well, one is easily able to see the similarities in the two women. Laurence did a great job as Ike Turner. Tina Turner wrote an autobiography entitled "I, Tina." This movie does not go into the detail that the book does, but what movie does? What movie can? A movie that attempts to cover everything a book does would be way too long and drawn out. But this movie definitely covers enough for those who view it to see how much this woman went through. It should also be noted that I have never seen someone perform someone else's music as well as Angela did. She had the lip syncing down really well, and those dance moves Angela did were just the way Tina does them! She will have you in awe!
    The movie begins with Tina Turner as a young girl singing in her church choir. She is depicted as a defiant child. It also shows that Tina's father left her at an early age. As the movie progresses, Tina gets older and still has an interest in singing. She goes to clubs and sees artists and wishes she could sing with them. One day her sister forces her upon the stage and she sings and Ike Turner is impressed and wants her to sing with his band, The Kings of Rhythm. She obliges to singing with his band. From the beginning, Ike is very controlling and works Tina especially hard, wanting her to get every singing note correct. After spending time together, they become attracted to each other. They then become a couple, and eventually get married. At first, Ike is fairly nice to her, but as they begin to tour and things get harder, Ike starts getting involved in drugs and begins to physically abuse Tina. He even beats their children. Ike and Tina Turner had much success as a duo. But after awhile they aren't quite as successful as when they started. Music producers show an interest in working with Tina and Ike gets jealous. He becomes even more violent and begins to cheat on her with other women. In Tina's book, she said that throughout the course of their relationship, Ike had over 100 girlfriends.
    Tina eventually leaves Ike and he goes to jail for drug abuse. Tina becomes very successful on her own with hits like "What's Love Got to do With It?" , "Private Dancer", "I Don't Wanna Fight No More" and "Simply the Best". I strongly recommend this movie to someone looking for some true entertainment. But, someone who does not like violence has no business watching this movie. This is one of my favorite movies of all time.
    ...more info
  • What a GREAT Movie !
    Tina Turner's life is quite interesting to say the least. Prior to watching this movie I wasn't that much of a fan, however NOW I totally think she is awesome, the movie showed great strength within her. I completely recommend this movie! ...more info
  • Two Red-Hot Blazing Performances Bring Fire, Glory and Nuance to Tina Turner's Story
    It was gratifying to see rock legend Tina Turner earn the coveted Kennedy Center honor last month, certainly reason enough to revisit this wonderful biopic based on her 1987 self-affirming autobiography, "I, Tina" co-written with Rolling Stone editor Kurt Loder. Directed by the late Brian Gibson in an appropriately feverish manner, the 1993 movie still burns brightly thanks to the electrifying performances of Angela Bassett and Laurence Fishburne. There have been several fine performances in biopics of late - Jamie Foxx in "Ray", Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon in "Walk the Line" - but I still feel Bassett and Fishburne maintain the high watermark as they seem to inhabit the roles of Ike and Tina completely in this film.

    Adapting probably the most melodramatic parts of Tina's book, Gibson and screenwriter Kate Lanier built a dramatic framework about the former Anna Mae Bullock that is somewhat standard-issue and probably biased, but it works on a visceral level as a story of personal triumph punctuated by some of the most gut-wrenching scenes of domestic violence captured on film. Playing one of the most recognizable and enduring celebrities in the rock world, Bassett manages to capture the physical mannerisms, vocal patterns, and onstage energy of the real Tina, even though her voice obviously had to be dubbed. With her almost distracting musculature, she convincingly rips into all her musical performances with unabated fire, but it's really in her dramatic scenes, especially when she becomes an increasingly degraded victim of her husband's demons, that she soars. Fishburne has an extremely tough role, as he has to transcend the inherent villainy of Ike by displaying the bravado and talent that brought the pair the spotlight in the early years. He brilliantly manages to imbue a spirit that is at once frightening and pitiable.

