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Riverdance - The Show [VHS]
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Product Description

Riverdance--The Show is a cultural phenomenon that defies criticism for the enthusiastic and leaves everyone else scratching their heads. The wonderfully talented cast, headed by the Riverdance Irish Dance Company, bewitchingly spins (and stomps) its Celtic folk choreography featuring numerous breathless solos by Michael Flatley (since departed) and Jean Butler. The mellifluous Riverdance Orchestra boasts Davy Spillane, who coaxes plaintive lamentations out of a peculiar instrument that resembles a bagpipe in a metal leg brace. For Enya fans, there is the sound-alike choral group Anuna, who casts a similarly New Age-style vocal spell. Also thrown into the mix are such disparate folk traditions as American gospel and Spanish flamenco. Though it's only 70 minutes long, Riverdance is repetitive by half. But judging from the ecstatic audience ovations and the continued foot-stomping during and after the curtain calls, too much is still not enough. --Richard Natale

Customer Reviews:

  • Extremely close to the live show
    I went to a performance in Raleigh, NC and enjoyed it so much I bought the DVD version right away. The DVD will give you a taste of the great music that makes up the show. I was lucky enough to have center stage 12 row back tickets so I was able to see everything extremely well. I was amazed at how fast their feet moved! Thanks to the various camera angles you can see the same thing at home. There were a couple of things that unfortuantely didn't make it into the DVD version that were a couple of the many highlights for me personally. The first was a part where a woman was crouched down and was spun around by her dancing partner. The highlight here to me was the fact that she was spun around about as fast as the ice skaters spin. I couldn't believe she could keep her balance while on one foot and be spun around so fast. The other was the "street" dancers routine was cut down a little in the DVD version. Despite lacking those 2 items, however, this DVD is an easy 5 stars and should be purchased without hesitation for yourself or for someone else as a gift. As with all recorded shows, I recommend seeing them live as well if you get a chance, it's truly an amazing evening....more info
  • river dance the show
    river dance the show was a very great show i enjoyed it very much if you never seen micheal flatley's shows i reckamend to you to see his shows he is a very good tap dancer

    Martell...more info
  • Riverdance Live from New York City
    I bought 2 Riverdance Live from New York City. I purchased them from two different sources. One was great. The other one had no music. I sent an email to the defecive seller and they sent me instructions on how I might be able to get the music to come on. However, I haven't figured it out yet. ...more info
  • I Don't See Why People Like This
    I'm sorry, but I really don't! It's a style called Celtic Drama, which means it's a combination of stories w/o words and traditional Irish Dancing.

    I've never been a Michael Flatley person.

    Parts of this are traditional Irish dancing, but other's aren't anywhere near it! There are also long songs, sort of like a choir piece. I don't like those at all.

    If you want to see traditional Irish dancing, this is not your movie....more info
  • Unbelievable Show!
    Riverdance - The Show
    Irish or not, this DVD will entrance the whole family! The dancing, the music, the scenery, everything about it is mesmerizing....more info
  • A MUST-OWN for any Serious Lover of Theater
    By now, "Riverdance" has become an indelible part of popular culture, both exalted as a brilliant one-of-a--kind theatrical experience and exhausted as a concept by copycat companies around the world -- and Las Vegas (think Michael Flatley)! The original Riverdance, however, is a thrilling ride - a lyrical tale of the evolution of dance set against the Irish struggle for Independence. For sheer magic, however, you don't need to be Irish to appreciate the beauty and grace with which this story is told...both in music and dance. Although newer companies may visit your town every year around St. Patty's Day, the original Riverdance is a coup of the human spirit - a dizzying swirl of gosamer feet that seem to lift off the stage. Seeing "Riverdance" in person during its first incarnation was easily one of the top 10 highlights in my own theater loving life. But - instead of splurging for tickets to a sub-par production, I heartily recommend watching this DVD first. That way, you'll experience the magic as it was meant to be experienced and then be able to decide if you really need to see it on stage. Beware of poor imitators like Flatley, whose "Feet of Flames" is a bit over the (narcisistic top) --- just plug in this DVD, crank up the volume, and bear witness to the original one-of-a-kind thrill-ride that IS "Riverdance." I bet you'll find yourself applauding after most of the numbers, and unexpectedly starting a standing ovation in your living room before you even know it! An astounding musical dance work of art!...more info
  • riverdance spectacle
    Riverdance the show on DVD is an amazing artistic spectacle. The music and extremely coordinated dance makes people of celtic and other descents appreciate celtic music to the fullest....more info
  • Must We Choose Just One of the Two?
    The Flatley-vs.-Dunne controversy finds us enjoying both versions of the show greatly. Yes, Flatley is more of an extrovert than Colin Dunne; Flatley is a one-of-a-kind performer/choreographer - but that fact doesn't make Dunne chopped liver, and in fact Dunne dances terrifically in this version of the show. (Rightly considered, it is even to Flatley's credit as the creator and "owner" of the show, that "Riverdance" survived his departure.)

