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Conspiracy Theory
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What is it about director Richard Donner that Mel Gibson enjoys so much that he's appeared in five of Donner's films? Is it the on-set pranks? Could it be the big-budget perks and $20-million paychecks? Or is it just a well-stocked catering table? Whatever the case, the Lethal Weapon star and director teamed up again, along with fellow superstar Julia Roberts, for this typically glossy, entertaining but ultimately hokey thriller. Gibson plays New York cab driver Jerry Fletcher, whose wacky belief in conspiracies finally hits on a coincidental truth involving an evil figure named Jonas (Patrick Stewart) and a secret program of government-funded mind control. Roberts plays the Justice Department attorney who finally believes in Jerry's paranoid ramblings. With a plot (from LA. Confidential cowriter Brian Helgeland) that's a lot of fun as long as you don't think about it too critically, Conspiracy Theory benefits immeasurably from the charisma of its high-magnitude stars. --Jeff Shannon

A conspiracy obsessed cabdriver named jerry fletcher believes he has an inexplicable connection to a justice department attorney alice sutton. He keeps trying to warn her about impending conspiracies even though she gently but firmly dismisses his concerns. Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 02/08/2005 Starring: Mel Gibson Patrick Stewart Run time: 135 minutes Rating: R Director: Richard Donner

Customer Reviews:

  • A Thrilling Movie Starring Some Great Actors
    Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts are among the highest paid actors in Hollywood, and the director of this movie, Richard Donner, is also the director of the Lethal Weapon movies. I figured that putting all these people together to make a movie would result in a great product. Though Conspiracy Theory isnyt bad, it isnyt that great, either.

    Gibson plays Jerry Fletcher, a cab driver who obsesses over government conspiracies in his spare time. He pours over the newspaper everyday to try and uncover secret plots that the government doesnyt want the public to know about. Heys also infatuated with Alice Sutton (played by Julia Roberts), an attorney in the Justice Department. Jerry gets this idea that NASA is trying to kill the President by deliberately causing an earthquake in Turkey while heys there on a diplomatic visit. Alice, of course, thinks heys absolutely crazy. However, it turns out that Jerry might not be as crazy as everyone thinks as one of his conspiracy theories suddenly begins to materialize. Now Jerry must convince Alice that the government is out to get him, and together they must team up to uncover the conspiracy.

    This is a pretty demanding role for Mel Gibson, but heys definitely equal to the task. This is the kind of role that earns an actor an Oscar nomination, though he didnyt receive one. Julia Robertsy role in the movie isnyt very demanding, and we never really get to see the full range of her acting ability, but she still does a solid job as the level-headed lawyer who is also trying to solve the mystery behind her own fatherys murder. Patrick Stewart is also in the movie, and he plays some sort of evil doctor in charge of running a government experiment that turns average people into raging assassins.

    This is an action movie, so by rule, the feasibility of the plot is of less significance than the gunshots, chase scenes, and burning buildings. This is probably a good thing, considering that the plot is rather far-fetched. Most people would probably agree that there are secret conspiracies that the government does not disclose, but this whole project about turning humans into assassins doesnyt seem very viable, neither do the attempts to capture Jerry Fletcher and extract information out of him. It all seems pretty bogus.

    Regardless, I have to say that I was entertained. Though I might not remember what the movie was about a month from now, it was definitely two hours well spent. I recommend this movie....more info

