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Dry as ice, dripping with deadpan witticisms, only Sean Connery's Bond would dare disparage the Beatles, that other 1964 phenomenon. No one but Connery can believably seduce women so effortlessly, kill with almost as much ease, and then pull another bottle of Dom Perignon '53 out of the fridge. Goldfinger contains many of the most memorable scenes in the Bond series: gorgeous Shirley Eaton (as Jill Masterson) coated in gold paint by evil Auric Goldfinger and deposited in Bond's bed; silent Oddjob, flipping a razor-sharp derby like a Frisbee to sever heads; our hero spread-eagle on a table while a laser beam moves threateningly toward his crotch. Honor Blackman's Pussy Galore is the prototype for the series' rash of man-hating supermodels. And Desmond Llewelyn reprises his role as Q, giving Bond what is still his most impressive car, a snazzy little number that fires off smoke screens, punctures the tires of vehicles on the chase, and boasts a handy ejector seat. Goldfinger's two climaxes, inside Fort Knox and aboard a private plane, have to be seen to be believed. --Raphael Shargel

To own Goldfinger (1964) on digital video disc is to have at your fingertips the proof that Sean Connery is the definitive James Bond. Dry as ice, dripping with deadpan witticisms, only Connery's Bond would dare disparage the Beatles, that other 1964 phenomenon. No one but Connery can believably seduce women so effortlessly, kill with almost as much ease, and then pull another bottle of Dom Perignon '53 out of the fridge. Goldfinger contains many of the most memorable scenes in the Bond series: gorgeous Shirley Eaton (as Jill Masterson) coated in gold paint by evil Auric Goldfinger and deposited in Bond's bed; silent Oddjob, flipping a razor-sharp derby like a Frisbee to sever heads; our hero spread-eagle on a table while a laser beam moves threateningly toward his crotch. Honor Blackman's Pussy Galore is the prototype for the series' rash of man-hating supermodels. And Desmond Llewelyn makes his first appearance as Q, giving Bond what is still his most impressive car, a snazzy little number that fires off smoke screens, punctures the tires of vehicles on the chase, and boasts a handy ejector seat. Goldfinger's two climaxes, inside Fort Knox and aboard a private plane, have to be seen to be believed. --Raphael Shargel

Customer Reviews:

  • "GOLDFINGER, the man with the Midas Touch..."

    It's difficult to believe that this movie is almost 45 years old (counting from the date of this review).

    (Sir) Sean Connery was in six EON (or "official") movies with him starring as James Bond. They were: (1) Dr. No (1962) (2) From Russia with Love (1963) (3) Goldfinger (1964) (4) Thunderball (1965) (5) You Only Live Twice (1967) and (6) Diamonds are Forever (1971).

    As you can see from the above list, "Goldfinger" is the third spy film of the British Bond series. As well, it is the third to star Connery as the fictional MI6 agent Commander James Bond (code number 007).

    This movie is based on the 1959 novel "Goldfinger" by Ian Fleming (1908 to 1964).

    The story has Bond following gold smuggler Auric Goldfinger (Gert Frobe whose voice was dubbed) who plans a nuclear detonation inside the Fort Knox gold depository thus making the gold supply radioactive for 58 years. This would cause economic chaos in the West and increase the value of Goldfinger's non-radioactive gold (that he has stashed away) many times.

    (Look at Goldfinger's first name "Auric" closely. The word gold comes from the Latin word "aurum." "Au" is the chemical symbol for gold.)

    This was the first Bond movie to use a pop singer (Shirley Bassey) to sing the theme song during the titles. The lyrics of the title song were co-written by Anthony Newley. Bassey would go on to sing the theme song in two other Bond movies.

    Several memorable scenes frequent this movie such as:

    (1) the dead woman painted in gold
    (2) Goldfinger's Korean mute manservant named Oddjob (Olympic silver medalist weight lifter Harold Sakata) who uses his Bowler hat as a lethal frizbee
    (3) Goldfinger attempting to slice Bond in half with a laser
    (4) the modified Aston Martin DB5 car that has a host of gadgets such as a handy passenger ejector seat
    (5) the movie's double climatic ending

    Another thing memorable about this movie is its witty dialogue. For example, take the scene where Bond is tied spread-eagled to a slab of gold with a laser beam slowly inching up between his legs threatening to cut him in half:

    Bond: "Do you expect me to talk?"
    Goldfinger: "No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die!!"

