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Andre Rieu: The Vienna I Love - Waltzes From My Heart
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  • A must to enjoy waltzes over and over again. A gem!
    Andre Rieu the "Waltz King" with his Johann Strauss Orchestra is bringing back the wonderful time of waltzes with true magic. It places one into another era and another world. I cannot recall ever having enjoyed videos as much as the ones of Andre Rieu and his wonderful orchestra. What a wonderful treat! I recommend it to anyone that loves music, music that has a heart and a sound....more info
  • Wonderful concert
    In his second Video concert, Andr¨¦ Rieu presents us the most beautiful melodies like Volga song, M¨¦ditation, The Veleta, Gyspy fiddles playing , etc...Andr¨¦ Rieu and his musicians present the concert with a touch of humour (watch the brass section while they play the Skater's Waltz and Petersburg Sleighride). In the beginning, we see a little interview with Andr¨¦ Rieu. He explains what he feels before a concert and tell us many another things. If you don't know who is Andr¨¦ Rieu, buy this video and you'll never regret it. You'll looking forward to see another video or you'll want tou attend his next concert in U-S-A and Canada....more info
  • Absolutely wonderful! Classical music is revived!
    This video is just absolutely wonderful! With humor and playfulness, Andre Rieu brings classical music back to life. If all orchestras were like this, there would be a huge increase in listeners of classical music....more info
  • Absoluttely beautiful! Even our 8 yrs old grandson LOVES it
    I wish there were more VHS available of the Andre Rieu concerts! We keep playing it over and over, and soon I have to buy a new tape to replace the old.I'am buing it for presents too.We will even have a New Years eve party with his music on ! You represent such a class! and elegance! It is so nice to be part of it.We need MORE of it!! My husband and I were very fortunate because in 93 we were at your concert in Vienna! Thank You Mr Andre Rieu for the beautiful music!! With Love from the "NAPA I Love" Ca. The Vermes and Labrie family!...more info
  • Praise and search
    Ilove this video. The music is so beautiful it puts you in A beautiful state of mind. I have 2 videos and looking for more. THANK YOU ANDRE RIEU. from Florida...more info
  • Andre Rteu excellent violinest
    If you enjoy the violin don*t miss any tapes from Andreu I view this tape 4 to 5 times a week never get tired of it if you play the violin or have a love for the violin this is the way to go. enjoy it....more info