The First Wives Club
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Brenda elise and annie are three well-heeled manhattan women who were college chums. They all helped their husbands build up successful businesses and now theyre reunited by catastrophe. Each has just been dumped by her husband for a young trophy wife they concoct a plan to exact bitter vengeance upon their exes. Studio: Paramount Home Video Release Date: 01/16/2007 Starring: Bette Midler Diane Keaton Run time: 104 minutes Rating: Pg Director: Hugh Wilson

Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler, and Diane Keaton prove that revenge is a dish best served cold. Former college buddies, they reunite at the funeral of a dear friend who took a swan dive onto Fifth Avenue. All three discover they share the same unhappy history of husbands who dove into middle-age by dumping them for trophy wives. Forming a warring triumvirate, they decide to get even, and along the way remind themselves of long-forgotten capabilities. The action gets a little too "wacky" at times, but the gals are great. Portraying an aging actress, Hawn is sometimes a little too flamboyant, but there is much fun to be had in her flashiness, especially when she pokes fun at Tinseltown and her persona. Instead of her usual brashness, Midler stretches herself and shows us a woman who is not just unhappy, but also deeply sorrowful. Not that she isn't quick with a wisecrack, but her expressive face alone tells the story of her marriage. As the repressed and guilt-ridden spouse of a self- involved ad executive, Keaton finds her anger, and her voice, when her psychiatrist (Marcia Gay Harden) oversteps ethical boundaries. Watching Keaton grow from an ineffectual homemaker into a powerful businessperson reminds us that it has been far too long since she has done a comedy. Director Hugh Wilson smartly chose supporting players who each brought something unique to the film. However, he does not maintain the first hour's effervescent humor throughout the film, as the ending is weakened by a softening of the wives' resolve. --Rochelle O'Gorman

Customer Reviews:

  • A Five Star Comedy!
    This is one of my favorite movies. With outrageous performances by Bette Midler, Diane Keaton, and Goldie Hawn. This movie tells the story of three men that dumped their wives, and now the wives are getting back at them. This is a hilarious, and keep you on the edge of your seat movie....more info
  • first wives club
    I am very pleased with my piurchase and the service was very quick. I would order again....more info
  • Sweet revenge.
    The First Wives Club is a funny and charming film. Bette Midler, Diane Keaton, and Goldie Hawn have terrific chemistry together. I love the premise of the film and also look for Sarah Jessica Parker and Elizabeth Berkley who play the younger women who have seduced their ex-husbands. I highly recommend checking this intelligent comedy out!...more info
  • The thrill of sexist violence
    This movie dramatizes and glorifies sexist violence against men. It is anti-men hate on film. If your a female who hates men, believes that men are bad, and loves to see men hurt, this movie is for you....more info
  • For women who hate men.....
    I hated this movie. I didn't so much hate it at the beginning when they were in the middle of getting together and all, but when they started doing all that bad stuff to their ex-husbands.

    This movie did NOT make me feel good at all. It depressed me. It enraged me. I never saw the 3 guys ever do anything back.

    What they did to those guys was just plain mean. I mean, what the hell did the death of their 4th friend have to do with their ex-husbands cheating on them? I mean, it's one thing to teach them a lesson when they're still married, but when they're divorced, that means they are ENTITLED to have the freedom to go for other women.

    Men get dumped by women all the time for better-looking guys, but you don't see these guys putting their ex-wives through that kind of hell.

    I don't understand how women can actually like this movie. It's just awful and mean....more info

