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"Do your parents know you're Ramones?" With those withering words, Miss Togar (Mary Woronov), the uptight neofascist principal of Vince Lombardi High School, addresses the four mop-haired, leather-jacketed members of America's first and most famous punk band. And you know it won't be long before the Ramones's jackhammer riffs are blaring through the public address system at maximum volume, the kids are running--not walking--wild in the hallways (without passes!), and Miss Togar's gulag is re-christened "Rock 'n' Roll High School." Then, in keeping with the outrageously nihilistic animus of punk, the high school students and the Ramones just blow the place to smithereens. It's a crowd- pleasing, fantasy-fulfillment climax that combines the apocalyptic finale of Michelangelo Antonioni's Zabriskie Point with the explosive conclusion of Alice Cooper's "School's Out." Rock 'n' Roll High School is a blast, a goofy and liberating salute to the rebel spirit behind the teen rock & roll movies of the 1950s, which always pitted the kids' insatiable appetite for fun against the adults' fear-based authoritarianism. The film is emblematic of the disarmingly silly, tongue-in-cheek humor of the youth-oriented B-pictures cranked out in the '50s and '60s by renowned low-budget exploitation mogul Roger Corman (who gave many a hungry young filmmaker, including the creators of this film, their start in the biz), and of the noisy, anarchic energy of '70s punk rock, as personified by the inimitable Ramones. In the words of the maestros' beach-blanket-buzz-saw title anthem, this movie is "Fun, fun, oh baby, fun, fun..." --Jim Emerson

Customer Reviews:

  • "Who are the Ra-monies?"
    Aw yes kids, fire up that DVD player, and get out the popcorn for some innocent, rebellious fun. Rock n Roll High School has it all. Cool guys, cute girls, the Ramones, and an EVIL, EVIL [strict] principal who will stop at nothing to removing rock n roll from her high school. I can only hope that those were stunt mice and no real mice were hurt during the filming of this movie.

    Seriously, this movie has everything you could possibly think of, with the kitchen sink thrown in. We got the 'Ron Howard's Brother' in possibly one of his largest roles ever. His office is the boy's room and he aims to bring romance into your life. Even if you're a nerdy football player(?) who's opening line has something to do with the rain in Idaho.

    The Ramones make this movie, there's no argument there. You get some concert footage of them that is filmed well. Where ele can you get footage of Joey singing with a camera a half inch away from his face?? They get some funny lines and end the film running through the high school with the rest of the kids. Sure the school gets blown up in the end, but c'mon it's all in the name of rock n roll....more info

  • The best cheesy movie ever!
    This film follows Riff Randall, a die-hard Ramones fan and someone who thinks Joey Ramone "is pretty cute" through Vince Lombardi High School. Vince Lombardi is an amazing school because not only does the whole student body break into song and dance when hearing the Ramones, but it actually beckons the Ramones to come and rock the roof off, literally. But the catch is the evil, oppressive new principal- a Ramones/Rock n Roll hater.

    Then The Ramones concert his their town and Riff camps out for 3 days to be first in line, leading up to a cool concert and The Ramones bombarding her high school and overthrowing all authority.

    Not exactly Oscar-worthy, but it doesn't have to be. The Ramones are somehow brilliant and lovable even when eating pizza.

    If you hate the Ramones, don't see this. If you just like them, prepare to LOVE them forever....more info

  • A tribute to Joey Ramone....
    I had first seen this movie years ago, on cable t.v., and being a Ramones' fan, totally could appreciate this movie.
    I got to see The Ramones live in Boston, six years ago, and they were just as good then as they were in their concert that was filmed for this movie, whic was made in the late 70's.

    I recently watched this again on AMC's American POP(basic cable), and just felt sad. All I could think of is how Joey is dead now, and there is no more band, it just wouldn't be the same without him. I consider this to be a tribute to him now.

    That said and done, this is a Roger Corman film, he was a b-movie director so this movie certainly isn't a great movie persay. it is the mix of the enthusiasm of the actors, particularly, P.J. Soles, and the great music of the Ramones that make this film worth watching. It's a harmless fun little movie about teenage rebellion all built around the music of Joey and his brothers.
    I say if you are a fan of The Ramones, than this movie is a perfect addition to your movie collection....more info

  • High School Musical wannabe
    Ugh... where to begin? The Ramones are one of the lamest bands ever, so I didn't expect much but I was bored so I rented this movie because the cover was cool. Basically this movie has THE lamest plot ever, I think the director should've taken a cue from Napolean Dynamite for a plot inspiration because that's one of the best movies ever. The main character, Riff Randall, was annoying too. The songs were putrid. Check out "Camp Rock" or one of the "High School Musical" films instead of this old boring crap....more info
  • Not anamorphic --- package is labelled incorrectly
    This is one of my favorite movies, and normally I'd give it 5 stars. However, the new edition from Buena Vista (the third DVD release and the second "Special Edition") says that the film is in anamorphic widescreen. I owned the previous DVD release from a couple of years ago, but unfortunately, this is the same transfer.

