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Con Air
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When a group of the most dangerous prisoners in the u.S. Penal system are transferred to a new security facility the recently paroled cameron poe hitches a ride on the con air transportation flight. Poe suddenly finds himself embroiled in a meticulously planned mid-air skyjacking masterminded by cyrus grissom. Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 01/12/2007 Starring: Nicolas Cage John Cusack Run time: 115 minutes Rating: R

Con Air is proof that the slick, absurdly overblown action formula of Hollywood mega-producers Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer (Top Gun, Days of Thunder, The Rock, Crimson Tide) lives on, even after Simpson's druggy death. (Read Charles Fleming's expos¨¦, High Concept: Don Simpson and the Hollywood Culture of Excess, for more about that.) Nicolas Cage, sporting a disconcerting mane of hair, is a wrongly convicted prisoner on a transport plane with a bunch of infamously psychopathic criminals, including head creep Cyrus the Virus (John Malkovich), black militant Diamond Dog (Ving Rhames), and serial killer Garland Greene (Steve Buscemi, making the most of his pallid, rodent-like qualities). Naturally, the convicts take over the plane; meanwhile, on the ground, a U.S. marshal (John Cusack) and a DEA agent (Colm Meaney) try to figure out what to do. As is the postmodern way, the movie displays a self-consciously ironic awareness that its story and characters are really just excuses for a high-tech cinematic thrill ride. Best idea: the filmmakers persuaded the owners of the legendary Sands Hotel in Las Vegas to let them help out with the structure's demolition by crashing their plane into it. --Jim Emerson

Customer Reviews:

  • Non-stop action... who could ask for anything more
    For some reason this movie didn't do well in the theatres, however I'd have to say that it's one of the best action movies that has been made in recent times. Sure the "prisoner gets a chance to do good" premise isn't the most original, however Nicholas Cage pulls off an entertaining performance with a lot of quality stunts and great effects. ...more info
  • "Oh, stewardess. What's the inflight movie today?"
    I don't see see what was so wrong with this movie. I heard a lot of people complaining about it but I really liked it. You got give these guys their due. Here, in this movie, you've got a good cast, cool dialogue, and a non-stop action thrill ride.

    Cameroen Poe is just being released from prison, boarding a flight filled with the world's meanest, baddest bad guys, two of which are top priority: Siris the virus and diamond dog. John malkovich does a great villian. He always does. But now, after the flight gets overtaken, Cameroen Poe is forced to save the day once again. It's hard not to find this movie funny or entertaining. Enjoy!...more info
    Meanwhile, Buena Vista has announced a Con Air: Unrated Extended Cut, as well as an Enemy of the State: Unrated Extended Cut, both for release on 5/16 (SRP $19.99 each). Con Air will include anamorphic widescreen video and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, but no details as to the extras have yet been announced. Enemy of the State will also include anamorphic widescreen video and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio, and extras will include deleted scenes, The Making of Enemy of the State documentary, an All Access: The Showdown Scene feature and the original theatrical trailer....more info
  • Conair dvd
    I received the order within four days in perfect condition. As has been the case with all of my orders from Amazon , I was pleased with their "five star service"....more info
  • Perhaps the most awesome B-movie of all time. (3.5/5 Stars)
    Synopsis: Cameron Poe (Nicholas Cage) is sent to jail for manslaughter and misses the birth and development of his daughter. He's set to get out and see his daughter for her birthday on July 14th. However, the only way he can get back is through taking a prisoner ship with all of the baddest criminals in the system, including Nathan "Diamond Dog" Jones (Ving Rhames), Cyrus "The Virus" Grissom (John Malkovich), Joe "Pinball" Parker (Dave Chappelle), and feared serial killer Garland Greene (Steve Buscemi). All goes well until the bad guys hijack the flight and take control. It's up to Cameron Poe to go against the odds and take matter into his own hands so he can see his daughter on her birthday. John Cusack and Colm Meaney appear as U.S. Marshall Vince Larkin DEA Agent Duncan Malloy, respectively.

    Alright so lets take a look at what this movie has:
    - An incredibly awesome cast, check.
    - Some of the greatest special effects committed to tape, check.
    - An excellent score which was worthy of an Oscar nomination, check.
    - A story line that's even remotely realistic or unpredictable... darn, knew it dropped off somewhere.