    Connery brings his characteristic savoir fare to the role. Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore (Goldfinger's personal pilot) does a good job as an independent and strong Bond girl. Gert Frobe gives an excellent performance as Goldfinger. (I found it odd that in the beginning and end credits that Blackman is given first billing over Frobe who plays the title character.)

    M, Q, Miss Moneypenny, and Felix all appear in this movie.

    Filming was primarily in Switzerland, Miami, and London, England.

    Some trivia: Burt Kwouk has a small part in this movie. He became famous for playing "Kato" in the Pink Panther series starring Peter Sellers.

    Total box office for this movie was about one-hundred and twenty-five million dollars. In today's dollars, that's about eight-hundred and seventy million making this movie the first official Bond blockbuster.

    The DVD (the one released in Feb., 2007) is flawless in picture and sound quality. The picture has been digitally restored and I'm sure the picture is just as good (if not better!!) than when it was released almost 45 years ago. As well, there is one extra in the form of an audio commentary.

    Finally, here is some information to consider. This DVD is actually the first disc of the two-disc "Ultimate Edition." Bond enthusiasts might want to purchase this two-disc Ultimate Edition since the second disc has "the best collection of special features ever assembled for Bond." (Unfortunately, the Ultimate Edition is no longer available but it can be purchased second-hand.)

    In conclusion, this movie is the first official Bond blockbuster thus making it a must-see!!!

    (1964; 1 hr, 50 min; wide screen; 32 scenes)


    ...more info
  • The Best 007
    I won't repeat what just about everyone else says here: GOLDFINGER is probably the best James Bond movie ever made. It's a slick, well-oiled machine that established a formula still in use today, 40 years later!

    My hat is off to the screenwriters: in the original novel, Auric Goldfinger plans to rob Fort Knox using a system of trains and ships, an impossible and unbelievable task. That the screenwriters decided to add the A-bomb element to Goldfinger's plan (irradiating the US gold supply to make his own more valuable) is, as Bond says, "inspired."
    (The novel's buzzsaw inching forward between 007's legs becomes an industrial laser, making for another classic scene).

    I've seen this movie most of my watching life, and I could put it in the DVD player right now and watch it again.
    That's a great movie, no matter how you slice (or laser) it....more info
  • Enter Oddjob, Pussy and the rest of the crew
    One of the more realistic Bond's i.e. one that wasn't completely impossible for it to happen. James Bond sets out to foil the evil plans of Auric Goldfinger to destroy the gold reserves at Fort Knox, in cahoots with Red China. Shooting though several Jamaica, Miami, Switzerland and Kentucky, Bond must battle Goldfinger's brutal minions. Especially the silent, ruthlessly efficient, seemingly invincible and oddly charismatic Oddjob.
    The plot unfolds slowly but steadily, with witty repartee, and 60's style action.
    And of course the gorgeous girls bond romances. There is the lovely Jill Masterson (Shirley Eaton) , who is cruelly murdered by Goldfinger by being coated in gold paint. The only parts of the Bond movies that I never enjoy is when one of the beautiful girls die. They actually make me rather sad actually.
    The extremely Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman) plays another one of Goldfinger's team and a dangerous adversary for Bond, but great to see her come out well and wooed by Bond onto the side of good (even though she claims at the beginning to be immune to charm).
    Each of the Bond girls has their own special charm, and Pussy not only knows how to be a smooth operator, she has a body that makes any clothes looks stunning, with a backside that stops conversation. I liked her , I really liked her, and was just so glad she didn't end up as one of the Bond girls who didn't make it through.
    ...more info
  • Goldfinga... have some pie won't you?
    I just saw this movie last night on tv and I had seen pieces of it through the years... like the other James Bond stories but it's still over my head although for some reason it's still my favourite movie that may say a lot about me but may say more about you.

    I'm ordering the DVD from Amazon here and can't wait at the price it's going for... I may just buy the whole bunch that is to say Bond, James 007 starring Sean Connery.

    It's about this guy that gets an idea into his head and won't take no for an answer so he plans to rob the US for all of it's gold and then it gets a little beyond me but I'm sure somebody could get hurt nonetheless.

    Great color and acting and stars and all that but even so it's just a movie and I think the staff did their job well to put out a product that satisfies the curious.