    Not only is the transfer letterboxed rather than anamorphic, it looks little better than the VHS, and is also missing some dialogue (where Tom says, "I need to get laid".) This line was also missing from the laserdisc print. Too bad I didn't keep my old VHS tape.

    Both DVD versions are labelled "special edition" but the extras are different. The Buena Vista edition (released December 2005) includes a new audio commentary in addition to the one featured on the 2nd release. Other than that, the only real difference between the two Special Editions is the cover art.

    Bottom line --- if you already own the disc, you don't need to buy this reissue, unless you've just got to have the extra audio commentary. And if you don't own it already, it doesn't make any difference which one you buy. (The older edition features the original poster artwork on the cover, and may be less expensive, but both editions are low-priced.)
    ...more info
  • The Legends Live On
    With the death of Joey Ramone last year from cancer, and the death of Dee Dee Ramone yesterday, this movie, already a cult classic, will become a collector's item.

    Music, humor nazi-esque principals. This movie has it all. Highly recommended to everyone who has any interest in musical history and the roots of punk rock....more info

  • "1,2,3,4!!!"
    Hey Ho! Let's Go! Listen up, kids. Rock 'n' Roll High School may have been released way back in 1979 but it still kicks the ass of any of those square MTV movies. Forget about Britney Spears and Mandy Moore's brand of bubblegum pop music and their equally bland movies - they don't hold a candle to the unbridled power of those punk rockers from New York City, the Ramones!

    From B-movie veterans like Paul (Eating Raoul) Bartel and Mary (Death Race 2000) Woronov to newcomers (at the time), P.J. (Halloween) Soles and Dey (Strange Invaders) Young, the entire cast has a lot of fun spouting the film's wonderfully inspired cornball dialogue ("If you don't like it, you can put it where the monkey puts the nuts."). The Ramones are good sports and mumble their way through the film and truly coming alive during the music sequences. The movie rightfully cements their reputation as legends.

    Rock 'n' Roll High School embodies the essence of the punk rock music that made the Ramones famous. The film is bursting with youthful energy, a dose of good ol' fashion anarchy and is loads of fun to watch. These are also the ingredients that made Rock 'n' Roll High School a cult film. It was a commercial and critical failure upon its initial release but repeated midnight screenings, coupled with steady appearances on TV, have helped the film endure over the years.

    New to this edition is a "Back to School: A Retrospective" that takes a look back at this cult film with new interviews with producer Roger Corman, Alan Arkush and cast members Clint Howard, Dey Young, Mary Woronov and Loren Lester and the surviving Ramone from that time, Marky. This is an affectionate, fun look at this movie with everyone reminiscing fondly about their experiences.

    Producer Michael Finnell, screenwriter Richard Whitley and director Alan Arkush deliver an engaging and rather chatty audio commentary. The three men laugh and joke about working on Rock 'n' Roll High School. They clearly have fond memories of their experiences on the movie.

    Another new addition is an audio commentary by Corman and Young. She admits that in reality she was more like Riff Randell than her character. There are several lulls but it is nice to hear these two reminisce about their experiences on the movie.

    Also included is a dynamic theatrical trailer that gives away the ending! Definitely watch this last if you haven't seen the movie.

    Gone is the Leonard Maltin interview with Roger Corman.

    A real treat for fans of the Ramones are several audio outtakes during the filming of the concert sequence. These are the original audio tracks of the band in action.

