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Sunday in New York
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  • PLEEEEEASE release this jewel on DVD!!!!!
    This is one of those movies to which you can just curl up on the sofa and enjoy bigone simplistic but romantic views on social relationships. The movie, of course, is the product of its era, with all the expected restrictions to female sexuality and expression. However, get past that and enjoy the funny and warm performances. The DVD version is eagerly awaited since it's basically impossible to catch it on TV and, who has VHS only nowadays???...more info
  • why still not on dvd??
    I am waiting so long for it to come out on dvd...its such a nice movie!!!...more info
    Thousands of bad movies have been released on DVD. What about this masterpiece? Afraid of not enough buyers because it's from the sixties? You'll be surprised. I copied this wonderful movie from video to DVD but I want the real thing in widescreen and more quality....more info
  • New York and Mel Torme
    A Nice little sex farce with some interesting folks in 60,s New York City.

    Jane is put upon a bit and the double entendre dialogue gets a bit tired in some scenes. Robert Culp the would be suitor to Jane coming in for a visit. Rod Taylor and Jane essaying the values of stick pins and broaches brining guy and girl together.

    And then we have Cliff Robertson who seems to wonder why he is in this film at all with his own hokey dialogue. Jim Backus adds some fun and its all really harmless and engaging I suppose..
    One of the debits is not enough Eddy Duchin music...

    Note: In this film the New York City Busses look very clean ,,now thats nostagilc in itself..

    c...more info

    This is a wonderful little escape from the world film. I'm astonished that it isn't out on DVD. I really like this movie, but am not going to pay $45 for a used vhs version - ridiculous. It's a shame that this one, and "Any Wednesday" aren't out on DVD yet. ...more info
  • good rainy day movie
    I stumbled upon this movie when I was channel surfing and immediately got hooked. I quickly jumped online to see if it was available for purchase. I was really disappointed that it's not available yet in DVD. $40 for a used VHS is really too much. It's a wonderful romantic movie about double standards between men and women. It's filled with stars. There's Rod Taylor (better known from Hitchcock's "The Birds"), Robert Culp ("I Spy"), Jane Fonda, Cliff Robertson, and Jim Backus ("Gilligan's Island). I concur that the restaurant scene is really funny. Excellent movie!!...more info
  • Charming Kennedy-Era Comedy Looks at Premarital Sex or More Accurately, the Absence of It
    Was Jane Fonda really this young? In this coy 1963 sex farce written by comedy veteran Norman Krasna (Alfred Hitchcock's Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Indiscreet), she plays Eileen Tyler, a 22-year-old girl from Albany paying an unexpected visit to her airline pilot brother Adam in the Big Apple. She is reeling from a fight with her fianc¨¦ Russ who is giving her undue pressure to put out before they marry. Adam assures her that waiting for the wedding night is the right thing to do and then deceives her into thinking he is doing the same. Naturally, he turns out to be a womanizer planning to shag his girlfriend that day. Feeling like the only virgin in the world, Eileen meanwhile engages in a flirtation with a reporter named Mike Mitchell. Complications ensue with mistaken identities and morality questions thrown in to make the plot more interesting.

    As if you couldn't tell from the swinging title tune sung by Mel Torme, the film is an idealization of early-1960's Manhattan single life that merely toys with the idea of premarital sex well before the concept of free love came into vogue. Guided by TV director Peter Tewksbury, there is a mechanical sitcom feel to the proceedings, but the real NYC locations help and the three leads are game players. Fonda is adorably adroit in a preview of her bouncier work in Barefoot in the Park, and Cliff Robertson plays Adam's double-standard hypocrisy with agility. However, it's Rod Taylor, fresh from filming Hitchcock's The Birds, who shines the most as Mike in a deft turn. Jazz pianist and composer Peter Nero supplies the loudly intrusive soundtrack. This film (released just a week before JFK's assassination) has yet to make it to DVD....more info