  • Good, smart and funny movie!
    Stunning performance by Mel Gibson, he is very believable as a pranoid conspiracy buff. So is Julia Roberts she holds herself very nicely in this film. The film is fast paced and rather interesting. I recommend this to anyone....more info
  • The most underrated Mel Gibson film ever.
    I have no idea why this film did so poorly in the theaters. The entire cast executes excellent performances. Mel Gibson especially shines. There are several scenes that touch the heart. This movie will make you laugh, cry, cheer, and leave you on the edge of your seat. If you're at all a fan of the suspense genre, *GET THIS MOVIE!*...more info
  • conspire to get yr money
    this hokey movie with hollywoods high paid actors, shows ya..they are doing it for the money and nothing else.all the actors and support cast give card board performances in this supposed thriller....! don't waste your time or money...more info
  • Previously views video
    The video was advertised as unwrapped but never viewed and was found to have advanced beyond the beginning of the movie. The quality was poor. The seller refunded the price....more info
  • Excellent protrayal of a MKULTRA victim
    This is the best movie I have ever seen portraying MKULTRA brainwashing atrocities committed by our government. I was awed and amazed at Mil Gibson's ability to accurately portray a target of the CIA's horrible brainwashing experiments intended to create the perfect spy -- an assassin who didn't know he was an assassin. I was also impressed Julia Roberts and the rest of the cast not to mention the excellent camera work and the overall production quality of the movie. With new evidence surfacing continually showing that MKULTRA did not stop with the 1975 Congressional Church committees investigation I was surprised to see this information divulged in this movie. The producer and diretor did not miss any detail in depicting the life of a targetted whistleblower. ...more info
  • Lethal Theory
    CONSPIRACY THEORY is a decent and entertaining thriller enhanced by the presence of Mel Gibson, the direction of Richard Donner (Lethal Weapon, Superman), a good female lead performance by Julia Roberts and a good villian played, by all people, Patrick Stewart (Star Trek: The Next Generation). Lastly, its enhanced by the New York City locations. Perhaps the film was made a little too late and it would have fit well with some of the great paranoid thrillers of the 1970's (i.e. Marathon Man, Three Days of the Condor). Gibson is a New York City cab driver who puts out a newsletter of government conspiracies. Somehow he hits upon one that may expose a mind controlling experiment group funded by the government and headed by Stewart (as Jonas). Gibson is then pursued and kidnapped by this underground group. Then, finds out that he may have a forgotten past life linked to this group and to Justice Deaprtment Agent, Roberts. Gibson's character of the paranoid cab driver Jerry Fletcher is great. Some may complained it was a little over the top or a little cartoony. However, one of the highlights of the character is his New York City inner city apartment that is claustophobic as it is filled with junk, papers, books (has a fixation and a collection of many copies of ...surprise, A Catcher in the Rye)and cockroaches. A unique aspect is the padlocked refridgerator when opened, has cannisters of food that are also padlocked. Lastly the apartment is boobytrapped for any unauthorized entry. This alone was an interesting part of the film and Mel Gibson's character. The film may seem a little lengthy especially when viewed on network television and padded with commericals (it runs 3 hours on tv). Otherwise, the film is entertaining containing good suspense, action and a somewhat of an unrequited love story between Gibson and Roberts. Good weekend afternoon popcorn film after all the football games are over....more info
  • Conspiracy Theory
    Excellent cast that carrys you with them. The movie has some twists that keep you guessing. Well performed. Enjoy!...more info
  • Could have been a good one
    The first 20 minutes of this movie are quite entertaining; Gibson portrays one of the usual paranoids believing that the entire government plans to overtake the freedom of the nation and is controlled by the UN already. As there are a number of very disturbed people who really are taking this for granted the movie could have served a great deal on giving us an insight on their lives.

    But no, of course, Gibson *is* watched, he *is* being kidnapped by some government agency and so on. At that point the movie turns to complete boredom. We all can sense what will happen and the ending in itself screams "tested with 200 audiences" at you. Even if we leave logic aside and say, ok, he is watched, the story stays low-level; all of the most secure and highly secret agencies can be identified by usually driving black cars with government license plates to make identification even more convenient.

    It is to say that Gibson did some good acting here; he probably saves the movie from complete catastrophe. Julia Roberts does what she usually does in her "serious" roles: she looks innocent and determined, others would say frigid and hysteric. Patrick "Captain Picard" Steward's talents are only used to a very limited degree. I wonder if he knew beforehand what he is getting himself into.