    While Rock 'n' Roll High School will appeal predominantly to fans of the Ramones (duh!), it is also one of those fun, goofy movies to invite friends over and watch with copious amounts of junk food on hand. Despite a lackluster transfer, the audio commentary and audio outtakes are worth the price of purchase for this fantastic cinematic oddity....more info
  • Rock and roll high school
    I bought this movie for my 36 year old daughter and she just loved it. It had been a long time since she had seen it and this edition had extras that added to her viewing experience....more info
  • Those Ramones are peculiar. They are ugly. Ugly, ugly, people.
    With exploding mice, body searching hall monitors, ear mail receiving music teachers seeking glue to sniff, parents that may not know that their own children are Ramones, and a high school principal who has no problem putting demerits into student records for life, "Rock 'N Roll High School" is the ultimate cheesy and campy movie ever made. The 1970's cheese is on par, if not even more stale, than its sister movie: "Death Race 2000". The jokes fall flat, horribly flat. One can easily accuse "Rock 'N Roll High School" as being the D.U.M.B.est movie ever produced.

    Yet, I may be middle aged now, but I am not embarrassed to watch it. Why? Because the Ramonies (sic) give this movie its explosive chemistry that even nuclear physicist Kate Rambo can't produce in a beaker.

    Historical sidenote: Cheap Trick was originally approached to be in the movie, but turned it down. Cheap Trick probably would have been better actors, but without the Ramones, the movie would not have had the same charm. In fact, some of the best moments in the film are when the Ramones attempt their single lines. Who can't laugh, and rewind, when Joey Ramone calls music teacher Mr. McGree, "Mr. McGlueber"?

    Recently, a few friends and I were talking about this movie and I mentioned that I had it. Well, I don't know which makes me feel more mortal -- the fact that my VCR player no longer functions or the fact that Tommy Ramone is the only original surviving member of the Ramones. To add even more insult, I have recently discovered my first grey hairs. Tommy Ramone's hair has gone from black, to grey, to white.

    Conclusion: Life is jokingly short, make the most out of it.

    My wife cried when Joey Ramone died from cancer. I admit that my eyes started to steam up as well, but then I knew that Joey wouldn't want people crying. I took a beer out of the fridge and paid my respect. I feel most fortunate for the few times that I, and my wife, were able to see the Ramones in concert.

    The Ramones believed in miracles. They believed in a better world, for me and you.
    (These are lyrics, if you aren't familiar.)

    The world needs to believe in them. If we have the guts and will to survive, we need to pass the Ramones down to our children to keep rock 'n roll music alive.

    ...more info
  • "Those Ramones are peculiar." "And ugly, ugly, people."
    If you were 12 in 1980, this would definitely the coolest movie ever made. For everyone else, this movie is basically a cheesy third-rate teen movie saved only by the incredible Ramones. Basically, it's about a teenybopper named Riff Randall whose love of the Ramones angers her rock-hating principal, and her pretty-but-nerdy friend who lusts after a football player. I don't know how Riff Randall became the coolest girl in school, and she is the most annoying part of the movie. I cringed every time she spoke. ("Did you know that all the Ramones are brothers?" was my favorite of her lines.)

    There are a few clever jokes in the movie (like naming the school Vince Lombardi High) but it's pretty much an hour and a half long music video. You're better off just buying any Ramones album because the sound quality during their movie concert is pretty bad. And even with a brief shot of a guy trying to snort spilled coke out of a rug, it's a disturbingly innocent take on punk. If you're a deathly serious Ramones fan, this movie's for you and only you. Otherwise, skip this and buy The School of Rock, a vast improvement on a similar theme....more info

  • Hey, Ho, Let's go!
    Okay, so it isn't Oscar caliber, but it's definitely a great movie! This is a movie all about having fun, and the entire cast seems to be having such a blast, you can't help but enjoy it. And the soundtrack will have you up on your feet doing that odd punk rock dance (you know the one...sorta like Molly Ringwald did up on the library railing in "The Breakfast Club," only dorkier)....more info
  • rockin' B-move classic, but this DVD could've been better
    Fantastic late '70s B-movie, a true cult classic. The music is top-notch -- both the live Ramones material and the soundtrack artists. If the visual gags and silly jokes don't get you laughing, P.J. Soles' outfits will. You gotta admire P.J. for her acting skills. She actually makes us believe that her character has a crush on Joey Ramone, who definitely does *not* fit the stereotype of a good-looking teen idol.

