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The Rock
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A vengeful general and his highly trained commandos seize control of alcatraz island and threaten san francisco with rockets loaded with deadly gas unless the families of the men whove died under his command in covert missions are paid a million dollars a piece. Only two men can stop them. Studio: Buena Vista Home Video Release Date: 05/16/2006 Starring: Sean Connery Nicolas Cage Run time: 138 minutes Rating: R Director: Michael Bay

Between his high-octane debut, Bad Boys, and 1998's wannabe blockbuster Armageddon, hotshot director Michael Bay forged his dubious reputation with this crowd-pleasing action extravaganza. In it a psychotically disgruntled war hero (Ed Harris) seizes the island prison of Alcatraz and threatens to wage chemical warfare against nearby San Francisco unless the government publicly recognizes the men who were killed under Harris's top-secret command. Nicolas Cage plays the biochemist who teams up with the only man ever to have escaped from Alcatraz (Sean Connery) in an attempt to foil Harris's terrorist scheme. As one might expect, what follows is an action-packed barrage of bullets, bodies, and climactic confrontations, replete with enough plot contrivances to give even the most jaded action fan cause for alarm. It's a load of hooey, but the cast is obviously having a grand old time, and there's enough wit to make the recycled action sequences tolerable. If you're ordering this movie on DVD, be careful with the volume knobs on your home-theater sound systems, because The Rock could cause partial hearing loss and structural damage to your home. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • unbelievable
    I read all these reviews about how good this move is, and I am told that this was so good and I finally watched it. I must say that it is horrible. Whether it be the horrid plot, the over acting, or the ungodly car chase with the camera that couldnt stay focused on one thing for more than half a second, there wasn't one thing good about this movie. I think it's about time for Sean Connery to find something else to do. Because he sure didn't add anything to this movie. The only movie I've seen hokier than this was the new Die Hard, but at least that had some good acting....more info
  • Really really really cool
    The Rock, as others have said is about a guy holding 81 civilians hostage on Alcatraz, threatening to bomb San Fransisco unless a group of soldiers killed under his command are recognized. A group of Navy SEALs, a biochemist, and the only man who has ever escaped from Alcatraz are sent to diffuse the bombs. The whole group of Navy SEALs are killed, leaving only the biochemist (Nicholas Cage) and the escaped convict (Sean Connery). Through the next hour or so, they run around Alcatraz escaping from the marines under the guy holding the hostages and trying to find and diffuse all 15 bombs containing a deadly gas. There's alot of action and is pretty entertaining. Of course, something like this could never happen, and you have to wonder how Cage and Connery lived through some of those explosions, but The Rock is still a really great movie. There's a few funny parts, like with the stylist obsessed with hair, and Connery's character's cynicalness (I don't think that's a word). Buy this movie, it's really great....more info
  • Better than the average action movie
    The Rock, in most aspects, is like the average action film. It has the explosions, the gunfights, and a car chase. However, there are some points to it that differentiate it from other films of the genre.

    What I liked about this movie was how the bad guy in the film wasn't really bad. General Francis Hummell (Harris) is just disgruntled. He wishes to expose the injustice that the government had inflicted upon him. However, he doesn't choose the right people to help him, nor does the choose the best method of carrying out his mission. He never does anything crazy in the movie. As Sean Connery's character says in the movie, "He's a soldier, not a murderer."

    Another thing I like about The Rock is its realistic portrayal of government. In some other films, the United States is made to be some kind of world savior, and almost like a group of angels and saints coming to anyone's rescue, and always doing what is good for the people. But in The Rock, the government is shown how it really is- deceptive at some times, and not always doing good for the people. In the movie, John Mason (Connery) is an ex-SAS agent from Scotland who stole secrets that the government had been hiding from the public. He was caught, and has been held in prison for 30 years without trial.

    The final good point of the movie was the incredible musical score by Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams, and Nick Glennie-Smith. They seem to know how to do action music very well.

    One thing I didn't like about the movie, however, was the Bay-Bruckheimer syndrome. It was made into a movie with unrealistic and unbelievable action sequences. There were many parts that could have been done with a little bit more realism. This would have made the movie much better.