    Translated by Won Won
    Victoria BC...more info
  • One of my favorites
    You have to love the sound track, the one-liners, the ladies!!! What more can you say!!! The action in the movie is excellent and keeps you on your toes till the end. Also, the gadgets and the Ashton Martin was the bomb. I would like to purchase one, but I would have to make over 6 figures a year just to come close! Excellent film....more info
    GOLDFINGER is the best of the 007 series. This outing is flawless, with Sean in great form. If he was going to bail out on the series, this would have been the time with him ultimately on top. Thankfully, he stuck around 3 more times, or Bond scholars in later years would have had an even more intense debate on their plates. The dialogue and high camp is equal to the gadgets and (for the time) technology. "My name is Pussy Galore." BOND: I must be dreaming. And of course the CIA eating at Kentucky Fried Chicken, presumably the original Louisville store. I didn't see The Colonel behind the counter. A timeless classic....more info
  • goldfinger best bond movie
    Unarguably the best Bond film ever. Non-stop action, and Connery at his best.This one is a classic. I own all 3 sets and it is the most enthralling of the series to date. Goldfinger plays a great villian and Connery is sexy. There is also "Pussy Galore" for the guys."Odd Job" is introduced as Goldfingers bodygaurd, and golf caddy, and a great standoff between he and Bond in the end.The classic line "Lets have a little fun with Mr Goldfinger"
    Bond tricks Goldfinger by switching golf balls....more info
  • Bond reaches his peak in this film that is truly like owning a piece of gold
    Dr. No was a wonderful start to the Bond franchise. From Russia With Love returned with even more. Now, Goldfinger has brought the series to the peak. The highest budget of the three has been granted to Goldfinger, thus creating impressive action sequences and shot in teriffic locations. But don't stop there. Goldfinger is packed with memorable moments that places this film in the category of ultimate classic Bond.

    While SPECTRE was never referred to in this film, I never missed it or thought about it once. Auric Goldfinger and his henchman "Oddjob" went above and beyond as the villains of this film. Auric is obsessed with gold, and his ultimate plan is to destroy the gold supply of Fort Knox, so that his own supply can multiply ten times in value. Oddjob's business is to take care of 007, and takes great pleasure in attempting so, armed with a hat sharp as a knife and martial art skills that are no match for the double 0.

    Goldfinger is a great feel good movie, highly entertainig - especially for its day. Every scene is wonderful, whether it is action, brilliant lines and moves by the villains, chemistry between Bond and Pussy Galore, or sneaky and intellgient games such as the Goldfinger/Bond scene on the golf course. But the showstopper is certainly the grand finale, operation "Grand Slam" where Auric and his men take over Fort Knox. Oddjob and Bond have a final showdown inside that is a terrific matchup that was accompanied without music, and worked out quite well.

    The story to Goldfinger is smart and fun, but maybe not as in-depth as the previous From Russia With Love. But overall, this Bond film has it all and is possibly the most balanced Bond film ever made, giving us a complete film of entertainment that is unforgettable.

    Acting - 4.5
    Action - 4.5
    Charcaters - 5
    Story - 4.5
    Overall - 5...more info
  • The Gold Standard...
    Sean Connery's third outing as James Bond in 1964's superb "Goldfinger" has the 007 franchise solidifying its primary thematic elements. Connerly is smoothly witty and deadly as the British Secret Service assassin. The exotic villain is one Auric Goldfinger, played by veteran German actor Gert Frobe, out to corner the world's gold supply. His evil henchman is Oddjob, a giant, mute Korean martial arts expert whose special touch is a bowler hat with a steel rim. The Bond girl of the moment is Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman), Goldfinger's pilot, who will fall for Bond, as they always do.

    Bond's assignment is to infiltrate Goldfinger's organization, learn his plans, and stop them. Bond and Goldfinger will play an exciting game of cate and mouse, with Bond repeatedly surviving close calls to stay close to Goldfinger. The climax of the movie is Goldfinger's raid on Fort Knox, inside the vault of which Bond will have his final confrontation with the seemingly indestructable Oddjob.

    Shirley Eaton figures in an iconic scene early in the movie as Jill Masterson, one of Goldfinger's assistants who is seduced by Bond. Goldfinger gets his revenge by having her body covered with gold paint, causing her death by suffocation. Bond's discovery of her body helps set him on a collision course with Goldfinger.