    Truthfully, that's what killed the possibility of me wanting to give it a higher score than what I did. I know that most action films are supposed to defy the laws of logic, but once Nicolas Cage's character was like "I'm gonna show you God does exist" and walks through a wall of gunfire with professional criminals shooting at him, you really can't help but think "Seriously? Seriously?! SERIOUSLY?!?!"

    Be that as it may, there was still a lot about the movie to love and it was mostly the cast they had surrounded themselves with. I mean, Nicolas Cage, John Malkovich, Ving Rhames, Dave Chappelle, John Cusack, Steve Buscemi... these are some of the greatest performers for their respective genres and it's remarkable that such an ensemble cast was put together for an action film. Throw in some excellent support from Monica Potter, Danny Trejo, Colm Meaney, Mykelti Williamson, and Rachel Ticotin and you've got an effort that the performers should be proud of. Oh, and the special effects and music makes the ride worth it, too.

    I consider this movie more of a guilty pleasure than a top film, but I've seen it in theaters and at home so I will consider myself a fan. I recommend it for someone who wants to check out a fun action movie. ...more info
  • Back to the well, and this one was shallow to begin with...
    I hate to admit I actually own this thing on VHS. And unless my mind is going more than usual, I have this cut of the movie too.

    Double (and more) dipping by the studios seems to be the way of DVD. We get at least four issues of Terminator 2, but none of Robinson Crusoe on Mars. I personally am sick of it.

    Director's Cuts, Unrated Editions, and other snaky ways of trying to separate my money from my wallet. No wonder I've taken to borrowing nearly all my DVDs from the Public Library.

    No, you generally don't get them the day they come out. But honestly, when was the last time you purchased a movie from Hollyweird that was worth keeping? Don't do it!...more info
  • "On any other day, that might seem strange"
    Nicolas Cage,(Cameron Poe) - fresh from deep south elocution lessons drawls out as he watches a Classic Corvette being towed behind an airplane several hundred feet up. Cage plays the nice guy in the wrong place at the wrong time, and goes to prison after inadvertently killing someone harrassing his wife in a brawl. The judge decides that Cage, as an ex Ranger should know better than to use his considerable fighting skills on worthless drunks and sends him away. During his prison term his daughter is born, whom he refuses to let visit, but collects ALL of her pictures and letters whilst incarcerated. He also beefs up, grows his hair long, and acquires a stack of white vests, to help show off his physique. Remember what I said about wrong place wrong time? well sure enough, after getting parole he is being transported on a prison aircraft for a ride home, when the plane is seized (through a planned and elaborate hijack) by the other inmates, among them John Malkovich as the criminally revered Cyrus "the Virus" Grissom. Of course, the plane is packed with the worst criminals imaginable (including a darkley comic cameo from Steve Buscemi) from across the whole country, we assume all going to some maximum security country club somewhere. I don't want to be harsh about this pure escapist way way over the top action, but it's a lot of fun, and feasible (if highly unlikely) for the most part. John Cusack is excellent as the "sensible" US Marshal on the ground, and Colm Meaney (Star Trek TNG) plays his complete opposite "lets kill em all" DEA Agent, trying to get the plane and cargo back. There's enough explosions, chases, and fights to keep most fans of this sort of thing happy for weeks, and the acting is actually very good and believable all round. The main problems are the Director seemingly not knowing when to end the movie (after several finale opportunities), and a lack of any real depth or character development (but then consider the type of movie for a second). The "never leave a man behind" code that Cage's character constantly bombards the audience with is also a little too cliched for my taste, but all that said, it IS a good picture. Predictable? Yes - but well worth the viewing, and the DVD polish adds a little. Enjoy....more info
  • Excellent; FANTASTIC
    This is an awesome film. Somewhat old, but dam the action doesn't stop coming, I highly recommend you watch this. It is great.
    I can honestly say this is a film that NEVER gets boring.

    Excellent qualities, mixes love and blood curdling fights well!

