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A cultish horror favorite, 1962's What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? will make you think twice before hungrily unveiling a covered plate of food. Bette Davis stars as Jane Hudson, a onetime child actress and singer. As an elderly woman, she wishes to revive her vaudevillian career, but she has become a grotesque caricature of her former self. Over the years as her star faded, the star of her older sister Blanche (Joan Crawford) rose, outshining the career of the has-been Baby Jane. Jane was relegated to minor roles, which she only won when Blanche demanded that she be awarded them. The film opens years after a calamitous car accident leaves Blanche in a wheelchair, with no one to care for her except the increasingly insane and sadistic Jane and their servant, Norman. Trying to punish Blanche for her years of success, Jane tortures the housebound woman, slowly trying to starve her to death, all the while attempting to recapture the fame of her youth. This dark drama also stars Victor Buono as the hefty pianist who answers Jane's ad for an accompanist, hoping to milk some money off the demented old woman. Both Buono and Davis were nominated for Oscars for their roles in this suspenseful and somewhat sick thriller that exploited well the real-life antagonism between Davis and Crawford, while at the same time rejuvenated both their careers. --Jenny Brown

Customer Reviews:

  • What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
    This is an oldie, but well worth buying and watching.
    The movie is a classic!
    I loved this movie from the first time I seen it....more info
  • A must-see for classic fans
    If you appreciate a good plot and good acting over special effects, then don't miss this one. It's an old movie, but instead of being dated its age only makes it seem creepier. Davis is absolutely brilliant as a former child actress who is completely absorbed in herself and the movie paints a vivid and telling picture of how she got that way - in fact it's that part of the movie that translates so well into modern times. Some may say the ending is disappointing; it does leave quite a bit to the imagination, as many older films do. I bought this DVD several years ago and it's still one of my favorites....more info
  • Davis finds a new "kick"; Crawford crawls
    Sibling rivalry a la Grand Guignol by way of SUNSET BLVD., this is Robert Aldrich's creepy take on what happens to two aging sisters, former Hollywood stars who now live together, corrosively codependent. At its 1964 release, much was made of the longtime "feud" between aging divas Davis and Crawford. Several scenes of sadomasochism play off this mostly media-manufactured competition; eg. Davis (as former child star Baby Jane Hudson) brutally kicking a crippled Crawford around the floor of their dark, drapes-drawn parlor. True to the story, both Davis and Crawford allow themselves to be seen in anything but Hollywood glamour shots: they forego vanity to achieve power. Bitter, alcoholic Davis achieves a level of grotesquerie rarely portrayed on the big screen by "name" actresses of the era. Fourteen years after Billy Wilder's SUNSET BLVD.(1950), Robert Aldrich's film is not of the artistic calibre of Wilder's SUNSET which could just as easily have taken the title "Whatever Happened to Norma Desmond?"
    This Davis/Crawford pairing engendered something of a sub-genre of has-beens returning to the screen as psychopathic killers, great film actresses having to play perhaps the only parts they were offered (HUSH, HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE; WHO SLEW AUNTIE ROO?, etc.) Special commentary on DVD would have been nice....more info
  • But ya aah in that chair blanche , ya aah!
    Whatever Happened to Baby Jane is clearly the best of Robert Aldrich's Movies. Its suspensful, frightening , funny, and exciting. Bette Davis in remarkable as Baby Jane
    and Joan Crawford is the best as Blanche Hudson. The Plot is Great! And the sets are excellent! What can I say, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane is Clearly one of the best Movies I have Ever seen! I highly reccomend it!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Perfection!!!!!
    You simply CAN'T take your eyes off Bette Davis when she is onscreen. She stomps through each frame with such wild abandon you almost like her pathetic character. If you believe what Christina Crawford had to say about Mommie Dearest, Joan, you'll enjoy seeing her on the receiving end of a few kicks and slaps. Interesting note........look for Bette Davis' real daughter as the Hudson's young neighbor. She too would pen a damaging book about her drunken mother.
    ...more info
  • Frightening MOVIE INDEED but not for the reasons you THINK!