    This movie is highly recommended as one of the best of the original Bond movies based on Ian Fleming's novels. ...more info
  • Quintessential 007? It's a tie between this and....
    I was introduced to the Bond films in the 80's and have followed them since so one would think I would prefer Moore or maybe Dalton or Brosnan. But when I think Bond/007, I only think of Sean Connery and the films from the 60's. I guess it's because the decade was perfect for the character with its look, feel, and music of the times. And GOLDFINGER was arguably the definitive representation of all this:

    *Shirley Bassey's great rendition of the title song.
    *the classic Aston-Martin DB5 with all the gadgets.
    *the strong female lead with that name: Pussy Galore!
    *one of the coolest and most beloved henchmen in the series: Odd Job.
    *one of the most ambitious, greedy, resourceful villains ever(well played by Gert Frobe-hard to believe he was dubbed in the movie as the audio commentary pointed out).
    *classic scenes like Shirley Eaton covered in gold, the "laser beam" scene, the rumpus room scene(check out that art decor), and the end fight.
    *and great character interaction(love the scene where 007 is figuring out the plot and Goldfinger seems genuinely pleased that someone recognizes his 'genius')

    All great stuff. The other guys had some good movies in their reign as Bond, but I think Connery was on a roll with From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, and Thunderball. There was so much style and a special aura that defined what Bond/spy/adventure films should be during that 3-film stint. And for the record, the other film that ties this is THUNDERBALL imo(which has Largo with the eye patch as a villain, the Spectre organization, Claudine Auger in shades on the beach, the jet pack, the underwater fight, etc). Sorry, back to Goldfinger. Great dvd with lots of extras(2 commentaries, 2 documentaries, etc). Fan or not, the film alone is worth the absurdly low price and the loads of extras are what every dvd collector would want. Highly recommended for anyone.

    ...more info
  • James Bond Goldfinger
    Now this is the movie I was waiting for. I was happy with the price and the delivery time on this movie. I love James Bond movies, and this is a favorite for me. Amazon is the spot to find vintage films....more info
  • Sets the gold standard for Bond flicks and the spy film genre
    Goldfinger is one of the most recognized and celebrated Bond films, starring the charming, confident, brilliant, and suave Connery as 007, a man every male viewer wants to be and every female viewer wants to be with. We've got the over-the-top villians in the form of the filthy rich, despicable, and card-cheating Goldfinger and his bulky henchman Oddjob. We've got the alluring female (not a pawn, but a powerful woman) played by Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore. And, of course, the gadgetry, ranging from lasers to the tricked out Aston-Martin with an ejection seat (and more) to Goldfinger's plane to Oddjob's lethal black hat.

    Anyone who was introduced to Bond via the movies of the 1990's and 2000's should return to this classic (the third Bond movie in a list that will reach 21 with 2006's release of Casino Royale) to see where it all came from. The later Bond movies skimp on plot and go for awe-inspiring death-defying tricks whenever possible. Goldfinger has some great tricks, of course, but also excellent dialogue and a well-crafted plot.
    ...more info
  • Good But Not Great Version
    This is an all-time great movie achievement. The film, made against considerable constraints of budget, accomplishes a sustained mood which is hard to match.

    My concern is this DVD production. The film itself has not been fully restored; you see scratches and "blips" which are no longer acceptable in our era of restoration techniques.

    And also the commentaries are not as good as we've come to expect. While they are fairly informative, they suffer from a degree of hyperbole which detracts from their credibility. Yes, it is a great movie, all right, but some comments assert that "in all cinema history..." which sounds more like hype.

    Which this movie does not need. To say it's the "best of all the Bonds" would not be hype in my view - just something like the truth. You gotta have it......more info
  • No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!
    This was the second greatest Bond film (my favorite one being FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE). The Bond theme song is great, and we have yet another Bond girl with a sexually-suggestive name, Pussy Galore (parodied in Austin Powers as such names like "Alotta Fagina" for example). Bond doesn't play cards in this one, but he does shoot up a lot of things and wins the girl in the end. The gadgets were great, and even believable to some extent. And of course, a nuclear warhead is involved. Oh yeah, and there's a naked lady painted gold.

    This is one case where the movie was better than the book. I thought some of the book wasn't really believable but the movie was more realistic, believe it or not.

