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Wrecking Crew [VHS]
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Customer Reviews:

  • Another Camp Classic for Sharon Tate
    Final Installment of the Matt Helm series ( although a fifth Matt Helm movie was schelduled but never filmed. Dean Martin plays U.S counterpart to James Bond in this swinging plot to steal 1 billion in gold . Cheesy songs by Dean but great score by Hugo Montenegro ( wish the soundtrack was on vinyl or CD)and very funny performance by Sharon Tate- this has to be her best film role of the six films she co- starred in. Great 60's fashions, 60's glamour and even Tina Louise in a small role. Kung Fu Action as Bruce Lee was the advisor for the fight scenes . Look for Chuck Norris in a bit part....more info
  • Deano Swings harder than Sean
    Matt Helm is always more fun and funny than that Bond fella.

    While *The Silencers* will always be the best of the series -- if simply for its great soundtrack -- *The Wrecking Crew* is the most well known, and includes the babe-a-licious Sharon Tate as a Danish spy who saves Matt's butt more than once. Lots of goofy gadgets, lots of gold painted bricks (which are painted back to brick color at one point, a wink at the audience), babes, bombs, a super-cool Lincoln Continental w/Danish plates (and obviously filmed in California), and of course Deano, swilling plenty of booze, as usual (Not to be missed-the opening musical sequence when Deano sings what he wishes a cow would give instead of milk)....more info

  • SHARON TATE stands out in her BEST COMIC effort
    The fighting scenes and the idea that Denmark has MOUNTAINS makes this in the class of a turkey - I mean - a spoof is OK - but you still have to do your research.... What if we found a wonderful beach in the film The Sound Of Music(with Austrian locations???)???

    What saves this film is the comedy of Sharon Tate. She`s right on target every time she appears and the film should be granted many TV-screenings because of her... The music is pure 60s(quite amusing...) The scene in?which Matt Helm, upon seeing a dead Linka(Elke Sommer), informs Freya Carlson "That could have been you" - and her stubborn denials - puts tears 2 1s eyes - knowing what happened to Sharon a year later....

    It is campy but by now I enjoy the film because it is so hilarious.... If you watch Sharon`s films... you`ll see she works on her magic differently in all her six films..... She`s a diabolique witch in EYE OF THE DEVIL, a fragile starlet in VALLEY OF THE DOLLS, and a teasing ill-fated-teenager in THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS(all 1967).......more info

  • Precursor to Roger Moore's James Bond
    Interestingly enough, this movie, made in 1969, seemed to influence all the James Bond movies of the 1970s much more than the Bond movie released at the same time, On Her Majesty's Secret Service. The Bond producers must have seen that this campy action film more epitomized the changing attitude of film goers more than that low grossing spy melodrama. While not a great film, it is an extremely entertaining romp that rushes along at breakneck pace, covering up any flaws as a result. Best in the Matt Helm series by a longshot and a must for anyone who enjoyed the James Bond comic book adventures of the 1970s. Martin at his coolest, Tate at her sexiest and Nigel Green at his suavest and meanest. Bruce Lee choreographed the fight scenes, which preceded the Kung Fu movie craze of the early 1970s. And that soundtrack screamed action! Overall, an innovative classic, not to be confused with the other Helm offerings....more info
  • It Only Took Them Four Tries
    To get it right, that is. The fourth, last and best (by far) of the Matt Helm series. It improves upon The Silencers, the only one of the previous three Helm movies with any merit whatsoever. Here, the main villain remains threatening throughout, whereas the main villain of the Silencers, Tung Se, becomes a complete joke after awhile. This film also employs a faster, "James Bond" editing pace and remains exciting throughout, wheras TS tends to bog down at times. Also, Sharon Tate was more convincing in the goofy female sidekick role than Stella Stevens was in TS. Nancy Kwon was also fantastic as the bad-girl spy. Furthermore, the soundtrack and especially the fight/action choreography were light years ahead of those in all the other Helm movies. And this time, the attempts at humor don't get in the way or lessen the believabilty of the characters. And those attempts are actually funny this time. This movie certainly marked a new direction in the Helm series. In fact, its hard to believe that the people who made the previous two Helm films, Murderers' Row and The Ambushers, made this one. For that reason, I urge all potential viewers not to get scared off by the Matt Helm name, otherwise you'll be missing a very funny and exciting film....more info
  • Fun Swinging 60s Spy Spoof
    Dean Martin sings and swings in the fourth Matt Helm epic, on the trail of one billion dollars in hijacked gold.Elke Sommer and her cleavage make for an interesting villainess.Sharon Tate demonstrates her gifted talents as a comedienne as she karate chops her way into your heart.Corny,campy and very funny....more info
  • Wrecking Crew - A Definite Choice for Martial Artisits
    Martial artists will be delighted by the Wrecking Crew.

    Several prominent martial artists of the sixties appear and the tuxedoed villians, Bruce Lee himself is credited as the "karate advisor"....more info