    This is a movie SO TOTALLY NOT TO MISS! This story chronicles the life and times of a Early 20th Century Child Star named Miss Baby Jane Hudson. Sweet darling youthful Miss Baby Jane in her finger curls was a child star whose every whim was satisfied in abundance by her doting dolt father. Then that faithful day occured when things just did not go Baby Janes way and her spoiled brat triade seen by all her admiring fans blowing forever that sweet lovable all amercian blonde haired blue eyed child next store image her spin doctor father had cultivated over many years.

    Well we fast foward a good quarter century to find much has changed. Baby Jane Hudson eons 25 years later is eons distant from the fawnish flawless youthful homespun innocent angelic beauty she was in kinder days long past. Baby Jane Hudson has aged becoming a tired haggerd neurotic incrediablely ugly lush with a persistant hope of rekindling morally decayed embers of her childhood stardom now BITTERLY COLD and forgotten. If what I have just shared was all that happened in this movie it would be a keeper but there is so very much more here to explore and I'll NOT be a spoiler by telling all to the likes of you on this website.

    This movie comes close as you can to playing with real fire for co-staring with Bete Davis was her real life foe Joan Crawford. You see Bete Davis fancied herself among the working class common folk. Bette D. was an "Actress" earning her money like regualr folk did, her movie career was her JOB! Where in contrast Joan Crawford saw herself as Movie Star Royality who had to be accorded the appropriate deference at all time by all in attendance when and wherever she held court. And remember hang nothing on "Wire Hangers EVER!!!!!" ANYAWAYS Let me tell you these two sista's hated its other down to the raw stem cell filled bone marrow but at the time Whatever Happened To Baby Jane was made both stars careers had hit the skids and BOTH needed the money bad and were too professional to allow themselves to not take the respective roles.

    Neither of their respective roles in this film made Bete or Joan look glamourous or saintly. Bette Davis had to wear horrible horse face makeup and be a really ugly played out dried up totally crazy has been shrew named Baby Jane Hudson. The movie's Baby Jane Makeup dude got an Oscar Nod and trust me as you will see if you buy this movie he earned bit of it. Joan C. had to play Blanche Husdon a vindictive scheming faded hollywood former leading lady sex pot vixen living in her breif movie star past she too hoped to restart. Blanche Hudson's grasping saddistic self destructive inner demons punished her in ways most cruel for crimes most foul in her more rcent past leaving her a wheelchair-bound still beautiful shell slowly rotting from within. Blanche lives in step with the twisted psychotic whims of her ambulitory sister Baby Jane Hudsons whose mentally ill tender mercies exact a horrible toll. Together these two totally crazy sister babes end up sharing this big dark old spooky mansion the moldy faded raggity residue of long gone better times for both. The house has become an insane assylum in miniture with its two equally pathetic sprung out inhabitants feeding off each others twisted guilt ridden multi-faceted insanities.

    Whatever Happened To Baby Jane is in effect a story about two sisters locked in a no holds barred race to a shared mad house and all bets are off as to which of these deliciously twisted competitors will get to the finish line first. I won't give away the ending but I will just tell you there is no true winner at the end of the picture. If however you must have closure watching this marvel of near perfect weirdness your winner will be taking her victory laps while holding two ice cream cones look for it this will be it will be your coveted tragic moment come to a very final call.

    Norma Desmond just wanted a close up from Mr DeMille, Baby Jane just wanted some ice cream both got to serve time with the clay ashtray and bunny wrabbit set enjoying. I can imagine Norma Desmond of Sunset Boulevard and Baby Jane Hudsom meeting in a mental hospital for dried up crazy stars as each is led away screaming, both caught in the loving embrace of that special medication with the extra long sleeves that tie in the back.

    Like Sunset Boulevard, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane too is a DVD I did not mind buying in the least and would buy it again in a heart beat as it was worth every cent I paid AMAZON.COM.

