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Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie
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The cult television show (in which a hapless space explorer and his robot pals are forced to watch and deliver a hilarious running commentary on bad movies) makes a successful transition to the big screen as Mike and the 'bots lay waste to the '50s sci-fi yarn This Island Earth (a painfully stiff would-be epic that's actually a cut above the usual MST3K fare). While ardent fans may be a little miffed that more advantage isn't taken of the expanded theatrical venue (aside from a tad more scatological humor than usual, the content here would fit in comfortably as a regular episode of the series), the nonstop, hyper-literate salvo of comedy riffs that run the gamut from references to Tommy Chong's backyard to Yes album covers more than make up for any conceptual complacency. Be prepared to laugh till it aches. --Andrew Wright

Customer Reviews:

  • OMG! This Is The Best Day Ever
    i about jumped out of my skin when i read they were re-releasing this GEM of a movie! not only is it my favorite show , this is also my favorite movie. its sarcastic genius is in a league all of its own and they stopped making it! so it was impossible to find and i was just about to fork over 140.00 to buy a copy on ebay but YAY my prayers have been answered
    MYST-ies everyone unite!
    xoxoxoxox...more info
  • Fun at its baddest.
    Love the series and love the movie. The riffs are good, the movie is bad and the Guys are at their best. "This Island Earth" is the perfect movie to make fun of for the MST3K movie. I love the ending credits as the continue riffing to the very end.

    If you like the show or know someone who does, get them this movie. I am so happy to get a chance to own this movie on DVD. It'll be at home with my other MST3K DVD's....more info
  • 74 Minutes of Funny
    I'll keep this very brief...

    It's not too darned often that I'll give a five star review to such a slim product. This new DVD re-release contains no extras whatsoever (not even chapter selection). Furthermore, the whole thing clocks in at just over 74 minutes (and that includes the end credits).

    Nevertheless, those 74 minutes are among the funniest 74 minutes of any comedy film ever made. On that basis -- and on that basis alone -- this disc is worth your time and money.

    If you're a longtime MSTie, you'll want to get this (assuming you don't own it already). If you've never seen an episode of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" before in your life, this is as good an introduction to the show as you can find....more info
  • Normal view...normal view...normal view...NORMAL VIEW!!!
    The first time I saw this movie was the first time I had actually seen (instead of just hearing about) MST3K. What a way to get hooked! This movie had me laughing constantly. It's almost what Rocky Horror would be if you took the sexual content and props out of it and made it less campy.

    ...more info
  • Refreshing mint flavor
    Normally I am not a consumer of sci fi movies or television shows. My brother convinced me years ago to watch this with him, and I am so glad he did! I laughed myself to tears and had to watch it again to catch some of the jokes I had missed the first time. It's one of the few movies that I have watched over and over throughout the years. I have an old VHS copy, and I was thrilled to find this DVD re-release. If you have an open mind, an appreciation for humor, and some good friends to watch it with, you just might love this movie as much as we do....more info
  • Love this show...and movie
    I had been looking for this movie on DVD for awhile now, and what a surprise to find in on Amazon for only $15. I priced it before for around $200.00 (no joke). If you are not familiar with the show, I recommend you watch a few epsoides. Great concept, LOVE the show and the movie! ...more info
  • AMAZING!!!
    This is the greatest movie of all time. I can't get enough of it! Every time I watch it, I find something new that I missed the first couple of times. And it's hilarious to quote, too... Good movie for late-night movie nights!...more info
  • Great Movie, Barebones DVD
    I love MST3k. But this release is laughable. Would it be that hard to include some special features? It doesn't even have the trailer on it. I'd love to see a re-release with a retrospective feature on the series and movie, maybe a "making of the robots" feature too. Or something about This Island Earth even would be nice....more info
  • Back in print and long overdue. A MSTie must have!
    MST3K The Movie got great reviews when it was in theaters in 1996 and deservedly so. Even after the studio chopped it down to a mere 75 minutes they couldn't destroy anything this funny. Siskel and Ebert at the time raved about it, as did most fans and critics. Sadly, the DVD has been out of print in the USA for many years, so it's great that this is available again for all the MSTies who missed out on it the first time around.

    The movie being "riffed" is the classic color SF film from 1955, This Island Earth, starring Rex Reason, Faith Domergue (she was in the original Invasion of the Bodysnatchers), Russell Johnson (the Professor on Gilligan's Island), and Jeff Morrow. It's a great looking film that is reasonably entertaining and well-made. However, as the MST3K writers point out repeatedly during jokes in this film, there's still plenty to make fun of, such as futuristic looking props that don't seem to have an actual purpose, plot premise issues, and some general fantastic silliness. MST3K The Movie is a lot of fun.