  • Not as Sexist and Twisted as you Might Think
    Here's the premise: after the suicide of a close college friend (Stockard Channing), three ex-wives (played by Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler and Diane Keaton) maneuver the destruction of their ex-husbands' careers and lives. Sounds like a great `I Am Woman' sicko-revenge trip, right? It actually is, for the most part - it's just that the film (based on Olivia Goldsmith's novel) becomes a bit excessive with its over-dramatization, far-fetched kookiness and stereotypical hoopla. The whole thing turns into a `How can we outwit these miserable men and take all their money and be really clever and coy about it the whole while' kind of story. After years of helping their husbands build hugely successful businesses, the three women are callously dumped for younger, sexier "trophy wives." What I don't understand is why these smart, business-minded, middle-aged women bothered with their husbands in the first place, or why they expel all this narcissistic energy in dealing with them! (For Christ's sake ladies, let this film be an example, learn early that all men are good for nothing!) Oddly enough, Diane Keaton's on-screen daughter is the happiest person in the film, not to mention the least dysfunctional, and she's a lesbian! The whole movie comes off like a cross between 9 To 5 and The War Of the Roses, though nowhere near as sick and deranged as the latter - The First Wives Club points out everything in light-hearted raillery. Bette Midler is excellent as Brenda, the wife of an electronics-emporium magnate, and Goldie Hawn, as good as always, plays Elise Elliot, an aging movie-star who can't get any roles -- an important issue in Hollywood right now (key word being `Hollywood'). Being a member of Joe Blow's Average America, its hard to feel really sympathetic for the character (or the real issue). So an actress can't pull down that typical 3 or 4 million any more -deal with it, get a job at Pizza Hut, or shut the hell up! Diane Keaton, on the other hand, seems a little out of place in such a `free and easy' production, though her performance is plenty good, as is Sarah Jessica Parker's as Shelly. There are also some delightful little cameos from Heather Lockear; Jon Stewart, Ivana Trump, Kathie Lee Gifford, James Naughton, Rob Reiner and Elizabeth Berkley....more info
  • Hawn Midler and Keaton shine in this terrific comedy
    The First Wive's Club is one of my very favorite movies, I have seen it roughly 15 times. I love the friendship theme that permeates through this movie. Other reviews rate it negatively unfairly. The situation in this movie plays itself out in America every day, the film becomes less about getting "revenge" and more about sisterhood, and charity, and bonding together. Midler Keaton and Hawn are three of the BEST and most TALENTED actresses we have in America today. All give stellar performances. Sarah Jessica Parker is also so fun to watch as one of the 2nd wives. The film is hilarious and enjoyable and I would highly recommend it....more info
  • One of my Favorite Movies
    Such a fun movie, with 3 great actresses. All three play off each other perfectly. Enjoy!...more info
  • Unity of three women is a wonderful thing
    When I saw First Wives Club in the theater, I was not expecting for it to effect me as much as it has. This movie is not about three women just getting revenge on their ex-husbands. More importantly, it deals with long-lasting friendships and how hard that they are to maintain.

    It took a common college friend's funeral to reunite these three women. Their dead friend wasn't so concerned about her ex-husband, but about the loneliness that she would feel without him being a part of her life.

    I believe that anyone who has ever been in a relationship can understand that feeling of being alone without anyone in your life. This is what I like about this movie. It signifies that what we need in our lives are friends to share the good and bad times. We do not need friends to be there as a substitute for a significant other.

    Midler, Hawn, and Keaton do a great job in portraying long time friends, who in their need to exact revenge on their former husbands, discover that what they really needed was each other to help them rediscover their self-esteem.

    I would love to see the three women unite to do another movie. They have a wonderful chemistry together. I heard that they actually got along rather well on the set.

    If you want to see a funny movie about friendship and love, then The First Wives Club is for you....more info

  • LOVED this movie
    My friend showed this movie to me aout 2 years ago. I had forgotten all about it, and then it was on TV, so I watched it. I haven't seen too many movies by any of the stars, but as a kid stuck in an era of crappy plot-less movies, I can say that this is one of my favorite movies. Heck, there're so many good lines to quote!...more info
  • Great Movie!
    I guess I'm a bit behind the eight ball - I just watched this movie for the first time last week - and it was great!!!

    Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton & Bette Midler work wonderfully together in this movie, and they each play their characters to the hilt!!!

    The gist of the movie is that these women were all great friends during their teen years but had lost touch through the years. The suicide death of one of their "group" brought them all together once again. While catching up, they realized that they were all going through similar situations in their marriages - they were all being cheated on by their husbands!

    Once they figure this out, they decide to put their heads together to come up with inventive ways to get back at their husbands for doing this to them - and I must say they do an excellent job at it!!!

    Overall, this is a great comedy to watch with your girlfriends -I'm not sure if the men would be as eager to watch it with you. I give "The First Wives Club" 2 thumbs up!...more info
  • The First Wives Club Review
    I love this movie. Great story, great cast. It's heartbreaking, it's really funny, and the music is good, too....more info
  • Great, Great, Great, movie
    I love this movie. Me and my mom saw this in the theater and it was so funny. Me and my mom are huge chick flicks fans. But this is our favorite. We watch this whenever were sad or when we just want to laugh. Goldie Hawn is one of my favorite actresses if not my favorite. So really with the cast that they got, how could this movie go wrong. I didn't give it 5 stars is because it is a chick flick and guys wouldn't like it....more info
  • Excellent, time after time
    It only takes one event for years to seem like seconds, and to make friends realize what they mean to each other. Three former college friends figure that out when they meet up at the funeral of a fourth friend. When they find out what happened, they vow never to let another woman be tossed out like the trash simply because she's middle-aged. Bette Midler and Diane Keaton are both stellar, their characters are well-written and I want to be just like them when I grow up. First Wives Club is mostly a comedy, but there are a couple of touching moments as well. A really great movie I can watch again and again....more info
  • More Truth than Fiction
    There could not be enough films/movies/books dealing with this topic in a nation where over 50% of marriages end in divorce. The next time, however, it might be made more clear how the hypocrisy of wedding vows are never quite evaluated as they actually are: men get adultery, women get housework; men get their way, women get the kids. While it was cast as a comedy, no one dares cast it as the reality too often is, for the sadness it would create. He breaks marriage vows; she keeps them. Same story, over and over and over. Why gays prefer marriage is a mystery since there are far too many broken marriages to count. No wonder the attorneys like it. Perhaps it will work better between gays than it works between heterosexuals where his comforts are met, his money is expected to be his, and you don't make enough for it to matter. Of course, gays probably suspect their marriage will be different, but it seems to come with the territory. Men want freedom; women want security. How this can possibly work with two gay males is unknown; but it may work with two gay females, and be more stable than with heterosexuals. Kids will still be caught in the middle, and torn between the two! Redesigning marriage vows might help with the expectations, as well as the grounds for divorce, but all marriages appear to be measured the same in courts anyway, so unique vows or not, the ending is the same....more info
  • Better not to look too deeply
    The distinctive thing about this movie for me is that it is superficially adequate, but a very, very bad movie upon closer examination. For example, It must be a comedy since it can not fall into any other genre, but it is not funny. Somehow, this is not immediately obvious until afterwards when you reflect back upon what you have seen. I can not really explain this characteristic of the movie.

