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Day of the Dead
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Chapter three of George Romero's mighty zombie trilogy has big footsteps to follow. Night of the Living Dead was a classic that revitalized a certain corner of the cinema, and Dawn of the Dead was nothing short of epic. Day of the Dead, however, has always been regarded as a comedown compared to those twin peaks--and perhaps it is. But on its own terms, this is an awfully effective horror movie, made with Romero's customary social satire and cinematic vigor--when a "retrained" zombie responds to the "Ode to Joy," the film is in genuinely haunting territory. The story is set inside a sunken military complex, where Army and medical staff, supposedly working on a solution to the zombie problem, are going crazy (strongly foreshadowing the final act of 28 Days Later). Tom Savini's makeup effects could make even hardcore gore fans tear off their own heads in amazement. --Robert Horton

Customer Reviews:

  • I disagree with most of these reviews
    I thought the blu-ray edition of the Day of the Dead looked great.

    Watched it on a 57inch HDTV along with the Panasonic DMPBD30 Blu Ray Player. The video was very clear, crisp and colorful compared to the old regular dvd versions.

    My only complaint was the audio, it was PCM 5.1 but it just sounds flat and front heavy. Besides that though, I loved the movie itself and the picture quality. Also, some great extras on there....more info
  • Day of The Dead Reckoning.
    Day of The Dead is an excellent film. It's very nihilistic, but has a hopeful ending. The hardcore gore FX are second to none, the best of Tom Savini's career, the characterization and dialog are excellent, and it's just a fun, great, depressing film overall. It's slow, but that doesn't mean it's bad. I love this movie. It breaks every rule of horror cinema, and does it with style, and has a lot to say. A supremely intelligent, literate zombie movie (which isn't saying much, I know) that is a very worthy sequel to Dawn of The Dead, that splatteriffic incredible satiric achievement. Buy this movie. You won't regret it. If you have any taste in great horror movies at all, that is....more info
    day of the dead released in 1985 a third entry of romero's dead movies.although everyone has their thoughts of the hits and misses i did find this movie very entertaining when i first saw it in is known romero did not get the budget he wanted to make day of the dead the way he wrote it the first time so he had to re write it too fit in the budget.what i admired about this film is the characters realistic to madness being confined to a misssile silo shelter.again what does one react when in a situation and thousands of zombies out there wanting to eat you at any moment? same you see in day of the dead while trying to survive your mind goes haywire!this special edition is far more superior than its previous release with a crystal clear print and sound and in anamorphic my opinion day of the dead is a superior work of psycological drama and tension,of how any of us would react in a similiar situation.great performances by lori cardile,terry alexander,,joe pilato,richard liberty gives this intense horror realism.this is a great addition to night of the living dead,dawn of the dead and land of the dead all done with the touch of george romero's directing....... ...more info
  • Hungry For More?
    Day of the Dead doesn't get the same attention as Dawn of the Dead, but I think it is a great story and a great film. What I really like about Day of the Dead is that it begins to give us more insight into the zombies. The story takes place in an underground storage facility where a team of scientists are working to find answers about the zombies. We meet "Bub" who is a tame zombie that still holds onto some of what made him human. The head scientist figures out that zombies still maintain some human instincts in their brain stems and therefore he believes that rather than trying to cure the problem they should be looking at trying to domesticate the zombies. The military team in charge of protecting the scientists and gathering up the zombie samples starts to grow restless for answers and results, as more of their men are dying. There is a rift between the two groups and all hell breaks out. This is a classic movie and a must see. I love zombie movies and this is probably my favorite one because the story is so interesting to me. The acting is pretty bad and it isn't a perfect film by any means... but I have to give this 5 stars because, if nothing else, the story is just awesome. ...more info
    The film is good (but Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead are better) and this dvd is one of the best editions I've ever saw. Image clear and good sound. The extras are good also very informative. Could have been better if the film and the extras would have subtitles in spanish or english....more info
  • Grade A classic
    Out of all 5 dead movies Day Of The Dead is my all-time favorite, it's dark, bleak and it times damn right horrific.

    The film kicks off with a nightmare scene that Sarah played by Lori Cardelle, she is one of the survivors that's held up in a missile silo that she shares with a group of scientists and soldiers who are at each others necks about how to deal with the zombie problem topside, as tensions increase, the situation gets worse and all hell breaks lose.

