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The portrayal of black teens lost in the inner-city. Caine lives with his grandparents and peddles drugs for spending money. He peddle drugs from the eve of his high school graduation to his decision to escape south-central los angeles for atlanta. This film has some of the most bloodiest violence ever. Studio: New Line Home Video Release Date: 01/08/2008 Starring: Tyrin Turner Larenz Tate Run time: 104 minutes Rating: R Director: Allen & Albert Hughes

Tyrin Turner may not have broken out into stardom as was initially expected, but his work in Menace II Society is one of the more powerful cinematic debuts. The film, from the brother writer-director team of Allen and Albert Hughes, chronicles life in the Los Angeles 'hood. Similar territory was covered in the equally commanding Boyz N the Hood, but what makes this cautionary tale stand out is not only the Hughes brothers' forceful story, (written with their friend, Tyger Williams) and direction, but the naturalness of then-newcomer leads Turner as Caine, Larenz Tate as O-Dog, and Jada Pinkett as Ronnie. They are so credible--occasionally frighteningly so--that the repressive universe of violent ghetto life is captured effectively. Life as portrayed here--and no doubt accurately so--is both figuratively and literally narrow. As a very young boy, Caine witnesses his dad murdered over something inconsequential, and his mom OD. His is a world where respect comes from intimidation, power from violence. Despite his understanding of right and wrong (values passed on by a good friend, his kind grandparents, a caring teacher), his life and its entrapments are too much to overcome. --N.F. Mendoza

Customer Reviews:

  • 3 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    A less-accomplished but darker and more pessimistic tale of inner city African-American life than Boyz in the Hood, Menace II Society tells the story of the American nightmare: people who are "young and black and don't give a ****"; quick-moving and interesting, it's worth a look. ...more info
  • "Punk Azz Chauncey!"
    (lol) If you have seen the movie, you know who Chauncey is. The film begins in South Central Los Angeles in the Watts with Caine and his friend Kevin, nicknamed "O-Dog" entering a liquor store. Caine begins to drink malt liquor out of the bottle, intending to pay for it when he gets to the register, and the Korean storekeeper and his wife watch them suspiciously. As O-Dog is finished paying and is about to leave the store with Caine, the shopkeeper tells O-Dog "I feel sorry for your mother." O-Dog takes offense and shoots the Korean storekeeper and his wife, and takes the video surveillance tape of the shooting, before he and Caine flee the scene. O-Dog keeps the tape and entertains his friends by showing it to them. From there the movie takes flight. It has stars such as...Too Short, Jada Pinkett, Lorenz Tate, Clifton Powell and many more. If you like urban gangster movies then you'll enjoy this one. YMMV...NEOSOUL...more info
  • Classic 1990's must have. Jyeah!
    This movie is a fundamental piece of urban 1990s pop culture. This movie also must have contributed to the widespread use of saying "jyeah", especially as used as a telephone greeting. Beyond being entertaining and a time capsule of 90's culture, this is a really good movie in technical skill, story telling, and acting. Jyeah! PS: 6Corners Chicago Rules....more info
  • off the hook
    i dont know what everybody else is talkin about but this movie is one of the best and will alwayz be everyone did wonderful in this movie and that's why it will alwayz be one of the best movies...more info
  • Great movie.
    Take a walk in the lives of some troubled young men on the streets of Cali. It isn't the violence or street action that makes this movie great but the real life of the movie that makes it a great movie. For those who are not aware of the things that goes on in some neighborhoods or the mentality behind the things that are seen on the news this would be a great movie to watch and learn.

    ...more info
  • What Happened To Tyrin Turner?
    The acting was wonderful, but the movie wasn't so stimulating. My mistake to expect another " Boyz In Da Hood " because unfortunately Menace doesn't live up to the hype it produced. Not my number one pick at all and about 10,000 steps behind the king of urban gang films " Boyz In Da Hood ". Tyrin Turner and Larenz Tate did fine jobs. Jada Pinkett was as bland as ever. The supporting casts were better than the top cast any day. They had a lot of familiar faces that popped up. What ever happened to Tyrin Turner? I remembered him from the Rhythm Nation video and since Menace haven't seen him since.