    Dunne dances brilliantly, and collaborates very well with Jean Butler. Dunne's reserve is a kind of classical manner, and not at all any lack of "gusto." This is particularly obvious in the sequence which begins as a 'duet' between Maria Pag¨¦s and a drummer, and which turns into a trio as Dunne appears in a spotlight. Likewise, the call-&-response of the "Trading Taps" sequence is fabulous; if anyone seeing Dunne dance this, finds him an "empty technician," why, perhaps there is something to be said for "empty technique" after all ....

    Pag¨¦s is always a treat, and was always the "third principal" in this show for us. Composer Bill Whelan pulls off some charming sonic feats, by making a small, and mostly Irish-folk-instrument, pit band provide perfectly convincing accompaniments not only for the Irish dance numbers, but for Pag¨¦s' brilliant flamenco, and for the (strangely heterogeneous, though this will escape most Western viewers) pan-former-Soviet-Union stuff danced by former members of the Moiseyev Company, a troupe which is internationally renowned for their brilliant folk dancing, folk dancing produced at a level on par with Russian ballet, which of course is one of the great dance traditions on the planet.

    The "choral" sections are our least favorite part of the show. The "behind-the-scenes footage" is little more than a euphemism for a brief commercial for the show, pleasant to watch, of course, but we felt that there was an opportunity missed for much more material of real interest. Yes, the frantic editing is sometimes a distraction (and there are shots which cut out the dancers' feet, and pans from the back of the hall, which could be done without nicely).

    None of these minor complaints, though, seriously detracts from the impact of the show....more info

  • Riverdance - Live From New York City
    it's ok, but its a copy of michael flatney!...more info
  • If you enjoyed "Riverdance", avoid this version at all costs
    The original "Riverdance - The Show" video is fantastic and is a great example of the correct way to present this incredible union of music and inspired dance. In this second video presentation, only the music is given the treatment it deserves. Sadly, the dancing performances suffer painfully from un-watchable frantic editing and inexcusable camera angles.

    This show was filmed at the Radio City Music Hall with many different cameras and the post-production editor seemed determined to use footage from each one as often as possible. During a typical single minute of dance footage, the camera angles may switch up to a dizzying ten times! This horrific visual roller coaster will take you from a tight stage view, back to a mid-audience point of view, further back to a balcony point of view, back up to a tight stage view, swing over to a stage left view, position the main dancer's whole body in view, cut to a view of the orchestra playing, come in close for a very annoying view of the dancers from only the waist up, swing back to a stage right view and zoom in on a few seconds of the dancer's feet. Over and over and over again, often in time with the music, like a crazed artistic MTV music video.

    The seemingly never ending angle changes leave the despondent viewer wishing (screaming!) that the camera would just stop moving so the show can be watched. I can only recommend "Riverdance - Live From New York City" to those who only enjoyed the music from the show and have no interest in the dancing. The hyper-active visuals will only leave a bad taste in the mouths (and a loathing of the editor) of those who wanted to watch the phenomenal dance performance. To this latter group, go buy the original "Riverdance - The Show" and you will be much, much happier....more info

  • it's not the original
    I only watched the first routine of the NYC show so maybe it gets better but I got a headache trying to watch the dance. I don't remember the direction being so bad in the original show. We aren't allowed to see what's going on as the angles and cameras change every 5 seconds, from a zoom of shoes moving in and out of view to little figures moving on a stage and anything and everything inbetween. I found it too painful to watch....more info
  • A Reviewer from Canada
    I have a previous version of this DVD. However it is two side and not convenient. I wait for a new version like this one for a long time. Unfortunately, this "Superbit" DVD picture quality is not good. I fully agree the review of another reviewer on Dec/17/2003. The only benefit I got from this DVD is "One Side"....more info
  • WTF Happened?
    This is not about Riverdance.