    The acting is very good here in this film you can tell that Jospeh Pilato who plays Roades sure dose enjoy plying a psychotic military leader.

    The special make up fx, which done by Tom Savini were spot on it has got to be some of the best fx he has done for a film, after all he did win the saturn award for his work in this film, this film I believe has some the most gruesome moments I've ever seen in a zombie film.

    Day of The Dead is I feel the best one out of the 5 zombie films that George Romero has made and is a grade A classic in it's own right....more info
  • Perfectly Cheesy & Perfectly Zombirific
    First off, I love zombie movies. I don't care for all of them, but this one was good. I wanted to finish off the series and this was a fine installment, albiet not the best. It is very funny though and brings up some good questions like what would we do if this happened? Of course, all of them do, but it keeps the excitement and anticipation going. All in all, I liked it and it is worth watching....more info
  • Romero's Masterpiece!!
    This has to be my favorite of the trilogy, by far, with Dawn coming in a close second. Each character plays a key role in the development of the movie & moves the story forward. It's been said that the script was over-written (too much cursing, in other words), but I think it just adds to the realism of the setting; if I were one of the few remaining humans around I wouldn't care much about who heard me curse either. This movie took Dawn to a whole new level, and we see the human population growing smaller & smaller while the zombies come from out of nowhere.

    It takes place roughly 10 years after Dawn, which took place roughly 10 years after Night, and roughly 20 years before Land; Diary of the Dead can be looked at as an update of the original.

    The bonus disc has some goodies on it, certainly worth the money. There are 2 mini-documentaries & a couple slideshows of production photos. Plus the audio commentary by the director, Tom Savini, and the chick who played the only chick in the film. Pretty interesting stuff if you're into how movies are made.

    I'm hoping that one day George will remake this movie with the original concept he had in mind, which would have been longer & much more extensive than this "watered down" version. Also look for a special apperance by Chef Brockett as a zombie.

    ...more info
  • Another great Romero movie
    This is the third movie in George A. Romero's "dead" series. It takes place after the hit "Dawn of the Dead" and doesnt dissappoint. Although there isn't as much action as in Dawn, it's still an excellent movie. The reason I purchased this movie is because I've been a fan of George Romero's work and I've seen the movie before. I've always liked it and now that I have a PS3 I wanted to see it on blu ray. Despite it being a movie made in 1985, the picture and sound is still INCREDIBLE. I'd highly recommend this movie for anyone thats a fan of old school zombie movies, even if you're a fan of new school zombie movies I think you'd still enjoy this....more info
  • Excellent presentation of perhaps the weakest "dead" film
    As the good commentary track with Romero, Tom Savini, and Lori Cardille notes, Day of the Dead is some fans' favorite film of the "Dead" series. Generally, though, I think it's considered the weakest, certainly in comparison to Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead. Now I think Diary of the Dead may have displaced it as the least favorite all around. However, this excellent Blu-ray presentation did give me a chance to re-think my opinion of the film and to recognize the many virtues I had not noticed or considered before. The best thing about Blu-ray may be that its picture quality allows us to pick up on small visual details that were obscure in previous versions. The commentary track helps in this respect as well. This edition is definitely well worth purchasing, particularly if you can get it at a good price, to replace the previous "regular" DVD release. Oddly, I was hoping that the "tongue" zombie seen over the credits would be clearer, but he isn't. Oh, well. ...more info
    For many it seemed that George Romero had lost his touch when he released the final film (at the time) of his Dead Trilogy. In the late sixties, NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD scared people with it's depiction of walking dead, zombies, feasting on the flesh of the living. In the seventies he released DAWN OF THE DEAD. We were treated to the same basic principal, but this time around given a more in depth allegorical story. And full color zombies eating flesh. Then in the eighties Romero released the final film, DAY OF THE DEAD.

    More gruesome than its predecessor, the movie offered a harsher reality of a world run over by flesh eating zombies. And critics who had fawned over the first two films missed the point. They didn't get it. And the movie was trashed by the same. Released in full with an X rating, the film received little advertising and died away except for the few die hard fans that flocked to it.

    I was one of those fans. And I loved the film as much as I had the previous installments. And in watching the film, more so now than ever, you can see the growth of the talents of Romero. The black and white gave way to color, the color gave way to higher production values. This movie almost shines in its clarity.