    If you love twisted horror movies from the 40's 50's back when most of the special effects gore in a horror movie went on in your imagination as you filled in the blanks in using your brain this movie is so for you. If you like horror that makes you think rather than just watch then What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? is your movie. This is a horror movie that will stay with you and become part of your everyday life because, some experience will always remind you of this movie. This movie looks under the rocks buried and forgotten in the deepest reaches of peoples souls. You will likely remember two lines from this movie forever... "Blanche you know we have rats in the cellar" and the place where Blanche hollers, "JANE YOU WOULD NOT DO THIS TO ME IF I WERE NOT IN THIS CHAIR!... to which Baby Jane retorts snidly, :BUT YOU ARE BLANCHE YOU ARE IN THAT CHAIR!"

    Finally I did a bit of research and found out in the scene where Blanche falls down the steps and is discovered at the base of the steps by Baby Jane returning home the script called for Baby Jane to kick Blanche Hudson for trying to summon some to rescue her from Baby Jane Hudsons LOVING CARE! Well Bette Davis kicked Blanche alright not pulling the kicks as she was supposed to. Joan Crawford ended up going to the hospital and suffered real and painful fractured ribs from the kicking Bete Davis gave her showing how just genuine and deep the hatred in these two DIVA's of the old time cinema was in real life.

    Buy this movie from AMAZON.com and you too will learn the difference between a Movie Star and an Actress among other most fascinating things. ...more info
  • It doesn't get any creepier than this, my friends!
    Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? was creepy and scary when I was a kid, but it's an absolutely delightful *itch fest to me now. Just knowing that these two dynamic divas really did hate each other adds to the enjoyment.

    I would have given it five stars in the 60's, but with this added commentary by Charles Busch,(Oh my Gawd!! Charles Busch!!) my delight knows no bounds!

    Buy it! Call in the neighbors and watch it with friends!

    ...more info
  • Treat yourself to some supremely entertaining weirdness
    A kind of combination gothic drama, soap opera, and horror shocker, "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?" is glorious, riveting fun. And while I ultimately prefer Bette Davis vehicles where the craziness and histrionics are more conservatively doled out for maximum effect, the constant fireworks and continuous bizarre behavior of Ms. Davis' Jane Hudson character undeniably keeps you glued to the screen.

    The gorgeous black & white photography gets its due on this two-disc DVD, which features a sharp, clean print of the film and a variety of notewothy extras on the second disc, some produced for the DVD and some drawn from cable programming. In particular, a 44 minute or so retrospective on Ms. Davis' career, hosted by a radiantly dressed Jodie Foster, is worth one's time. Laced with film clips, numerous moments from Ms. Davis' many appearances on TV talk shows and interview programs in the 70's and 80's, and lots of poster art, this candid but ultimately admiring look at this great actress is a great companion piece to the film, which the retrospective spends a generous amount of time discussing. One caveat: The Jodie Foster piece also cites many examples of the many "routine, mundane" films Ms. Davis was forced to make while under contract at Warner Brothers, but I think many of those films ("Marked Woman", for example) are actually pretty good. Oh, well-- to each his own.