    I've just ordered it on DVD ...more info
  • Nice story, but...
    My wife told me the whole story before watching it. It sounded interesting. But once I saw John Malkovich I groaned? This is supposed to be the bad guy? He's laughable. Who would be scared of that geek? Seriously, I was more entertained with my wife telling me the story....more info
  • Not a BAD summer 'blockbuster', but.....
    Don't misunderstand me, in LIKE high energy action movies that don't make a lot of sense if you insist on taking them apart. Unfortunately this one stumbles right out of the gate. The whole premise of the movie depends on the audience believing in Mr. Cage's predicament, and I can't.

    Supposedly, he has been in prison for years because he, a decorated combat vet, was assaulted by a gang of toughs outside a bar where he had gone to pick up his wife and take her home, and he killed one of them. I don't buy it; not for a minute. Let's say, for the sake of argument, that the creep he killed was the local sheriff's son, and that the local political machine is strong enough to get a conviction. I still have to believe that sometime in the first year the Governor of the state is going to call his good buddy, the Sheriff, and say "Merle, I know you loved that no good son of yours, but there's an election coming up. If I don't pardon this guy he's going to be the campaign issue that sinks me. I'm writing a pardon."

    That, or he wins on first appeal. The idea that a combat vet is going to rot in prison for years for defending himself from assault is absurd. It undermines the entire film. It is too much to ask the audience to buy.

    Otherwise the movie is no sillier than most of its type. There are some genuinely fine moments, and it is full of great energy. It's too bad the film makers threw away any chance of maintaining my minimal standards of belief for such films in the first minutes....more info
  • Overblown Rubbish
    Few movies can be considered dreadful enough to not have any redeeming charecteristics; this is one of them. Nothing could have saved this movie. I am writing this review in a state of rage, anger, embaressment (of having been seen watching the movie), and pain. So where exactly did this movie go wrong? It had a great cast, an all-star cast if you will. The movie had tons of money to spare, as could be seen by the liberal use of the special effects budget and the enormous sums paid out to the numerous big-name actors. Steve Buscemi was in it, and he is in many good movies. So what is wrong.
    First of all, the acting was dreadful. I sensed that every actor was delivering the lines the same way that a hostage reads his ransom note. They seemed to be in constant pain and were probably kicking themselves for accepting such a poor script. The lines were delivered with a lack of coviction and sense of reality.
    Now onto to reality; this movie is not reality. The Rock was more realistic than this. Wait...wait Star Wars was more realistic than this. Ok, no biggie. Action films are never supposed to coincide perfectly with realism. However this film goes so far from the laws of physics that it is unforgivable. For example, what happens when a motorcyle crashes into a fire truck? That's right: it explodes. Or what happens when a large transport plain crashes in Vegas? Yep, that's right: it skids for a few miles without going off of the road. Furthermore, nothing was ever explained. How was 'The Virus' able to hijack a fire engine and why didn't anybody stop Poe from getting onto the police bike?
    It's pathetic. Steve Buscemi was another problem. I saw the movie looking up for a short period of time when he appeared, then what happens? He has tea with a little girl and she 'reforms' him. I can't think of something more cliche than the child reformer. Oh yeah and children should never be allowed to sing in movies, or at all.
    The ending was so overblown and corny that it became completely unwatchable. I understand that I view this differently than most other folks here, but I couldn't bear to see Poe reunited with his family. I thought this was an action movie not the second coming of the Sugar Plum fairy....more info
    For pure adrenalin and testosterone exposure, one can't do much better than CON-AIR. There are a ton of unbelievable action scenes, and that's the key word---unbelievable. One can't say director Simon West didn't keep the action flowing. The finale in Las Vegas is way over the top!!!
    Credit the actors for doing something with their roles, especially the brilliant John Cusack who puts his teeth into his meaty role as a US Marshall. Also Colm Meaney as the DEA agent who is obstinate and overbearing, to say the least. There are a nasty set of villains--John Malkovich, Nick Chindlin, Ving Rhames, Danny Trejo, David Chappelle---a nice looking guard played by Rachel Ticotin, another good bad guy played by Mykel Williamson, and Monica Potter does a nice turn as Poe's wife. Nicolas Cage is so bland, saddled with a ridiculous Southern accent, and does so many stupid things, it's hard to see how we can consider this guy that heroic.
    But, if you want a two hour roller coaster ride with plenty of guns and action, CONAIR is hard to beat. It also has the Trisha Yearwood version of "How Do I Live," which is worth watching the movie!!!!...more info
  • An action-packed movie filled with humour!
    "Con Air" is about prisoners who take over a plane and plan to fly it out of the USA. Although there is a lack of character development in this movie, the director, Simon West is more focused on bringing out the action element for this movie. Moreover, this is actually an action-comedy movie and it is one of John Malkovich's funniest movie.

