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Destined for cult status, this provocative thriller offers a grab bag of genres (gangster movie, comedy, sexy romance, crime caper) and tops it all off with steamy passion between lesbian ex-con Corky (Gina Gershon) and a not-so-ditzy gun moll named Violet (Jennifer Tilly), who meets Corky and immediately tires of her mobster boyfriend (Joe Pantoliano). Desperate to break away from the Mob's influence and live happily ever after, the daring dames hatch a plot to steal $2 million of Mafia money. Their scheme runs into a series of escalating complications, until their very survival depends on split-second timing and criminal ingenuity. Simultaneously violent, funny, and suspenseful, Bound is sure to test your tolerance for bloodshed, but the film is crafted with such undeniable skill that several critics (including Roger Ebert) placed it on their top-ten lists for 1996. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Well acted, erotic crime-thriller
    Lately i've been obsessing over jennifer tilly, who i can't believe is 47 now and still looks great. I had never seen this film before, until i went to the video store, and the lady who worked there told me is is a very good movie, so i rented it. Jennifer tilly and gina seemed to be very comfortable during those sexy scenes, and the chemistry between them made me think if they are really into women in their real lives who knows. This was a good come back for gina especially after that dreadful film showgirls. She really does have talent and it's good that she appeared in this movie with tilly, especially since it turned out to be a great well acted thriller. I'm sure lesbians and bisexuals like myself would enjoy this movie more than the average viewer. Like the review on this page by the woman who said she felt like becoming a lesbian because the two lead females were so sexy together. They were i agree. And i'm not surprised that her brother didn't like it. No straight guy would like a movie where two beautiful lesbians are going to steal mob money and run away together where no guy gets in on the action. For some reason females tend to like this movie more than guys, because of our stereotypical cynical judgemental sexist prejudice society. But anywho, great movie. 5 stars in my opinion. Tilly tends to have those provocative and sexy roles because she really gives great performances as a sexy vuluptuous woman because that is what she is in real life. I especially liked her as a blonde in bride of chucky. You can't help but love that sexy "china doll"... and her beautiful and big knockers hehe....more info
  • Real suspense, at last
    At this moment is really hard to find some movie with real suspense, in BOUND you'll find a lot of it....more info
  • One of my favorite films of the '90s
    Before the (godawful) Matrix series, the Wachowski brothers gave filmgoers the erotic "Bound" starring Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly. I am by far no fan of Jennifer Tilly, her voice irritates me to no ends of the earth. Plus most of her films that I have seen her in have been pretty bad but surprisingly enough I liked her in "Bound". "Bound" is one of my favorite films from the '90s.

    Gina Gershon stars as Corky, a convicted felon who had just gotten out of prison. She lands a job that involved fixing up an apartment in a seedy apartment building. There she meets Violet (Jennifer Tilly), the girlfriend to the psychotic, abusive Caesar (Joe Pantoliano). The two women literally hook up together within minutes of the movie. Normally that would happen in the middle of a film but the Wachowski brothers decided to avoid the cliche and put the love scene in the first 15-20 minutes of the film. I read that erotica expert Susie Bright was hired as a consultant in the film for the love scenes between the two actresses. I thought the love scenes were pretty convincing, a lot more than in most mainstream films that involves lesbian love scenes. After hooking up with Corky and listening to Caesar and his mob buddies punish another mobster, Violet realizes that she wants to get out of this life once and for all. She recruits Corky's help to help steal $2 million from the mob (which is in Caesar and Violet's apartment) and skip town with it.

    I am not really into gangster films but "Bound" is by no means your traditional gangster film. I found the writing engaging and the performances by the Gina Gershon, Jennifer Tilly, and Joe Pantoliano entertaining. For people who might be faint at heart, there is a lot of bloodshed in the film but no more than in most films nowadays. Still the scene with Caesar and his mob buddies torturing another mobster made me cringe, no matter how many times I have seen the film. I thought the dialogue was hilarious although it bordered on hokeyness like when Violet says to Corky that she was glad that she [Corky] told her about her time in prison. Another cheesy moment was when Violet was talking to Corky over the phone and both women placed their hands on the wall in the exact spot where each other's hands were in each different room. "Law & Order: Special Victim Unit" star Christopher Meloni (with a lot more hair) makes a cameo appearance as the stupid, psychotic mobster Johnny. I loved it when Johnny would find a way to irritate Caesar.

