The Jungle Book (Fully Restored 30th Anniversary Limited Edition) [VHS]
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This video is the original Walt Disney's Junglebook.

Disney's 1967 animated feature seems even more entertaining now than it did upon first release, with a hall-of-fame vocal performance by Phil Harris as Baloo, the genial bear friend of feral child Mowgli. Based on fiction by Rudyard Kipling, the film goes its own way as Disney animation will, but the strong characters and smart casting (George Sanders as the villainous tiger, Shere Khan) make it one of the studio's stronger feature-length cartoons. Songs include "The Bare Necessities" and "Trust in Me." --Tom Keogh

A classic 1967 Disney animated film that's loosely based on Rudyard Kipling's book of the same name, Jungle Book tells the story of a young boy Mowgli who was raised by animals in the jungle. When tiger Shere Khan threatens to return to their part of the jungle, the other animals decide that Mowgli must return to the man village in order to ensure his safety. Panther Bagheera has difficulty convincing Mowgli to follow him to the man village and recruits the help of a big lovable bear Baloo. Mowgli's journey is one of wit, song, and many surprises. A timeless film populated by strong characters bursting with personality, great music like "Bare Necessities" and "I Wanna Be Like You," and inspiring animation by Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, and other master animators, Jungle Book captivates audiences of all ages.

This Platinum Edition includes everything from the standard bonus features like interactive games, music videos, and deleted songs to exciting and sometimes rare commentaries by everyone from modern day animators to Walt Disney himself, multiple featurettes about specific aspects of the film and its production, and a lengthy deleted scene featuring lost character Rocky the Rhino. Especially interesting for adults and Disney fans are "The Bare Necessities: The making of The Jungle Book" featurette, which explores Walt Disney's commitment to developing strong characters and his insistence that writers, animators, and song writers create a light version of Jungle Book that followed his own personal interpretation of the story, and the "The Lure of The Jungle Book" featurette, which discusses Frank Thomas' and Ollie Johnston's amazing contribution to the film as prolific animators and the inspiration and influence that their work provided for future animators including Brad Bird (The Incredibles), Andreas Deja (Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King), Sergio Pablos (Tarzan), Will Finn (Home on the Range), and Eric Goldberg (Fantasia 2000). The full length commentary by Bruce Reitherman (voice of Mowgli), animator Andreas Deja, and composer Richard Sherman with its interspersed archival commentary of Disney greats from the original creative team (Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, Woolie Reitherman, and others) is also very interesting and insightful. --Tami Horiuchi

Customer Reviews:

  • Only a Light and Coincidental Resemblance
    If there is some kind of contest on for the Walt Disney movie which least resembles the supposed source material, "The Jungle Book" must be the clear winner. It bears only the lightest and most coincidental resemblance to Rudyard Kiplings's cycle of stories about a little boy raised by wolves in the Indian jungle. Only the setting and the names of characters are preserved. That said, "The Jungle Book" deserves to be considered on its' own terms as a classically animated Disney feature, the very last to have been blessed by the hand of Walt himself. The plot is as thin as a wisp; the journey of the boy Mowgli to the village of his own kind, interspersed with some good-natured musical numbers, and helped or hindered by a variety of genial animals, and not terribly threatening villains.

    It is a curious jumble, to watch with eyes accustomed to more recent animated features like "Shrek" and "Toy Story". Without exception the backgrounds are beautifully rendered, densely detailed, almost painterly. The animal characters were fully-fleshed, and with the exception of Kaaa, the python, seemed to move and flex like their real counterparts; especially King Louie the baboon, Bagheera the panther and Sher Khan the tiger. The last two seemed especially slinky; it would be nice to know if the artists responsible for their rendering had cats. King Louie is hilarious, and so are the four vultures - very obviously patterned after the Beatles. In contrast, the rendering of Mowgli the boy and ostensible hero, looks like a bland and sketchily rendered cut-out. It almost seems as if the artists were far more interested in the animals.

    The extra features included are generous; this is veritably the platinum standard for a DVD classic. It is on two discs; necessary to contain the complete movie and commentary. There is also a nearly hour-long feature about how the movie was developed, along with several shorter features. One of the bonus features is a look at a character "Rocky the Rhino" who was eventually omitted - rather a pity actually, since Rocky would have been voiced by the man who did "Crazy Guggenheim". There are also complete recordings of songs which were dropped from the final version, and probably a good call. There are also generous picture galleries of the characters and of the background art, which was purely my favorite, and a series of games. The actual movie itself takes barely more than an hour itself, but the extras will keep an audience amused for days.