    To continue, the movie is about the revenge of three women against their ex-husbands who have left them for younger women. In the process, the children are used against the fathers. Blackmail is utilized. I don't have a problem with this. Funny movies have been made about canibalism. Funny movies have been made about divorce. However, if you are going to make such a movie, it has to go over the top. This movie handles everything like a sitcom. To make matters worse, it seems to realize at the end that it has gone too far and become politically incorrect. At root, the movie is making a statement that all men all scum. Once it gets to the end, it proceeds to spend an interminable amount of time in trying ot redeem itself by having the three women open a crisis center for women. This entire period is very, very, very long without any laughs. I mean without any jokes.

    Other random observations: Not since the theatrical release of "Bladerunner" has a narration been so unnecessary. One of the children is made into a lesbian so that the three women can go to a lesbian bar, and the sequence is not funny. The before mentioned lesbian hates her father and surprises him with an announcement that she is a lesbian. Perhaps some film maker somewhere could make this work as a punchline, but it doesn't work here. Goldie Hawn's character actually wears makeup to make herself grosteque. This is funny? Oh yea, her character is an alcoholic who has an instantanteous recovery. Bette Midler is actually quite good in this movie as an actress, but not as a comedience. Lets see. You have a movie about wives getting back at their husbands, and Bette Midler plays it almost straight. I think she could have perhaps chewed some scenery. This is the problem with the movie. It does not know what it wants to be....more info
  • entertaining, but some propaganda
    I found the movie entertaining. However, a central plot is that
    four women friends from the same college are dumped in their
    middle age by their husbands for younger women. In reality, women
    initiate most divorces. They get preferential treatment with
    ownership of the house, custody of the kids, and alimony.
    So, I think this movie is disguising the fact that, statistically,
    it's more like a First Husbands Club out there....more info
  • Hell Hath no Fury Like a Woman Scorned...
    These women are out for vengeance and they get it.

    Three college friends are reunited by the death of another college friend. Though they were incredibly close in school, their lives drifted apart afterwards. One became an actress (Goldie Hawn), one became a timid housewife (Diane Keaton) and the other became a very assertive housewife (Bette Middler). After all these years, there is only one thing that they have in common. All three have been dumped by their husbands in favor of younger women. They're not going to take it laying down and decide to recoup their losses, wreack havoc and have some fun doing it.

    This is a very entertaining film. The characterizations are strong almost to the point of being charactures but there is some depth to it as well. These women are dealing with real pain. In accordance with the old maxim that shared pain is lessened, they share first with each other and then with their ex-husbands. I almost feel sorry for the cretins near the end but not quite.