    I wish movies today were as engaging and fast-paced "Bound" was. What I really liked about "Bound" is that the film didn't drag on for an eternity. It was fast paced. I thought the way the film was edited gave the film viewer a glimpse to what was to expect from the Wachowksi brothers. There were moments when I felt that the film had that same feel in cinematography that the first "Matrix" film had. Great movie. Certainly one of my favorite movies from the past decade....more info
  • better then i expected!
    good film..much better then I thought it would be ..really enjoyed it ty....more info
  • Excellent
    I find most of what Hollywood puts out to be absolute crap, but not 'Bound'. This movie is actually quite good and entertaining. The performances are memorable and the plot intriguing, however it does get off to somewhat of a slow start. Be warned that the movie does make liberal use of the f-word as well as plenty of graphic violence, not to mention a very well done girl-girl love scene. ...more info
  • Torrid love story / thrilling crime drama / tribute to film noir
    Bound has it all--crime double-crosses, love double-crosses, a steamy lesbian love affair, and Mob entanglements. There's not much to say about the plot that hasn't been said by others, and the real joy is watching the schemes and twists unfold on the screen. In addition to a terrific plot, this film is visually stunning, and Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon are in top form.

    One of my favorite lines comes from Gina Gershon's character, Corky, when Violet proposes that they rob her Mob boyfriend. Corcky and Violet have already slept together, and Corky's response is that she can *do* anybody in bed, but she has to really know them if she is going to pull a score with them.

    Highly recommended for fans of thrillers and crime dramas that go above and beyond the norm!
    ...more info
  • One of my favorite films of all time
    I rented this movie long ago, not having a clue what it was about (best way to watch a film), and it blew me away. The style and direction is amazing. It's not for everyone... for example, I raved about it to my brother, he saw it, and said I have weird taste in film (this is no romantic-comedy-type movie!).

    The two lead females were so sexy together that it practically made me want to turn into a lesbian. But the best part was that when the action started, on top of all the suspense and action, you didn't know if the two woman were just using each other or really cared for each other.

    This is a good film for people open to movies with violence, like if you were a fan of Pulp Fiction. It's a very smart film.

    Another great movie that not a lot of people have heard about that was on Siskle and Ebert's top 10 list one year (I believe in the #1 spot) is One False Move-- a great film!...more info
  • Esquisit. (Sp?)
    I loved Bound. Gina Gershon is SO HOT! Jennifer Tilly has the sexiest voice in the film. I could have done without the finger cutting off scene. But I guess is was part of the whole "Mob" effect. Sweet!...more info
  • Not free from issues, but definitely better than expected...
    I really expected very little from this film. I knew that it had a big cult following, but so does `Showgirls', and lord knows how dreadfully ridiculous that trash was. So, it's safe to say that at best I was expecting another `Poison Ivy', you know, equipped with a decent performance or two but ultimately void of any real merit. While in parts I believe my initial preconceived notion of the film is correct, there is much to enjoy here that I wasn't expecting.

    Sure, I expected to enjoy the whole `girl on girl' gangster side of things, but when you remove the `girl on girl' part there is actually still a pretty decent movie here.

    The film tells us of Violet, an attractive woman dating a violent gangster. Violet has repressed feelings for other women that become manifest when she meets Corky, an ex-con who is hired to maintain the building Violet and Caesar are residing in. Corky is instantly attracted to Violet, and the feelings are mutual. They soon concoct a plan to steal two million dollars from the mob and set up Caesar to take the fall, this way they can be free to love one another without restraint. Their plan isn't as foolproof as they originally conclude, and so things start to savagely unravel as Caesar's business partners get involved and soon Corky and Violet are exposed, and they have to fight for their lives.

    The first part of the film tends to drag a bit. It comes off rather ridiculous in scenes, overdoing the steamy sections in order to compensate for lack of `action'. It really comes off like a soft-core adult film at first, thus confirming my initial thoughts. But, as the film progresses and our attention is shifted towards the money and the scheme it all starts to elevate to a decently crafted and well filmed caper. It really works. The final scenes are stunning in moments and truly chilling. The acting also gets a major boost as the film progresses. What came off at first like amateur fluff transforms to smartly calculated character development, especially from Jennifer Tilly who transforms Violet from a ditzy girlfriend to a deceptive and intelligent `girlfriend'. Joe Pantoliano (from `Sopranos' fame) also delivers a strong performance. He works with his characters clich¨¦s well and filters through feelings of betrayal and fear quite nicely. Gina Gershon (who was actually the only respectable part of `Showgirls') is nice eye-candy here, but she takes a backseat to Tilly's breathy performance.

