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Gypsy (1962) [VHS]
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Widely considered, top to bottom, one of the finest musicals in Broadway history, Gypsy got lucky in its film version. Granted, Rosalind Russell doesn't have the bell-ringing voice one craves for in "Everything's Coming Up Roses," but as a domineering stage mom, she's truly fearsome. Trouping through vaudeville with her is her daughter, the future celebrity stripper Gypsy Rose Lee, played by Natalie Wood in all her youthful lusciousness. The production is studio-bound, but this actually fits the unreal show-biz world depicted. The Jule Styne-Stephen Sondheim score has no weak spots, and some of the burlesque numbers ("Let Me Entertain You" and the riotous "You Gotta Get a Gimmick") are so authentic, you'd swear they were at least 100 years old. Gypsy is one of those big, somewhat stately musicals that does satisfying credit to its stage origins; no cinematic ground-breaking here, but a swell way to spend a rainy afternoon. --Robert Horton

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Movie!
    This is one of my favorite movies! Natalie Wood is great! A must see if you enjoy great Hollywood Musicals!...more info
  • rosalind russels cd's
    I was very happy with the transaction and will deal with this person again in the future....more info
    I have heard the original cast album of the 1959 Broadway
    production, and the cast changes made for this movie degrade the musical score enormously. Ethel Merman's songs in the show were
    specifically designed to show off her voice; Rosalind Russell's
    singing is very amateurish and no match for Merman. Karl Malden is a good dramatic actor (see On the Waterfront), but he seems very awkward in this musical. Natalie Wood comes off best and looks great....more info
  • A charming adaptation of a charming musical
    I was really very pleased by this version of Gypsy. This movie had all the old time production values one expects from a musical of this caliber, and good acting all around. Karl Maulden is a great Herbie, and Natalie Wood handles Louise's metamorphis from awkward teenager to sex symbol magnificiently.

    For what it's worth, I think that Rosiland Russel was the best of the Mama Roses I've experienced. Ethel was probably great on Broadway, but judging from the soundtrack, she would have been too stagey on screen for my taste, and Bette's version was just a little too psychotic for me. For my money, Rosiland really captured the essence of Rose: The frustrated almost-ran who lived her life vicariously through her children. The fact that she wasn't a singer just added to that image for me.

    All in all, this is a great movie that is well worth the money....more info

  • Sophisticated musical lacks zip
    An unusually sophisticated musical based on the memoirs of striptease artiste Gypsy Rose Lee. Well acted by Rosalind Russell, Karl Malden, and Natalie Wood but it lacks zip - the fake looking sets don't help, neither does Rosalind Russell's obvious lip synching - and when you see Gypsy Rose Lee's idea of stripping in the latter part of the film you will wonder what all the fuss was about. ...more info
  • A grate movie
    I heard the story of her life but seeing the movie truly brought this young dancer to life. She was enchanting and it was amazing to see a movie about her. I had no idea that she was like that. Or that her life was like that. I say this is a grate movie to see if you love amazing storys sort of legends turned into amazing brilliant movies....more info
  • Love it!
    I was excited to get Gypsy because I hadn't seen it in over 10 years! I received it within 3 days and I watched it right away. It was in great condition and still the great movie I remember it to be. That's all I have to say and now I'm going to go watch it again. Have a good one!...more info
  • GYPSY - Simply the best
    When I first saw Gypsy, I was an impressionable 12 year old. The story of a girl, ignored by her mother, overshadowed by her younger sister really hit home with me. To watch how this pitiful young girl could overcome all of her life's hardships and become a star in her own right gave me the hope for my dreams. This movie may not be as great as the stage show, but with all the stars giving it their all, the quality comes across. The music is wonderful, and presented with extreme vigor. From the first "Let me entertain you" number as kids all the way through the vaudeville acts, the essence of the time's entertainment is showcased wonderfully. Mama Rose's songs were acted by Ms. Russell to perfection. Karl Malden makes the perfect Herbie, showing both the strength and weakness of his character. Natalie Wood's progression from a quiet child to dazzling star is a must-see. Her famous striptease versions of "let me entertain you" bring the whole show together. I still get goosebumps when she sees herself in the mirror all dressed up before her first striptease and says to herself "Momma, I'm pretty, I'm a pretty girl", her self awareness awakened for the first time. And, don't miss the incredible "Gotta have a gimmic" number, a showstopper! I love this movie, watch it whenever I need a pick me up and always makes me remember that even an ugly duckling really can turn into a self confident, beautiful swan. Perhaps Gypsy Rose Lee was really the first feminist, taking her life in her own hands and making a success for herself without the help of anyone. Buy this film....more info
  • You can't go wrong with Roz
    I was ever so cautious about buying this DVD. First, there was the anxiety about potential editing horrors that destroy so many movies on DVD. Then there's the Herculean struggle of resolving who the best Mama Rose really was. And of course, everyone knows that the only movie that ever made full use of the medium to improve a musical was The Sound of Music. So my expectations were already low.