    Note that Frank Conniff and Joel Hodgson had both left MST3K by the time that this film was made, so the Satellite of Love (SOL) is helmed by Mike Nelson and Dr. Forrester is on his own in Deep 13. The jokes are top notch, though occasionally a bit more PG-13 than on the regular MST3K TV show. The SOL and Deep 13 sets constructed for the film are slightly more elaborate than those previously used for the TV show on Comedy Central to that point. There are even a few scenes in the SOL in more than one location! The movie does follow the same general format as the TV show, including host segments. Look for the "Manos" reference during one host segment. This DVD is recommended!...more info
  • Glad I Waited
    If I hadn't waited, I'd have bought this film for $150+ dollars on eBay, and I'd be foaming at the mouth in anger right now.

    Thankfully, this isn't the case, and I was able to pre-order this rather than bid on eBay. It's not as funny as some of the episodes, but not bad either, and a good starting point for anyone lookin' to get into MST3K....more info
  • It's back!
    This is probably the greatest news that any MST3K could hear. I have been waiting for this to come back and it finally has. The movie was fantastic and had some of the best lines that any MST fan can remember. And the best part is that if you have never seen the show this is really easy to follow...simple plot yet one of the funniest movies I have ever seen. And for 13 dollars how could you afford to pass it up?!...more info
  • Fun movie except....
    I know they were trying to keep to the form of the TV show by stopping and starting the movie. However, I found that annoying on the series, too. Otherwise, l love it when they get down to finally watching the show and giving their observations. A real hoot! I wonder why they cut some of the original movie out, though. Never mind, still lots of fun....more info
  • MST3K the Movie's BACK, BABY! And finally on DVD again.
    For most of you who remember, MST3K dealt with a guy, some bots, mad scientists, and the worst films ever to hit the cinematic realm. The series was hilarious because, as one critic pointed out, we all love making odd comments when watching bad films. Heck, I once did it in 'Star Wars: Episode I.' (Sorry, Lucas, blame the 'bots.)

    Thus, the show was a sensation hit for several seasons, even migrating over to the Sci-Fi Channel after Comedy Central plunged them into obscurity. My favorite episodes are 'Santa Claus Conquers The Martians' (which you can finally locate in 'MST3K: The Essentials') and 'Pod People' (basically due to the fact it's kind of a messed up version of E.T. and really has nothing to do with pods whatsoever. 'Trumpy! You can do STUPID things!').

    Anyway, the movie, like the series, has become a sought after classic. At the time I only have the VHS version since I didn't have a DVD, and Grammercy only made about a few copies for DVD to begin with. Some claimed the quality wasn't that good, so we're hoping Rogue Entertainment might make some improvements to this one.

    But I digress, the story temporarily rehashes the plot for those new to MST3K: Dr. Forrester (Dr. F) has sent Mike helplessly into outer space, subjecting him (and the 'bots) to the worst films ever conceived. This is in hopes Dr. F can find the worst one to unleash on an unsuspecting world and have global domination.

    Of course, Mike and the 'Bots go about their merry business. Today Crow decides he wants to dig an escape tunnel, until he realizes (despite Tom's warnings) you can't dig through space. Fortunately Mike manages to resolve it, just as Dr. F calls in.

    The movie happens to be 'This Island Earth,' in which Mike and the 'bots make fun of in the usual fashion about a man and a woman who get involved with aliens from another world.

    Though from the VHS version the theater sketches are slim (heard the original DVD version was completely uncut), they are humourous as in the series. Like Mike attempting piloting the Satellite of Love and wrecking the Hubble Telescope in the process. Another where Tom admits he has an interocetor (the movie's invention) and they attempt calling for help.