    Special features about Joan Crawford and an anecdote-laced commentary track are also included in this generous package. I really enjoyed spending a couple of evenings with this DVD and I think you will, too. ...more info
  • A classic
    This movie is still great. Bette Davis is at her finest. The black and white adds to the atmosphere as well as Ms Davis' overall look. I watched it with my 12 year old and she loved it as well. Team it up with Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte for a great old movie night....more info
  • A campy, spooky and funny classic!
    A must see! Powerhouse performances from Ms. Davis and Ms. Crawford in this unforgettable classic film. From the opening number "I've written a letter to daddy" to the rat on the serving tray, this film is unforgettable. Baby Jane Hudson dishes out classic lines as an aging alcoholic slipping into madness and tormenting her sister Blanche. "See you next Tuesday" etc! Hysterical. This film has influenced everyone from John Waters to Alice Cooper. The second disc is loaded with extras, but you'll probably only watch it once. The 1st disc is the full black and white classic film perfectly transferred from film. The production is intense. Own it today. Well worth the cost (which wasn't high at all)....more info
  • Baby Jane? Who the hell is Baby Jane?
    "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?" was originally billed as a horror movie, but by today's standards is more of a thriller. No one could have asked for a better star pairing. Joan Crawford plays the sympathetic 'good sister' Blanche, a faded screen starlet wheelchair bound and left tormented at the hands of her psychotic sister, Jane. Jane was once a cutesy childhood performer, groomed and dresed up like a little doll. Like Shirely Temple, her performances probably made pedophiles grin. An embittered, nasty woman who never quite grew up past being a spoiled child, Jane is eager for any audience. Bette Davis really nails the part of Jane, as viewers are given no choice but to simply HATE her character. She really steals the show. Crawford is also very good too, as viewers feel pity for her, hoping she'll make it in the end. The ending is ambiguous. An excellent movie that provides an interesting character study of child starlets, fame, sibling rivalry, and the dire for attention....more info
  • Wickedly Good!
    This movie would be worth watching just for the beautiful Bette Davis (despite her role as creepy Baby Jane) and Joan Crawford (although perhaps Mommie Dearest should have played the other role...) but the story itself still creeps viewers out decades after its release and shows viewers what a REAL horror movie is!...more info
  • Terrifying Movie About What Happens When You Add Some Insanity To A Sibling Rivalry
    Wow. This a fantastic terrifying film. As a little girl Baby Jane was a popular singing and dancing act on Vaudeville, but when she grew up her sister Blanche became the star, a very popular movie actress and Jane's movies were flops. Then a drunken Jane drives her car into Blanche which leaves her paralysed for life. Then about thirty years later the story continues with Blanche and Jane living together in the same house. Blanche has been conffined to her room and Jane is supposed to bring up food for her. But Jane has been drinking a lot lately and has been acting very hostile. She finds out Blanche wants to move out of the house and bring Jane to a doctor because of her alcoholism and hostility. But Jane plans to keep Blanche in her room and start her act up again, as she still thinks of herself as a little girl instead of an overweight, ugly, middle-aged lady.

    Jane and Blanche are played by Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, who actually hated eachother in real life, and they both give fantastic performances, Davis as the terrifying, insane, hideous Jane who gives her sister rats for lunch and acts extremely erratically, and Crawford as the incresingly afraid Blanche, unable to find a way out.

    The film is extremely suspenseful and terrifying. Recommended....more info
  • Sibling rivalry at its most vicious...
    Being the huge Bette Davis fan that I am, I am totally in love with this movie. This is far from her finest performance, or her finest film, but you can tell that Davis is right at home inside the crazy eyes of Baby Jane Hudson; and the mere fact that Davis outshone her rival (in more ways than one) Joan Crawford, and even managed to conjure up a Best Actress Oscar nomination above Crawford is another delicious little tidbit that keeps this film resting at the top of my `Davis Favorites'.

    The film tells of two sisters who are eternally jealous of one another. As a young girl Jane Hudson (better known as Baby Jane) was a star. She sang and danced and had a doll made in her image. She treated her sister, mother and father terribly, but they put up with it because she was a star. Her star fell though as she grew and her sister Blanche became the big Hollywood magnate that everyone adored. When a tragic accident leaves Blanche bound to her wheelchair, Jane becomes her caretaker. Resentment sets in though, and Jane begins to treat Blanche as if she were a disease. She is constantly reminded of her own failure when she sees the success and loyal fans that Blanche has now, and as her mind deteriorates she begins to believe that she could regain her old life with the help of Edwin Flagg, a pianist.

    Both Davis and Crawford pull out all the stops, playing polar opposites and quite possibly using their own dislike for one another to create a very believable rivalry. Crawford is very quite and subdued, her inner turmoil surfacing at just the right moments; while Davis is abrasive and outlandish, allowing the quiet moments to come sporadically as she builds her character. She knows how to let her characters own sanity simmer, showing us rare glimpses of a strange rationality that makes us question her.

    Superbly done.

    It's funny, since the roles were most likely reversed in the real world, with Crawford being openly jealous of Davis's career. It just goes to prove that you have to challenge yourself (play against type that is) to really wow an audience.