    Having seen (and owned) various copies of the film on video and DVD before, all I can say is that Anchor Bay has outdone themselves with this release. It is by far the clearest, cleanest print I have seen since viewing it in a theater those long years ago. The best example of this is in the very beginning when a zombie sans lower jaw walks into view as the title pops up on screen. In the past, he appeared almost black, none of the special effects work of master artist Tom Savini was apparent. Here, it is on view quite well and the rest of the film follows.

    For those unaware of the story, in the beginning, something brought the dead back to life with a singular craving for human flesh. There you have it, a simple plot. The second film offered a look at American culture and it's obsession with commercialism (see my review of this film if you like). This movie takes a look at how the military and research scientist have both seemed to have lost touch with the humanity both claim to want to protect.

    As each film was released, the number of zombies increased. The first had a ratio of more humans than zombies, the second about even. In this release, the zombies appear to have taken over. From the opening sequence of a city filled with walking dead, you can tell that humanity's hopes are all but lost.

    The story revolves around a group of soldiers and research scientists holed up in what appears to be an abandoned silo. There, all sense of order is on the verge of breaking down as the scientists search for an answer to this problem. The soldiers, weary from fatigue and unable to comprehend what has gone on, are on the edge and ready to blow. A conflict between the two, each having little use for the other, is inevitable.

    The main scientist is Dr. Logan (Richard Liberty) who looks at things differently. Rather than try and eliminate the problem, he's begun researching the possibility of domesticating the zombies, as seen in the display of his prize "pupil" Bub (Sherman Howard). Bub recognizes items from his past and seems to have the ability to control the urge to devour the doctor.

    Our heroine is Sarah (Lori Cardille), another scientist who comes to the conclusion that Dr. Logan's line of inquiry could lead to the military's shutting them down and eliminating them all. Her love for one of the soldiers, Miguel (Anthony Dilio Jr) causes a disruption among the soldiers.

    Leading the military is Captain Rhodes (Joseph Pilato), a hard headed soldier who wants results and nothing more. Having just assumed command, he will no longer risk his men in attempts to gather more subjects for research. And he is, in his own way, as far over the edge as Dr. Logan.

    All of these characters interact with one another as jealousies, questions of capability and a subdued battle for control runs underneath the blatant story of the zombie take over. Just who will win, who will take charge for real and who will survive is at the very heart of this movie. But more to the point of who is the question of CAN they survive in a world gone mad.

    For a group of basically unknown actors (at least by Hollywood standards) the ensemble here does a tremendous job. It's amazing to think that none of these people went on to enormous stardom. Perhaps it was the fact that horror film actors rarely are given the due they deserve.

    Perhaps the main claim to fame of this film is its special effects. Tom Savini rose to the challenge of making it all believable and over the top at the same time. Displays of zombies with internal organs falling out, victims literally pulled apart before our very eyes, the camera never wavering, the basic make up of each and every zombie walking, all are shown with the skill that only a master can summon forth. And his legacy lives on as crew member (and one of the soldiers in the film) Greg Nicotero went on to form KNB Effects, one of the top groups operating now.

    If you didn't already know, this movie was just released in a special edition release from Anchor Bay. The DVD offers the movie in its most complete and clear form on disc one. It also contains commentary tracks of an ensemble including Romero himself, Tom Savini, Lori Cardille and set designer Cletus Anderson and another track from film maker Roger Avery. The second disc contains all sorts of goodies. A 31 minute behind the scenes collection with images from Savini's private files. An audio interview with Richard Liberty. The featurette THE MANY DAYS OF THE DAY OF THE DEAD, a 39 minute look back at the movie featuring the stars today recalling their experience on the film. Trailers, TV spots, pictures, poster and ad artwork, a Romero biography, make up photo gallery and more. This is one fully loaded package and more than worth the costs.

    If you love horror films then your collection won't be complete without this one. Add it today.
    ...more info
  • Great, complete edition for the less fortunate of Romero's original trilogy
    This edition is very complete and very recomended for Romero's fans and for Zombie flicks fans in general. The picture and sound quality are, in my opinion, very good and more than i could ask for. The package is a little uncumbfortable to manipulate, but definetly out the usual standards, and very funny for collectors. This 2 disc DVD edition contains enough extra material about the movie, documentaries and interviews, poster and photo galleries, to keep you in your seat for a very entertaining long time. The booklet included was a little weird, like a note book, but the more the best.