    The film is not perfect, and it really could have used a little tightening and reworking (especially in the beginning), but it works itself out and deserves recognition for that. I am baffled a bit by all the reviews of adoration for this film, because one should not be blind to the films problems, but I do feel that the film is no where near as bad as it could have been. A film that could have easily been an F, or at best a low D rises above itself in the final chapter and becomes a solid C, C+ even. Sure, that may sound like a low rating, but when you factor in the films genre you can see that a C is actually pretty good....more info
  • A Very Erotic Thriller
    Jennifer Tilly, Gina Gershon, and Joe Pantoliano star in this sexy thriller about the workings of the Chicago mafia. Jennifer Tilly stars as Violet, a mob girlfriend desperate for a new life. Joe Pantoliano stars as Caesar, a money launderer for the mob, and he's also Violet's boyfriend. Gina Gershon stars as Corky, a tough lesbian ex-con who moves into the apartment next door to Violet and Caesar.

    Corky, Violet, and Caesar meet on the elevator to their building, and the sparks fly between Corky and Violet. Determined to act on her impulses, Violet hatches a plan to seduce Corky. Unsure about Violet's motives at first, Corky soon finds herself in bed with Violet. Soon afterward, Violet tells Corky about Caesar and his mob dealings. She also tells her how she wants to get out of mob life and live "happily ever after" (presumably with Corky).

    Corky listens intently and soon finds out that a $2 million shipment in mob money is scheduled to arrive at Violet and Caesar's apartment. The two women decide to steal the money for themselves, but make it look like Caesar somehow lost the money while forcing him to run away from the other members of the mob.

    Their plan stars off exactly as planned, but along the way, many things go wrong, and in the end, Corky and Violet must fight for their very survival. Will their plan succeed? Will they be together in the end?

    This is an excellent film. The performances by Gershon and Tilly are very good, but Joe Pantoliano's performance as the small-time thug and money launderer Caesar is superb. Tilly's and Gershon's love scenes together are very provocative as well. I give this movie my highest recommendation. The story is well-conceived, and the plot twists will keep you guessing throughout. If you're a fan of great mafia movies that have beautiful and sexy women to look at, then this movie is definitely one you don't want to miss....more info
  • A modern noir spiced with style and a visual touch of class!
    A handywoman (the alluring Gina Gershon) and a gangster's moll (the sensual Jennifer Tilly) fall in love and plan to run off with two millions bucks.

    This simple plot is enriched and even enhanced with a not so common visual refinement, and enough tension to capture your whole interest from start to finish.

    As you may expect, there is a dose of acidic humour all long the movie but Joe Pantoliano steal the show as the gangster who suddenly finds himself trapped in the middle of the road and has to think faster than the speed of life.

    Entertained and extremely sexy-thriller.
    ...more info
  • A guilty pleasure movie
    Yes I own this video. I thought it was incredibly suspensful the first time around. But after the plot is fully revealed I don't feel watching it a second time just to see what happens is necessary or wise. So why I have I watched it more than once? Its all about the lesbian sex scene. *Sigh* Hormones. It's beautifully done and will turn on any girl loving girl or girl loving guy. I mean after all it is the kinda movie that holds you by the seat of the pants to see what happens, and unless you have a memory that's not up to par, it's hard to watch over and over again just to see what happens. The fact Jennifer Tilly is hot helps the movie....more info
  • I can't believe it
    People (mostly guys) think this movie is great because it' centers around two lesbs. They think the romance seen is great because of the lesbs. Yet, people who watched Alexander were so afended because of the homesexual innuendos, so they gave the movie very low socres. This movie is a trash hands down! The only thing good about this movie was the mafia scene and that's it. By the way, if peple can accept two females having sex on the screen, then they should accept the movie Alexander's homosexual scenes!...more info
  • Before 'The Matrix,' there was 'Bound'
    When Andy and Larry Wachowski conceived of 'The Matrix' while writing the screenplay for 'Assassins,' the studio created an exercise for them to prove their chops. Thus, 'Bound' was born as a strictly low-budget exercise to show the bigs that the brothers could skillfully helm a picture.