    With a relatively sparse filmography, Gibson provides surprisingly sturdy direction here, often using an effective faux-combination of grainy home movies and TV programs to make the movie feel like a "Behind the Scenes" rock documentary. I particularly liked how he edited the inevitable "Proud Mary" - complete with gyrating Ikettes and Tina in her classic cavewoman mini - to show the passage of time between the late sixties to the mid-seventies. Unsurprisingly, no one else makes nearly the impression of the two stars, though Jenifer Lewis has a few funny moments as Tina's mother Zelma, and Vanessa Bell Calloway does what she can in her switch from hard-bitten back-up singer to becalming Buddhist. Regardless, see it for two actors - sadly underutilized since this movie was released, the wondrous Bassett in particular - giving all they have into this memorable movie. The DVD has no significant extras other than the original trailer....more info
  • excellent
    This was a very good movie. The characters were very real and phenomenal. I love this movie...more info
  • Riveting!!
    The story of Tina Turner is heartwarming. The story line was riveting and the music phenomenal. Loved every minute of it....more info
  • The Tina Turner story
    Angela Bassett is Tina Turner in this film. It's the story of the R&B singer whose birthname is Anna Mae Bullock(sorry,no relation to Sandra). Tina began her singing career with her now-ex-husband Ike Turner. They were successful with their cover of John Fogerty's PROUD MARY. Of course,it sounds nothing like Fogerty's Creedence Clearwater Revival recording. The title of this film was inspired by Turner's 1984 hit song of the same title. The song comes from her most successful album,PRIVATE DANCER. This film is a must for Tina Turner fans....more info
  • Great Movie
    I rented this movie before but thought it was so good I wanted to own it. Angela Bisset did a wonderful portral of Tina Turner. I would recoment this movie to anyone.
    ...more info
  • "Is that your best shot Ike" (Limo scene)
    Man, everytime I see this movie it gets me moving. I have seen this movie so many times and it stills get to me.
    Angela Bassett, as Tina, and Laurence Fishburne, as Ike are both great in this film. Ms. Bassett plays Tina with all the charm and sex appeal of the real life Tina Turner. Laurence Fishburne gave a amazing and effective performance as Ike, at once both repellent and charismatic. This movie focuses on their relationship to the Tina Turner we know today.
    Tina naturally took the lead musically in their Ike and Tina Turner Revue once the mike was handed to her. This became clear that Tina was the one for which the fans were clamoring, Ike did not take lightly to being second fiddle, and their relationship became disoriented and abuse, with Ike easing into the role of abusive husband with ease.
    The movie moves on by Tina finally having enough, she divorced Ike, taking nothing from the marriage except her children and her show business name, the name she earned. From there, she went on to rebuild her life and career, becoming the world renowned rock and roll diva she is today. Ike, a substance abuser, ended up in prison for narcotics possession and fell into relative obscurity, little more than a footnote in rock and roll history. This is a film well worth watching.She is truly a strong woman.
    ...more info
  • Angela Bassett is Simply the Best
    This movie is a must-see. Angela Bassett's portrayal of Tina Turner is phenomenal. She should have won an Oscar for her role in this film. She is truly the star and Tina's story has the ability to empower and save women who are also stuck in abusive relationships. This movie chronicles the career of diva tina turner and her love affair gone bad with ike turner. Anyone who owns a tv or listens to the radio knows how this story ends. Tina finally leaves her abusive relationship and becomes the Queen of Rock and Roll and an international world wonder. Her story is inspirational, the movie is wonderful, the music in this film will have you going out buying every tina album and Angela Bassett gives us a stellar performance as she literally becomes Tina Turner. Im addicted to it. Its one of the best films I have ever seen. Go Buy The DVD today!!!!...more info
  • this is da movie a fake ike and tuna should have both won oscars for their roles
    this movie is almost 3 and 1/2 stars da story is told well angelia basket one of da top female actress should have took home an oscar because she played da whole of tuna tuner 2 perfection larry fishburn another good actor was great in this film as while playing da greedy and abuse husband of tuna tuner some of da scenes n da movie was a little disturb like when ike was gettin angry when he thought tuna kept on missin up da word it was kind of funny but not 2 much than he ask da people from some privacy time when he sort of rape tuna n da studio room while he had a lot of drugs n his system and tuna tuner was helpless as she couldn't escape away from ike it looked like she nearly die which was great actin but n another scene she stands up 2 ike n da limbo and beats him up pretty good but she also received a bad beatin from ike which cost her 2 miss her concert at da casino one of my favorite parts is when she finally files for a divorce and wants nothin but 2 only keep her name but ike say he deserves 2 take da name away because he discover him and give her that name angelia baskett was in terrific shape playin tuna tuner she worked out a lot u can tell she had a lot of muscle while not lookin like a he she she looked 2 b n wonderful shape 2 b on a working out show destine austin ,workout trainer on channel 28, move out da away and give da show 2 angelia that's is how good her body looked other actors/actress Jenifer Lewis plays tuna's greedy mother 2 Chi McBride who is ike music partner and friend Vanessa Bell Calloway tuna's singmate and best friend that left da group of ike and tuna because she didn't like how ike was treating tuna and herself Penny Johnson ike's former wife who shot herself because she saw that ike now was in love with tuna da funny part was when ike, tuna and their friends was at fast food joint and had some cake ike was high as usual and wanted tuna 2 eat some cake but tuna didn't want any cake so ike push da cake down tuna's throat but she was mad and threw juice at ike when tuna's best friend tried 2 stop ike from going crazier ike hit her and then a big argument happen she left after ike threw her purse and ike still wanted tuna 2 have some cake after all that happened tuna's face was all cover with cake while ike was soaked with juice on his clothes da final thing is i liked they made it look like da time period when tuna started out as a child and then made her way 2 fame da clothes were correct and everything just click like it should have joe brown...more info
  • Rougher!
    Most of us agree that this was a great film. However, it's the acting of Laurence Fishburne and Angela Bassett that keep me coming back to watch it over and over again. Although Tina Turner's life proves of interest, it is of more interest to me to see how the actors bring their versions of Ike & Tina to life. Clearly Bassett had the easier role because Tina's the one everyone is rooting for. Fishburne on the other hand didn't want this role. He thought it was too one dimensional. Isn't the job of every good actor to find the other dimensions of a character though? Once he found out that Bassett was in he signed on. Fishburne's performance digs deep and lets us see a few glimpses into the mind of a man that treats women the way Ike treated Tina. Fishburne's Ike Turner shows us an inner rage, jealousy and insecurity that another actor might not have thought to expose to us. Just after a performance of Proud Mary the audience begins to scream, applaud and call out Tina, Tina, virtually ignoring Ike. Fishburne shines as he interprets what Ike's reaction to that might have been (all done by facial expression). Bewilderment, confusion, anger and jealousy. The audience pours out love and affection for Tina but Ike stands in the shadows. He is ignored again. He's well known but not famous in his own right. His fame is nonexistent without Tina. He knows this deep down and it fuels his ever increasing hostility towards her. Fisburne is particularly brilliant here. Right after that scene comes the rape scene. I don't know if that's when it actually happend but for continuity's sake it makes for a great transition from one film scene to the next. Aside from all of that going on inside of the man, is the drug use which of course, makes everything ten times worse. Fishburne is also responsible for some comedy relief as well. Some of his lines are very funny. Ike to Tina in the ambulance after Tina tries to commit suicide; "If you don't make it I'll kill you, you hear me b***h, I'll kill you".
    Ike to Tina after she comes home from the hospital (by herself) "Oh hey Ann, feelin alright? Listen, next time you want to take some time off, give a n****r some notice..."