    If you are into conspiracy movies, watch one of the Grisham adaptions or the like. If you go training in the woods already for the day the UN will invade "God's own country" then go ahead with this one. It will serve your paranoia well and will give a number of psychologists an income for years to come....more info

  • Yeah, Baby!!
    Conspiracy Theory is an amazing movie because it introduces to a crazy New York City cab driver, white male, conservative, right wing, probably a little bit of fundamentalist; and in about five seconds, it makes us love him. We laugh with him, cry with him, sometimes laugh at him, and in the end we'll actually believe him. It's Good....more info
    Why Julie Roberts, Why. The only reason this movie gets 2 stars is because Gibson's performance is great....more info
  • A Politically-Paranoid `Monk?'
    Now that the TV series "Monk" has become so popular, maybe a few more people will check this film out. Mel Gibson's character isn't exactly like Monk - more like a super hyperactive and politically paranoid "Monk." He fits right in with Oliver Stone and the rest of the "conspiracy" freaks. Stone, in fact, would like this film since it gives credence to these paranoid fantasies and gives several cheap shots to conservatives along the way.

    Political propaganda-aside, this is a fun movie to watch and the most fun might be Gibson's house, which is too incredible to describe here. Mel is fascinating to watch and really makes this movie what it is with his outrageous character "Jerry Fletcher."

    Julia Roberts gives a solid performance while looking about as good as she ever looked. Patrick Stewart is very effective as the bad guy. He reminded me of Laurence Olivier's Nazi villain in "Marathon Man."

    An involving story that holds your attention for the full 2-plus hours and looks nice on DVD. I'll bet this would look great on Blu-Ray.

    ...more info
  • Mel and Julia...not bad
    As an American, and a lover of suspense films, it's almost disconcerting that films about devious behavior from the FBI or CIA should be so entertaining. IN THE LINE OF FIRE (Wolfgang Peterson's brilliant film, with Eastwood & Malkovich) is absolutely riveting, and this pairing of Mel & Julia, with Donner directing, was almost as good. I DO really like Julia Roberts. She's a fine and insightful actress. Mel transcended his 3 Stooges imitation (from the LETHAL WEAPON films), and was completely convincing as a paranoid good-guy. As much as I like Mel, Julia's strength to carry the film really comes through. There's great editing (for suspense) and fine photography of some great NYC sites. And Ben Kingsley was so bad, I wanted to bite his nose. This will keep you guessing till the end. I won't give anything away, except that Mel & Julia are the good guys and they're great together....more info
  • This is one of Favorite Mel movies.
    I love this movie! This is a story about a nut taxi driver who keeps bugging a female asst DA. But the story is brilliant in how the story slowly unfounds leading to an exciting conclusion.

    My favorite moment is when Mel is captured and the ADA escapes on foot, but the bad guys are running her down in a chopper with Mel aboard. "Picard" says, "don't watch she's toast". Mel responds "You haven't seen her run!"...more info

  • In the top ten of most unbearable
    I'm not bashing this movie, really. I like Mel Gibson. I like Julia Roberts. I enjoy the occasional "conspiracy" story line. So why did the combination fail? It's easy...writing. I'm no writer of award winning screenplays, but the dialogue in this movie made me want to seek shelter in the script of a Barney episode. Contrived, forced, redundant, cliche, and I'm being kind. Mel is funny and attractive. Julia is also. They're just the victims of a very bad script. Young writers take this one home and take notes on how not to develop a storyline....more info
  • Velly interesting, but shtoopid
    I guess Mel Gibson had to pay rent on one of his expensive houses to play in this Manchurian Candidate for Dummies. The cinematography is muddy and the direction is a vacant lot of fast editing and stuff that explodes. Sure Mel Gibson is attractive, but he has yet to make a movie that proves he can act (with the exception of Road Warrior and the Year of Living Dangerously). This film exists in the cinema limbo between "films so bad they are good" and "well made films." It's like Lethal Weapon minus the focus, Cutthroat Island minus the effort, and Deep Impact minus the talent. Use that money and buy that Psychic TV CD you always wanted....more info
  • Better than the critics said...
    I know that this movie was not one of the critics favorites, but I found it to be quite enjoyable. Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts are both excellent, and Gibson in particular is great as the paranoid conspiracy theorist who attempts to convince Roberts that his theories are real. The scene when Gibson's apartment is destroyed is a superb dramatization of paranoia taken to the extreme.

    If you missed this one, pick up a copy as you will enjoy this movie. The extra features on the DVD are somewhat skimpy, but the audio and video quality is excellent....more info