    The big winner in this DVD Edition was make-up and special effects master Tom Savini. The records, interviews and making-off were great to see on screen. As you might know, the gruesome Zombie gorefests and make-up, were the best achievements in this third "final" chapter in Romero's Zombie saga. Remember the "Pale" zombies in 1978 "Dawn of the dead" with not even a scar? In here, zombies are rotten and hungry as hell, finnaly! Of course back in 1985 this movie was a major shock, but this is still very important material in horror special effects history. Check it out.

    About the movie, i thought it was too claustrophobic for what intended to be a portrayal of the Zombie apocalypse on earth. The zombies rule the surface after all, but why all the action happened in an underground missile silo? Acording to Romero, the lack of budget: it's not cheap to empty a whole town for the zombie and human-survivors interaction. After all it's 1985, still no digital effects available for that idea. Romero later redimed himself in "Land of the dead" for that matter. In the story about soldiers violent survival instincts, versus scientists looking for solutions, enough has been said. A lady is the main character, so enough stereotypes for the movie i think.

    Anyway, enjoy this incredible edition. An edition that horror fans deserve, i was very very grateful. The list of extras is too long to post! I missed the subtitles, a real "bummer" for us foreign fans. I wish for more editions like this one. In my opinion 4,5 stars because of the subtitles. 3 stars for this classic....more info
  • The Brightest Day
    This is the ultimate version of George A. Romero's Day of the Dead. Hands down. I can't imagine what else would be included unless Joe Pilato or Lori Cardille came to your house and talked about it. The transfer is incredible, to say the least. Special Features all over the place, including multiple commentaries and Dr. Logan's note pad. While it was kind of shocking to see how the stars had aged (and realizing it's been over 20 years since this gem was made), it is nice to know who is still around. If you ever wanted to give Day a shot, here's the best shot to give it. It's a mostly forgotten & under appreciated Romero masterpiece and you should check it out NOW! ...more info
  • Zombie Upgrade
    I am extremely satisfied with the clarity of the Blu-ray edition of Day of The Dead and the sound is pumped up with the new PCM 5.1 option. By the time the DVD had reached the opening credits and "Dr. Tongue", the zombie that appears with the Day of the Dead logo, I knew I had made the right choice in purchasing this one. In the former Divimax editions it had been difficult to see darkened details such a Dr Tongue's missing maw and flicking tongue, but not now. During the commentary it is mentioned how disappointing it was to miss such detail. It is a blessing to know that there are people that still care about upgrading our zombies so that we might enjoy them to the fullest extent that technology will allow. Thank you Anchor Bay for rereleasing some true Claasics this month including Dawn of the Dead and Halloween.
    The extras will thrill the fans and the new Fast Film Facts plays along with the feature with some fun info. Tom Savini's FX work is examined in one feature and you have to agree that it is some of the best work out there....pre CGI anyway.
    A fun, thought provoking zombie apocalypse awaits you....more info
  • No day that I want to be a part of!
    This Zombie movie has some really great scenes in it. Totally different from most Zombie movies. Proves that Romero is the King of Zombie movies! Wonder where he gets all these ideas for his movies! lol...more info
  • Wow, a zombie movie that actually delivers!
    After slowly going through the ranks of zombie movies available here on Amazon and receiving disappointment after disappointment, I was beginning to think there wouldn't be any zombie movies that could satisfy me (other than good ol' Night of the Living Dead, which I love). I guess I should have looked to Romero again sooner. This man truly deserves the title of King of the Zombie Movie.

    Although some of the performances of certain characters here such as the military head honcho, his men and the doctor are too over-the-top and caricaturish for my tastes and would otherwise have earned the movie just a 4-star rating from me, this movie has other worthwhile qualities which really bump it up to a full 5 stars in my evaluation.

    First and foremost is the absolutely OUTSTANDING job Tom Savini did on the make-up and special effects, which still hold up just fine today. He manages to outfit HUNDREDS of zombie extras, and make each one absolutely unique, perfectly believable and genuinely horrific. What an amazing job! (A word of warning to the squeamish: be prepared for gore!)

    And second, there is a superb performance from Sherman Howard as the doctor's zombie test subject "Bub". He takes what was just a small non-speaking part and runs with it, turning him into an unforgettable icon of the zombie genre. I was amazed to learn from the interviews in the bonus materials that in fact one of the most memorable scenes with Bub --where he is exposed to music on a Walkman-- was actually Howard's own idea. This kind of openness and willingness to let his actors contribute on Romero's part takes this movie from being just your average horror flick and imbues it with moments bordering on the profound. This movie even helped me to understand my own inexplicable fascination with the zombie genre lately, as the doctor astutely observes: "Zombies are us!"