    The film does have a camp appeal to it, so don't be fooled into thinking that this is going to be a genuinely terrifying drama. Yes, it is not a comedy and it is tense, but you have to be able to embrace the camp in order to truly appreciate it. The film is very well done and the acting is all very good, especially Davis who understood very well how to craft her character and not merely craft a caricature (she is fearless). The script is nicely adapted, leaving a mystery for the audience, with a conclusion that is as shocking as it is appropriate. ...more info
  • What Ever Happened to Baby Jane
    Didn't get to watch much of it as the VHS tape arrived defective. The tape was shipped back to the vendor. I am waiting for my refund....more info
  • The Great Betty Davis, an Alcoholic Living on Memories
    n an unforgettable film, Bette Davis portrays Baby Jane, a drunken, slovenly former child star brilliantly.

    Baby Jane Hudson,Bette Davis' character had been an adored child singer and dancer. blond curls, frilly dresses, she is also daddy's favorite.

    Her pretty dark haired sister Blanche watched with some envy as Baby Jane sang and curtsied before a wildly applauding audience.

    Crawford plays sister Blanche Hudson, a talented actress who achieved enormous success as a talented film star, while sister Jane's former appeal is lost after childhood.

    Kindly Blanche refuses offers in film unless Jane is also given a role. Jane's poor acting skills limit her from being in big demand.
    The roles are reversed, Jane now envies Blanche.

    Tragedy occurs one night in a car crash with the sisters leaving Blanche paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair.

    This is where madness and irony set in.

    Aging Jane boozes through the days caring for her sister and becoming more and more reckless.

    Delusional and demented Jane decides to dust off her career as a ten year old singing sensation. She must practice, it has been at least sixty years since she'd last danced to that role of America's little sweetheart.

    Spending money like mad she has original "little girl" costumes made up. She rehearses her old songs and even hires a pianist to accompany her singing. Neglected Blanche, sick and helpless in bed upstairs listens to the singing of Jane and Edwin.

    Bette Davis keeps the suspense going as she descends into alcohol and madness and you don't even want to blink an eye in the anticipation of this great film.

    Long since, a cult classic and the single movie in which the two mega stars appear together.

    Highly recommended thriller.(probably not suited to everyone though)...more info
  • Parakeets for lunch, rats for dinner
    This was a stunning movie in its day! Of course, it's a bit dated now, but I think it has well stood the test of time. Bette Davis and Joan Crawford were off-screen rivals who were not too fond of each other anyway. But, they had never worked together before! And here for the first time, these two 'silver screen giants' meet, work well together and both deliver stirring, powerful performances of two sisters whose rivalry matched the actresses' real-life squabble. Closely following Hitchcock's movie 'Psycho', this movie follows along the lines of a similar psychlogical thriller. Character anaysis of such deeply disturbed people were just not done in those days. There were good guy and there were bad guys, and that's all there was to it. Where Psycho tried to explain why Norman Bates was a nut, this movie explores the deterioration of 'Baby Jane' Hudson, played extaordinarily and chillingly well by the talented Ms. Davis. Fueled by jealousy over her sister's success, resentment over her own failed success as well as her financial dependence on her sister, and guilt over her sister's afliction...coupled with a sense of power she has because of her crippled sister's helplessness...Jane slides deeper into madness, torturing and victimizing her sister Blanche (played with expert precision by Ms. Crawford). I think Bette held out for the Baby Jane role on purpose, both so she could 'torture' Joan, but also because it was a meatier, heftier role as far as acting ability, the need to slowly descend into madness takes a keen eye and talent by an actress. And Bette did it very well indeed! As I said, this movie is a bit dated now, but it has overall stood the test of time. Davis and Crawford are both supurb in their roles. The script and pacing were both very good (but very 1962) but still excellent. I'll spare you the whole plot description, as I'm sure you've seen it in 100 other reviews. Suffice to say this was an important, shocking movie in its day. It is still a great movie to watch today...even if Bette isn't serving rats for lunch!
    ...more info
  • Surprisingly Creepy Classic
    This movie caught my eye when I was renting some movies to watch. I never really had liked older movies but I was sort of learning about Joan Crawford a little bit, and I was really into horror, so I knew I would probably enjoy this.