    This was a refreshing turn from other Cold War spy movies, where they're just going after the Russians. Something like that would be dated today, for obvious political reasons, but Goldfinger is the perfect, timeless villain who could fit into any evil situation. Odd Job is a funny character and it's great the way he dies, especially when he deserves it.

    All in all one of the best of the Bond films....more info
  • The Best of The Bonds
    I did not really grow up with James Bond. In 1983, a family wanted to take us to the local theatre for a Bond movie, "Octopussy." My family rarely went to movies, and we took up the offer. Unfortunately, we were living on an overseas airbase that had only one showing, and the movie sold out when the folks in front of us got the last two tickets. But one year later we moved back to America and had HBO on the satellite dish. It was there that I first saw "Octopussy" and was introduced to Bond, James Bond. A couple of years later "A View To A Kill" was on ABC, and I enjoyed that as well.

    So in November 1992, WTBS did a '30 Years of James Bond' salute that showed ALL of the Bond movies in existence at that time (this was pre-Pierce Brosnan). They would show two per night. Having just bought our first VCR, we managed to tape all but the first two Bond movies (due to travel) that we then watched in order during the Christmas break. This was the first I saw of Sean Connery as Bond, and it remains the best.

    James Bond movies have a certain aura and create a certain expectation. These include a memorable theme song, memorable villains and characters, at least one risque name (Ms. Galore in this one), and a decent plot. This one has it all. And each Bond gives you something memorable that you can easily recall years later. "Goldfinger" gives you several, whether its the name of the female protagonist or the method of murder of the first girl, or even the memorable line, "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die."

    "Entertainment Weekly" recently rated the Bond movies, and this was number one. I'm inclined to agree. I've never spoken to any Bond fan who does not like this movie. Opinions vary on the movies, but this one always seemingly finds favor in the eyes of many. If you were to watch only one Bond to formulate your opinion, this is it.

    ...more info
  • her comes 007
    i love james bond and all of the bond movies so this is a great one and you no what there a womnen her name is pussy yes i did say pussy and i tgink you will love it if you like bond at all...more info
  • The Bond movie that established the formula - remastered DVD due late 2006
    The initial filmic foray into James Bonds world, the 1962 DR. NO introduced a number of key elements in what would become known as the "James Bond formula." We have the suave and sophisticated British agent defeating a larger than life villain among an exotic land populated by beautiful, exotic women, some good and some bad, and signature sets designed by the legendary designer Ken Adam. Then a year later came FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, the second entry which further added the elements of a shocking pre-credits sequence, a gadget laden briefcase and a seemingly indestructible henchman in the shape of Robert Shaw's Red Grant. Yet, it is 1964s GOLDFINGER which is almost universally acknowledged as setting the blueprint for all future movies not only because it combined all the previous element, but that it put them all together in one bigger and more fantastic tapestry of overblown action and spectacle. It's not surprising that many Bond fans list this extravaganza as one of the most consistently entertaining of the series.
    Based on the 1959 book by Ian Fleming, the main attraction in this movie is the villain, who utters some of the most memorable lines in film history. Who can forget the image of Bond strapped down to a table about to be dissected by a laser. "Do you expect me to talk?," asks 007 nervously eyeing the danger. "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die," replies Goldfinger before going on about his business.
    We catch our first sight of Goldfinger on Miami Beach immediately after a stand-alone precredits sequence and a main title sequence that features Shirley Bassey belting out the famous title track.
    In a quite ingenious manner Goldfinger is cheating at cards. It's not long before Bond has figured out the manner by which he is doing it, but also met a very beautiful blonde named Jill Masterson (played by the impossibly beautiful Shirley Eaton) and turned the tables on Goldfinger - all in a matter of a couple of minutes (this 007 guy doesn't stick around I tell you). However, later that night, as Bond recovers from being knocked out cold we are presented with one of the iconic images of 1960s pop culture with a dead Jill, nude on a bed and covered entirely in gold paint. This image proved so enticing that it became a trademark image associated with the film and the series for years to, come.
    Another trademark image from the movie is a giant Korean (the actor was actually Hawaiian) who kills people with a steel-rimmed bowler hat. Oddjob, who would set the standard by which all future henchmen would be measured) makes his first on-screen appearance in a game of golf (although he is clearly the one who knocked Bond out earlier). In what is one of my favorite sequences in the 40-plus years of the Bond franchise Goldfinger is at it again - cheating. This time when a ball is lost Oddjob simply drops another ball in a more convenient location. However yet again Bond manages to turn the tables on him. It's the understated game of cat and mouse set on the lush green golf course that really set the magic for me in this scene.
    The book is set into three sections and these are mirrored here in this movie. The first section of the book is titled "Happenstance" in that one meeting can be a matter of timing and focuses mainly on the meeting between 007 and Goldfinger in Miami. The second section is titles "Coincidence" to explain a second meeting and this focuses on the golf game between the two. The third section is titled "Enemy Action" in explaining Goldfingers take on 007s third encounter with 007 and details the confrontation between the two in Switzerland that form the middle-part of the movie.
    Another seminal image of the movie is the gadget laden Aston Martin DB5 complete with ejector seat. Pushing the envelope and taking its cue from the briefcase in the previous movie here we have a car that includes among its special features an oil slick, homing system, guns behind the lights and revolving number plates.
    Truly this is the seminal entry in the franchise and we are treated here to a nice collection of special features the most impressive of which is a scene specific commentary from director Guy Hamilton.
    On a sidenote - work is currently underway by Lowry Digital to restore this movie, if audio and video is of primary importance to you then you might want to wait until that is released in 2006....more info
  • Goldfinger 007
    Item was shipped and received in an expediant manner. Packaged in near perfect condition as promised. No complaints. 5 STARS. Connery is the "best Bond ever"....more info