    Overall, MST3K the Movie is definitely a long-awaited classic for MSTies and new fans alike, a great film coming back from a prolonged hitaus. Now if we could just do the same for the series as well....more info
  • Finally back in print at an everyday price
    If you were not able to wait for this re-release, then you may be one of the unfortunate ebay'ers who paid hundreds of dollars for a copy. I had a print on Laserdisc I transcribed to DVD and watched, hoping sooner or later this would show up again. It has and it's worth the wait. Great laughs all over again and a great print that HDMIs well via 1080P up-conversion....more info
  • MST 3000
    Our family discovered Mystery Science Theater 3000 while it was still more or less on the air back in the very late 90's. We loved the campy nature of the series and the truly awful movies they spoofed. Since then we've snapped up every single movie and compilation DVD released. If you're familiar with MST3K, you know there is quite a different vibe between the earlier Joel shows and the later ones after Mike took over the Satillite of Love. I suspect there are seperate camps who adore either Mike or Joel, each group loathing the followers of the other. I find both actors appealing in some ways and off-putting in others. While both can be quite funny, Joel seems to channel Pauly Shore a lot while Mike often acts likes he's on a some secret joke that's way over the heads of the rest of us. MST 3000 - the Movie was the show's first / last big screen effort and clearly the Minneapolis-based gang didn't meld with their Hollywood mentors. The studio's effort to "professionalize" the TV show's hokeyness totally missed the point that the series' slapdash approach was a major part of its charm....more info
    Some of the best MST3K ever made, and one of the main reasons I've held on to my VCR for so long... I never tire of watching this, and the only copy I have is on VHS (never knew there ever WAS a previous DVD, as other reviewers have mentioned). I look forward to purchasing this, and can only hope there are some extra goodies included for the fans... but if not, I'll still be happy!...more info
  • MST Again
    Great to see this released on DVD again (how about a special edition on Blu-ray sometime soon?) - I saw this at the theatre and was not fast enough to get the DVD version the first release.
    Full of the fun humor that all MST fans love - with a slightly larger budget to play with.
    I recommend it!...more info
  • Yes!!!
    When I first saw this movie in the theater I laughed so hard that I cried. And after my VHS version basically died, I was devastated to see that I couldn't get it off Netflix! When a used DVD can command hundreds of dollars on Ebay there is clearly a disequilibrium in market supply and demand. I still don't understand why it took 10 years for someone at the studio to decide to capitalize on the fact that People Love This Movie, but I'm not going to complain! This is one of the few movies for me that doesn't get old with repeat viewings and I can't wait for the dvd....more info
  • The Boys are Back!
    If you have never sat down for an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, the series, you are in for a real treat. Imagine going to a midnight screening of a "B" or "C" movie with couple of your best buds, cutting-up and goofin' on weak plot points, weaker FX and questionable acting. If you can imagine all that, then add the sci-fi genre to the mix, turn your two buds into puppet robots with some stinging-sardonic wit and you've got it.

    Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie, is the post-mortem theatrical release following the series final run on Comedy Central. It is a polished presentation along with some primer origin info enough to help clue-in any newbies to the series. Mad Doctor Forester returns to throw bad movies at Mike, the temp, and his robots on the "Satellite of Love." But this time it isn't really a bad movie, so much as a retro-classic, "This Island Earth." If the title doesn't strike a cord, the crazy-bug-eyed, bulbous brained big clamp alien monster will seem familiar, at least.

    The boys are on their game in this one, including Dr. F., the jokes fly fast and loose, some of which I still quote to this day. The sets are theatrical release quality, as are the edits and music. If you're a fan of the series, it will feel like the typical small screen to big screen transition, in fact, that very transition feels like an extension of the genre satire indicative of the MST3K brand, in it's classic form!

    The MST3K movie has been long overdue for release, now we can add this to the increasing releases of 7 years of the original series, or you can start with this one. Either way I'd recommend it.

    One down side...unlike some of the TV series DVDs, this one doesn't have both the MST3k version and the original version of the film. This DVD doesn't really have any extras at all, but I'm still happy to have it....more info
  • Hysterical, great to have back on DVD
    The beloved Mystery Science Theater 3000 got its own feature film back in 1996, and has been out of print on DVD for a good while now. Well, MST3K: The Movie is back on DVD, and even though it may be a bare bones DVD release, it is nice to have it back regardless. MST3K: The Movie finds Mike Nelson and his robot pals Tom Servo and Crow stuck watching another awful sci-fi flick, this time being 1955's This Island Earth. While the film's total running time is quite short at being less than 75 minutes (compared to episodes of the series), it is a hysterical 75 minutes of running commentary to an old, bad movie that will have you laughing out loud. Fans of the series already know this, but for those uninitiated, the MST3K movie is a welcome entry to Mystery Science Theater 3000. As said before, this is a bare bones DVD release, which is quite disappointing, but having the MST3K movie back on DVD is reason enough to celebrate....more info
  • MST3K the movie is awesome
    This is a must have for MST3K fans and could easily create new fans. Very well done....more info
  • Off-kilter hilarity
    One of the few movies I have seen many times and continues to be regarded highly by my daughter and nephews. When we go on family outings invariably this movie is quoted multiple times. If you have an off-kilter sense of humor do yourself a favor and watch this movie with your teenaged kids (and their friends). I have rarely laughed so hard....more info
  • Great movie
    One of my all time favorites. Thrilled to see it in dvd format. No extras but would not have got that with vhs anyway. Did skip a few times but overall pleased....more info
  • The DVD.
    All I can say is, this is way overdue. It's about time this was reissued. ...more info
  • One of my favorites
    This movie always makes me laugh, and I was never more excited to see a movie come out on DVD. Mike & the Bots are as witty as ever, & they picked a very good movie to haze. Several cracks & jokes have become a part of my regular dialogue. ...more info
  • OMG!!!
    omg i can't wait i bout pissed my pants when i read that they are re~releasing mst3k the movie, i have been waiting for this day!!!!...more info
  • MST3K is my god!!!
    I worship at the alter of MST3K!

    This movie is the best movie of all time. Best anything of all time. If this movie were a medicine, it would cure both AIDS and cancer and erase all wrinkles and belly flab!

    I love Mike, Joel, and the Bots.

    "Yes, your all high toilet hog."...more info