    If you like gangsta flicks, this is cool but it doesn't compare to John Singleton's Oscar masterpiece....more info

  • The Best Hood Movie? By Far.
    "I'm gonna mess with this O.E." "You drinking that Ides?"
    Probably one of the best scenes in Menace II Society, Cain and O-Dawg are buying a beer at the corner store and trobule springs when the Asian clerk makes fun of O-Dawg. Not all hood movies have as good as characters as Menace II Society or plot lines too. You do not really have to follow to much in this movie and it is not conufsing. Menace II Society is a powerful movie, but there is a little bit of comedy in it too. The only question I have and this really bothers me is, Why did someone have to come out and make fun of this classic along with Boys N The Hood and other hood movies ?(Juice, SOuth Central)Whenever I talk to someone about Menace II Society, they always say, "Oh yeah, Don't Be a Menace To South Central?" And I just shake my head, "No! Menace II Society!"...more info
  • Menace 2 Socety
    Menace, man one off the best movies.It's about a kid growing up in L.A.Growing up around guns,drugs and murdas.He was tought how to stand up for him self,he was tought how to shoot guns and deal drugs.His father was killed his mother died from an over douse when he was 8-10 when she died.He moved in with his grand parents.You have to watch it four your self to find out the rest....more info
  • powerful
    After watching Dead Presidents I new The Hughes Brothers had some
    talent.So i went and watched the movie that was called their best
    and that was Menace to Society.This movie was great all the thing
    s that I loved about Dead Presidents were in this movie execpt
    a heist,and war scenes.It had great acting,directing,and flawless
    screenplay.Tyrin Turner was excellent,Jada Pinkett was good,and
    I loved the appearence by Samuel L. Jackson but Larenze Tate
    was the shining star.Larenze Tate played a ruthless,foul mouthed
    ,gangbanger and did a great job.loaded with graphic violence,and
    non-stop foul languege and racial slurs not to mention drug abuse
    this is just like Dead Presidents and that means it apeals to a
    certain taste.But it is a 5 star movie with a great story to tell...more info
  • pure classic
    this movie is a classic one my fav movie i could watch this movie more then once so u know its a good movie....more info
  • This Movie Iz Crazy
    Im am a 14 year old and I want to talk about the Movie Menace II Society.Menace II Society is the tightest Movie I ever saw since "Boyz N The Hood" & "South Central".It all started out as a young boy name Caine (Tyrin Turner) telling a story about surviving the streets for good.My favorite Scence is When Caine & O-Dog(Larenz Tate) was in the liquor store when these two got evloved in a murder by O-Dog kill the korean grocer and also killed the korean lady while O-Dog threatens to get the video tape from her.In The Movie, They mention O-Dog as "The American's Worst Nightmare" and They also mention that O-Dog is Young, Black, And Don't Give A [care]. They also have a cool soundtrack with MC Eith(Streith Up Menace) and all other cool artists.I Recommend this movie to everyone.If U love hood movies and u have not seeen it yet, nows it the time to spend your money and buy this classic.On the internet, they also mention the "Director's Cut"(which is Unrated and the orignal verison is an R-Rated Movie).So if you Moviegooer and u have not seen that movie yet, now's the time to get that movie.One more thing,The Directors Allen & Albert Hugues(From Hell,Dead Presidents) did an good job on this movie....more info
  • Menace II Society
    Menace II Society is the story of Caine (Tyrin Turner) a young man living in Watts, Los Angeles. From the very beginning of the movie we follow Caine with an early flashback to his childhood to start . Caines narrative voice is found all throughout this movie. Things start off violent, and never really stop, from beginning to end there is bloodshed, but theres alot more than just violence in this movie, Caine lives a day to day existence, and its only in the end that he realizes whats important to him- Ronnie (Jada Pinkett), her son, his family and living. Other main character is Caines best friend 0-Dog (Larenz Tate) who is young, black and doesnt [care], his presence in movie is really a powerful one, and his lack of conscience contrasts with Caines. Movie also stars Vonte Sweet, Samuel L. Jackson and Glenn Plummer. Produced by Darin Scott & the Hughes Brothers. Tyrin Turner a still virtually unknown actor is excellent in this movie, and in my opinion deserves alot more credit than he has gotten.To say this movie is just powerful is an understatment, and to compare it to Boyz N the Hood is wrong too. There are some similarities, but Menace II Society is alot darker, and wasnt made to please the masses. Maybe thats why I like it so much, because the story is realistic and the makers dont play down the violence to get mainstream appeal. Would like to talk about some of key scenes but you dont do that when writing a review for people who havnt seen the movie, all I will say is this movie is definetly worth watching, and if your like me and really enjoy it, its worth having in the collection....more info
  • Menace....
    One of the best black films of out recent history. The best of black youth getting caught up in the street life. Very real images and very real situations Kane faced in this movie. The brother that directed this back then had a great vision for this movie. This and Dead Presidents are very solid movies. Enough Said....more info
  • Two Distinct Camps
    It seems that there are two distinct camps when it comes to Menace II Society. Those who either love Boys N the Hood and completely hate Menace II Society, and those who love Menace II Society and think that Boys N the Hood is okay or watered down. Unfortunately, the division of these two camps has placed both movies in categories that I don't think are appropriate for either one. Menace is more graphic and violent then BNTH, but both films are equally good.