    So in the end it is the contributions of many people that have combined to set this film apart from the pack. Even though Romero was forced to scale back on his first grandiose vision for the film due to budget constraints, he was able to compensate and find substitute solutions that worked just as well if not better. Be sure to watch the excellent bonus materials to get a better appreciation of what they managed to achieve here in spite of many obstacles.

    So yes this movie is not perfect, but I still feel that what was achieved deserves 5 big stars from me. Well done!

    ...more info
  • Even though it came out twenty years ago, the blood and gore are just as good (if not better)
    Even though it came out twenty years ago, the blood and gore are just as good (if not better) than any recent horror movie that I've seen. And while it's not as great as its predecessor, Day of the Dead still manages to be a really great zombie movie. I highly recommend this special edition DVD, as the sound and picture are amazing, and there are more extra features than most current Hollywood releases. ...more info
  • Maybe better than Dawn?!? Maybe!
    As with Dawn I neded to see this one more than once to see the genuis behind the film. Romero May be considered a one trick pony but I love his trick. Dare I say the best make-up effects of any zombie movie. ...more info
  • day of the dead
    DAY OF THE DEAD is one of my favorite zombie movies out of the three.
    on BLU-RAY IT even looks better not a perfect picture but in HD really good better then dvd ill tell you that.for any zombie fan try them on blu ray....more info
  • One of the best Zombie movies out there!!!
    Day of the Dead is the third movie in the now quadrilogy of Dead movies. The first two Dead movies explored the outbreak of the zombies and humans surviving while Day of the Dead focuses on the zombies complete take over of the world and last hope for humanity clingin to life in a military bunker. Thats what i like about this movive and the rest of George Romeros movies. Its not about the fact that there zombies out there but its about how the last humans deal with it. Instead of focusing on how much gore and blood and guts he could fill into his movies he focused on humanit's role in the world. Sure theres still exploding heads, decapitations, severed limbs, and a whole other mess of gore. But the way the humans in act in Day of the Dead is pure insanity. The scientists are trying to figure out how to make the zombies more human, while the military ( or whats left of it) is trying to kill everything and run things there way. Out of this movie two scenes stick out in my mind, When the zombie the crazed scientist is training named Bud actually starts to speak and shave, that scene put a new angle on zombies that Romero used in the next movie Land of the Dead where zombies are trying to become more human, and go back to what they were before they were turned to zombies. Its a creepy thought that zombies could take over, but its even creepier to think that they could try to mimic us and do the things we do and blend in. The other scene is when the revolver weilding corpral is cornered by Bud and Bud actually shoots him twice before the corpral is caught by other zombies who rip him apart dragging his legs away, and the tough as nails corpals dying words are "I HOPE YOU CHOKE ON EM" befor being consumed by the other zombie force. Its an excelent movie and i recommend it for Romero fans and zombie fans alike....more info
  • 3 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    By far the least appreciated of Romero's original "Dead" trilogy, Day of the Dead might not have Night's raw power or Dawn's shock value, but it features the director's trademarked blend of zombie carnage and unpretentious social commentary, making it well worth a viewing for fans of the genre....more info
  • George Romero's Best zombie movie ever.
    Day of the dead is in fact the best zombie flick in the Romero series. Many say that there was'nt enough gore or zombie action in this movie and i disagree. I think Romero did a good job in Illustrating the emotions of a group of people who not by choice are stuck with each other. I love the use of language in the movie because it seems truly honest considering the situation going on. The bonus disc offers the fans a special documetary about the film with commentaries from some of the actors themselves. This is truly a collector's item for the hardcore Romero zombie movies collectors out there. I recomend this movie to everyone. ...more info
  • Utterly Worthwhile
    Utterly worthwhile and now an all-time classic in its own right, "Day of the
    Dead" has fought a long uphill battle toward redemption in the minds of Horror
    movie fans. If, like me, you walk into this film for the first time expecting
    vast amounts of Suck, you may be surprised to find that:
    a) this movie sucks nowhere near as badly as some would have you believe, and
    b) in fact, it's actually rather good

