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WWE In Your House 27 - St. Valentine's Day Massacre
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Customer Reviews:

    This was a very entertaning ppv, but had its bad points. Match 1:Goldust vs. Bluedust this was like a comedy skit but a fast and entertaning match. Match 2:Al Snow vs. Hardcore Holly a good hardcore match that went into the mississippi river. Match 3:Mideon vs. Boss Man a very boring match fastfoward through this one. Match 4:Jarrett and Owen Hart vs. D'lo and Mark Henry a good tag team match but not any surprises. Match 5:Val Venis vs. Shamrock an ok match nothing special. Match 6:HHH and X-Pac vs. Kane and Chyna a awsome tag team match with a good ending. Match 7:The Rock vs. Mankind last man standing for the WWF Title by far best match of the night. Match 8: Stone Cold vs. Vince McMahon a good match but not the best cage match i've ever seen. An ok ppv a couple BIG surprises but had some down points....more info
  • Solid PPV
    I have been a wrestling fan since 1996 and have watched all kinds of wrestling. I have a wrestling DVD/VHS collection spanning over 50 all together. This is the most complete and accurate review of this VHS you will find. I hope you find this review helpful; remember to vote helpful or not helpful. (Note-Each VHS I review has a "Match of the VHS" award somewhere in it.)

    WWF St. Valentines Day Massacre
    This PPV is one that can be over looked really easy. Most people only remember it for it's last two matches, but it carried some great mid-card action as well. It had its slow points, but it was overall a very strong show. Also, if I remember correctly, this was WWF's last IYH PPV. If I am wrong on that, please leave a comment and correct me.

    Goldust VS Bluedust
    The Blue Meanie from ECW has been taunted Goldust for weeks now. He has even went as far as dressing like a blue version of Goldust. This was an entertaining opener. The match was kept short and filled with comedic action.
    RATING- 6/10

    WWF Hardcore Championship
    Al Snow VS Bob Holly
    This was for the Vacated Hardcore Title. This is the match that went all the way to the Mississippi River. This was one of the better early Hardcore Title matches. It included all your usual hardcore antics; there are many weapons used and lots of backstage brawling. The match ends in a fairly innovative way.
    RATING- 8.5/10

    Big Boss Man VS Mideon
    This match was boring with little interesting action. The best part is when it ends. I'm not just saying that as a joke at how bad the match is either, the aftermath is awesome and included a wicked beat down of Boss Man.
    RATING- 3.5/10

    WWF World Tag Team Championships
    Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart (c) w/Debra VS D'Lo Brown & Mark Henry w/Ivory
    A solid tag featuring some heated confrontations between Debra and Ivory. The story is that Mark Henry still liked Debra, and became easily distracted by her. Ivory was meant to be the equalizer. All wrestlers do well in this match.
    RATING- 8/10

    After this match, Mankind gives an interview about The Rock's attack on him earlier.

    Special Referee- Billy Gunn
    WWF Intercontinental Championship
    Ken Shamrock(c) VS Val Venis w/Ryan Shamrock
    Val Venis is with Ken Shamrock's sister. Shamrock doesn't appreciate this and is losing his mind. Billy Gunn provides some of the most entertaining refereeing ever. This includes slow counts, no counts, not knowing what moves are pins. Shamrock and Venis put on a strong match.
    RATING- 8/10

    Triple H & X-Pac VS Chyna & Kane
    Chyna turns on D-X and joins the Corporation. This is really just your average tag match. What makes it so entertaining is Chyna beating up on guys and Shane McMahon is on commentary. Shane McMahon makes his presence felt by attacking X-Pac. I liked the ending as it made no one look weak.
    RATING- 8/10

    Last Man Standing Match (Match of the VHS)
    WWF Championship
    Mankind(c) VS The Rock
    This match was brutal. Some people say their match at WWE Royal Rumble 1999 - No Chance In Hell was better; I haven't seen it but you should check that match out too. The Rock suplexes Mankind on the floor three times. Mankind DDTs Rock through a table. Both men use chairs and stairs to attack each other. It another great match from The Rock and Mankind.
    RATING- 10/10