    From the moment I put it in my DVD player I absolutely loved it. It was a lot more scary than I had imagined, and I think it's a complete classic. This movie remains in my top 10 because I think that this old fashioned horror is so fascinating.

    The story is truly amazing and I was surprised that they could make a movie so creepy with such great acting back then. Bette Davis and Joan Crawford are great, the acting was really great.

    It's about two sisters. One of them has lost her popularity and glamour over the years. The other one has been put in a wheel chair because of a mysterious, terrible accident. It is a story about abuse, mental and alchohal problems, and glamour. The ending is a surprise but leaves you very satisfied with the way it happened. ...more info
  • Classic!
    I absolutely love this movie! Bette Davis is so good at being mean...and Joan Crawford - well you feel bad for her - until you remember "Mommy Dearest"!!!...more info
  • good rainy day entertainment
    a very gripping story that seems real!, somehow.... you will
    enjoy this movie again,and again!!!...more info
  • What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
    Aldrich's campy cult classic still chills, thanks to a deliciously creepy premise which borrows from "Sunset Boulevard" in exposing the mental disintegration of a one-time star. Still, this is a more ghoulish affair, with Jane finding a variety of sinister ways to torture poor Blanche. Leads Davis and Crawford had parallel Hollywood careers, and their rivalry was famous, yet they'd never worked together before this (nor would they again!). Davis in particular is fearless as demented harridan Jane, and corpulent Victor Buono adds a revolting touch as Jane's smarmy accompanist....more info
  • Baby Jane falls into the genre of naturalistic/gothic/realistic horor
    This film is profoundly disturbing because of the realism of the situation it portrays-it focuses on the abuse of a disabled adult by a family member, something that rarely gets addressed in our society. In my view, Jane is not insane, but is selfish and self-absorbed, completely focused on her lack of success in adulthood, which makes her completely responsible for her actions, despite the movie's intention to give the impression that Jane is suffering from a mental illness.
    ...more info
  • Bla-nche!!!
    WHTBJ is probably the best suspense film of all time. It blends an edge-of-your seat mystery with psychological horror, and the best insane acting this side of Arkham. Bette Davis is flamboyant and fabulous in her portryal of Baby Jane Hudson, a former child star who is lamenting her crippled sister Blanche. Blanche became a very successful adult actress after the misfortunes she faced as a child via Jane and her father. Crippled in a car accident, Blanche is now just as old as Jane, and confined to a wheelchair.

    The movie truly "begins" when a local television network starts playing some of Blanche's old movies. Jane goes insane with jelousy and begins totorturing Blanche, slowly but surely. At first starving her, and soon enough trying to keep her a secret in the upstairs bedroom. Whilst doing this, the now full-blown basket case Jane is also trying to ressurect her childhood career, by dressing in a let-out costume and hiring a greedy accompanist.