    Moreover, the movie practically demands repeated viewings, which reveal that
    this is a much more multifaceted and deeper work than one would perceive at
    first glance. For example: on initial viewing one's tendencies may be directed
    towards the high-minded and hard working scientists as the film's main
    sympathetic leads. But try watching it again from the viewpoint of the "evil"
    military characters and you'll see that a lot of what they say actually makes

    As far as the much ballyhooed dialogue scenes go, these reveal hidden nuggets of
    information and a well thought out rumination on the events of the previous two
    films. These are people in extremis, trapped for months (possibly even a year or
    more) in a very unappealing underground environment with death overhead, under
    foot, and with nothing but death in their futures. Forced to essentially write
    their own epitaphs, these people have a lot to say to each other (much of it,
    quite nastily).

    As to the rather Industrial Strength swearing on hand, lets just say that
    frustration breeds salty tongues and leave it at that.

    For those who don't enjoy the spicy tete-a-tete, there's enough here for the
    serious gorehound between the Zombie Apocalypse opening sequence and the
    charnel funhouse ending to reward several return visits. Needless to say, Tom
    Savini's makeup effects, amply -- and graphically -- showcased throughout the
    film, are simply amazing (one might even say they're unsurpassed).

    So, should you buy this DVD? If you're a serious Horror fan, perhaps. If you're
    a fan of George A. Romero's work, then definitely if for no other reason than to
    simply round out your Romero "Dead" experience. Happily, both the two disc
    Special Edition and Divimax single disc editions offer much more than that: a
    couple fun and insightful commentaries and a crisp, clean transfer of the film
    (with a variety of lovely Dolby sound options, to boot). The two discer goes
    even further, offering several nice docs and a touching interview with star
    Richard Liberty recorded months before his untimely passing. It also includes a
    DVD-ROM-accessible copy of the original script which is an absolutely cracking
    read (although trimming it down to secure an unrated release was probably the
    correct decision)....more info
  • I cannot get over how awesome this movie is
    A true five star Zombie Film.

    First off, the characters in this movie are very well crafted, and the acting backs it quite well. The story is somewhat different than most Zombie films. Hell, Captain Rhodes and his soldiers are almost worth the price of admission.

    The soundtrack, cast, plot are all great. The science part of it is kind of cheesy but definitely interesting and Delivered beautifully by the late Richard Liberty who seems to mesmerize me with his great acting.

    Dawn of The Dead had a pathetically boring lead female whom added nothing to the film but a pretty face. Day of the Dead, however, has one of the best lead females I've seen. She is almost as tough and smart as Ellen Ripley, but way more believable.

    The Zombie effects are probably the best I've seen in an 80s horror movie. And is a MASSIVE leap over Dawn.

    Don't be fooled into buying any Lucio Fulci garbage, he is a total hack. Romero is still the undisputed king of Zombies, and this movie is his crowning achievement. This is still my favorite Zombie flick and hasn't seen much competition save for re-animator and Romero's other films.

    See this movie quickly before the remake comes out and drags its legacy through the dirt, Running Zombies anyone? No thanks....more info
  • very disappointing - stick with the standard dvd
    after buying the original dawn of the dead on blu ray and halloween, which by the way is absolutely beautiful, i was excited to pick up day of the dead as well. what a mistake, the transfer is nowhere near the quality of dawn of the dead, which doesn't make much sense since day was made after dawn. i have the standard special edition of day of the dead and i put the blu ray next to it side by side and there was just a little more detail to the blu ray but again, nowhere near the detail of dawn or other blu ray movies. only worth it if you don't have the standard dvd. ...more info
  • Two stars only for the blood and gore!!!!!
    Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead and Creepshow is the very best of George Romero!!! the rest is ok, BUT this one is BAAAAAD!!!!

    BORING!!, STUPID story and complicated, BLAH,BLAH,BLAH!!, not too much violence, bad zombie make-up, very little action and suspense, so-so acting and a senseless ending.

    The blood and and gore was SOOO COOOL! but THAT'S IT!! sorry.

    Adios. ...more info
  • Good but not Great
    Day of the dead is one of the very few decent zombie flicks out there. Its the last good zombie movie Romero did. The gore effects are top notch and there is no hold backs. The story itself is very interesting, although it does get boring here and there. But the final fifteen minutes make up for it. The extras on the disc are pretty good too. Overall a fun movie for zombie fans but non fans may not like it as much....more info