    Menace is a good film. The acting is a bit tried at times. Tyrin Turner is a virtually unknown actor with little under his belt. There were also a lot of unknown actors with very little experience. Yet, there were some extremly noteworthy performances. In particular, Larenz Tate, Jada Smith, and...suprisingly....MC Eight. I had a chance to meet Larenz in college a while back and it is almost hilarious how far removed from the character he actually is.

    The storyline is extremely moving and graphic. For those living the life it is predictable. For those unaware of the street life it is shocking.

    Overall, the entire movie will have you glued to your seat. I give this movie 5 stars because it moving and true to life....more info

  • Blistering Gangster Film
    Unless you are black and live in someplace like Compton, this film will rock your world. We are taken inside the lives of young men and women trying to survive in the badlands of Los Angeles- gang town, where your life can end at any given moment due to drive-bys or wrong-alley encounters. The racial message is strong- the blacks in America must do all they can to survive the ghettos, and climb out of the ugly pit white America has dug and thrown them in (historically). Thus, in 'Menace 2 Society', we see not only the day-to-day survival tactics of some serious gang-bangers, but we hear a much more pressing calling for them to find a life more sane....more info
  • Good Movie
    Menace 2 Society is one of my favorite movies.if you like boyz in the would like this even better....more info
  • The words are over-used,
    but this is an unsettling and harrowing film. If you've seen **Boyz N the Hood** and felt relieved at the end by the uplifting aspect of the protagonist making it out of a dead end life, you're unlikely to have much patience for this comparatively darker and angrier picture, in which the characters seem to know that they're doomed from the start.
    But if this puts you off, you're missing out. As you probably know, this was brothers Allen and Albert Hughes's first feature. They direct with great self-assurance, in a style that is mostly invisible, matching the naturalistic, low-key acting of the principals-- Tyrin Turner as Cain, Larenz Tate as the sociopathic O-Dog,and Jada Pinkett[Smith] as Ronnie, Cain's lady friend, who just wants to escape and make a better life for her child....more info
  • Great for Kids
    This is a good movie for any parents with exceptionally rowdy children especially boys .......... it shows how a hard head can really make for a soft bottom....... A thumbs up from Quick !...more info
  • "It's right there in the Bible, Exodus 20:13: '"Thou shall not kill."
    Pop this movie just the other night and it turns out this is still an incredible movie. Larenz Tate is indeed a fine actor. I've seen this movie numerously over the years and it still get to me. "Menace II Society" is a film that is so violent, depressing and real it seriously looks and feels like a documentary. Inside the first 20 minutes there are a few scenes that would be the climatic in the latter (Boyz n The Hood) purely because they contain outrageous violence, sadness and that feeling that you are watching something brilliant & depressing. It shows what a tenacious, vicious film this is- the normal, brutal ending to another film of misguided youth is purely an introductory, walk in the park for this.

    The film follows the venture of a young man, "Caine" (Tyrin Turner) in the hood. He is a part time drug-dealer, but even though the portrayal of his character isn't sympathetic, that emotion is still evoked at the same time as watching him and his friends manoeuvre through the 'hood. Caine's best friend, O- Dog (Larenz Tate) was never any hope. Seen "Trainspotting"? O-Dog is a GD-up version of the psychotic, violent character "Begbie". He shoots people for fun, treats women in a degrading fashion and constantly annoys and makes fun of his friends. Other characters include Jada Pinkett-Smith, Bill Duke, and Samuel L Jackson, the last two only holding small roles in this movie.