    Soon skeltetons are tumbling out the closet at the cryptic finale. The movie never lets up until the very end...but then again...who's to say it was EVER the end?...more info
  • What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
    Two of the best female actresses together, proved to Hollywood why they are among the greatest, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. This movie is a most for any collection....more info
  • With Joan and Bette You Get Dynamite!!!!
    The last great picture Joan Crawford ever did "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane" is simply a classic and the 2 disc DVD is a must own!. Released in 1962 and nominated for multiple Oscars including one for Best Actress for Bette Davis, the film has gone down in movie history as the best in the Grand Guinol genre. More than a horror film the picture depicts the hatred between 2 sisters over many years, ultimately climaxing in an exciting finale. Joan Crawford is simply amazing as the helpless sister being harrased by her unbalanced sister played to perfection by Davis. It's quite a change for Crawford after playing evil women roles and Crawford pulls it off. You can't help but love both leading ladies in these parts. Crawford should have been nominated for an Oscar as well but was overlooked. Wonderful direction by Robert Aldrich, the movie also has a wonderful Supporting cast. The script is perfect and like the trailer says you have never seen Crawford or Davis in anything like this before. The movie also spawned the television movie of the same name in 1991 directed by Aldrich's son William starring Vannessa and Lynn Redgrave. It would be nice if this movie was put out on DVD because it too has become a classic and a hard to find film. Also knowing how much Crawford and Davis hated each other in real life makes watching this film that more enjoyable. They were also both to star in another film 2 years later but Crawford was let go because she was too ill.
    The DVD set of the film is splendid. Picture and audio are prefect and the dics come with a slew of bonus features including the trailer, Bette singing the title song on the "Andy Williams" TV show the month after the film came out, and I think the crowning jewel in the set is a rare interview of Joan Crawford from British TV talking about the picture. You won't be dissapointed in buying this set!...more info
  • Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!
    Put a team of Joan Crawford and Bette Davis and what do you get? Sheer genius!! This movie will have you sitting at the edge of your seats! This is a psycho-twisted movie and shows what can happen to a spoiled, aging movie actress who craves the spotlight again but is overshadowed by her older (?) sister's success! The rat on the plate for dinner was a scream (no pun intended)!

    What was a surprise was Bette Davis singing her song of "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" on the Andy Williams Show. Of course this was way before my time, but I had to chuckle when I saw her doing the Twist ... or whatever ... to the music, which by the way, was rock 'n roll!

    The real-life rivalry and hatred between Crawford and Davis came through for this believable movie! If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would! You gotta get it!!...more info
  • Terrifying
    The story of sibling rivalry and two aging actresses. Bette Davis and Joan Crawford play two sisters who were each stars in the Golden Age of Hollywood and are now forced to live together. Bette's Jane was the bigger star in childhood and Joan's Blanche became a much bigger star as an adult. The jealousy proceeded to eat Jane up alive and she became an alcoholic. Due to an accident, Blanche is now forced to live with Jane. To say anymore would be to give away the plot, but this movie terrified me as a little kid and is still frightening today. It's a horror movie in that the horror is what jealousy can do to a person. It's also a lesson in that things are never really what they seem. The two grande dames are at their finest....more info
  • Torture chamber
    Scenes from this movie are forever posterized in the subconscious -- the overuse of makeup, bars on the window, flashbacks of faded childhood stardom. The torture endured by Blanche (Joan Crawford) at the hands of her sister Jane Hudson (Bette Davis) actually make you long for the usually disdained convalescent hospital rather than the "security" of familial oversight should you become incapacitated. Guilt-ridden sixty something Baby Jane Hudson, with two pounds of facial make-up is mentally trapped in a vindictive childhood while Blanche. Her crippled sister, relies on Jane for life support. This is a riveting psychological thriller except for the very last uncharacteristically weak scene. Prepare to be terrorized in many ways -- all eminating from the direction of Baby Jane Hudson.