    In this, the 3rd James Bond feature again starring Sean Connery, [3rd time] we see a magnificent spy epic that essentially created its own genre, here at its very best. We have girls, gadgets, Q, M, Goldfinger, and Oddjob as the ultimate nemesis for 007, plus that incredible Aston Martin DB-5!

    Terrific and exciting entertainment that seems real without any possibility of actually being real.


    The entire movie stems from Goldfinger's unique, and outrageous plan to make his gold ten times more valuable than it already is, by criminal means [of course].


    -----*- THE ACTORS:

    Sean Connery - James Bond
    Gert Fr?be - Auric Goldfinger
    Honor Blackman - Pussy Galore
    Harold Sakata - Odd Job
    Shirley Eaton - Jill Masterson
    Bernard Lee - M
    Lois Maxwell - Miss Moneypenny
    Desmond Llewelyn - Q
    Tania Mallet - Tilly Masterson
    Austin Willis - Simmons
    Cec Linder - Felix Leiter


    Guy Hamilton - Director
    Albert R. Broccoli - Producer
    Harry Saltzman - Producer
    Paul Dehn - Screenwriter
    Ian Fleming - Book Author
    Richard Maibaum - Screenwriter
    Ted Moore - Cinematographer
    John Barry - Composer (Music Score)
    Leslie Bricusse - Songwriter
    Anthony Newley - Songwriter
    Peter Hunt - Editor
    Ken Adam - Production Designer
    Peter Murton - Art Director
    Freda Pearson - Set Designer
    Paul Rabiger - Makeup
    John Stears - Special Effects

    -----*- THE MAJOR AWARDS:

    Best Sound Effects (win) Norman Wanstall 1964 Academy
    Best Screenwriting (nom) Richard Maibaum 1964 New York Film Critics Circle
    Best Screenwriting (nom) Paul Dehn 1964 New York Film Critics Circle


    DVD Features:
    --*- Available Subtitles: English, French
    --*- Available Audio Tracks: English, French [both in Dolby Mono]

    --*- Commentary by: director Guy Hamilton, the cast and crew

    --*- Original Radio Interviews With Sean Connery

    --*- Documentaries: The Making of Goldfinger & The Goldfinger Phenomenon

    --*- Original publicity featurette

    --*- Behind-the scenes still gallery featuring hundreds of images
    Collectible "Making Of" booklet

