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Tales From the Hood
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Revenge/horror motif played out again and again and again, but this time with racial implications. Three drug-dealing thugs look for a stash in a funeral parlor and get the grand tour from Mr. Simms, the truly creepy mortician. As they pass the open caskets, Simms relates gruesome stories about the occupants' deaths to the increasingly restless young men. Each one of them falls to the vengeance of the supernatural theme, and it gets truly old. Nothing original is introduced, except that most of the stories take place in an urban setting. Produced by Spike Lee in an attempt to prove that bad horror doesn't discriminate, either. --Keith Simanton

Customer Reviews:

  • Welcome to hell !!
    In an experience more frightening than their worst nightmares, three friends tour a funeral home with a creepy mortician (Clarence Williams III) in this Spike Lee-produced horror anthology. Along the way, they hear a story about each of the corpses. From cops turned bad to a child with uncanny powers, a bigoted politician tormented by voodoo dolls and a drug dealer who undergoes sensory rehab, all of the spooky tales have racial implications.

    As always, there's controversy when it comes to a Spike Lee production. Personally, I understand that when I fire up "a Spike Lee joint" (no pun intended - that's the logo on his films) - I know what I'm in for. A well made, well acted, sometimes imaginative film with some pretty heavy racially biased overtones. That's pretty much it. Such is the case with this movie. It has everything you would expect from a "Tales From the Crypt" parody set in the "hood". The production values are tight and the acting is of a higher standard than Tales from the Crypt (the one with Stephen King).

    I was glad to see Clarence (Mod Squad) Williams III working again (he was excellent) and I enjoyed the menacingly dramatic change of pace characterization from David Allen Grier. There were some creepy moments and some humorous ones - what else would you want from this type of movie. So if you're not inclined to whine about heavy-handed prejudiced moralizing and can accept a decent horror flick at face value - this one was worth it.It has its underlying themes of racism, child abuse and gang related murders mixed together with horror style story telling. There should've been a sequel!...more info
    This is the first movie where I was rooting for the Ghosts or Spirits to get the bad guy. With the exception of the MONSTER skit, I found myself cheering on the Ghosts. I hope that was the intention of the writer or director LOL. The movie wasn't exactly scary and the ending was funny, but it's a movie to watch with a group. A MUST SEE!!!...more info
  • Just a movie
    Old movie seen in high school and wanted to see it again and was cheaper then renting it....more info
  • 'Tales From The Hood' (HBO Studios) Running time:98 min.
    Anyway you slice it,'Tales From The Hood' appears,to me like an African-American version of 'Tales From The Crypt'.However,the film is still a very decent find.It features four(4)rather gruesome tales of racism.My favorite was the fourth story,'Sweets To The Sweet' where a state governor(or soon-to-be elected)tries to avoid the long slain spirits of slaves that were murdered on the very property in which his residence stands.He notices these 'spirits' keep popping out from the painting that graces the wall of his office.Good doll animated action there.Most memorable scene:where Mr.Simms/The Devil(Clarence Williams III - Linc from 'The Mod Squad')transforms himself into Satan as he spurts out to three homies with guns that refuse to accept the fact that they're already dead,"Welcome to hell,mother-f**kers!".Certainly not for young children to see.A good horror flick....more info
  • Not a die hard Spike Lee fan, but...
    I rented this when it first came out at 15 years old. My mom and I got thru the first two stories and due to the language and freaky violence, we turned it off. What's ironic, is from the case, I thought it was a comedy, boy! Was I ever wrong!
    In the past several years, I've watched it a few more times, I still don't `enjoy' it per se, but it's interesting how the stories play an homage to real life, every day problems.
    It's very creepy, but well done, until several years ago, I wasn't a big fan of story collections in a movie format, this, Stephen King, R.L.Stine's Nightmare Room and Tales from the Crypt, helped me reconcile with that....more info
  • Horror in life!!!!
    When I first heard about this movie, I was wondering about the concept of the film. When I saw this in theaters, I came away very, very pleased. This was a different take on the horror genre. I saw it as the Horror of living life!!! The stories were thought provoking, but Clarence Williams IMHO stole the movie with his "the stuff"!!! The movie will make you think. Think about your life, and how to change it if you are doing wrong, or being wronged.