    I'm not going to go into great depths into this film. It cannot do it justice. Every actor is superb, the script is impeccable and the violence is raw, uncut but informative. Watching this is like a documentary- you feel as if you are there, and by the end you won't be able to process what eventually happens. For me, it made me go numb. I'm never able to leave my seat for a few minutes. My advice: watch this for yourself. And don't feel bad about crying- even the hardened will have trouble holding back in this amazing, cinematically beautiful masterpiece.
    ...more info
  • Powerful but not without it's faults
    Menace II Society was the debut film from the directing duo of the Hughes brothers, released in 1993 at the height of popularity of "hood movies". As most other reviewers have stated the film is an extemely powerful look at growing up in L.A in the early 90's. The movie grabs your attention straight away with the robbery of the liquor store and the controversial shooting of the Korean owners, and the pace never lets up throughout. Caine (Tyrin Turner) is basically a bystander in the opening scene as O-Dog (Larenz Tate) goes on a rampage, and this continues throughout the film, Caine is a good person but very much a victim of his circumstances, whereas O-Dog just "doesn't give a f**k".

    Without going into plot details the events in the film all conspire against Caine and it all catches up with him in the inevitable ending. There are also good performances from Jada Pinkett and MC Eiht and a small role at the start from Samuel L Jackson as Caine's father. While the film is very powerful and a sad and realistic take on ghetto life, it is not without it's faults, the main one being the lack of depth of some of the characters. They never really explain Caine's relationship with Parnell, though he regularly refers to him as "like a dad" throughout the film. Also several of the other characters are hard to sympathise with as their background is never really explained (something I felt was done better in Boyz N The Hood),and I find it hard to believe Parnell would be cool with Caine's relationship with his girl. Despite these minor faults the film is still great though and the ending in particular was tragic and inevitable. One of the better hood movies of the early 90's, if your into them you should definetely check this out....more info
  • excellent
    i love this movie. its called menace II society because it shows how a lil boy can grow up to be a criminal. he was influenced to that life. look at the other characters look at his mom and dad....more info
  • Very Powerful
    Roger Ebert called this film one of the most powerful movies he'd ever seen. And yeah, I guess it is. This movie, directed by The Hughes Brothers
    (From Hell, Dead Presidents) portrays life in the hood as no other movie has done before. It's powerful, unapologetic, and presents us with characters that we should have no sympathy for whatsoever. Oddly enough though, we do.
    The movie begins with Caine (Tyrin Turner) and O-Dog (Larenz Tate) walking into a liquor store to buy some beer. The store is owned by Korean's who follow them around mysteriously. Caine and O-Dog go about their business until they're about to walk out and O-Dog shoots and kills both of the Korean's and takes the tape of them doing it. The scene shows us the violence unflinchingly. We then see Caine's back story. His father (Samuel L. Jackson) died in a drug deal and his mother died of a heroin overdose. He lived with his religious grandparents since then and was, for the most part, raised by Pernell (Glenn Plummer) who's now serving life in prison. Caine, meanwhile, helps take care of Pernell's girlfriend Ronnie (Jada Pinkett) and
    his young son Anthony, who reminds Caine of himself at a young age. The rest of the movie is events that happen in the lives of Caine and his homies
    O-Dog, Doc, Wax, Sharif, Stacy, Lew-Loc, and Chauncy. Drug deals, drive-by's, rim stealing, car jacking, cold blooded murder, you name it. None of it's off limits. Through all of this, however, you like the characters. O-Dog, no matter how violent and sadistic he gets is still a great and sympathetic character. Tate's performance is so good, I'm surprised he didn't get a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination. Tyrin Turner, who I've never seen in another movie, is amazing as Caine; Playing both the violent street thug and sensitive guy perfectly. A pre-Will Smith, Jada Pinkett is also great as Ronnie
    and should have gotten an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.
    This is an important movie that needs to be seen by a lot of people, since it confronts a lot of social issues in a simalar way movies like American History X, Boyz in the Hood, and even Scarface have done before. The Hughes Brothers have crafted a masterwork, a powerfully entertaining movie.

    GRADE: A+
    ...more info
  • Simply a great movie
    I've probably seen this movie 20 times since it came out and I still watch it when it comes on television. I must say that some of the acting seems a bit corny now, but the images, characters and the story are still as gripping as ever. MIIS is basically a remake of the gangster classic Public Enemy from 1931. At that time Warner Brothers studios had directors that were interested in telling real stories. Another example also from 1931, I think, was I'm a Fugitive from a Chain Gang. Basically these films were about how life was in the early thirties for some people, like gangsters or poor people.