    The main reason why I liked this movie is because it keeps the viewer in suspense. The jokes are also funny and not too cheesy. Although this movie will never win an Oscar for best director, the mindless action will keep the audience spellbound throughout the movie. ...more info
  • Singularly absurd and egregious - shame on the writer(s)
    Con air is an unrelenting bludgeoning of the viewer's ability to suspend disbelief, more so than any other movie with the exception of that other Bruckheimer atrocity, Armageddon. If American moviegoers had any sense of honor in this day and age, the writer of this offal would have his back permanently stained yellow with the nation's collective pee rather than rewarding this magnum opus of balderdash with their wallets.

    Rather than delve into the myriad throughly unrealistic events that occur in the film that other reviewers have mentioned - I'll just concentrate on the finale. The plane full of cons is out of gas and running on one engine just outside Las Vegas - looking for a place to land, Nicolas Cage's character, Poh, and the con pilot claim that they can't make the airstrip and must land the plane on 'the strip'. Last time I flew into Vegas, I recalled the airport to be no more than 1/4 mile directly adjacent to 'the strip' - PLEEEEZE.

    The only enjoyable aspect of the film was the writer's choice to challenge Cage's acting chops by crippling him with a Southern accent. ...more info
  • Con Air
    I was okay with my purchase of Con Air / VHS which was my first option.
    William...more info
  • Buscemi, Cusack, Malkovich -- who could ask for more?
    I love this movie and, really, it isn't like I'm any kind of Nicolas Cage fan. I'm not. I am, however, a major fan of Steve Buscemi and John Cusack. They're what takes this film from mediocre to very entertaining, together with the rest of a really fine cast. Gotta admit though, I did snicker when asked what is wrong with serial murderer Garland Greene, Cage replies straightfaced, "My guess is, a lot". Garland is played by one of my all-time favorite actors, Steve Buscemi. John Malkovich does one his finest gigs as master criminal "Cyrus the Virus", just "flowing" through all his scenes like the professional and good actor that he is. "Johnny 23" is wonderfully played by character actor Daniel Trejo. Ving Rhames is not the greatest actor in the world but he is a likable cuss, even as bad guy/bouncer "Diamond Dog". This would have been enough but then they throw in agent "Vince Larkin" (John Cusack, who is in the classic GROSS POINT BLANKE -- and he's great there, too.)

    Personnaly, I generally skip the first few minutes of the movie. Poe (Cage) screwing up and getting thrown in jail. Yawn. Tender scenes with the wife. Another yawn. Let's get to the good stuff. That would be Cyrus' plan to take over the airplane and escape, along with an infamous drug dealer from whom he stands to make a lot of money. It's well done, the characters are interesting, and Buscemi alone is worth the price of admission.

    This one is a keeper so go ahead and buy the thing....more info
  • CON @!#$#$@% AIR
    As big dumb action films go, it hardly gets bigger and dumber than this. Yet "Con Air" is bursting at the seams with acting talent and a laugh-out-loud script so chock full of classic action film one-liners it makes this movie one of the most rapturous popcorn-munching guilty pleasures since "Point Break". This is a movie that so gleefully revels in its shallowness and perfectly tuned to its adrenaline-craving audience, it can barely afford five minutes to spend on all of the necessary plot setup, dispensing of it easily before the title graphics even appear. In that five minutes, we learn that Army Ranger Cameron Poe (a musclebound Nicholas Cage) has returned from a tour of duty to visit his lovely wife. No sooner does he step off the plane and finish a line dance, then he gets into some trouble with some wound-up locals. They fight, one pulls a knife, and Poe ends up killing him in self defense. Whoops. Well, the yokels make off with the knife and Poe gets railroaded into Arkansas federal prison, where he spends his days weaving in and out of Michael Bey-style quick edits, working furiously on his pecs and voice-over narrating sensitive letters to his yet unseen daughter in a ridiculously mannered southern drawl that sounds like Foghorn Leghorn on a morphine trip. After 8 years of prison workouts and bad hair days, Poe is finally on his way home to meet his daughter - that is, until his prison transfer plane is hijacked by the forces of evil. And mayhem and madness ensues as all laws of sensible plot development are thrown out the window and action movie physics take over.