    ...more info
    Great looking restoration, vibrant colours, great stereo sound, some worthy bonus features on a second disc... But the movie, clearly conceived and designed for fullframe viewing -no matter how Disney released it theatrically- is here ruthlessly cropped at the top and the bottom to fill the widescreen tv, loosing picture information. Some sequences look particularly bad. Is this a Platinum edition? No way. ...more info
  • Great present!!
    It was a great present for Christmas. My mom got it for me but then I knew about it because she could not switch the payment method to her credit card so it came out of my account. But it was ok, she still wrapped it and I opened it Christmas morning....more info
  • Really just collecting these for my kids
    I don't have kids yet! Someday, but they're always be must haves for the kiddies. Of course, by that point, they're probably be newer, better editions out!

    I didn't really remember much about this movie, apart from the songs. But as soon as it started, it all came flooding back. It was never my favourite Disney movie, and it was also Walt Disney's last movie, before he died. There are also a few problems with this movie - a couple of scenes are directly lifted from previous films (the scene where Mowgli is met by his 'family' is the same as the scene from Sword In The Stone), Phil Harris who did the voice of Baloo went on to voice the Little John character in Robin Hood, and the snake is the same in this film as in Robin Hood again. It feels almost lazy at some points, but they're using the same artists, so it does feel quite familiar at some points.

    Why was Jungle Book never my favourite Disney movie? I'm not quite sure about that one, it just never appealed to me as much as some of the others. I never really enjoyed the book either.

    I got the UK edition of the DVD, which comes with the 2 disc DVD, and also a book. It's just a plain picture book, with key scenes from the movie, which is quite a cute addition.

    Disney are doing well with these reissues of old movies, even if the extras are always aimed at the kids - what about adults reliving their childhood? - but they're not coming out fast enough! I missed out on Beauty & The Beast and Aladdin first time round, can't wait to hear about those! ...more info
  • My Grandchildren
    I purchased one of these last year for the Grandchildren, they lent it to another child who ruined the disk, instead of a new title they begged me to replace this title. They are 11-2, they live outside the USA in a developing nation. They just got a DVD player. TV and DVD is stictly monitored by mother and they spend less than 2 hours a day on the TV.
    This jungle book was my daughter's favorite childhood movie and looks like it is a favorite with her children too. The lyrics are easy and poetic, the characters are diverse and the outcome is a happy one. ...more info
  • So glad to finally have this DVD!
    Love it! Can't stop singing the music... Another great addition to our Disney DVD collection....more info
  • Very happy
    I was very happy with the condition of the product and it's arrival was very prompt. Thank you!...more info
  • Excellent DVD for Children
    I bought this dvd for my grandson, who is three years old, and it is by far his favorite dvd to watch. The whole concept of the movie is very appealing to youngsters. If he is asked, he always chooses this dvd to watch....more info
  • jungle book
    it is one of the best movies for kids and adults that disney has ever made and i am so glad that they brought it out again for all the kids to see again and even their parents. enjoy!!!!!!!...more info
  • mowgli lover
    Bought this for my 2yr old grandaughter, I knew she'd like it as my own kids did. She loves it, everytime she comes over she wants to watch it. It's active, musical, and fun to watch. She associates grandma's house with this movie as well as many other things. ...more info
  • Highly dissatisfied
    While the Jungle Book remain one of my Disney favourites from my childhood days, watching this cropped version virtually killed all the magic that was in the movie. I was so distracted by all the cropped heads and feet there was no way I could concentrate on the plot. So much of the background and scenery was lost that it just threw the scenes off balance. Why even call this a platinum edition when the original 1.37.1 aspect ration was not preserved? Isn't that what a platinum edition is all about? Ever see a cropped Picasso or Van Gogh? This is the worst Disney release to date and I would hesitate buying another Disney release if they are all going to turn out this way. A total waste of money. Disney should refund or offer to replace all discs from dissatisfied customers....more info
  • Granddaughter pleased with Grandpa's gift
    What can I say? Came across this item while searching for different one my granddaughter had requested. I found her requested one and also purchased this one. She has been extremely pleased with both of the "originals". High quality, family level content. Good for kids of all ages....more info
  • Jungle Book
    I bought it to add to my DVD Disney collection. The whole family loves this movie. It's awesome!...more info
  • Horrendous adaptation of a Kipling classic
    As a long-time fan of Kipling's original The Jungle Book, I can't stomach this Disney drivel. Kipling's Mowgli is brave, competent, and completely adapted to life in the jungle. His Kaa is Mowgli's friend and protector. His Shere Khan is a fool.