    Anyway MIIS does this too. People compare it to Boyz 'n' da Hood and Do the Right Thing. Why do the Right Thing? That movie has a completely different theme than this one. It deals directly with racism, MIIS deals indirectly with racism, but is about living a life of crime in the ghetto. Boy 'n' the hood is similar, but is a morality play and also coming of age drama. Just, because black people act and direct a movie doesn't mean it's exactly the same subject. MIIS is more a tragedy, as soon as you hear the voice over of Caine and he begins to tell his story you know that this is not going to end well.

    Furthermore the major part of the acting is great. Also a good thing is the dialogue in the script, it's all slang. When I first saw this movie I couldn't understand a word they were saying for the first ten minutes. This makes it more realistic, but also gives an almost Shakespeare like feel, because you have to listen with more effort to get the dialogue.

    Lastly for those people who say this film is racist and stereotypical. Please look a little bit further. Stereotypes are put forward yes, but not to characterize all young black men in the hood, they are stereotypes of individuals that exist, the nut, the player, the religious fanatic, the hustler etc. And even though they are stereotyped the actors do a really good job in deepening ther characters. I can't find any racism in this film with the best of my ability, I think the directors just wanted to make a film that would be very impressive and they succeeded in that. Maybe you would like to see a more Mr. Rogers type of movie which Caines grandparents watch as O-Dog visits. A movie about a world where everything is hunky dory.

    On a last note the point the movie makes is that it is not only your actions, but also your environment that inevitably lead to your fate. Even if you take the right actions the odds are highly stacked against you in places where there is little opportunity to get out of the mess you're in....more info
  • Doesn't hold up...
    I was pretty young when this came out, I saw it in the movies. I saw it with a few of my friends, and I remember walking out of the theater wanting to blow someone away. I'm afraid that this is the depth that this movie has. One reviewer made a comment that there were too many characters that could have had more of an impact if thier stories were explained in more detail. In effect, if they were PEOPLE instead of just characters. I agree with him. At the end, when Kane (Tyrin Turner) is talking to Pernell (Glenn Plummer), **is there an "urban" flick that Glenn Plummer is NOT in?** when he says, "When I was growing up, you were like my dad." Now, the only other scene Glenn Plummer is in, is when he shows Kane at around the age of ten how to handle a gun. All I'm saying is if we had a little more background of Pernell and Kane, maybe we could have appreciated their relationship more. Instead we know next to nothing about it. I mean, how close were they if Kane has to ask Ronnie (Pernell's girl; Jada Pinkett) how he's doing in prison, and he never goes to see him? Some scenes that might have supposed to have been powerful were actually laughable. For example, at the end when Ronnie is tyring to persuade Kane to leave with her, she goes from, "Do you know what Anthony (her son) asked me the other day? If you were gonna die! If you were gonna die, Kane!" to, "Are you gonna go with me or what?" Way to finish that off. The whole relationship between Kane and Ronnie is kind of icky anyway, Pernell being his "dad" and all. And also, earlier in the film when Kane is showing Anthony how to use a gun, (the only parenting skill he aquired) and Ronnie catches him, she immediatly flies off the handle; "I don't want my son learning how to do drive by's!!" She must all of a sudden forget that situation because her next line is "How many times do I have to tell you to stop giving us money?" Apparently her pride overpowers her motherly insticnts. I don't know if this was the Hughes Brothers first film, or even if they've made more since, but for what it was, it was an appluadable effort. I gave it three stars because of the nostalgic value it holds for me, as I have with other movies I've given three stars to. ...more info
  • maybe it just hasn't aged well...
    ok, I've only just seen this film for the first time, so it's hard to really judge the social impact it had 13 years ago and its importance in that respect, but this is not a particularly good film.