    Game, set and match to the Wachowskis. Despite grossing about $4M at the domestic box office, 'Bound' has been a treasure trove for its owners due to its little to no marketing budget, its high DVS/VHS rental and ownership (the film has quickly attained cult status), and repeated showings on cable.

    'Bound' is probably the high point of Gina Gershon's career - she's terrific here. All the more so when you see on IMDB that she was originally offered Jennifer Tilly's role, but decided to go with the decidedly less glamorous role of Corky. A quick Internet search will tell you she made the right decision: that role has made her the object of some fairly fanatical devotion by a number of this film's fans. ...more info
  • 1 0f 5 people who saw this before the matrix
    I actualy saw this movie way before the matrix. The first time I saw it, it blew me away.A lot of the camera angles and tricks in the matrix started in this movie. There are also scenes with the same phone you see in the matrix movies which resemble scenes out of those movies. The story is awesome!!. Twists and turns and you don't know who to trust. A must see!!!...more info
  • Review of Bound
    This movie is pretty good. It's got some action, some romance, some mob stuff, and good acting. The lesbian scenes are ok, nothing too graphic, it isn't a porno but it's more explicit than your average movie. All the actors do a pretty good job except for the mob boss's son. The only real downside to this movie is jennifer tilly's annoying voice. It's a really interesting movie all the same. I recommend it if you like the italian job, or any kind of crime plotting/mob movie/lesbian movie....more info
  • Delicious, Heart Stopping Suspense...
    ...with gorgeous dialog and split second timing. Bound is well written and superbly acted with great cinematography; a seamless and original film with a touch of film noir and Alfred Hitchcock.
    Two women, Violet played by Jennifer Tilly and Corky played by Gina Gershon, work through an erotic combination of black leather, stiletto heels, and boys' underwear while taking the local mob for a ride. At stake are two million dollars and a gang of humorless goons with psychotic tendencies. The beautiful Violet is the femme fatal and the mobster's moll. Caesar, played by Joe Pantoliano with a touch of Richard Widmark, is her lover/boss. Corky is the girl in-the-apartment-next-door: a stylish sexy ex-prison inmate who works as a Jack-of-all-Trades. The two women find each other, and as their relationship moves from humor to tenderness to trust, decide to risk everything in order to escape.
    Instead of the usual clich¨¦s Bound resonates a Chicago that belongs to both the past and the present. A timeless cutting edge drama that is innovative, fun, and at times truly terrifying with plenty of action and some heart stopping moments and no way to tell, until the last two minutes, how it will end. First class entertainment delivered with style. Highly recommended.

    ...more info
    and alot more. The Wachowski Brothers have a great film here that knows exactly what it is: great suspense, smart enough to make sense and a thrill a second joy ride. BOUND is an ultimate guilty pleasure, but for all the RIGHT reasons! Solid performances from Gina Gershon, Jennifer Tilly and John Ryan, in his best role since KOJAK ("Cop In A Cage" 1974). Tom Jones sings "She's A Lady"...RIGHT!!!...more info
  • Great Gangland Caper!
    Kind of like Martin Scorsese with lingerie. Ok, not a pretty image, I admit, but it sort of describes this movie! Although Marty didn't direct, Bound follows gangster movie themes which remind me of some his films, at least up to a point. There are plot twists aplenty here as the two heroines play out their plan to steal $2 million from the mob. It's also good to see two central characters who are gay, shown in such a positive (and sexy) way. Great acting from all concerned, and the movie manages to create a hugely enjoyable mix of bloody gangland stuff with humour and satire. You won't know how it's going to end and you won't want it to end. Superb....more info
  • If this isnt a cult movie yet, it should be!
    I think my brothers reaction to this movie summed it up perfectly. He thought I was trying to get him to watch some low-level lesbian B rate movie. He appologised later, after he unglued himself from the tv and the couch. This movie grips you in the first minutes of the show, and keeps you there and deeply into it right through to the end. I always wish the movie kept going, and let you watch these two amazing characters blaze on. It is now nearly 5 years since I first watched this movie, and to this day I am eternally grateful to the guy who first showed it to me. This is perhaps my favorite movie of all time, or at least it ranks right up there with the few other favorites I have. The action, dialogue dn chemistry of the script, filming, and acting is just superb and and gripping in ways that few movies today are. Watch it over and over.. because this movie is one of the best!...more info
  • not bad, not great
    it was pretty clear to me early on that these dyke characters were written by a guy. still, this was a decent mob movie with good dialogue and great visuals. the whole movie was worth watching, but not owning unless you're the type to need a complete collection or want to watch the sex scenes over and over again....more info
  • Unexpectedly, a great movie.
    I picked up this movie for all the wrong reasons (and at least one right reason - the critics seemed to like it). Oh goody, I thought, a movie with lesbians making out. Well, I came away from the experience of watching the film slightly confused by my reaction. The nature of the women's attraction to each other was an integral part of the movie, and there was an interesting nude love scene, but the movie itself was a lot better than I expected, almost to the point where I was almost actually annoyed that they "ruined" the picture by descending to the level of "needing" to show that nude scene. I never particularly liked two of the three above/before the title stars, and picked up the DVD despite that fact. I was surprised, though, by how well they acted in the film, and how engrossing the plot turned out to be. Watching Jennifer Tilly (Violet) and Gina Gershon (Corky) attempting to steal some money from Tilly's mob boyfriend Joe Pantoliano (Ceasar (as spelled on the screen)) was actually pretty interesting.

