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8 Seconds
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The title refers to the time required by all rodeo cowboys to stay on a bull if they want a judge's score. For them, such a short time can seem like an eternity. The same is true of the beginning of this true story, a country tale of Lane Frost, a real-life, crowd-pleasing bullrider who rose to rodeo fame in the late '80s. The characters seem so irrepressibly good, so unreal, that the film comes out of the chute without a buck or much of a purpose. But Frost's story, and that of his relationship with his wife, Kellie (Cynthia Geary), eventually gains momentum. Luke Perry is an underrated actor, and he balances an "aw-shucks-ness" with an internal spark that makes that salt-of-the-earth stuff not so salty. When the film is finally over and the end credits show home movies and stills of the real-life Frost, you'll wish the ride was just a little longer. --Keith Simanton

Customer Reviews:

  • True but Sad
    This movie was one of the best. Which I grew up in Texas around rodeoing and that gave me the disire to watch this movie. When he died and Tuff went to collect the award for Lane.Then he stayed on and rode for Lane I think is the sadest part. This movie also desires me to name my kid Lane...more info
  • ~Terrific~Terific~Terific~
    I think this is the best movie that I have ever seen. I have seen this movie at least 10 times. I love Lane Frost and this movie tells a lot about him....more info
  • A B movie but not by design?
    Hey, the stunts are very well done, but nobody is going to believe Luke Perry is a bull-rider as he is just too weak and puny?
    The two main actors are just very bad and unbelievable as is the script in a lot of places. Cynthia Geary doesn't look like she could ride a golf cart without falling off,m let alone a quarter horse?
    The actual best actor in this movie is Steven Baldwin, the character actor,
    best friend of Lane Frost. The director should have "Cowboy-ed up".
    At least we see that Lane Frost died doing what he loved.
    I've lived in a Rodeo town most of my life:
    the real cowboys are both tough and strong....more info
  • Excellent True Story about a good sport(rodeo)
    This movie is a excellent tribute to a truly great man and I wish I could see him in person! A champion in the arena and A champion in life, it is written on his headstone and it is so true, HE was a champion in the arena being 1987 WORLD CHAMPION and the first cowboy to ride RED ROCK! the score 4-3! and a champion in life!

    Kim Archer...more info

  • great story for both men and women, young and old
    this is an absolutely wonderful movie. its got something for everyone. i love it for the great rodeo scenes and all that revolves around being a cowboy and rodeo life. my girlfriend loved it for the love story. absolutely brilliant movie, great story....more info
  • Cowboy Up!
    I never saw this in the theaters and never really thought I would watch it on DVD since the two main stars are Luke Perry and Stephen Baldwin. But a few years ago I was fiending for some country type movies and decided to give this one a chance. When the movie was over and the credits were rolling I was pretty much in shock of how good the movie was... especially since it was a true story.

    Luke Perry plays Lane Frost in this true tale of a champion. Lane begins riding bulls at a young age (actually sheep at that young of an age) and as he gets older, just continues what he loves to do and makes it his profession. Living the dream. That right there is just amazing to me, because there are very few out there who are doing exactly what they want to do. But not only is he living the dream, but he's really good at it. Also he has 2 really good friends who travel with him and also compete with him. One of the friends, Tuff, is played by Stephen Baldwin. Baldwin isn't too bad in this role, but I still think they could've picked a bum off the road and he would've been better. And then Lane, during one of the meets, comes across his future wife Kellie, played by the ever so boring Cynthia Geary.

    8 Seconds has some great moments in it and some really funny moments also. I cracked up when Lane brings a really bad trailer home for Kellie... as an actual house for her. She's thinking it's a joke, and he really thought she'd be ok with it. Well... maybe it's funny to me since I know people like that back in Georgia... lol. There are also some really slow parts to and it's mainly cause of some of the acting. Sometimes you'd think you should be watching a romantic part or a good story telling part, and Cynthia or Stephen would just ruin it cause there acting is crap.

    When the credits were running, I sat there and thought to myself, "Man this guy had a crazy good life even if it was ended to soon."Sure he wasn't perfect. He had major daddy issues, he cheated some, and he was barely home (cause he was out making the money). That doesn't hurt the fact though that he tried really hard to make everyone happy. Maybe to hard for his dad. But he was always there for his fans and a really good role model for the kids. And he tried very hard to give everything he could to Kellie (even though he wasn't always faithful). And you really can't help but smile at the end while they show real pictures and clips of Lane. He was always smiling and you could see how much fun he was always having.