    ...more info
  • Goldfinger
    Armed with clever gadgets, good looks, and considerable wit, could Connery's martini-swilling Agent 007 be any smoother? Actually third in the series, Hamilton's "Goldfinger" dispensed with the earnest conventions of the spy flick for something cheekier and loads more fun: arch quips, cartoonish enemies, luxury sportwear, and exotic femme fatales. (Still, his most iconic image has to be actress Shirley Eaton--naked, gold-plated,and sprawled lifeless across a bed.) "Goldfinger" also introduces Bond's tricked-out Aston Martin and his inventive helpmate, Q, played by the wonderful Desmond Llewelyn, while Frobe, Sakata, and "Avengers" alum Blackman prove to be among the most formidable nemeses in the Bond franchise....more info
  • Goldclinker. Disappointing.
    I thought it would be fun to see a Bond movie. Mostly, I've only seen parts of movies on the tv when i was a kid. The movie started out pretty well, with modest intrigue and pacing as it presented the Bond gadgets and women. However, the second half really drags and is just one non-sequiter after another. I mean, there's supposed to be a litte suspense and cleverness, right? Of course, the movie is not about plot, but after awhile the bone head script is really annoying. Also, the movie feels dated, the action is slow and cheesy, and it's shot in a very clunky and dull style. Just like the duck on Sean's head in the opening sequence, this one is for the birds!...more info
  • One of the most memorable of all the Bonds!
    Goldfinger opened to huge box office business in 1964,hyped like never before by United Artists.The most enduring image to come out of this film and to stay in peoples' imaginations is the image of a girl laying naked face down on a bed painted totally in gold.It is one of the most unique in movie history.
    The movie starts with its' opening prologue right off.We see a rather weather worn sea gull floating up to a dock.A head raises out of the water with the gull on top.A disguised Bond quickly disposes of it.He climbs out of the water in his wet suit and proceeds over to the side of an oil refinery storage tank.He opens a panel and sneaks inside,wary of the various guards walking about.In a room full of equipment he plants a bomb and leaves.He removes his wetsuit to reveal a fine tuxedo beneath.He walks into a nearby bar and very soon after the refinery blows up in spectacular fashion.
    The movies' theme music plays,sung wonderfully and most fittingly by Shirley Bassey.It is one of,if not THE, most famous Bond theme song in its' series.If these Connery Bond movies had nothing else they had fantastic and endearing theme songs accompanying them,with top singers of the day to do the honours.
    The opening credits shows us more and more flesh than ever before and each beauty is painted in gold,in keeping with the theme.The movie begins in Miami,Florida at a top hotel there,poolside.Bond is catching up on some r&r,getting a massage from a local beauty when a CIA man(Austin Willis) pops by to pass on a tip from British Intelligence that an international "businessman" by the name of Murray Goldfinger(Gert Frode) is to be kept an eye on.Even though he is "clean" by CIA standards there is something going on that just isn't kosher.Soon thereafter we meet said Goldfinger who has been playing cards with the same gent and beating him for a few days cheating.Bond spys the how of it all and goes to Goldfingers' room.There he spies beautiful Shirley Eaton,Goldfingers' assistant,lying face forward on a recliner looking through binocs at Goldfingers' opponents' hand and radioing it to him.Bond puts a quick stop to this and puts the squeeze on Shirley.Before you can say 007 he has bedded the fair maiden and they are enjoying the after glow.Bond gets unceremoniously knocked out and when he comes to there lies his lady face down on the bed,covered from head to toe in gold paint....very dead.
    James returns to London to be debriefed and to have a meeting with some top European bankers.It seems Goldfinger,among other things,is a precious metals dealer and has some legal smelting operations.But the banks have learned he has more than a passing interest in gathering and melting down gold,the very foundation of the world's currency.If he obtains and hoards enough it could lead to financial chaos.Bond is sent off to keep close tabs on Goldfinger.
    We are now introduced to "Q"(Desmond Llewllyn) as he would now come to be known(he debuted in "From Russia with Love",but was called Boothroyd).We are also introduced to another famous "toy",James' famous Aston Martin,fully equipped and then some.He heads off to the south of London(Goldfinger has a refinery in the area) and to a golf course to meet up "socially" with Goldfinger.Goldfinger tries to cheat Bond during play but he has the tables turned on him,much to his chagrin.At this time we also meet another new character by the name of Oddjob(Tosh Togo).He is Goldfingers' assistant and has a nasty habit of throwing his hat at people.Except this hat is steal tipped and can decapitate if done properly!