    This is about what this disc did to murder it.

    I popped it in, expecting to see my favorite dance scenes (while conveiniently skipping the singing), when all of a sudden I'm at the finale. All I could say was "WTF?!", "WTH?!", or words to that effect.

    This "SuperBit" edition cuts out half -- HALF -- of the scenes this performance had to offer, including (but certainly not limited to) Riverdance and Trading Taps.

    Not only that, but (unless the "high def" only works for high-end TVs) the video quality is equal to my old VHS copy.

    I sincerely hope this problem only occurs on my copy, but I suggest to get a refund webpage ready, because the atrocious product I received royally screws this great perform up the ---!
    ...more info

  • Which is better RD or LOTD? Hmmmm
    Let me just say this, I am an Irish dancer, have been dancing with some modest success off and on for 15 years or more.
    I've even performed in a mini Riverdance/LOTD type show. Affectionatly called Puddledance. :-)
    So here goes: I like both shows, I also like both dancers (i.e. Colin vs. Michael)
    Yes MF probably has/had more skill than Colin. However Colin is a much less ego-centric person and is IMHO easier and at times more enjoyable to watch.
    I appreciate what MF has brought to both shows, however I find Riverdance a better overall production and here is why;

    1. The costumes do not look like some tacky combination between the worst of Irish dance competition wear and a Vegas showgirl show. They are simple, subtle and work well with the dancing. (Have you seen Feet of Flames and that ridiculous cape they made Dair nolan dance with!! Or the UGLY catsuit they put the Gypsy girl in..oh god the list is endless...)ANY show knows you need to have appropriate costumes to carry off the theme fo the show. I wish someone had told MF that.

    2. As much as MF is/was a brilliant dancer and is a pretty good coreographer he spends way too much time in the world of ME ME ME and does not show even half the joy Colin shows when he is dancing. Nor does he let his co-stars shine too brightly, lest they dim his own star. I really do like the man folks but it is so OBVIOUS. And I am sorry just becuase the man has done so well does not give him an excuse to be so arrogant that is not OK in my book at all. Humility will get you more acolades than arrogance.

    3. Riverdance is more well rounded it doesn't go over the top, it shows you a good mix of what Irish dancing is, what it can be and shows how it compares and contrasts with other forms of Dance. That in and of itself makes it a bit stronger than all the MF shows combined.

    4. Colin vs. Michael is just silly, two different men, two diffent skill levels. And honestly Colin does more actual "Irish" dancing than Michael has done in ALL the shows combined. MF style is more a hybrid of Irish and US Tap dancing with WAY too much posturing and goofing around without as much real dancing going on. So the fact is does Colin make mistakes? Yes, of course he does, Irish dance is VERY difficult dance style in many ways it is as dificult and requires as much training as Ballet. But it is even more complex than ballet and every single Irish dancer in the world has bad days and good days. Unfortunatley sometimes those bad days happen at the wrong moment, i.e. The Grammys.
    So anyway while I enjoy Mr. Flatley's shows Riverdance is a much stronger show without him and as a whole is a better example of the best of Irish dancing. Regardless of the he said/she said debate over who contributed what, Riverdance had its vision MF had another so they separated. MF was never technically "fired" he refused to go on until the issues was resolved the way he wanted and they couldn't reach a middle ground, it happens all the time folks. And personally I'm glad it did, because we got a whole new group of shows that may never had exisited if MF had stayed with Riverdance. I like both as I said, I just think Riverdance is a bit stronger than the various LOTD shows.
    Now if we could just re-train camera men to properly film these shows it would be lovely!!!!...more info

  • Absolutely delightful!
    Riverdance is always greaty fun to watch. The energy of the performance comes through eeven on DVD!...more info
  • Riverdance-Live from New York City
    I really like it. Colin Dunn is a great Irish Dancer and it is wonderful to watch him. The whole show was put together great and flowed well. Jean Butler was very good as always along with everyone else. You could tell people were having fun.
    I also like the biograghies that were included on the DVD.