    I saw this movie years ago, and the faintness of my memory suggested to me that it wasn't all that great. By then, I had every note of the cast album with Ethel Merman memorized. And probably, I was wanting to hear Merman's voice in the part that Rosalind Russell sings/doesn't sing in the film.

    When I recently resolved to buy myself s'more Gypsy, I diligently read everything I could about all the filmed and recorded versions. And settled on this one. That was smart of me.

    First, and very importantly, be sure you're buying this widescreen format that beautifully captures the original cinematic exhibition. When you get to the scene at the train station and notice how the cinematography gently echoes Rose's empty and crumbling internal landscape, you will thank me.

    Second, there is no rational way to compare Rosalind Russell to Ethel Merman. Of course Merman could sing circles around her and virtually everyone else. But think about it. What would it really be like if Merman had done a film version? Ethel. In close up. Tonsils all engorged. If that had been the movie I'd watched, I think we both know I'd still be cowering under the sofa and unable to write this review. Rosalind Russell is such a very fine (and historically under-rated) film actress that she clearly fills out every inch of Mama Rose's character in the first scene. And her performance of "Some People" is just so good I get all giddy again just thinking about it. It's a pleasure to watch these songs being acted so well. Russell and Wood are the particularly strong actors here. Karl Malden left me wondering if Jack Klugman was really too busy to do the movie or what. He wasn't bad, but he wasn't stellar, and that looks bad next to what Rosalind Russell was doing with her part. Now on one hand, I was thrilled to see that the duet of "You'll Never Get Away from Me" was included in the outtakes--it's one of my favorite theater songs--but on the other hand, wow! Who knew a girl could miss Jack Klugman this much!

    If you are struggling, as was I, over which Gypsy to get on DVD, struggle no more. This is the one. Sure, you may be tempted to get Bette Midler. But I caution you to remember how it always gets with Bette Midler. Things seem to be going well for a while, then by the end of the film/show/concert, you're wanting to shake her and tell her to stop making faces. Rosalind Russell won't do that to you. She's just unspeakably fabulous in this role. All the brashness necessary for Mama Rose with all the subtlety necessary for film.

    As an extra bonus: If you squint a little, you'll realize that the strangely contemporary and familiar look you notice in Rosalind Russell's face is because she is a dead ringer for Alan Cumming in drag. This, needless to say, makes the film all the more enjoyable on an entirely new level....more info
  • One of the classics
    I loved this movie when it came to theaters in the early 1960's, and I loved it just as much watching it again. This is one of those movies that I will watch again and again....more info
  • An Under Appreciated Gem!
    One of my favorite musical films. In Rosalind Russell's capable hands, Mama Rose becomes a flesh and blood, living, breathing, and heartbraking character. She gets the pathos and the ambition and the humor and the hurt just right... I love it! The rest of the cast is also first-rate. ...more info
  • Terrific
    You can not beat Rosalind Russell in this film she is a powerhouse with an amazing supporting cast! The only thing is I would have choosen a singer to dub her with a higher voice. I like Peters more than Lupone so that explains that. This movie takes you on a wonderful two and a half hour ride. This musical works because it is solid from start to finish. Ms. Wood is constantly complementing the domineering mother. The different periods of the ride are all equally entertaining. No wonder this story keeps getting told on stage on Broadway, it is truly great. Thank you for getting it right Hollywood with the most talented Russell, i just love her. No one like her today or ever in my opinion!...more info