    This DVD edition is a bit disappointing. First, the audio mastering isn't up to snuff. There are several spots when the sound is clipped or distorted, usually when there is a loud and sudden noise. Those problems weren't in the VHS version that I saw. Second, you can sometimes see scratches on the image, which is really lame for a DVD. Third, for some strange reason, this version cuts the final line of Tom's early scene in the school corridor, where he says, "I need to get laid"....more info
  • Cult Classic + Ramones = Fun Fun
    This is a masterpiece of low budget cinema. Everything about this movie rocks. The Ramones are undoubtedly one of the best punk rock bands of all time and this film showcases them to great effect. Really fantastic live footage. PJ Soles is mighty sweet and Dey Young is even sweeter. Great stuff from Mary Woronov, Paul Bartel and the mighty Dick Miller as well. Some of the cornball dialogue is unforgettable. And did I mention that Dey Young is sweet? She used to make my heart go pitter patter watching this in high school....more info
    Damn, the Ramones were/are great. This movie is worth it for them alone. But somehow the rest of the movie works too, in a cornball, B-movie, 1979 sort of way (I say this in a very positive way too). It's both a time capsule and a fun look at what high school would be like in an alternate universe, if there was any good music around anyway. I'd love to see a high school movie that has Type O Negative all over the soundtrack. Of course it would probably end with all the main characters killing themselves, so maybe that wouldn't work... Anyway, this movie rocks-stay away from the sequel though! ...more info
  • a classic one can watch over and over
    I became a huge Ramones fan after seeing this movie for the first time ~24 years ago at a drive-in. (And where is Marla Rosenfield (Cheryl) now?) No really, her acting was rivetting and she wasn't bad looking either. But I digress. A must see like "This is Spinal Tap" etc etc. Can't wait for End of the Century release....more info
  • Save your money and buy "Raw" instead!
    I saw this movie and let me tell you.It sucked!The main character is so annoying!She has no life.The whole plot is dumb!Napoleon Dynamite has more of a plot than this!The only good thing about this was that the Ramones played live.Other than that....yuk!And Im so sure that the Ramones are gonna help trash a high school!Im actually surprised that the Ramones would stoop this low!I mean I love em, but after seeing this, I don't like em much anymore.Honestly your better off buying "Hey is Dee Dee home?," "Raw" or "End of the Century"....more info
  • Ah...
    This has a great storyline and plenty of the ramones unfortinately i was dissapointed by how little dee dee ramone talked he had like one or two who lines in the movie but it was a great movie but the ending could have kept going...more info
  • "Do your parents know that your Ramones?"
    Rock `n' Roll high school is what a musical should be. The Ramones are one of the greatest bands of all time. No wonder this film is a classic, how can it not be a classic. It's got everything a classic needs. Dancing, great music, great story, and of course the Ramones. Riff Randle (P.J. Stoles) loves Rock `n' Roll and the Ramones. But as the schools new principle Ms. Togar tries to destroy Rock `n' Roll and make more strict rules, Riff has to save Rock `n' Roll and the school. The kids decide they have had enough. So they go to a Ramones concert and try to get them to make a song for the school called "Rock `n' Roll high school". Now in a all new remastered DVD with special features Rock `n' Roll High School is the ultimate musical to get. The commentary in this DVD was surprisingly not boring. Allan Arkush, Richard Whitley, and Michael Finnell discuss stories of the Ramones and the hard process of making this film. Lenard Maltin interviews Roger Corman (there's only 2 minutes of this) Roger discusses that if they didn't do Rock `n' Roll High School they would have done "Disco High". What I really loved was the outtake concert of the Ramones for the concert scene. They play two extra songs "I wanna be sedated" and Sheena is a Punk Rocker". If you love the Ramones, you got to see this film and you'll love them even more. In addition to this film you should also get Ramones Raw DVD....more info
  • Not the classic I was expecting
    The Ramones are one of my favorite bands, and I'm a big fan of B Movies, but man, did I dislike this film. There are some reasons to watch this film, such as the music, the terrible acting by The Ramones, and P.J. Soles. Other than that, the film is worthless. There are fewer things worse than bad comedy, and that's what this film is. Just because something is meant to be cheesy doesn't automatically make it entertaining. Many of the jokes in this film fall flat, and I just couldn't get into it. I kept wanting The Ramones to come back on and do some songs. Anyhow, every fan should watch this and judge for themselves, given it's cult status. ...more info
  • haha. . funniest damn movie seen yet
    "I thought you'd might like to hang out in my new van and get drunk" This movie was an instant classic my vhs version is nearly worn out. hahaha i wasn't expecting oscar worthy moments but it's one of those movies where if you don't get it you'll still laugh your ass off. dee dee never speaks hahahah ahh damn i can't help but enjoy this movie. .i could be suicidal but i'd hold the whole thing off a while to sit down and watch this a couple of times. buy now laugh later....more info
