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Moonstruck [VHS]
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Remember the outfit Cher wore to the Oscars when she won an Academy Award for her performance in this 1987 film? Ay-yi-yi. The actress' more retiring character in this infectious comedy leaps several psychological hurdles just giving her hair a permanent. But then the original screenplay by John Patrick Shanley (Joe Versus the Volcano) is a wonderful, gently satirical tale of an Italian-American family dealing with repression and dissatisfaction against a backdrop of cultural expectations. Cher is focused and funny as a widow who feels she should marry an older fellow (Danny Aiello), but then falls for his black-sheep brother (Nicolas Cage). Olympia Dukakis and Vincent Gardenia are perfect as her parents, and John Mahoney (of TV's Frasier) has a memorable, small role as a middle-aged man on the make who gets a lecture from Dukakis's character. Shanley's dialogue is comically stylized in a way that makes one appreciate how much words can inform an actor's performance. Taking its cues from him and director Norman Jewison (And Justice for All), the cast immerse themselves in a pool of hilariously operatic emotion. The special-edition DVD release has a full-screen presentation, Dolby sound, commentary by Cher, Jewison, and Shanley, theatrical trailer, closed captioning, booklet, optional French soundtrack, and optional subtitles in English, French, or Spanish. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Watch.
    I wanted to be Italian when I finished this movie.
    Nick Cage did an award winning job at acting. Cher was unbelievable. Loved her. There were so many "stars" and stellar performances in this film that I can't mention them all. Sugar in champagne? Who knew?
    I love that all ends up happy in the end.
    ...more info
  • On the Whole Widescreen Issue...
    First off, this is a brilliant movie. Absolutely wonderful, delightful, funny, romantic, and magical. Divine. Worth a cosmos of the brightest, most glorious stars, but I guess in this case a mere five will do.

    But I'm sure you've heard what a great film this is by now, if you haven't seen it already and found out for yourself. What I want to address is the controversy regarding the new widescreen transfer on the deluxe DVD. It is indeed true that you see more in the original MGM pan & scan release--but this is still a legitimate widescreen presentation, and the way this beautiful movie was originally intended to be seen. There are many different ways to shoot film in widescreen, and one of these involves shooting onto 1.37 ratio film (pan & scan ratio) while composing it for theatrical widescreen with the aid of two lines representing the "bars" you see on a TV on the monitor. This how "Moonstruck" was filmed, and it is done so that the director can have control over how the film will look both when seen in a theater and when cropped for viewing on a conventional television. Thus, the film is shot with more image on top and bottom than you actually end up seeing in the theater, but although you are technically seeing more in pan & scan, the widescreen is still really the "definitive" version.

    Anyway, I hope this review helps those who may be debating between which version of this wonderful movie they ought to buy. Both are legitimate--I've seen the pan & scan and it's lovely (it clearly was carefully composed for both aspect ratios) but I'm going to buy the widescreen version. Thanks, and hope I could help!...more info
  • Finally the widescreen!
    At long last, the widescreen DVD as we saw it in the theatres. This American classic is a must for all DVD libraries! No one could have filled the roles better. "La Boheme" is a create metaphor throughout that parallels the ill-matched people. Norman Jewison has an acute eye for narrative and photography. Food and the street scenes of Brooklyn (including the Twin Towers) serve as another "character" much as Vincente Minelli did in "The Clock." This is a more positive characterization of Italian-Americans to balance "The Sopranos." "Moonstruck" will warm the coldest of hearts! The Roeblings would be proud how their bridge serves as a magnificent backdrop too!...more info
  • mildly amusing; mostly stupid
    Spoiler-Alert: "Moonstruck" focuses on superficial philosophy, and out-dated over-exagerated Italian-American stereotypes. We are made to believe that the main character will agree to marry a man she has known for less than three days; a woman who finds out her husband is having an affair will dismiss it and forgive him at the moment he says the affair has ended; and a man will casually accept his fiance's sudden decision to marry his own brother. It was OK, but if I wouldn't pay any more for a copy of this DVD than it would cost to rent it. ...more info
  • This is my all-time favorite movie!!
    This is my all-time favorite movie. I love the story of the family and the opera music....more info
  • Makes me want to be Italian and live in NYC
    Excellent soundtrack.......perfect for having friends over for a nice dinner, even if you aren't serving Italian!! ...more info
  • Make a copy for your car, and load it in your i-Pod.
    This is one that you can leave on in the background all day and never get tired of hearing scenes from the movie....more info
  • Loved it
    I love the movie I also like the xtra stuffs that came with it
    ...more info
    I know that this is a very popular film, but I never understood why. To me this tale of infidelity and ethnic caricatures, borders on offensive! I would love to see how people would react if African American families were handled the same way. Yeah, I can see it now everyone in the film is picking cotton, eating fried chicken, watermelon and talking with a speech impediment! Or maybe Asian families with everyone running laundry up and down the street with a rickshaw and.......... talking with a speech impediment!