    Movie quote: "You wouldn't be able to do these awful things to me if I weren't still in this chair."...more info
  • A Cult Hit for a reason!
    I've often seen spoofs and parodies of this film in pop culture for years but I had never actually seen the film. Well, I finally decided to purchase it on DVD and I am thrilled that I did. This movie is a dark, psychological journey that has twists that surprised me and I thought I knew the story. But what happens on the end...well, lets just say, if you think you know the story but have never seen it, then you have no idea. I highly recommend this film and suggest any true movie collector add it to their collection....more info
  • Old horror classic with a twist!
    Great movie, a classic. I won't give it all away but it's about two sisters who stay together for decades, one caring for the other (but not the way a typical sister would). Baby Jane (the stage name of one of the sisters) is played by Bette Davis and the other sister is played by Joan Crawford - two great actresses! You really have to watch it, I don't want to give away spoilers to this great movie with a twist. And, like all old horror movies, there's no scary gore like in today's movies (I like horror movies, but can't stand the gore of today's films)....more info
  • Scary
    This movie is a classic. Betty Davis plays such a sicko and does a great job doing it. Even today, my grown children were impressed at how well the movie was done and how it had the ability to put 'fear' in you.
    ...more info
    Gave as a gift young man has watched it at least 6 times since christmas. very satisfied. ordered at a busy time of year and it arraived within 3 days with no special delivery. thank you...more info
  • the best bette davis movie
    Bette Davis is so unbelievably creepy & weird in this movie. What a phenominal actress. She NAILS her role as the aging & kooky washed up child star Baby Jane Hudson. (but Bette was always on point, wasn't she?) While i love many of her movies i am a huge fan of strange movies. The combination of Bette + Weird script = one of my favorite movies of all time. ...more info
  • Life gone wrong
    I think the creepiest part of this movie is in the beginning where baby Jane sings that song about daddy. This movie represents every life that ever went wrong. The entire movie is very gripping and intense, except for the very end, which was unsatisfying. I love that Bette Davis kicked Joan Crawford in the head for real and she had to get stitches, because she sure deserved it for the way she treated her kids.
    ...more info
  • "Jane, you wouldn't treat me like this if I weren't in this wheelchair." "But ya' are Blanche! Ya' are in that wheelchair!"
    It is rare, in Hollywood, that an actress is allowed to resurrect her career, much less do it twice! Bette Davis was a has-been actress (albeit an Academy Award winning one) when she took the role of Jane Hudson, an alcoholic has-been child star. She'd been the biggest box office draw in history, then she torpedoed her own career protesting her bosses at Warner Brothers. In the early 50's she resurrected her career with "All About Eve", but that resurrection was short lived. It was with "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?" that Davis saw a completely new career come into being. The last thirty years of her life saw her at her most prolific, if not always memorable, performances.

    That the producers managed to lure Davis' greatest silver screen competition - Joan Crawford - was a coup of unimaginable magnitude!

    The two actresses not only didn't get along - they HATED each other! They had always been each other's competition and now they were cast in a film where they were each competing for screen time. According to Davis, Crawford was overly vain and unwilling to concede her vanity for the sake of the film. See what you think for yourself. I tend to agree with Davis.

    Director Robert Aldrich took screenwriter Lukas Heller's adaptation of Henry Farrell's novel and turned it into the sleeper hit of 1962! The screen fairly cracks with energy as these two silver screen divas create star making turns in front of the camera.

    If Davis hadn't already been a star of disproportionately stellar magnitude, she surely would have after the release of this film. While Crawford displays an extremely palpable fear in this film, it is Davis who manages to steal the film.
    Jane Hudson (Davis), formerly a phenomenal vaudevillian child star, and her crippled sister, Blanche live together in a Los Angeles home that was bought by their father using Jane's profits. Jane's career, like so many child stars, disappeared as she aged. Much to her chagrin, Blanche became a wildly popular film actress. But now Blanche is crippled and her career is over. It is a bittersweet victory for Jane, because she must take care of her sister. But Jane has plans...Jane is going to ressurrect her vaudeville career. She is lining up an accompaniest to assist her and there's nothing that Blanche can do about it....

    So why does Blanche live with Jane?
    Why is Jane nuttier than ten fruitcakes?
    Why is Blanche crippled?
    Why does Jane treat Blanche so cruelly?

    All of these questions are answered in this stupendous pot boiler thriller. It is Grande Guiginol cinema without the gore!

    In her autobiography, Davis recounted how she insisted upon doing her own makeup. She said the inital dailies showed her looking too normal. She wanted to go for a woman completely out of her mind. So she caked on the makeup. When she saw the new dailies, she cried, because she looked so horrible.

    No matter. Because of this film, Davis' career began to sky rocket for an entirely new generation of theater goers. Kids who'd not known her in her prime were going to fall in love with this one of a kind actress through "Baby Jane" and her subsequent performances in "Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte", "The Nanny", and "Dead Ringer."

    There are so many quotable lines from this film that it is hard to peel them apart, but I managed to get out my favorite in the title of this review. Watch this film and see if you don't absolutley love it!

    Oh, yeah...look for Bette Davis' own daughter, B.D., in an expanded cameo as the girl next door...
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