    Steel Cage Match
    Winner Goes on to Wrestlemania Main Event
    Vince McMahon VS Stone Cold Steve Austin
    This match starts off with some brawling outside the cage because McMahon refuses to get in the cage with Austin. They go up in the crowd and brawl. McMahon tries to escape Austin by climbing into the cage. McMahon pays for it as he is caught and falls through the announce table. Eventually, Austin gets McMahon in the cage and the match finally starts. The match is entirely a beat-down of McMahon, but it's one of the most entertaining beat-downs there has ever been. Paul Wight, better know as Big Show, would make his debut near the end of this match.
    RATING- 9/10...more info
  • 1 of the best PPV's I've ever seen.
    I think that this movie was a big hit for the WWF. The first match could of been better (Golddust vs Bluedust) but the main event was the best. Especially when Austin trew Mr. McMahon of the cage in to the announce table. A must see. Buy it!!!...more info
  • just rent dont buy
    well this was pretty good ppv. the rock/mankind match was good. shamrock and venis match was a bit to long. hhh and xpac/kane and chyna was pretty good. but the best match was austin vs.mcmahon in a cage match. but the other matches are all duds....more info
  • Know your role and shut your mouth!
    I love this video.It is a great ppv from 1999.The best matches were the Rock vs Mankind in a last man standing, HHH and Xpac vs Kane and Chyna ,and Stone Cold vs Vince Mcmahon in a cage match.The Rock and Mankind tore the house down until both beat each other senseless.HHH and Xpac were out for revenge since Chyna joined the corporation but they had to get through Kane first.Then Stone Cold beat the crap out Mcmahon but was in for a surprise.............The Big Show!...more info
  • WWF St. Valentine's Day Massacre 1999
    Goldust vs Blue Meanie
    Funny match, great way to open the show.
    Rating: 6.0/10

    WWF Hardcore Title Match
    Al Snow (C) vs Hardcore Holly
    Great, Entertaining match. This was an good match with a good ending.
    Rating: 7.5/10

    WWF Intercontinential Title Match
    Ken Shamrock (C) vs Val Venis
    Special Ref-Billy Gunn
    This match exceeded expectations by far. Great match with good ending.
    Rating: 7.5/10

    Big Boss Man vs Mideon
    Quite possibly the worst match in the history of PPV's. The most boring match of 1999 by far.
    Rating: 1.0/10

    WWF Tag Team Title Match
    Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart (C) vs Mark Henry and D'Lo Brown
    Pretty good title match. It didn't disappoint.
    Rating: 6.5/10

    Mixed Tag Team Match
    Triple H and X-Pac vs Kane and Chyna
    Boring match until the end, the end made the match good.
    Rating: 6.0/10

    WWF Championship Match
    Last Man Standing Match
    The Rock (C) vs Mankind
    Good match, but not even near their match at the Rumble. Very good ending though.
    Rating: 8.0/10

    Steel Cage Match
    Winner Is #1 Contender for WWF Title Match at Wrestlemania 15
    "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs Vince McMahon
    Great match, great ending. Perfect main event for this type of PPV.
    Rating: 9.0/10

    WWF St. Valentine's Day Massacre is worth a rent for casual wrestling fans, but this PPV needs to be bought for any hardcore fan.
    Overall Rating: 7.5/10...more info
  • Not worth the money but still pretty good.
    I will give thumbs up to the last man standing match but thumbs way down for the cage match.Dont buy,RENT....more info
  • Better than the Rumble!
    Last months Royal Rumble was typical of WWF Rumbles, everything on the card is great except the Rumble match itself. But this pay-per-view more than makes up for any bad feelings you have toward the WWF, with The Rock and Mankind going at it again in another brutal contest that is a classic. No matter how many times they feud it still makes for must-see match-ups. The main event though as got to be Austin and McMahon in a steel cage match, where Vinnie Mc takes more bumps then Mankind, a brilliant event where you knew Vince would have something up his sleeve. Even though he has promised no interference from any Coporate members, no Rock, no Bossman, no Kane, no Chyna, Vince McMahon will always manage to screw Austin. This is the best pay-per-view of 1999!...more info
  • A great PPV.
    From the I-C title match to the Mixed Tag all the through theTitle match through the debut of the BIG was certinly veryentertaing. Worth the money END...more info
  • WWF St. Valentines Day Massacre
    This Video is the best

    The matches were awesome espically the main event Stone Cold Steve Austin v.s. Vince McMahon in a stell cage wit Paul Wright Big Show interfering....more info

  • Worst ppv ever
    It stinks. All the matches wrestling win is by cheating. Also it is plain boring....more info
  • Worst ppv ever
    It stinks. All the matches wrestling win is by cheating. Also it is plain boring....more info