    Please don't start hitting me with hate comments, I am not a bigot, but I like equality for all people and the Italian's are taking it pretty hard in "this-a dull-a un-a-romantic comedy". There are a few good scenes scattered through this film, but overall it baffles me why people love it so. This film didn't offend me, but I don't see any difference between doing a caricature of Italians or any other stereotype! .....except that it seems you can get away with it, if it's done to Italians???? It just doesn't seem fair to me. I only bring this to reader's attention because with all the censoring being done, it just seems to me only certain groups are taboo!

    OK now about the DVD, I have the older edition and the transfer seems fine as far as full screen being the correct ratio, I didn't notice anything missing or looking off center. My rating for this film is 2 1/2 star...... translation "The film-a is-a mediocre-a at-a best-a!" ....Now that's Italian!.....Yeah right! ;-b...more info
  • Struck by Moonstruck
    I am a Cher fan. Always was and always will be. That said, I haven't always been a fan of her movies. But this one regardless weather Cher is in it or not is a true classic in every way possible. I must have seen this movie 50 times over the last 12 years and still never tire of it. I use many a catch fraise often from the movie that have become part of my everyday language. This story reminds me of my childhood as I came from a typical Italian family and we all acted very much the same way and lived in the Jersey side of NY in a 3 story house with a view of the Hudson. This movie is dead on the character, the vibe and the humor! If you haven't seen Moonstruck, you don't know what you're missing. I might add, this is one of Nick Cages finest performances!
    Rich...more info
  • Moonstruck
    A great all-around movie especially if you're Italian or an Italian wannabe like my husband. We watch this movie several times a year. Cher is great in it and so is the ensemble cast. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • A Great Romantic-Comedy
    When Moonstruck was released, it caused a sensation. It won Academy Awards for Best Actress (Cher), Best Supporting Actress (Olympia Dukakis), and Best Screenplay (John Patrick Shanley). To this day, it still ranks on critic's lists as one of the best romantic comedies. Maybe that's because it uses a different formula and, with that, is a different kind of romantic comedy. Cher plays Loretta, a Brooklyn woman who has just got engaged to Johnny (Danny Aiello), the day he's leaving for Sicily to visit his dying mother. He asks her, before he leaves, to go see his brother Ronny and invite him to the wedding. Ronny and Johnny haven't spoken in a while, there's been some "bad blood" but Johnny wants to make it right. When Loretta goes to meet Ronny (Nicolas Cage), she falls for him. It's not an immediate, movie-like falling in love. It just happens and when she wakes up the next morning, she knows that they can't see each other again. He makes her a deal; Go to the opera with him and she won't have to see him again. From the time when they have sex up to the end of the movie, it's almost amazing how quickly it flies by. Anyway, there's also the story about Loretta's mother Rose (Dukakis), who knows that her husband Cosmo is cheating on her and has asked various men...Why do men cheat? Dukakis' performance, for an Oscar winning performance, isn't your typical extravagant performance. It's kinda low-key. Cher's performance isn't the typical Oscar winning performance either, but I guess it was the accent. All the actors deliver Oscar worthy performances; Nicolas Cage has played a lot of characters similar to Ronny, which makes his performance all the more effective. A lot of the things he says would sound too goofy coming from another actor, but coming from Cage...It sounds fine. Overall, the movie's funny and charming...There's no real flaws I noticed while watching it and, with that, I highly recommend it.