  • A real stinker.
    Not the best movie I've ever seen. Too much violence for a movie that is suppose to be fun and about teenagers. A real stinker in my opinion. Basically I just wanted it for the beginning song that was written & performed by Paul McCartney. The Ramones didn't do much for me either....more info
  • A great movie
    This is a great, fun movie. I was a huge Ramones fan in San Antonio, TX when this movie came out. I was part of the original small cult following of them there, so when they actually starred in a movie, I went nuts! This movie gave them the shot-in-the-arm they needed to REALLY get noticed. This release of the DVD is excellent. The picture quality is wonderful. Compared to the Lumivision release before it, the picture & sound quality is pretty much the same, except the soundtrack songs are now in stereo (The Lumivision DVD was all mono). The concert footage is still in mono though, but overall I'm satisfied with the sound. The special features are definitely an improvement (up to good DVD standards) with a tribute here & there to Joey Ramone and a big fat booklet with interviews with the stars, etc...My only complaint is even though the back cover of the DVD says it includes the theatrical trailer, it's just not there on the disc. I even called the manufacturer and complained (New Concord Home Video), but they said there are no plans to correct that...oh well. It's still worth buying. Get it on DVD while it's still available!...more info
  • Could have been a lot better..
    Alright, I love the Ramones. They are one of the greatest bands ever, and there first albums kicked a**. But When I saw this movie I was expecting a lot more. The acting is awful. And I'm not talking about the Ramones. PJ Soles and the Guy who play the principal seem like they are fluffing their enthusiasm. If anything, this film should have been animated like The Sex Pistols great rock and roll swindle. Not to mention they made the film when they were writing songs that sounded like 50's bubble gum pop. The film is over-all cheesy and seems like a corey feldman, or fast times at ridgemont high film. Not the type of revolutionary film-making i'd expect from a band that brang such a groundbreaking music genre. It also reminded me of Blink-182 in those American Pie Movies, and that [STINKS] because both blink and american pie [STINKS] royally. But what can I say Hard Days Night, and all other music films [STINK] as well. So just get this movie to see the Ramones. The Ramones still kick serious......more info
  • An Ultimate Band Film
    Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock, Rock and Roll High School.
    That's how the song begins for one of the best Ramones songs and surely the most unique event in their history, a starring role in a feature film! I love movies with rock bands. A Hard Days Night, Head, and this film are probably my all time favorite "Band" films. When I was in high school and college, we had a ritual of going to see the midnight movies on most weekends. Usually they featured such "gems" as H.O.T.S. and Flesh Gordan, but occasionally you would come across a real sleeper. In 1979 I walked into Eastland mall to see a film I had never heard of and walked out a Ramones fan forever. It was still early in this films release, but it had already skipped most of the big theatres and gone straight to midnight showings. I guess a movie about a punk band (actually a straight up rock band) and a bunch 0f kids who blow up their school was never going to cross the 100 million mark. Made with virtually no budget and featuring PJ Soles, Clint Howard and Vincent Van Patten, along with the Ramones this movie is funny, has great tunes (Rundgren, McCartney, Alice Cooper etc), cute girls, and features a great scene where they blow the school up while the Ramones play the theme.
    This movie came out right after PJ Soles had made her screen debut in Halloween and just before she played Bill Murrays girlfriend in Stripes. She was perfect for the role of the Ramones fanatic and she can sing too. She does a great version of Rock and Roll High School, upstaging the preppy cheerleaders in the gym. Clint Howard (Rons brother) actually has something to do in this film. He plays the school "dealer". Not in drugs mind you, he is the guys that sells you hall passes and gets you the makeout van for your hot dates. A very different role from all his walkon roles in Ron Howard films. The rest of the cast is well chosen and we even have a great villain in the evil principal Miss Togar. Someone you love to hate. Don't worry, she gets hers. This is just a great cult movie.
    It was followed with a sequel, minus the Ramones and starring Corey Feldman. I don't think anyone ever saw that one. What was the point?
    Highly recommended if you love rock band films. Get it while you can, it was out of print and was brought back after Joey died. It most likely will go out of print again....more info
  • This one turned me to New Wave music