    I mean, it has its choice moments where it really comes together. the shot of caine downing a 40 in the korean grocers is imaginitively directed. any scene with o-dog is almost guaranteed classic status. samuel jackson's in it. and if you're a fan of dave chapelle's tyrone biggums crackhead character, the token crackhead in this film is worth a few laughs for his to-the-tee similarity.

    but that's really my problem with this film. serious issues are reduced to a series of ham-fisted archetypes straight out of central casting. and they're ALL here: the homey black grandparents, the nation of islam convert, the socially conscious mother whose son is starting to go down caine's road... all characters that might fare better in a different film that treats these issues with more subtlety and depth.

    take the french film 'la haine', for instance. it clearly took a lot of inspiration from menace 2 society, boyz n tha hood, etc., but its characters actually feel tormented, instead of just having lots of scenes written FOR them to show their torment. rather than just running through a laundry list of problems, one-by-one, scene-by-scene, it really gets to the heart of something bigger, some grander alienation that urban youths feel, which is what menace 2 society would like to be able to do. plus, if you can believe it, the hip-hop in 'la haine' is quite a bit better.

    so while I would definitely recommend seeing this film, keep the remote aimed and ready, finger on the fast-forward button. maybe about a half-hour of this film is really worth watching, whereas the other 70 minutes are mostly just dull moralising. oh yeah, and there's a really embarrassing-to-watch sex scene thrown in for no particular reason. oh, also, the filmmakers apparently think people who have just been shot look like they are being electrocuted while spitting out cherry slurpees. in a film that didn't try to carry so much social weight, that kind of thing would be ok because you could laugh it off as bad filmmaking, but it really just cheapens this one....more info
  • Excellent, but mis-titled
    Rather than "Menace to Society", this movie should be titled, "The Unfortunate Victims of a Racist Society". My heart bleeds for the real-world counterparts of these young men, caught up in the unending battle for survival in South-central LA, and other such areas all around the country.

    I understand that we all make choices, but how many do these young men have? It is a racist, exclusionary society that has condemned them to their fate; to die violently at the hands of their own brothers. Its sickening. Society is more of a menace to these young men, than they are responsible for being a menace to society.

    Having said that, the movie itself is excellent. It's gritty and real to the 'nth' degree. Movies like this should be a huge wakeup call for the 'powers that be' in this country, but the reality is that the grave lessons it teaches will pass unnoticed....more info
  • Although very violent & graphic, this is an awesome movie
    Menace II Society is one of those films that leaves a powerful message that is not forgotten long after you have seen it. The story focuses on a teenage street thug who is caught in the middle of gang life and drugs but doesn't know how to escape it. After getting carjacked while cruising with his cousin on the streets of South Central LA, the main character swears revenge on the gangsters who killed his cousin.

    This movie is very violent and has a lot of language, but it should be shown to every teenager entering high school to show them what can happen if they decide to hook up with the wrong people and make the wrong choices in life. Although I did not like the ending very much, the impact of the film was very powerful and left quite an impact. It showed me that if you mess with the wrong people and don't take responsibility for your actions, you will get dealt with and quite possibly, killed.

    The main character gets murdered because he sleeps with some chick and gets her pregnant. She tells him, and he's like "What the heck are you telling me for? I had the plastic on extra tight." Condoms are not foolproof. They can slip and they can break. If you are gonna be with a woman for one night, make sure she is on something else, or pull out.

    The digital transfer to the DVD is first rate. The audio is outstanding in both the 2 channel Dolby Surround format as well as the 5.1 channel Digital tracks. Highs and lows are both top notch... Be sure to warn your neighbors if you have thin walls. I had sound complaints after I played this movie on my system! The bass from the subwoofer as well as the gunshots during the whole movie is so loud, you feel as if it is happening right in front of you. Amazing......more info
  • Not Yet Received
    I have not yet received this item. Hopefully, it is on its way. It has been over three weeks....more info
  • Same old stuff!
    Sorry peeps but I just never felt this "Hood" crap! M2S was just another in a long line of "Hood" movies with nothing but gratuitous violence and foul language and no message whatsoever! Yes we know growing up in the hood sucks! What else is new? How about a movie about someone overcoming the odds and living a good clean life in spite of the environment they grew up in? I guess that's not "real" or "black" enough, huh? A lot of people compare this film to "Boyz N The Hood" but it really does injustice to BNTH which was not only the first but actually had a message! What's the message in this one? I don't think it's coincidental that this came out at a time when gangsta rap really took off and many young black males, including college students, thought that being a gangsta and being down with the hood was cool but I never bought into that foolishness! Call me an anomaly or even a hater (A tired overrused expression if there ever was one) if you wish but this mess was far from being any kind of masterpiece!...more info
  • the otherside of boyz n the hood
    a lot of people compare menace to society to boyz n the hood and rightfully so, but some miss one thing... menace is clearly what happens to many kids in the inner city who grow up with no guidance, no hope, and therefore like o-dog just don't give a...
    now you might say that caine had a lot of guidance from his best friends father, ronnie, and his grandparents, but i think that being exposed to murder at a young age would disort anyones view on life.......more info
    if you have not seen this movie, watch it.
    if you do not own this movie, buy it.
    if you do not like this movie, f**k off....more info
  • "Do You Care Whether You Live Or Die"
    The 1993 hood classic "Menace II Society" is one hell of a movie. It takes place in Watts, Los Angelas, and from start to finish, the movie is like one long roller coaster ride. The cast is excellent, the story is VERY realistic and believable. This has to be one of the best hood movies made, along with Boyz N The Hood, Juice, and New Jack City (more of a drug movie though). The violence never stops, and the overall grimey feel of the film never seems to leave. The movie definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat, however cliche that seems to sound. It's very hard to predict what's going to happen next with every scene, and it all comes down to a depressing end.