    GRADE: A-...more info
  • Perfect May-December love story with an Italian twist.
    Moonstruck (1987) Cher won an Oscar opposite Nicolas Cage in this sweet little comedy about the full moon's effects on the city of New York and its inhabitants. A charming May-December romance story, with excellent performances all around, especially Oscar-Winner Cher, Olympia Dukakis as her self-assured, moral mother, and Nicolas Cage as the angry but obsessed baker looking for a woman who combines lust and desire with respect and elegance, which he finds in Cher. The argument he makes near the door of his house as to why they SHOULD be together is priceless. Frasier's John Mahoney shines in a brief cameo as a lovelorn communications professor.
    ...more info
  • of all the rom coms, this is the best one
    Yes, Cher and Moonstruck are better than Meg Ryan/Nora Ephron's films including When Harry Met Sally. There's something about the visuals of the Meg Ryan movies that always bothered me (Pottery Barn magalogues bother me) but Moonstruck is EXACTLY what I like from the real estate to the brick lipstick. There are even lucrative plumbing contracting and bread operations - ooh! ...more info
  • I'll admit; I'm a little moonstruck...
    `Moonstruck' tells the all too familiar tale of a woman who falls in love with a man whom she is not promised to. Yes, we have seen this story told before, at times better, at times worse. What makes `Moonstruck' so entertaining is that it takes the age old formula and spices it with wonderful performances that capture a deeper sense of meaning than just merely whether or not one person is meant for one person.

    The film tells the story if widow Loretta Castorini, a beautiful yet unkempt woman who feels as though she is unlucky, and that lack of luck has convinced her that the only way to be happy is to marry the older `nice' guy Johnny Cammareri. While Johnny is away visiting his dying mother though, Loretta meets his brother Ronny, the black sheep of the family, and (you guessed it) falls in love with him. Her passion for Ronny contradicts her insistence on marrying Johnny even though she knows that Johnny will never fulfill her the way that Ronny would. While she deals with this inconvenience she also has to contend with her parents, Cosmo and Rose, as they struggle to make their marriage work.

    Yes, I'll say this now, `Moonstruck' is slightly clich¨¦d and lays heavy on the Italian stereotypes, but it's done in that innocent jesting way, much like `My Big Fat Greek Wedding'; never in a shameless and irritable way like say, a Tyler Perry movie (don't hate). I actually thought that the little Italian touches helped the film blossom into something memorable as apposed to just another `same old same'. I am half Italian myself and while I can see how some may take offence to some of the blatant stereotypes I found that it was all done in fun, not malicious in anyway, and only added layers to the films script.

    The acting is also noteworthy. Cher and Olympia Dukakis both took home acting Oscars for their performances in this film, and both were truly the standouts. I can't say that Cher deserved to win (I'm leaning more towards Glenn Close) but she was truly wonderful here (not what I expected) and her nomination alone was well deserved. Dukakis was even better, and I have to say that I totally agree with her win. She handled her character, which could have been nothing more than stock, with so much grace and maturity. Her conversation with John Mahoney alone is the single best scene in the entire film. Vincent Gardenia was effective, if not the biggest stereotype in the bunch (it's always the father, right?) and Danny Aiello is a bit lost. I tell you, I was most impressed with Cage, since I normally find him rather bland. He turned out a very good performance. His accent was right on and his emotional connection was, while still a tad muted, much deeper than most his performances and his detachment from serious emotion actually aided in the films humor.

    There may be a lot familiar or clich¨¦d about this film, but there is also a lot to enjoy and remember. The acting is mostly rich (especially from the female stars) and the script is written with enough gusto to make even its most clich¨¦d moments entertaining and somewhat fresh. Like I said, it's not highly original and it does overdo the stereotypes at times, but its all in fun and sometimes `fun' is just what we need....more info
  • moonstruck dvd
    i love the movie, the quality and etc, etc. very happy with my purchase!...more info
  • It's Amore
    This is a wonderful New York Italian ethnic love story. I like it just as it is....more info
  • Moonstruck
    MOONSTRUCK is a fabulous film.
    However, both copies I ordered from AMazon got stuck at the same scene, skipping the following scene if I was able to fast forward it.