    ...more info
  • Buy the original, not this one
    I bought both this one and the Riverdance - The Show, which started it all. Please do not waste your money on the New York show. There is too much choppiness in the camera work. Very little camera work from head to toe, which will give you the full magitude and absolute beauty of the dance movement. I believe the great Fred Astaire had stated that he wanted his dance steps to always be filmed from head to toe, to give the full beauty and grace of his dance steps. This video is ridiculous, to much cutting, head shots, feet shot's and even dumb camera shots from way back in the theatre. If you get Riverdance "The Show" you will see tremendous footwork and coordination that you can fully appreciate. I have seen Riverdance LIVE at the Wang theatre in Boston and at Radio City Music Hall. You have to see the full movement of the Riverdance troup to see the grace and skill involved. This tape does not give you that, does not allow you to focus, on the skillfull dancing to appreciate it, to see the grace of it all. The camera work tries to do too much and in the end completely fails at what it is suppose to pass to viewer, the beauty and grace of Riverdance....more info
  • Great show! (I still like LOTD better though)
    I won't lie, on my list the Lord of the Dance is on top and it is not going to move... Riverdance is awesome, I just like the dance acts and Riverdance has a lot of other stuff going on. It's more of an international dance show than Irish. There's everything from American Tap to Russian and Spanish dance. And then there's a lot of singing and music without the dancers. Yeah, it's the story of Irish dancing, I just happen to enjoy the Irish dance scenes a lot. And the more the better :)

    Also, I saw the Riverdance with Michael Flatley first therefore nothing that comes after that can be as good :) It's just something in him that I don't see in any other lead dancers including Colin Dunne. He's a great dancer and the dvd deserves the 5 stars, no question. It just doesn't give me the goosebumps and the ear-to-ear smile I get when watching Michael Flatley dance. I do agree with the previous reviewer that Flatley lately has some ego issues going on, but I compare everything to the original Lord of the Dance and I haven't seen any Irish dancers enjoy being on stage as much as Michael Flatley in that one....more info
  • Irish Flair With a Twist?
    First of all, I must say that I was extremely surprised by "Riverdance." I expected a much longer movie, with the focus on Irish dancing/singing alone, not a short show with about half of the dances/performances not even Irish-related.

    The aspect of "Riverdance" that makes it so special is the almost-magical, awesome dancing. I had never seen Irish step dancing before, and was quickly mesmerized by the dancers' impossibly intricate yet seemingly effortless footwork. Especially notable, of course, were Jean Butler (you can't take your eyes off her when she's doing her solos!) and Michael Flatley, whose sheer energy when dancing is astounding. Not only was the dancing superb, but it was obvious that whoever filmed the movie took great care to include many "views" of the dancers' feet-which are the primary focus in Irish step dancing. Finally, unique and beautifully symbolic costumes ensured that the dances were truly unforgettable.

    However, despite the fact that the dancing aspect of "Riverdance" was unforgettable, other parts of the movie could have used work. I was puzzled that performances such as a Spanish dance and guitar solo, a song by an African-American gospel choir, and an "Arabian-flavored" dance were included. I feel that I would not be alone in saying that these numbers didn't seem to "fit," and although some of these "extras" were excellently performed, they did not satisfy the watcher's intense desire to delve deeper into Irish dancing. I would be curious to know what the logic behind including such diverse performances was; I was disappointed that this sensation billed as purely Irish was filled with so many other ethnic "specialties." I also felt let down when I realized how short the movie was. 72 minutes? I could have watched some more spectacular Irish dancing all night!

    After reading all of my complaints, you are probably surprise that I still gave this movie a four-star rating. However, I feel the Irish numbers (both dancing AND singing/instrumental) are so moving, magical, breathtaking, and unique that they make up for many other faults that this movie may have. If you want to see great dancing, go see this movie; if you're looking for something purely Irish, you may want to skip "Riverdance."...more info