    Angela Bassett is divine. She works hard to give accurate perfomances. She had Tina's moves down pat. Although she can sing, her singing was dubbed with Tina's voice for obvious reasons. Tina's voice is just too distinctive to be copied. Laurence on the other hand did do his own singing) Bassett and Fishburne work very well together and I hope to see them in film together more in the years to come ( she probably would have been great in The Matrix). Bassett never gives us anything less than extraordinary.

    The rape scene in the film is so well done that I can't watch it. It's too disturbing for me but it's brilliant. It's full of rage and anger and it had absolutely nothing to do with sexual gratification. There is another sex scene in the film just so that you're forewarned. Bassett and Fishburne do not object to sex scenes but neither of them do nude scenes I'm happy to say. I could do without the sex scenes altogehter but that's just my personal preference.

    The timeline in the film is not accurate. You have to read I Tina to realize that though. And of course, the film takes liberties with things and tends to spin in some things that did not happen the way you see them on screen. The first child that Tina gave birth to was fathered by a member of the band, not Ike. Also, Tina states that she thought Ike was kind of ugly when she first saw him but the film turns that around to make a better film I suppose. The film is acccurate in terms of the fashions as the decades go by. Fishburne goes from processed hair to Beatle cut to afro and finally a natural style much as you would see him today. Much attention was paid to the costumes as well. Bell bottoms, miniskirts and platform shoes,etc.

    I suppose we must give Ike credit for recognizing Tina's talent even if he did try to parlay that into a career for himself. In the end though he did not reap the benefits of all that. You can't gain talent by osmosis. It has to be inside you to start with. While it is true that without Ike there wouldn't be a Tina Turner, it is also true that no one would know who Ike Turner is if there had been no Tina!