    Man this movie really made me miss home. I gotta find me a rodeo to go to sometime here in Vegas.

    In the end I would say this movie might feel like a Hallmark movie, but it was a lot of fun at some points. Definitely give it a try.

    P.S. - I met Stephen Baldwin once back in 1999. I went to a Wal-Mart back in Tucson one night for some super glue and was walking to the check out counters when I saw a guy dressed in all black and wearing a black Kangol hat. I looked at him and thought to myself, I know this dude... but... from... where...? And then I thought, "HIGHSCHOOL!" So since he was seriously just standing around and hanging out at the check out counters I went up to him and said, "Dude did you go to Northside High School back in Georgia?" He said, "Nope." So I walked away totally confused of how I knew this guy. Then I asked someone in the check out aisle who he was and she said, "I can't remember his name but that's the Bio Dome guy." "Ahhhh... now I remember." And then I went home with my glue and a fun story.
    ...more info
  • Excellent purchase!
    I got this movie for a friend. It arrived on time and in perfect, new condition! Would recommend both movie and seller.
    ...more info
  • Brought Back Good Memories
    I went down the road many a night heading to the next rodeo listening to most of these songs. Lane was an exceptional person he had a good heart, Lanes theme says it all....more info
  • Best Little Film You Never Heard Of
    Long before the PBR became a household word, there were world champion bull riders Lane Frost and Tuff Hedeman. Luke Perry and Stephen Baldwin bring these characters to life.

    Based on the true story of Lane Frost, this movie takes a few artistic licenses (adulterous affair, ect) but basically stays true to form. You can't help but like Lane and Tuff, and get caught up in the world of bull riding.

    A few swear words and the aforementioned affair should be explained to young viewers before watching but otherwise the movie is ok for kids. ...more info
  • Biopic Without Much Biography, But Exciting Entertainment
    After being directed by Amazon's recommendation to "8 Seconds," and reading the reviews, I thought that this would be an enjoyable film and purchased it. I am not a big rodeo fan, but I do enjoy them once in a while; and I have been friends with several bull riders. While I enjoyed the film, I cannot say that it really helped me to know more about Lane Frost (portrayed by Luke Perry), his life, career, his relationships with other performers, or his marriage. Indeed, after watching the film, I found myself looking up more information about Lane Frost on the internet to help me make more sense out of the movie.

    What I missed most in the film was the sense of Lane's apparent true love for both his wife and for bull riding. They are essentially implied; that is, the viewer must assume them or "look between the lines." This may, to a degree, be caused by the director's inability to do so without changing the rating of the film; (but really is something that could have been done without changing the rating if they wanted to do so). Also, several of the best songs, in my opinion, were wasted on the credits rather than integrated into the film. If you are a big fan of bull riding or extreme sports, I am sure you will enjoy "8 Seconds," but if you are looking for a good biopic, this film falls flat.

    On the other hand, I found the cinematography to be outstanding, and while both Luke Perry and Cynthia Geary (who plays Kellie Frost, Lane's wife) give believable performances, the "chemistry" between them was just not there, as far as I am concerned. Moreover, I feel that the pace of the film was too fast regarding key events and themes, preferring to spend more "film" time on the actual "bull riding." I do not think that "8 Seconds" has too many bull riding scenes--indeed I think it would have helped to have had more scenes of Lane's "bad" rides--but rather that "8 Seconds" needs more depth to the other scenes. I guess, in the final analysis, what I am saying is that the film was edited to be only 105 minutes, when it should have been longer. Hence, I feel, in the end, that "8 Seconds" is a good movie, but not quite as good as other reviewers have rated it.

    Please Note: If this review was not helpful to you, I would appreciate learning the reason(s) so I can improve my reviews. My goal is to provide help to potential buyers, not get into any arguments. So, if you only disagree with my opinion, could you please say so in the comments and not indicate that the review was not helpful. Thanks....more info
  • Legend before his time
    I recommend this movie for anybody into bullriding, rodeo, or into a good story about a good ol boy with a big heart that left this earth way before his time....more info
  • Does it mean anything that I watch it at least twice a month
    Lane Frost, Tuff Hedeman, Cody Lambert, and Kelly Frost are the most courageous people I have ever heard of. I give much respect to all people involved in creating this movie. The pain it must of caused the people who knew Lane in helping to recreate this. If you haven't seen 8 Seconds yet what are you waiting for? Its definitly a heart breaker. Be prepared to cry. Truely an inspiring, heart-touching and phenominal movie. Definitly 5 stars, if I could I would rate it with infinite stars, they are well deserved....more info