  • riverdance again
    what's not to like, michael flatley and riverdance, great combination. Was sent on time and in great condition. A++++...more info
  • A great show, spoiled by poor editing
    Wonderful dancing, wonderful Bill Whelan score. Michael Flatley is a great dancer, but I personally prefer Colin Dunne's less flamboyant style to Flatley's "I'm the greatest!" style. And Jean Butler is marvellous. The thing that lets the whole thing down and stops me giving it 5 stars is the editing, jumping from whole ensemble to individual to feet alone and back again. As you are dwelling on an aspect of the performance, the scene changes and you're disappointed, because you feel you've missed something. Lingering longer on particular shots and angles is the best way to enjoy dancing, and this ensemble deserves the best editing that there is. Pity it didn't get it....more info
  • Like Nothing You Ever Saw
    Watching the fast-paced Irish step-dancing that dominates this performance, you wonder how the dancers can keep from falling over their own feet, extensive practice notwithstanding. Though there are a few segments that seem out of place (a flamenco dancer, a sequence featuring a black ensemble), most of the video is made up of dance numbers using traditional instruments and footwork from the Emerald Isle. When I first watched it I was blown away. I still am. If you have only *one* dance performance video in your collection, this should be it....more info
  • Got this one for the wrong reasons but not disappointed.
    I love Irish music and folklore. It has and energy, passion, and a will to live forever. I bought this DVD on a whim as I knew it would be "artsy". I have little appreciation for such presentations as, I think, commercial success tends to get in the way of conveying the true expression and history of a people. The complex choreography and drama is entertaining and exciting. I saw the Michael Flaherty production of Riverdance on PBS and it was sort of interesting but a departure from, what I understood, was the foundation of traditional music and dancing in Ireland. I must admit that my purchase was mostly with the hope that Jean Butler would be showcased an given a chance to really "show off". This did not happen in this DVD. She is good enough to steal this show with her real abilities but she also works quite well with partner Colin Dunne who seems to have more fun than Michael did. Fun is what it's all about. Still, this production offers enough in it's own right to be worthy of consideration for purchase. It may take several viewings and, perhaps, some research into Irish folk history to gain a full appreciation of this offering....more info
  • A Dream Come True After Eurovision--"RIVERDANCE"
    With tremendous applause and a standing ovation at the 1994 Eurovision's 7 minute intermission; Michael Flatley, Jean Butler, and an Irish troupe of dancers tapped their way into the record books. It was all that was talked about that night long ago. "Riverdance" was born soon after.
    The show was filmed at the Point Theater in Dublin, Ireland and the stage there is perfect. The co-ordination and speed of the Irish taps were spectacular to watch as the Riverdance troupe went through their opening number, "Reel Around the Sun". Michael Flatley came out with such speed that he takes in the whole stage. He's got such carisma that he makes you feel he's dancing just for you. Anuna, with the fabulous Kate McMahon, sing songs that are hauntingly beautiful. Maria Pages does her exquisite spanish, "Firedance". She starts out dancing alone, then Michael joins her. (Cute couple to watch) Jean Butler is lovely and a joy to watch in her opening number "The Countess Cathleen"; she has such cute facial expressions! The older women that sings "Lift the Wings" brought shivers down my spine. I just love that song! "Freedom" was done by a gospel choir and I can't forget "The Russian Dervish", which was very colorful; performed by three men and three women, who do some amazing stunts as they twirl through this number. This video came out in 1995; a very dynamic and breathtaking experience. It celebrates Irish dancing at its best. I hope it will be back on the shelf soon so people can experience this presentation of Irish dancing and song. I loved every minute of it.
    ...more info
  • A Wierd Similarity
    I am a huge fan of Riverdance. I remember the first time i saw it on PBS. Afterwards we ordered the video. I noticed something in the final dance before the credits when everyone came out to dance. On Maria Pages right, there were three African Americans. In the new version there is a dance that features African Americans. The dance must have been cut out of the video. Anyways, the new Riverdance is just as good if not even better then the original!! It's a great buy!...more info
  • Concert, not a Music Video
    This is riverdance, it's a phenomenom - serious marketing, lots of touring companies, good music, Eileen Ivers, Micheal Flattery, etc. You'd think with all this money and talent they'd have a clue how to make a DVD of it!

    First off - the music and dancing is pretty good; I personally think it's overproduced and overdramatized, but my wife and son just LOVED it.

    With that out of the way - I don't think it would be possible to make a more jumpy production - they didn't keep the same camera angle for more that 10 seconds thruout the whole thing. And half the time they showed just the top half of the irish dancers. Well, THAT part doesn't move! at LEAST show the feet!

    I can kinda see it for a VHS tape, but this is a DVD - ever hear of multiple viewpoints? I'm sure they just dumped the VHS off to DVD without doing much to it - make some extra money and all that, but if they'd taken some care they could have had a WONDERFUL product and I wouldn't feel quite so seasick!

    OK, if you made it this far - if you saw and loved Riverdance, well, until they make a REAL DVD production, ya might as well buy this one! The production seems to match what Riverdance is all about, lots of flash! If you haven't seen it - your best bet would be go SEE riverdance first so you can appreciate it, THEN buy this DVD!...more info