    This is never going to be considered a great classic but it is thoroughly worthwhile for its entertainment value. It is funny and poignant. It is well worth the price....more info
  • Stellar cast, limpid script
    Bland stuff, despite herculean efforts by the three leading ladies (Keaton is especially valiant). A criminal waste of the great Maggie Smith. For a rainy, RAINY Sunday afternoon....more info
    **1/2 1996. Based on Olivia Goldsmith's The First Wives Club. and directed by Hugh Wilson. One nomination for the Oscar in the Best Music, Original Musical or Comedy Score category. Three wives dumped by their husbands decide to take revenge and found the First Wives Club. Weak and harmless comedy with three good actresses but, alas, with no director to guide them. Already forgotten. ...more info
  • A riot by all accounts!
    This is one comedy team that really delivers a stellar performance that will have its audiences laughing until they see stars. The premise of three jilted ex-wives getting back at their scum-bag husbands is quite an example of amazing writing, and the casting of Bette Midler, Diane Keaton, and Goldie Hawn is nothing short of brilliant. The subtle comments, the actions taken by the women, and the results of their shenanigans tickle the hearts of everyone touched by this wonderful film. I hope that everyone will have the chance to watch this movie, and that they find that it is a funny as it is realistic....more info
  • "If only she'd called me. If only I was listed!"
    In 1996, Hugh Wilson directed a very funny comedy about three friends that were all dumped by their husbands for younger women in the film "First Wives Club". Based upon the 1992 novel of the same name by Olivia Goldsmith (1949-2004), the three friends (who had met in college) are brought back together after their fourth friend, Cynthia Swann Griffin (Stockard Channing), jumped from her penthouse apartment in Manhattan after her husband left and she felt totally alone. Upon learning about each others similar marital problems, the surviving friends, which include the boisterous Brenda Cushman (Bette Midler), the movie actress Elise Elliot (Goldie Hawn) and the timid Annie Paradis (Diane Keaton), decide to work together to attain vengence upon their ex-husbands. Brenda's ex-husband, Morton 'Morty' Cushman (Dan Hedaya), wants to marry the very young and shallow Shelly Stewart (Sarah Jessica Parker). Elise's ex-husband, Bill Atchison (Victor Garber), is dating the very young aspiring actress Phoebe LaVelle (Elizabeth Berkley). Annie's separated husband, Aaron Paradis (Stephen Collins), is having an affair with Annie's therapist, Dr. Leslie Rosen (Marcia Gay Harden). To assist them, the trio of first wives enlist help from their friends, which include the interior decorator Duarto Feliz (Bronson Pinchot), Annie's daughter Chris Paradis (Jennifer Dundas), the socialite Gunilla Garson Goldberg (Maggie Smith) and Brenda's Uncle Carmine (Philip Bosco).

    Though the plot was somewhat weak and the acting and screen writing were not Oscar-worthy, "First Wives Club" is still very entertaining and engaging. The most memorable acting comes from Goldie Hawn, Bette Midler, Diane Keaton, Sarah Jessica Parker and Victor Garber. The film did receive an Oscar nomination for Best Original Score. Memorable scenes in the film include Cynthia on her balcony, her funeral, the trio at the restaurant, Elise visiting Bill's office, Annie's visits with Dr. Leslie Rosen, Morty's commercial, Shelly with Gunilla, Morty's apartment, the auction, the fight, Annie's purchase, Chris' announcement and the closing scenes. Other memorable characters include Annie's mother Catherine MacDuggan (Eileen Heckart, 1919-2001), Dr. Morris Packman (Rob Reiner) and Brenda's son Jason (Ari Greenberg), as well as cameos by Ivana Trump, Kathie Lee Gifford, Gloria Steinem and former NYC mayor Edward I. Koch. Olivia Goldsmith also made an unaccredited cameo. Overall, I rate "First Wives Club" with 4 out of 5 stars. It's a fun film that both women and men can enjoy, though women may enjoy it more since the men in the film are the bad guys....more info

  • Love this movie, so fun
    I watched this movie three nights in a row! It's fabulous! I saw it a few years ago and wasn't particularly crazy about it, but now I really love it. If you want nonstop fun and not a lot of sadness, a lot of laughs, get this DVD!! Goldie Hawn (Overboard), Bette Midler (Hocus Pocus) and Diane Keaton (Baby Boom) are all excellent as well as Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City-TV), Maggie Smith (Harry Potter movies), and Stockard Channing (Grease). GREAT MOVIE!!!...more info
  • Funny but over-acted
    For a movie with a pretty big idea--that women whose husbands leave them for younger women can regain their dignity, control, and even, in some cases, their husbands--this is a pretty trifling affair. It's embarrassing to listen to Diane Keaton reduce all her acting talent to a 90-minute stream of shrill screams and whines and whimpers. Goldie Hawn's character undergoes plastic surgery, but that's not enough to explain the way she contorts her face throughout the film. And when Bette Midler and the other two get together to burst into song, watch out. You'll probably wince.

    Still, this is a funny movie, with a decent heart, a pat but semi-satisfying ending, and a really great cast: Stockard Channing, Sarah Jessica Parker, Elizabeth Berkeley, Dan Hedaya, Balki from Perfect Strangers, the dad from Seventh Heaven, and Maggie Smith all make appearances. You probably shouldn't buy it, but you could do a lot worse than this flipping through channels on cable....more info

  • I Loved This Movie! Really Really Good Movie! Great Cast!
    I loved this movie alot! It was a really really good movie! It had an excellent cast in it! Really great cast! The Movie is about three women who get revenge on their ex-husbands who divorced them for younger women! They get good revenge on their ex-husbands! Great Movie!...more info