    The ensemble all-star villains cast includes John Malkovich, Ving Rhames, and Steve Buscemi as a Jeffrey Dahmer type, plus sturdy supporting roles for Dave Chappelle and Danny Trejo. John Cusack and Colm Meaney have a grand time on the ground playing good cop/bad cop as they try to track the runaway jet, while Rachel Ticotin and Mykelti Williamson provide visual confirmation of Poe's conscience as well as distracting semi-perils that our hero must solve. Director Simon West keeps the action flowing, synched perfectly to Trevor Rabin's noisy industrial-strength action film soundtrack, as Con Air careens from one implausibly over-the-top set piece to another. This is the kind of movie that could *only* end up crashing a C-130 into the Las Vegas strip. Are we surprised when the perfectly operational police bike crashes into the back of the firetruck and explodes instantly? Or seeing an angry Poe taking a gunshot to the arm and not even flinch? Or how about Malkovich somehow being able to surreptitiously construct an incindiary device in a maximum-security lockdown? (Of course, i'd say the effete Malkovich has a better chance of the latter, as opposed to giving an freakishly amped-up Cage a good match in a fist fight on a runaway firetruck.)

    It always amuses me when sensible people - would-be critic and audient alike - log on to try to throw the believability gauntlet at a hilariously grand spectacle like this. Is it seriously worth wasting your time expressing indignance about your cinematic sensibilities being ruffled by a Simpson/Bruckheimer production? Were you expecting Simon West to squeeze out a mini-"Citizen Kane" before he got to work on "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider"? ADMIT that you have been entertained. And put the bunny down....more info
  • Silly, but fun, action flick
    Cameron Poe (Nicolas Cage) is a former Army Ranger who killed a man in a fight while defending his wife. He gets paroled after several years in prison, and catches a special flight back home. He is eager to meet his daughter, who was born after he went behind bars.

    Also on the flight are some tough convicts, mostly lifers, who are being transported to a new maximum security facility. Led by serial killer Cyrus "the Virus" (John Malkovich), the cons take control of the flight, and lots of violence ensues. John Cusack is a U.S. Marshal who tracks the airplane and pursues it from the ground.

    If you like mindless action flicks, you'll probably love this one. Just leave your thinking cap at the door before watching....more info
  • Best action film of the late 90s
    Jerry Bruckheimer's production style rarely makes a good movie but Con Air is one of those rare exceptions in which all the OTT mayhem and full-on action make a film so exciting it scorches when you watch it.

    Nic Cage (in a typically bad performance) is Cameron Poe, a US Ranger who is sent to prison for accidentally killing a thug who attacks his pregnant wife. After 8 years of porridge he is freed and hitches a ride home on a prison plane called The Jailbird. But this is no ordinary flight.

    On Board are a small army of America's toughest crooks including Cyrus 'The Virus' Grissom (John Malkovich) a men on death row for murder, robbery, kidnapping and extortion. Nathan 'Diamond Dog' Jones (Ving Rhames), a black militant inside for murder. Billy Bedlam (Nick Chinlund), inside for killing his cheating wife's family and dog. Pinball Parker (Dave Chapelle), a pimp and drug-dealer. Swamp Thing (MC Gainey) a pilot who knows a few things about a good hijack. And finally Garland Green AKA The Marietta Mangler (Steve Buscemi) a serial killer in for killing a zillion people and crossing 2 state borders wearing a girls head as a hat.

    As you can tell, with such a eclectic bunch of psychos on board it's only a matter of seconds before all hell breaks loose. As soon as the plane is in the air the cons have taken over, restrained or killed the guards and have changed the destination from prison to South America.