    I returned both copies with paperwork for each order in the same box, but received credit back for only one copy.
    I'm still ordering from Amazon with the hope that this was just a bad batch of Moonstruck copies and a human oversight that there were two bad copies returned.
    So == The film is great, but there is a batch of them that are badly flawed.
    ...more info
  • Moonstruck
    The movie is one of my favorites however it is damaged at 49 minutes. I have repeatedly cleaned it but I can not see any defect on the disk and it continues to have a problem. What do you suggest I do? I am not satisfied with the video as it is...more info
  • "La Bella Luna! The Moon Brings the Woman to the Man. Capice?"
    I had just experienced one of those hectic, rotten days, that I had just as soon forget. Luckily, for the past few weeks I had the 1987 Oscar winning, romantic-comedy, "Moonstruck" sitting in my DVD collection, just waiting to be opened. I hadn't seen the film in a number of years and decided to give it a shot for old times sake. With my feet up on the couch (and a drink in hand) it turned out to be just the antidote to make that day, melt away and transport me to another place. It is a truely romantic, magical film, that leaves you with a smile on your face. For those who don't know, "Moonstruck" takes place in the ethnic, Brooklyn neighborhoods of NYC. It centers on the almost operatic, personal lives of the members of the Italian-American, Castorini family. The film introduces us to Loretta (an amazing Cher) a 37 year old, bookkeeper, who claims "to have no luck" in her drab, practical life. Because she is so beaten down, she would rather trust her head, than her heart. This is why she accepts a (comical) marriage proposal from Mr. Johnny Cammareri (Danny Aiello) a good match, but whom she dosn't really love. Mr. Johnny goes off to Italy to be at the side of his dying mother. He has but one request of Loretta. Invite his brother, Ronnie (Nicolas Cage) to the wedding. Loretta meets Ronnie, a dark souled, brooding, opera obsessed, baker with one hand. There are instant sparks of fiery, passion between the two. Will Loretta follow her head or heart? We also meet Loretta's father, Cosmo (Vicent Gardenia), a wealthy plumber. He is having an affair with another woman, in the belief, that it will keep him young and stave off his own mortality. His wife Rose (Olympia Dukakis) suspects the affair and goes off on a quest (with an amourous, college professor) of her own, to find out the answer to the question, "why do men chase women?" All these plotlines converge under a brilliant, harvest moon to the beautiful & romantic, musical strains of Puccini's opera, "La Boheme". Once in awhile a film comes out, where everything just runs on all cylinders. Director, Norman Jewison has created a near pitch perfect, romantic-comedy, that works on many different levels. Writer, John Patrick Stanley (Best Original screenplay, 1987) has written a tight, funny, moving script with tons of quotable dialogue ("Old man, you give those dogs another piece of my food and I'll kick you 'till your dead!"). The ensemble cast is all around amazing. Cher and Olympia Dukakis both give truely Oscar winning performances. The rest of the cast, which includes Nicolas Cage, Danny Aiello, Feodor Chaliapin Jr., Julie Bavasso, Vincent Gardenia and John Mahoney all give great performances. Finally, mention should be made of the wonderful use of Puccini's "La Bohemme" on the soundtrack. It is a perfect merging of cinematic images with music. It makes a commentary about the operatic nature of the personal lives of the film's characters. "Moonstruck" has now been re-released in a 'Deluxe Edition' DVD. The remastering is fine, but nothing to brag about. Extras include an excellent commentary track from Cher and the film's director & writer. Also included is a good 'making of documentary' and a look at Italian food recipes. "Moonstruck" is a wonderful romantic-comedy, that will be a delight for most movie fans! Highly recommended!...more info
  • 2.5 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    Moonstruck never feels authentic (e.g. the scenes with the old Italian looking at the moon and saying "O Bella Luna!" over and over) but it does feel weird and quirky enough to set itself apart from most romantic comedies; this may not mean it's a good film--I certainly didn't think so--but if you're sick of the usual tripe you can instead watch this unusual tripe....more info
  • Moonstruck
    This is an awesome movie. True, a romantic comedy, but also a truthful and entertaining view of life in the United States from the Italian-American perspective. Cher and Nicholas Cage spark up the screen, and the score is wonderfully chosen to fit perfectly in the genre as well....5 stars... Love to watch it....more info