    The story is told by Kaydee, or Caine, who is a little...well, troubled. His dad was murdered when he was young, and his mom overdosed on drugs. As the result, he was sent to live with his very religious grandparents. At the beginning there is a fitting flashback to his childhood, where he sees his dad murder another man at a party over money. Throughout the whole movie, Caine is pressured badly by his best friend, O-Dawg, who is young, black, and don't give a f**k, or in other words, America's nightmare. At the same time, he is dealing drugs, and trying to help out Ronni, his female friend, and her son, Anthony. Ronni tries to steer him in the right direction, along with several other adults and another friend. However, that doesn't mean that Cain listens. The story is well crafted, and the characters are very believable. You have the main character who is torn between which path to take, the other who doesn't care, one who is very religous and tries to get his friends to be the same, and one who could be a football player. All of the characters help to contribute to the movie.

    Many people compare this to Boyz N The Hood. I like both movies, but I will say that this one has more of a ghetto feel to it. There is way more violence and bloodshed than BNTH, and there is a hell of alot more of smoking, drinking, and drug dealing. I still like Boyz N The Hood a tad more, for some reason that I don't even know. The acting and cast is great. Tyrin Turner as Caine, Larenz Tate (one of my favorite actors since this movie) as O-Dawg, and Jada Pinkett as Ronni are all wonderful in there performances. All the other actors do great in their roles too. The whole movie is shot brilliantly, and shouldn't be missed by movie lovers.

    So, I'd suggest you pick this movie up, especially if you like Boyz N The Hood, Juice, New Jack City, Above The Rim, etc. Maybe if you just like violence with a message. The movie is great, there is not a single thing wrong about the picture, script or acting. There is one thing, just like in Boyz N The Hood: There are a few racial insights but not much. Just a few racial comments are made toward Caucasions, so if you're easily offended do not watch this film, or ignore the comments. Otherwise, rent this movie when you see it. You'll get your money's worth, and there's no doubt about that. ...more info
  • A Message To John Maxwell
    "Menace II Society" is still a good film which explains to its public how sad it is to see black men murder one another. However, I would like to point out to you, Mr. John Maxwell, the thoughtless statement you had made on October 6, 2004 by saying that it is COMPLETELY black men's fault for crimes being committed in this country. You said and I quote that "The real reasons for the neverending crime in Black communities has nothing to do with "poor social environments" or "lack of education" as so many liberals have said". You also said and I quote that "After all, who created these factors if not Blacks themselves?" Well, Mr. Maxwell, let me tell you what I think. In case you don't know Mr. Maxwell, it is NOT JUST African-Americans who are responsible for why there are guns and drugs in the black communities which makes our communities violent and corrupt. There are ALSO White-Americans, oh yes, WHITE PEOPLE, who are also responsible for why there are drugs and guns in the black communties because they are the guilty ones who smuggle drugs and weapons into this American country illegally, which makes it possible for black men to have access to these things. In addition, drugs and guns are global around the world in which they have people of all colors ( black,white, red, yellow, and brown) who are helping to tear this country apart with drugs and guns by smuggling these dangerous things into America. Now don't get me wrong, Mr. Maxwell. I am not saying that all white people are responsible for drugs and guns in this country, and I am NOT condoning the evil crimes that black men commit. But at the same time, we have to tell BOTH SIDES of the story that White-Americans are guilty as well. You have a very big problem Mr. Maxwell, and I suggest that you better CORRECT YOURSELF BEFORE YOU CORRECT OTHERS. THINK ABOUT IT! Anyone who agrees with me can e-mail me at info