    Pantoliano is just holding the money, a transfer station if you will, and part of the plan is to frame Panoliano for the fall, thereby "freeing" Tilly from his grasp. It is interesting watching the women working to try to make their plan work, and watching Pantoliano trying to save himself.

    As I somewhat mentioned, the film's above/before the title stars are Jennifer Tilly ("Bullets Over Broadway," "Bride of Chucky"), Gina Gershon ("Showgirls", "Blink") and Joe Panoliano ("The Fugitive," "The Matrix"). The movie is the Wachowski brothers' directorial debut ("The Matrix"; had not known this was one of their movies until after I saw the movie). The movie was rated R for violence, torture, profanity, nudity, and simulated sex, though the DVD is unrated.

    Oh right, almost forgot. The DVD contains the movie, several language options, the trailer and audio commentary from the directors, the editor, and an extra (Susie Bright, a Lesbian-erotica author and technical advisor) (interesting, the directors kind of sound like that comic Steven Wright (hope have the right name), though only kind of have similar sound)....more info
  • This violence-porn fantasy film is probably
    This violence-porn fantasy film is probably required viewing for Arab terrorists.

    It looks like a technologically updated "reefer madness" film-noir of the fifties that FBI agents were required to sit through before they were sent out into the field to battle illegal drugs.

    The mental level is 3rd grade, the sex and violence are Narcissus-inspired and the reek is sweaty armpits.

    All and all, it's a painful bagful of visual cliches and verbal f*ck-s*ck that insinuates itself into the the senses like an Anne Hutchinson inspired John Winthrop nightmare.

    It has great value, I'm afraid, as an example of the depths to which some American psyches have sunk, unwittingly it seems.

    Ironically, I can't criticize the film the way it should be criticized because Amazon would censor it.