    We had a old cable system that showed one movie at night well one night i saw a ad for a movie called Rock n Roll high school being a 14 year old rocker ( Zeppelin,who ect) I throught this was worth seeing well i was not ready for what i saw i was totally blown away with the Ramones and there music and of course i fell in love with P.J.Soles the next day i went looking for the soundtrack took me a while to find it but finally i found my new love my friends through that i lost it when i started blasting the Ramones then from there i got into the B-52's, Sex Pistols,Howard Jones, Go-Go's and that whole Mecca of music well even today i still enjoy watching this movie just because it's a good funny movie, I only wish that my High School was like this!! I now have a 4 year old daughter who has gone with Daddy and seen the B-52's ( 4 times ) Pretenders Go-Go's and loves this music so hopefully i have help started the next generation of New wave music( she plays the drums)...more info
  • Great Movie - terrible sound!
    I love this movie. This is a great movie. However, the sound transfer on this DVD edition is terrible. It distorts horribly in any scene where the music gets even moderately loud and there is even an undercurrent of hiss and distortion in the strictly dialogue scenes. I have seen other reviews stating the same thing so I know it is not just my system. It is bad enough they probably should be recalled. In lieu of that happening I guess I am stuck with this version if I want a copy of one of my favorites. What a crying shame that Roger Corman couldn't see that it was done properly....more info
  • Coach Steroid Is Hot!!!
    It's amazing how this film's origins began as an effort by Roger Corman to exploit the then waning disco craze and ended up as a rock 'n' roll classic. Everything just fell in place perfectly. Director Allan Arkush captures the anarchic energy of rock. The film's manic comic stylings remind me alot of the work done by Zucker, Abrahams, and Zucker that came later. He had the perfect lead in P.J. Soles who throws herself wholeheartedly into the part of Riff Randall. Her spirited performance is downright infectuous. And how about them Ramones? The Ramones were at the time of this film essentially a cult band but within the context of this film they are akin to the Rolling Stones in the rock pantheon. The producers were also fortunate that the Ramones at this stage in their career had just delivered their artistic masterpiece, "Rocket to Russia". This film could possibly have worked without the Ramones but their prescence here raises the film to classic status. Their performances here are first-rate whether they are lip-synced or live. I highly recommend this to anyone who believes in the healing power of rock or those who have been jaded by what accounts for pop music today. White mice, however, may want to stay away....more info
  • What kind of Idiot wouldn't like this movie?
    Its Roger Cormin...Its Punk Rock...Its every High School kid's fantasy!! Fantasy being the key word...of course the Ramones wouldn't REALLY go blow up some kid's school with them! But this is a cult classic that's the most fun you can ask for in a movie! Plot? I dunno...I don't care either! When I want plot I'll go for a Akira Kurosawa or Michael Antonioni film. When I wanna see sexy PJ Soles and Dey Young rockin' out this is what I'm after! Rock 'n' Roll High School Kicks @$$ and I feel sorry for any moron who can't just have fun watchin' this cheesy, B-movie cult classic!...more info
  • Fun fun, oh baby.
    "Rock N' Roll High School" has everything you could possibly ask from a movie: horrendously cheesey dialogue, massive explosions, the Ramones, and giant mutant white mice. Did I mention the Ramones are in it? Aside from delivering a mind-blowingly excellent concert sequence, the boys show off their acting chops (Johnny's complete inability to emote is as hilarious as anything that was actually written into the script, while Dee Dee merely wanders through the film in a bemused, drugged-out haze) in their first and only major onscreen roles. It's a joy to watch even for non-fans- behind all the hype about the band, there's a B-grade high school comedy that's far, far more entertaining than it has any right to be, and it's here that the real fun starts.
    Centering around the exploits of teenage punkette Riff Randell (that would be P.J. Soles.) & her war against the school administration (Mary Woronov and a disturbing pair of false eyebrows), R&RHS is the kind of goofy good time that you just don't find at the movies nowadays. You will laugh till fluids come out of your nose. I guarantee it. Plus there's the added bonus of seeing the high school get bombed into oblivion at the end (who hasn't dreamed of that?).
    But I fear I'm losing my train of thought. So, I'll leave you with a vehement and heartfelt:
    GO BUY IT....more info
  • The Ramones kick!!
    I own Rock and Roll Highschool. This movie is awesome!!! The Ramones totally can't act, and they give all the lines to Joey, but hey, the movie is a classic. Its got some great scenes (i love when they blow up the school) and AWESOME music. I was surprised they put music from Paul McCartney and Wings in their since Paul isn't even close to punk, but thats cool wit me cuz im a big wings fan anywayz. They put great Ramones songs in it too. ( i wish they put beat on the brat in it,i love that song but it has nuttin to do with the movie)...more info