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Asteroid (1997) [VHS]
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  • Dramatic...
    Oh, I believe the last time that I've seen this movie was sometime in 1996. It was an ABC home movie, so I went and watched it. I considered these disaster movies for television " sappy" because the computer generated effects always seemed... off. However, if I remembered correctly, there are quite a few dramatic moments, like a little boy stranded and rescued in a collapsed building, threatening to slide off the hill and into the ground zero crater that the asteroid made. Ah, yes. I remembered it now. The story was that a female astrologist had spotted a large asteroid that could potentially damage Earth's surface. A bomb was sent up to blast the asteroid apart. Only to find the remaining little bits come slamming into Earth. What's worse, there's an even larger one following behind. What will happen? Well, rent it and watch it yourself. Personally, I think it's a good representation of reality, and as most of these tv flicks would do, they try and focus on the emotional side of the human spectrum and how we react to these "doomed" moments. (Probably a way to save money for spectacular special effects, maybe?!) But considering that this movie was a few years old, the CGI imagery would not be as advanced as today. So I would say it's acceptable. But still a good flick. A few more modern representations would be Deep Impact or Armageddon. But watch this one first. You may not like this one so much after you've seen the other two....more info
  • Don't waste your time.
    I work for FEMA and this is the WORST depiction of our valuable work that I can imagine. Buy or rent Deep Impact and enjoy a good movie!...more info
  • Asteroid
    Michael Biehn is a fantastic actor and his role in this movie was excellent. This is a excellent movie to me. I would like to buy it on DVD....more info
  • Barely Worth Even Checking Out.
    This is probably one of the worst asteroid\meteorite disaster thriller ever made. Some of the special effects in the film were absolutely lousy and the acting was even worse. There were also many flaws in it to many to list. Like I said, not really worth seeing. Almost as bad as "Meteorite!"....more info
  • Asteroid
    I liked this movie. It was thought provoking and insightful with the action taking place in a location not usually seen before. Dallas, Texas was a good choice as it is highly populated, but not typical like New York, or Los Angeles. Being a Colorado girl, I liked that the NOAA facility in Boulder was used. The FEMA aspect was something new not usually included in these types of movies, and gave a more human element to the story instead of focusing on the impending disaster.
    ...more info
  • General TV drevel disater film
    The female ASTRONOMER! sees asteroid. Astronomer figures out it will impact the earth. Need I say more.

    Barf inducting effects, shallow characers(with the exception of Mike B.), cheezy plot, and really BAD ACTING! But what can one expect from the networks. One star is being nice! Dont waste your time, see Meteor or Armageddon....more info

  • Dreadful tripe
    This was so bad, that I cannot think of words appropriate to describe it properly. What a stink bomb! The characters were so silly and shallow, I was actually rooting for the asteroid....more info
  • Better the first two times when it was called "Deep Impact" and "Armaggedon"
    You've heard the story before. An asteroid is on a direct path with earth. Cue ball meets eight ball. People are going crazy, chaos reigns supreme, and only a select few can be saved.

    It's a shame Michael Biehn has this blemish on his career. He was in Terminator and Navy Seals for goodness sakes! In this flop, however, he's paired with an unsatisfying collection of B-level flunkees and "that guy" actors. And the asteroid "special effects", whoa, they look like a really bad film scene from a first generation video game that didn't sell very well.

    Aside from the completely preposterous asteroid scenes, the destruction of the city as a result of an asteroid-on-dam collision is completely pathetic and laughable in every way possible. The "city" is clearly a model set, and there is absolutely no attempt to disguise this fact. I felt like I was watching a child's toys being destroyed by an overzealous parent watering the lawn.

    There's nearly nothing likable, enjoyable, or believable in the entire movie. Watch it if you want to make fun of it, or if you want to see how a bad movie is made. On a side note, for such a craptastic movie, the film's length makes it similar to a root canal without anesthesia....more info
  • Great, Action-Packed Movie
    This is a really good movie! It has lots of action and yet a great deal of warmth and depth are developed in the main characters. Good special effects. I've seen this movie several times and I enjoy it more each time I see it....more info
  • The Price for This Movie!! ??
    Although I absolutely loved this movie, I have only one question:
    Why is this movie $99 and not even "new??"

    StarAngel...more info
    I didn't order this video from Amazon, I rented it because I like asteroid movies. I was really excited to see this movie. I popped it in the VCR and watched it. But it STUNK!!! I could see it was a low-budget, cheap movie and it was sooooooo boring. How boring was it? I didn't see the last half-hour of this movie. Nobody in my family did. We all fell asleep. Please! For your own sake, don't buy this movie and waste your money. Honestly, I would rate this movie 0 stars but 1 star was the worst I could rate it....more info
  • Michael Biehn Fan
    I am a huge Michael Biehn fan. I saw this movie on tv when it was a miniseries. Even without the commercials, this movie would have been more than 120 minutes, trust me, I actually calculated just how long this movie SHOULD be on DVD or VHS - it should be approximately 145 minutes. There were a bunch of necessary scenes taken out that shouldn't have been. But the film itself was still a good edge of ur seat kind of movie and Annabella Sciorra did a great job also. I too would like to know why this movie cost so much. Personally, I'd say that the price is a rip off, I mean, I was doing some price checking and I found a few other places (after I bought the movie of course), that were actually selling it for $70 LESS!! Someone is ripping the Amazon customers off and cleaning up and I think that should monitor them....more info