    Too bad.
    ...more info
  • A Brilliant, Yet, Highly Underrated Film.
    Before the Wachowski Brothers (errr..Siblings?) hit it big with "The Matrix Trilogy," they made a more modest, but just as exciting film called "Bound." "Bound" is a lot of things, filled to the brim with comedy, sex, action and suspense. The film works, to a lesser extent, in the way that "Pulp Fiction" did, with surreal violence and quirky characters. It's got a great cast, but the movie is really centered upon the brilliant trio of Jennifer Tilly, Gina Gershon and Joe Pantoliano, who all turn in great performances and give a lot to their characters. Tilly plays Violet, the wife of Caesar, an awkward mobster, played to a "T" by Pantoliano. When Violet gets bored of being a prize wife to Caesar, she finds herself falling for an ex-con who is painting the apartment next-door. As things turn out, this ex-con is a woman, a bona-fide lesbian by the name of Corky, played by Gershon. Corky falls for Violet as well, and the two begin a forbidden romance, which in turns makes for some rather sexy scenes between Tilly and Gershon -- yes, there is even a bit of nudity. The two eventually stage a runaway and robbery of Caesar and the two million-something dollars he is babysitting. The plot gets more complicated from here on out, as each step the characters make seems to get them into deeper trouble, and the stakes are constantly being raised. This is one of those movies where you never look at the time, you are just so engrossed by what is going on in front of you. The only disappointment here is that the ending works out just a little too easy, sort of like the Wachowski's cheated. But even still, it's a top rate thriller. While the first third of the movie is centered around lesbian lust (and is probably worth the DVD price alone), the rest of the movie is much more serious but just as entertaining. It was also pretty cool to see the Wachowski's test some of the shots and methods they used (and in turn, got famous for) in "The Matrix." This movie definitely has their mark on it, and if you are a fan, it's just another good reason to check this flick out. The DVD has some decent features, mainly a commentary track from the usually silent Wachowski's and a few castmembers, with a trailer to go along with it. All in all, a really well-done and thoroughly entertaining movie. The scenes between Gershon and Tilly alone are worth the price of admission....more info
  • Not for the squeamish or straight girls
    I must confess that I was looking for something with a stronger rating; but even without hardcore content; this movie was HOT. Jennifer Tilly set me on fire with her ultimate female sensuallity, and there are a couple of scenes that may even make a straight girl wiggle in her seat. I loved every character, including the little weasel that got his face smashed for being a complete punk. This movie lets all the bad guys get WHACKED, and all the HOT girls get WET they deserve, with very realistic; (for the most part), and intriguiging action. It was such a great movie, that I had to watch the DIRECTORS NARRATION VERSION immeditatly afterword, even though I risked missing work for lack of sleep. If you find that you do like this movie, then I also recommend "Fingersmiths"; it is not quite as HOT but is an excellent movie that you will not be able to turn off until you have seen all 3 hours....more info
  • warning
    warning: you are dragged in the movie by the time the opening credits are done falling and your not gonna get up till the movie is finished....more info
  • Bound is one of the best movie ever made "Trust me"
    When I went out to buy some Dvd's I saw this one and decided to buy it not knowing if it was good or not but at the time I did'nt care, and I'm glad that I didn't because this movie is crazy good in so many ways. First it has to deal with the mafia ,second it has two girls (Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon) that want to be with each other but can't because Jennifer is marry to a man thats in the mafia, But Jennifer wants out and gina has a plan to do just that, first steal 2 million dollars from jennifers husband without getting caught and pretty much thats the story right there. But what happens inbetween is very funny and scary. Do not let your kids see the unrated version though because the sex scene is very fresh even for me and Im 18
    Buy this Dvd now I promise you love it in every way....more info
  • Bound To Please
    If you find yourself wishing there were more lesbian gangster movies with gratuitous violence, Bound is the answer to your prayers.

    As the hard-edged girl (ex-con) next door, Gina Gershon is alluring, sexy, and convincing. She is particularly adept at plumbing, which becomes a plot point later, and the scenes of her in a muscle T-shirt working on pipes are among the steamiest on screen. However, Bound belongs to Jennifer Tilly whose Betty Boop voice and figure provide the film with its most intoxicating appeal while concealing its most intelligent and devious personality. Watching these delicious dishes go to Home Depot together and test power tools for 90 minutes would have been fine with me, but the Wachowski brothers instead elected to trot out the exhausted rogue's gallery of gangster devices including Mob bosses and under-bosses, briefcases with gazillions of dollars neatly bundled, the obligatory truly moronic henchman, and of course, the double-cross.

    Joe Pantoliano, a journeyman actor doomed to a life of roles like this, who added much to the amazing Memento, helps keep the various balls airborne with a fine performance. As Caesar he is cruel and clueless all at once, unaware that his girlfriend, Tilly, is caulking tile with Gershon, and more. As it does in all such gangster films, the third act finds things going terribly awry, and there is a fair bit of needless, indelicate violence. However, this is redeemed by madcap comic timing that will have you overlooking the downright Shakespearean body count as you focus on split-second exits and entrances that could, and do, change everything. (Scarface meets A Day At The Races.)

    The end of this movie will cause you to smile and wonder how you could have been so readily deceived, but then, even for another lesbian, falling in love with a lesbian is a tricky proposition. For a straight male, at the very least it's living dangerously. A delightful flick worthy of inclusion in your collection. Arguably the greatest lesbian gangster film of all time....more info
    DVD arrived in the promised condition and within the time frame.
    I would purchase from this seller again....more info