    Another thing I didn't like was how some parts of the movie remained unexplained and/or unfinished. For example, they never finish the story of Mason and his daughter, Jade Angelou. He is supposed to go and find her to prove that he exists (the government had erased all of his identity records), because she is his next of kin. Also, the fate of the hostages is never shown in the movie. It wasn't really that important to show, but it's just interesting that they forgot all about it.

    In short, The Rock is basically what it says on the box cover: A slam-bang action thriller. Nothing more. It gets that fourth star because of the reasons explained in the second and third paragraphs of this review. See this movie if you like nonstop action and don't mind unrealistic, crazy action sequences....more info

  • Entertaining!
    I don't like many Bay movies because he has very little skill in crafting a honest and detailed movie. Armageddon was a horrendous piece of donkey dung, everything that's wrong with Hollywood was detailed in that schlock! The Rock is a slightly different proposition, it's entertaining and never tries to be anything but! The story is thin and the dialogue is typically bad at times. The action is excellent and Sean Connery makes the movie work! The direction is very Mtv, the editing is silly at times - what's with the quick cuts? Why can't I enjoy the compositions? Pathetic! But still, the pace is consistent. The acting is okay, Connery's presence elevates the material. Ed Harris is always dependable and Cage is pretty funny as Goodspeed. The music is very patriotic and but fun. Overall, entertaining, switch your brain off! After this, Bay descended into familiar MTV garbage!...more info
  • 5 stars for one line
    I don't like Nicholas cage at all. He is one of the most annoying obnoxious people of all time. I cannot stand his voice or anything else. so I am not talking about the follow up line to the coolest line in this movie or in many other movies.

    Do you remember when the man Sean Connery said the following line : "Losers complain Winners Go %&$# the prom queen." That was the best line I have heard in a while. That was great. As far as cage's follow up line who cares. Sean Connery is the man.

    I know that wasn't much of a reveiw but that was great.

    ...more info
  • adventures on an island
    This is a story of 2 men who come together from completely different backgrounds, where they meet in San Francisco - a city where anything's possible. Goodspeed, played by the ever lovable Nicholas Cage, is a doctor who knows a lot about chemicals - he's always talking about those chemicals, it's just his *thing*. His girlfriend is pregnant - and at the beginning of the film they plan to marry - but unforeseen circumstances bring him to the West Coast. Mason on the other hand, played by a stern and tough Sean Connery, is an old rugged man who is locked in his room reading books and philosophizing about life. "In another life," Mason admits in one scene, "I wish I were a poet or a farmer."

    Against all likelihood, the men are united on a mission "to save a city", as one character puts it. After a number of transforming events, Goodspeed's intellectual prowess and his knowledge about chemicals uniquely compliments Mason's rougher edges. And despite Mason's shortcommings, he's very good at acting on instinct, a quality that Goodspeed lacks. It's an unlikely couple to say the least, but the 2 actors definitely have great chemistry.

    They first meet in the streets of San Francisco in a dazzling scene that can only be described as riveting and heart-pounding. They roam through those streets as if they owned the city, and in their own particularly ways, they seem to wreak havoc wherever they go.

    The plot begins to pick up when Goodspeed's job eventually takes him to a remote relatively isolated island off of the city's coast, where he is asked scour the island for those chemicals that he knows so much about, which are being used by some macho guys in their big rockets that they're flaunting at everyone. Despite being hesitant at first, Mason eventually decides to join Goodspeed on the island, where the two experience mishaps and mayhem wherever they go. Sparks and explosions light up as Goodspeed and Mason find out that they're not so different afterall. All the while, through a number of plot developments and twists, their excursions take them through underground hidden passageways and abandoned buildings and lighthouses, even SCUBA diving underwater - all in search of those chemicals that Goodspeed is so determined to find.

    The screen lights up as they cross paths with other characters who have also situated themselves on the island - these include tourists, generals, and even a group of specially trained Marines.