    Poe, being the good-hearted sort of chap that he is, doesn't rat out as his best pal needs his insulin shot and no one else will help. It's up to Poe to sneakily round up the baddies until US Marshall Larkin (John Cusack) and the cavalry can get there. Easier said than done, as double-crosses, suspicious cons and incompetent authority foul everything up. The result is action overload as the film blazes through to it's anarchic, devastating climax upon another anarchic, devastating climax. At the end you'll be left breathless and your senses stinging with over-stimulation. Con Air is everything an action film should be.

    Steve Buscemi steals the whole show. His deadpan, bug-eyed and dare I say 'innocent' portrayal of a deranged killer is the centrepiece of the whole film. The scene where he sings with a little girl (and continues later on) will either freak you out or steal your heart. And the ending is the best you could hope for.

    Mark Mancina and Trevor Rabin provide a loud, blaring score of thrash-metal and acoustic guitars with the usual Media Ventures flare. It's brilliant stuff and I suggest you hunt down the (sadly incomplete) score CD. And this really did deserve the Best Original Song award over that pansy Titanic one.

    Superior to both The Rock and Face/Off, Con Air is Nic Cage at his (worst) best as an action hero and Bruckheimer at his best as an action producer. See it, for the love of God, see it.

    However, the Region 1 DVD is quite crap with no extras and a rubbish 2.35:1 non-anamorhic picture. The Region 2 DVD is anamorphic, with nice motion menus, trailers and some brief featurettes. Get that version if you can....more info
  • Put down the bunny
    Great premise for an action movie - put "every creep and freak in the universe on one plane" (they're transferring a bunch of murderers, rapists, and arsonists in one fell swoop.) Cuff `em to the aisle seats. The really bad guys, like Cyrus the Virus (John Malkovich), are locked down in cages along the walls. The really really bad guy, Garland `The Marietta Mangler' Greene (Steve Buscemi,) is trussed up like Hannibal the Cannibal and treated by the wary transport guards like a rabid rottweiler. Into this stew of degenerates add one Cameron Poe (Nicolas Cage,) ex-Army Ranger who is going home after serving a seven-year sentence for murder. Of course, Poe killed the man with his bare hands when the man, along with a couple other drunken thugs, jumped Poe and his wife in a parking lot. The ex-Ranger, as the sentencing judge informs us after Poe refuses to cop a dishonorable guilty plea, is a killing machine. So Poe is flying home a free man, to see for the first time his seven-year-old daughter. You see, his still-faithful wife was pregnant when the killing occurred, and Poe wouldn't allow his child to see her Daddy in jail. Poe is very anxious to see her today. It's his daughter's birthday and Poe's bringing her a birthday present, a bunny....

    Don't let that touchy-feely stuff worry you too much. The movie needs a reason for Poe to be in a hurry to get home, and this one works well enough. The situation turns ugly before the plane leaves the runway.

    CON AIR is an extremely engaging action movie. The actors are top-notch, including John Cusack as the US Marshal on the ground who believes in Poe and tries to resolve the situation without shooting the hijacked plane out of the air. The action is non-stop and the dialogue is sometimes startlingly funny. For instance, at one point one of the bad guys snarls threateningly at Poe "You know what I am?" "Ugly all day" is Poe's deadpan response. Add to that a lot of explosions and car crashes, snarly bad guys and good guys too, and a pace that's lifted from a Road Runner cartoon and CON AIR is a hoot. CON AIR is non-stop, totally improbable, over-the-top, and a whole lot of fun.

    ...more info
  • Retarded
    If you are a child, you might enjoy this film. But for us movie fans, who have intelligence, you can't fool us with this absurd tale about a bunch of convicts joining together, working together like friends, "if you're bad like me, you're cool." Pleeeeze. In the real world, they'd all kill each other once the cops were out of the picture. It's a stereotype to say that all bad people stick together. This movie was absurd, corny, ridiculous, unrealistic, and it's a shame a great actor like john malkovich agreed to it....more info
  • I Call Shenanigans!
    Shame on you Disney, for trying to bleed me of my hard-eard money.

    I call Shenanigans...more info