    A must have in your DVD collection!!!...more info

  • " comes in many strange packages."
    All right, obviously originality isn't the strong point in the film Tales from the Hood (1995), but it does have enough inspiration to get past being labeled a black Tales from the Crypt horror anthology (revenge tales with a racial spin are still revenge tales). Now, I had seen this film in the theater when it originally came out some ten years ago, and haven't seen it again since recently. I did remember most of what happened in the film, but the one thing that I had forgotten about was how much profanity was actually in the movie. I'm not a prude, but I think it's important to throw that out there if you have a problem with characters cursing ad nauseam (I suppose the argument could be made this reflects a certain aspect of society, so I can deal with it)...written and directed by Rusty Cundieff (Fear of a Black Hat, Sprung), with Spike Lee listed as executive producer, the film features Clarence `Linc' Williams III (The Mod Squad, I'm Gonna Git You Sucka), Joe Torry (House Party 3, Sprung), Wings Hauser (Vice Squad, Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time), David Alan Grier (Jumanji, McHale's Navy), Corbin Bernsen (Major League, The Dentist), and Rosalind Cash (The Omega Man, Uptown Saturday Night), among others...

    The film is actually four separate stories bookended by a fifth...of Jack, by a fifth story (when I say `bookended', I mean there is a set-up story which starts the film, and then appears after each of the other stories ends, finally finishing out the film). The film begins with a story called Welcome to My Mortuary, as three street toughs arrive at a funeral home, one run by the wild-eyed Mr. Simms (Williams). Somehow (this aspect isn't really made clear) Mr. Simms has come into a load of drugs apparently once belonging to these three chaps, and now they've arrived to retrieve said stuff, to which they're engaged in four tales about various deceased individuals now occupying coffins within the funeral home, the first called Rogue Cop Revelation. This one is about a group of racist cops, one played by Hauser, who take revenge on a local politician for his efforts in trying to clean up the police force by pushing for the prosecution of corrupt cops. The do-gooder ends up getting killed, but what is buried don't always stay buried. The 2nd tale is titled Boys Do Get Bruised and features a young boy whose teacher (looking a lot like Whoopi Goldberg with his dreadlocks) notices the signs of abuse as the boy continually shows up at school with bruises, which he claims were caused by a monster. This one features Grier in an uncharacteristic role as an extremely rancorous individual. The third story, titled KKK Comeuppance, features Bernsen as a racist politician/ex-klansman who buys an old plantation house in the hopes that it will assist him in winning an upcoming election. Apparently the house has a violent history in that of a slave massacre that happened many years prior, and now the ghosts of the past have been re-awakened by the intrusion of this repugnant individual. The fourth story, titled Hardcore Convert, is about a vicious street hood/killer who, after being captured and sentenced to life in prison, is offered a 2nd chance if he consents to a radical new program including behavioral modification techniques administered by a doctor played by Cash. After this the initial tale, the one featuring Mr. Simms and the three gang members, comes to a spectacular and memorable conclusion.

    I did enjoy this film overall, but found the slinging of racial epithets to get a bit excessive at times, especially in the first and third stories. I know the intent was to create characters so odious and noxious that when eventually presented with their mortal fate, they would appear completely deserving, but I felt their despicable nature could have been better portrayed through a less obvious tactic. I suppose because there were a number of different stories presented here there may not have been the time to create fully realized, three dimensional characterizations, so the director had to opt for the quick and dirty method. Anyway, the strongest tale was the last one involving the hardcore thug named Jerome aka Crazy K, and the attempt to alter his perception by giving him an opportunity to see the never-ending path of escalating violence he, along with many others, follow often times by choice. The imagery presented in this story is very harsh and will evoke a sense of anger and disgust, as the director uses actual photographs of past atrocities (lynchings, burnings, etc.) as Jerome undergoes a bizarre rehabilitation process. The special effects overall looked pretty good and featured a mixture of CGI work along with some good old fashion stop motion animation. The direction and pacing are strong, and most of the actors are very good (Clarence Williams III really drives the film with his wiggy, over-the-top performance), even if the script falters at times. One aspect I did like was while there was focus on white racism in some of the stories, it wasn't the only motivating factor throughout as black-on-black violence is also reflected in some of the tales. All in all this film could have been a lot worse. There are no real surprises as the various stories don't really offer any shocking or twist endings, but it does feature a real hum dinger of an ending and some strong, moral messages that may relate to some audiences.

    The widescreen non-anamorphic (1.85:1) picture looks very sharp and clear (Amazon states the aspect ratio at 1.33:1, but this wasn't the case, at least on my copy). The audio, presented in Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround, Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono, is decent, but sometimes seems a little muddled and soft. Special features include a `making of' featurette, theatrical trailer, TV promos, and cast and crew bios. I give this 3 ? stars.

    ...more info