    Disney twisted the story to make Mowgli naive and helpless. The only moment in the movie that (almost) rings true is Mowgli's attraction to the human girl at the end -- but in the novel, this only happens when Mowgli becomes a man. In the book Mowgli is driven back to man by traitorous members of the wolf pack, but returns to the jungle after killing Shere Khan and being rejected by his fellow humans. I recommend that anyone who enjoys the movie read the book and find out what they've been missing....more info
  • I loved this more than my grandkids did, but they enjoyed it, too.
    I've always sung that "Ooo Ooo Ooo, I wanna be like you-ooo-ooo" song from the movie to my grandkids, amd so was eager to share the movie with them. I guess over the past years we've all been spoiled by the sophisticated computer-generated animation on more recent movies, and this movie doesn't have that new rich detail. But the songs and the monkeys and that bear are just as fun as I remembered them. ...more info
  • super fast
    I had to check my order date, it came before I even started looking for it. It was in perfect condition. Great to do business with.

    thanks...more info
  • My daughter was spellbound
    Children love this movie. Rarely does my four year-old daughter watch the entire movie the first time. She did this with the first viewing. She did not move from her chair, singing along. For my first viewing, Jungle Book delighted me as well....more info
    I'm glad we got this. The udpated color of the new movie on DVD is great. The Kids enjoy the movie as much as we did when we were kids. ...more info
  • Never goes out of style.
    What needs to be said? It's Disney, it's The Jungle Book, it's a classic that is never dated or out of style. It's as popular as it was 40 years ago. I decided if my grandbabies(2&4) are going to be cartoon watching, they are going to have access to 'GOOD' cartoons and movies. This movie and Disney Peter Pan are the first of many Disney classics they will be getting for birthdays and Christmases....more info
  • mowgli lover
    Bought this for my 2yr old grandaughter, I knew she'd like it as my own kids did. She loves it, everytime she comes over she wants to watch it. It's active, musical, and fun to watch. She associates grandma's house with this movie as well as many other things. ...more info
  • Jungle Book
    What a great movie! I'm so glad it was re-released! A treasure for our whole family!...more info
  • The Jungle Book
    My daughter loves this movie! The picture looks great, for being 40 years olds. Disney did a great job re-creating the picture....more info
  • The Jungle Book (DVD)
    My 2 year grand daughter absolutely loves this dvd and it brought back great memories for myself as well. Came in a timely manner and in great condition....more info
  • Great Disney movie for younger kids
    My 2 1/2 yr old daughter loves this movie! It became an instant hit-- she loves the songs and the animals. I love how I don't have to fast forward through any "scary parts" like we have to do with many Disney movies. There just aren't any really scary parts in this movie (as opposed to the Disney "princess" movies. Another good Disney animated movie without scary parts is Robin Hood.) I also love the bonus feature where you can play all the song segments from the movie, because the music is really fun in this film and the songs are truly her favorite part....more info
  • review/gift
    I bought 5 copies of this movie for xmas it was a lot cheaper that it was offered in the stores and I got it really fast...more info
  • Just right
    A Disney classic for sure. In the vein of the older Disney movies and not the new politically correct junk of recent memory -- Pocahontas, etc.
    A story kids will love!...more info
  • Excellent for kids (and adults too)
    Just purchased this DVD... its really good... my daughter(2 yr old) likes it a lot... will be buying the next versions for sure....
    As always got the package on time and in perfect condition from Amazon......more info
  • Disney's Jungle Book gets A+
    The movie came new-exactly as described. It was shipped fast. Excellent transaction. The movie is a classic and one adults and children alike will love for generations to come....more info
  • Awful Seller
    Unfortunately, I can review the product as I never go it.
    Pati...more info
  • You'd Better Believe It!
    I hadn't seen this movie from beginning to end since I was 4 or 5, so I didn't remember it too well. When I finally got the DVD for Christmas and watched it, I loved every minute of it. Jungle Book has lost none of its charm over the past 40 years. From the very beginning, when we see Bagheera rescuing the abandoned "man-cub," Mowgli and entrusting him to the wolf pack, to Mowgli's journey through the jungle to the man village, it's a pure delight. Shere Khan, who hates man, has returned to the jungle to find young Mowgli and kill him. The wolf pack hears about this and decides it's too dangerous to keep him around any longer, and have Bagheera escort him to the man village to safety. Of course, Mowgli does not want to leave the jungle, and tries to get away from Bagheera. He meets Baloo the bear, Kaa the python, and the scat-singing King Louie (voiced by the legendary Louie Prima). This can more than hold its own against modern classics such as "Beauty and the Beast," "Aladdin," and "Lion King." Highly recommended for kids of all ages!...more info