    There's a bittersweet happiness at the end, when the two characters must part. Mason needs to return to his life of annomity back in SF Bay where he also has an estranged daughter, while Goodspeed reunites with his fiance. Although nonetheless the guys have experienced intense life-changing events that will likely forever change their lives. Heart-thomping action, betrayal, loyalty, deceit, poetry, disguise, lots of action and lots of male-bonding, somehow they've all made it into this rather energetic film....more info
  • Terrific Action Thriller From Start To Jaw-Dropping Conclusion. Sean Connery ROCKS!!! AWESOME CAST!! Great Stunts!!
    Academy Award winners Sean Connery (Best Supporting Actor, "The Untouchables"-1987) & Nicholas Cage ("Best Actor, "Leaving Las Vegas"-1995) team up with Academy Award nominee Ed Harris ("Apollo 13"), Michael Biehn ("The Terminator," "The Abyss," Navy SEALS") & the powerhouse duo of producers Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer ("Top Gun,"
    "Crimson Tide") and director Michael Bay ("Bad Boys") for this action-packed adventure thriller about the reopening of Alcatraz by a grieved Vietnam & Desert Storm General (Ed Harris, in a knockout performance) and the men (Sean Connery & Nicholas Cage, once again delivering their usual excellent performances) with the skills to take him down. Biehn, as usual, is excellent. With their recent films "Con Air," "Armageddon" & the epic World War II romance "Pearl Harbor," Bruckheimer (Don Simpson died of a drug overdose while this film was still in production) and Bay have simply mastered the art of filmmaking. Bruckheimer is excellent working solo ("Remember The Titans," "Glory Road" & the action-packed
    "Pirates Of The Caribbean" films-all for Walt Disney Pictures). This film is rated PG-13 for strong violence and language. ...more info
  • Nicolas Cage best Action Movie With Some Good Humor Added
    This movie is absolutely amazing from beginning to end. Ed Harris and his fellow troopers are demanding the government to pay each of the familiy members that died during desert storm, 1 million dollars because they were not given any money at all and not even a proper burial. There's a catch though obviously that he will lauch V-Ex Poisen gas into The San Francisco Bay area if the demands are not met. Harris also locks up people during a tour at Alcetraz. Here we enter Nicolas Cage who plays a biochemist/chemical weapons specialist who they need to dismantle the weapons that are filled with the deadly gas that Harris has put up. Enter Sean Connery who was a prisoner at Alcatraz and the only one who managed to escape. They need him unfortunately because he knows the insides and outside of the place so well among other areas he managed to escape from and can help Cage through The Rock. The humor beginns when Cage and Connery first meet. This is what makes the movie even better. The chemistry between them is so funny and the acting especially by Cage and Harris and Connery is brilliant as well. Add in the great action, an exciting high tension movie some great humor by all the actors makes for a highly entertaining film you will enjoy. I recommend it, A++++....more info
    This is the greatest movie ever.... interesting plot... great action.... awesome car chase.... and of course Sean Connery. Great cast, Sean Connery, Nicholas Cage, Ed Harris all do a great job. BUY THIS MOVIE NOW you won't regret it....more info
    This movie kept me on my toes from the beginning to the end. Continous action & humor. Movie is far from reality but after all it is an action movie....more info
  • Lotsa action, but that's about it.
    Soldiers dropping like flys, an improbable ending, and restrained acting are the unfortunate highlights of this film. To me at least, the storyline was too weak, or at least the location. Just didn't work for me....more info
  • The Rock
    DVD was very entertaining.
    DVD arrived in a very timely fashion.
    DVD arrived in excellent condition....more info
  • The Rock ROCKS!
    Like other people have said be careful with the volume settings! This film is without a doubt the best action film I have ever seen. Sean Connery is great in his role as an ex-SAS operative. WATCH THIS FILM!...more info
  • Good Movie
    I say it was a good movie. Mostly because my dad was in it.
    He was one of the Marines carrying the Casket in the very begining another one of the marines there is a family friend so
    I say 5 starts plus I am into any thing involving the Marine Corps, so its a good movie to me....more info
  • The Rock Rocks
    I remember that this movie came out in theaters while I was in high school around the same time as Independence Day. I saw the Rock first and liked it better. I know... many people would find that statement unpatriotic, but this movie has a good plot, good action, and just keeps you on the edge of you seat. This all comes from someone who generally prefers the romantic comedies, but somehow this movie captivated me and still remains one of my all time favorite movies. What can I say? This girl thinks that the Rock,!...more info
  • Good movie, but unbelievable action scenes
    The reason this movie fails to get a five star rating from me is because of its extreme action scenes. Some examples of these are: when the trolley explodes, when Mason (Connery) crushes half of a parked car, when the F/A-18s pulled away at the very last second (it would be impossible in real life), and when Stanley (Cage) isn't hurt from the final explosion at the end. The movie would be five starts if the scenes above were more refined or devloped. However it did have great sound and great performance from Ed Harris. The bottom line: if you like well-developed, realistic movies, don't see The Rock. However, if you are in to non-stop, explosive, in-your-face action, then by all means see this movie....more info
  • Kicks a$$ from the start to the end !
    This Dvd is a muust if you have HT setup the bass response is tremendous the soundfield is gives you a true movie type atomoshere!1 This is not your typical terroist movie you forget Sean Connery's age in this movie . Excellent acting from Nic Cage Ed Harris go get it today. The cover on my top ceiling just came apart!...more info
  • The Rock starring Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage
    Fast action and non stop drama takes a viewer inside the haunting hauls of an old Prison and a former life spent there. Sean Connery plays a man who the Government wanted to this fictional setting he is deemed as the only man to have escaped from Alcatraz. Now a group of angry serviceman, distraught over the treatment of men left behind on special ops missions, has hatched a plan to launch biological weapons from the newly acquired prison and attack the Bay area. Ed Harris plays the leader of this rogue group and the only thing the U.S. government can do to stop it is to get back into the prison...somehow, someway and with a lot of help from the top bio-chemist named Stanley Goodspeed, who is played by Nicolas Cage.