    My pet peeve with this film is it's ending. During the last concert scene, the scene cuts from Bassett to Tina singing What's Love Got to do With It. This is a diservice to Bassett and I find it insulting for Bassett not to have been allowed to follow through. In fact, it annoys me so much that I stop the movie right after Fishburne's last scene cuts.

    I find the flaws in this film forgivable due to the quality of the project as a whole. All being said and done this film is powerful and I reccomend it to you highly. ...more info
  • Even More Domestic Violence Than *Mommie Dearest*
    The deification of St. Tina and the deserved crucifixion of Ike, starring the magnificent Angela Bassett, is harrowing and crackling with electricity. Perhaps the only movie with more domestic violence than *Mommie Dearest*, this is the movie bio to end all movie bios. From the earliest scenes of a rambunctious Tina (or Anna Mae, as she was known then) acting up during choir practice, we, the audience, belong to her completely, irrevocably winning us through empathy and admiration
    for such a feisty, plucky spirit. Showing Ike as a famous R&B star and suave ladykiller at the time he meets the young Tina, Ike wins her through a combination of persistence and flattery, appealing to her vanity and sense of loyalty ("I make them famous and then they run off," Ike tells her). But they team up and, as we know, and make musical history. Their codependency is of the direst sort - he *made* her and feels like he owns her, and she just wants to please him. But pleasing Ike is a tall order, and any success is only temporary. We are taken on a wild ride of spectacular performances in vivid color - both the great achievements of the duo, as well as their darkest hours, but as Ike slides into drugs and domination, the situation is as hopeless as most codependent situations are. We see Tina as she is, once again, beaten to a pulp...but perhaps for the last time. She runs away, and with a wrenching scene in which she appears in the lobby of the neighboring Ramada Inn, begging for shelter, we are begging with her, praying for some nameless act of charity to deliver her from evil. She makes a relatively clean getaway, winding up in the hands of Roger Davies, her manager (and a producer of this film), who engineered one of the greatest comebacks in history. Of course, Ike tries desperately and unsuccessfully to woo her back, telling her how he *made* her, but then becomes ridiculous, uttering to her in 1980, "You ain't no Donna Summers." But we know what the outcome of that is - Tina's personal success and lifetime appointment as posterchild for Survivors Anonymous is legendary. Angela Bassett is one of the finest actresses alive, but has yet to produce anything rivaling this performance. She is backed up by a number of extremely strong performances, especially that of Vanessa Bell, in a stand-up performance as her friend Jackie, who not only proves to Tina that she can escape from Ike, but also shows her a way to inner-peace through Buddhism. During the closing credits, we see the real-life Tina perform the title song, but it is a gratuitous, and even negligent performance, that undermines the audience's belief in Basset as Tina. The crime is that this film did not receive Academy attention - for art direction and costuming alone, it is the exquisite evocation of an extremely lively era and lifestyle - as an almost perfect production, it meshes together the cinematography, script, acting and music into a dazzling and sometimes horrifying, but always riveting tour de force. ...more info
    This 1993 film tells the story of how a young girl from Nutbush, Tennessee named Anna Mae Bullock becomes one of the world's most successful rock superstars, Tina Turner!

    Angela Bassett is sooooooooo convencing and does the real thing proud as Tina Turner and Laurence Fishburne is just as convencing as Ike Turner, who discovers Tina, brings her to with his band and later becomes her abusive husband. Tina is forced to deal with one dramatic situation after another during her marraige to Ike. The story line for this film is according to Tina's late 80's autobiography, "I Tina". It is indeed sad throughout most of the movie. But what made the movie were the musical sequences and they were excellent!

    Tina Turner paid a high price her for success and not only, is she a true survivor of the music industry. But she is also a true legend! You'll love "What's Love Got To Do With It?". Espcially if you're a Tina Turner fan! ...more info
  • Well done
    This is a very well done movie, with fine performances and music, not to mention a great story of triumph! Very uplifting and inspirational!...more info
  • Painfully Honest
    This dtory was painfully honest and heart-breaking. It hit all too close to home. The abuse, the jealousy, the violence, the drinking, the drugs, the women were all scenes replayed from my life. After all that's said and done comes the apolgy and the declaration of love. Like Tina, I have to ask, "What's Love Got to do With it?"...more info
  • Compelling viewing
    Even if you are not a Tina fan, this movie will give you an appreciation of the evolution of a true superstar. It's not just a statement about the music. You experience the grind of the road, the recording studio, and the hell of an abusive marriage. But after all the betrayal and the violence, you have the rise of a survivor. One of the greatest performers of our time. Tina....more info