    Exciting military style thriller with lots of action and many heart stopping moments, The Rock is great and should perhaps be deemed a classic when compared to other action movies of this kind. It never seems unrealistic and With Connery, Harris and Cage it has a great cast. ...more info
  • Amazing
    I love this movie and my husband and I did not have the DVD so I purchased it. We both love it, how could you not?...more info
  • Good thriller with great actors
    Beautifully cast with Nicholas Cage as the reluctant biochemist and Sean Connery as the only man ever to have escaped from Alcatraz teaming up to defeat Ed Harris, playing a psychotic who is holding San Francisco virtual hostage. Before long, all the players are in place and viewers are treated to an action-packed couple of hours of bullets, bodies, explosions, close calls, harebrained 2nd guessing, near misses, near hits - and I don't care how many of these over-the-top movied you've seen: this one keeps you on the edge of your seat.
    Sean Connery, of course, plays himself - and that slight Scottish lisp and raised eyebrow are both firmly in place; he's simply terrific. So is Cage, whom I don't usually enjoy watching - he's just too pathetic and conflicted looking. But he's perfectly case in The Rock. It's obvious that the actors had a ball during the filming. Viewers will too. Don't miss it....more info
  • One of Michael Bay's best films ever made.
    I have this film on DVD and I think that Michael Bay did a good job on directing this film. This film is just as good as Armageddon. I think that The Rock and Armageddon are two of the best films that Michael Bay has ever directed....more info
  • Break into "The Rock"
    ...But be sure the neighbors aren't home! This DVD (with the possible exception of "Apollo 13") has been the closest thing to the movie theater experience in the genre. My home theater system was BOOMING. A great digital transfer complements and showcases this action thriller.

    You've read the synopsis so I won't bore you with my critique of the screenplay and acting. However, superb casting, a twinge of reality play by Nick Cage, a captivating Ed Harris and the evergreen suave presence of Sean Connery carries the cookie-cutter script playfully and effectively.

    I came short of giving the film five stars only because of the "Die Hard" formulaic aspect of the film; a collection of hostages, weapons-savvy terrorists and the everyday Joe who saves the day. Otherwise, the movie is chock-full of memorable special effects, one-liners (Connery's annecdote of the "prom queen" is spectacular) and Director Michael Bay's talented use of atmosphere to tell the story. All of these aspects make "The Rock" a welcome addition to my DVD library....more info