    Bond and his adversary part ways but only as far Bond can see him.He follows him all the way to Switzerland where Goldfinger has another smelting facility.At a look out point along the way a pot shot is taken in Bonds' direction from above(from another lookout point) as he looks at Goldfinger at a lookout point below.A chase ensues and he catches up to the shooter one Tilly Sommes(Tanya Mallet) to whom he offers a lift to a nearby garage.Later that night they meet up in the woods outside Goldfingers' facility only to be chased down by his henchmen.Sommes is killed and Bond captured.He is strapped to a table where a laser beam slowly inches along between his legs threatening to eliminate his "crown jewels".Only by bluffing that he knows more than just the name of the plan that Goldfinger is planning to hatch does he extricate himself out of a sticky wicket.James attempts an escape but gets nowhere.He is sprited aboard a Goldfinger jet piloted by one Pussy Galore(Honour Blackman).They land in Kentucky on a horse farm near Fort Knox.James learns that Goldfinger plans to daringly steal the gold from the installation.This is where Pussy Galores' talents as a pilot come in,as she runs a flight school.She has other female pilots with who she will overfly the military troops guarding the Fort and spray a knock out gas.This will enable Goldfinger and friends to enter and steal the gold.In case something goes wrong he also plans to bring a nuclear device.It will detonate and make the gold unusable for many years to come.
    James breaks free and tries to botch Goldfingers plans at the Fort.In the meantime the gas wears off and the troops now enter the fight to retake the facility.Goldfinger arms the bomb.Bond works his way down to the bowels of the facility,killing Oddjob along the way.But that nuclear device is ticking down and he is not sure how to disarm it.Will he succeed?Will James beat Goldfinger in the final showdown? Will she and James fly off happily into the sunset? The answer to the no,he doesn't disarm it! But for the rest of the answers you'll have to watch for yourself!
    So ended another thrill ride of a picture in the now three year series.There seemed to be no place but up for the movies.And Sean Connerys' star was most decidedly on the ascension.Behind the scenes though Connery was chaffing a little because of the vast revenues these movies were taking in and he was getting just a basic contract salary and no more.He would later challenge Broccoli and company on the disparity for better terms and more money as the series progressed.But as time went by this and other issues would become more and more of a problem between the two parties until eventually Connery left it all together....unfortunately for us all.
    However as far as the public were concerned in 1964 this movie was the hit it deserved to be.They loved the film and especially the star who was making it all happen.The most important thing Broccoli and Saltzman(the producers) did NOT do was change his character.If they had then these movies would have never been as successful as they were.They were smart sticking to formula and Connery by now had the character down inside and out.
    Goldfinger was a definite improvement over "From Russia with Love".It added a new toy to Bonds' stable,the Aston Martin spy car,the music was top notch and its' sung nuances by Bassey were a perfect fit to the film.Also that powerful iconic image created in a short but powerful scene early on in the film,the girl with the gold paint.
    All in all a good movie and with the new remastering done by MGM it is a wonder to see and hear.Get your copy today....more info
  • Great service
    I have a grandson who's 10 and very much into the "original" Bond. The DVD came as promised, before Christmas and in the condition advertised....more info
  • Goldfinger: Beginning of a Phenomenon
    I really consider From Russia With Love to be much better than Goldfinger, but this is the movie that really got the ball rolling. This movie went over so well in with the public that the studios new immediately that they would be making many more of these films.
    The movie itself is above average. Oddjob is a great henchman, Goldfinger is one of the most intelligent and menacing villains ever. I guess I really like Goldfinger because he was one of the few villains who actually almost killed Bond. He may not have had that big of a part in the action, but his maniacal genius certainly makes up for that.
    Pussy Galore...while she's not my favorite she's certainly right up there. I felt she was a great addition to this movie because she added a certain independence to the role of a woman.
    I would have to say that this movie is definitely one of the better ones but still a bit overrated. The plot was a little bit convoluted and the cliches really started to pop up in this one. Definitely a classic Bond.
    Lastly, Connery's performance is God like in this movie. I feel that he reached the pinnacle of what it meant to be Bond here.
    Overall it's a great entry but a bit overtalked....more info
  • Memories "Galore" For This Bond Film
    Whether it's my nostalgia talking or a plain fact, I've always looked at this as the best James Bond film ever produced. It had the most memorable characters and scenes I can remember over these four decades of Bond films. Yes, it's dated by now and not as exciting as when it came out, but it's a treasure among the films of the 1960s.

    It has a winning combination of good action, drama, romance and comedy. Best of all, it has great characters that all of us who first saw it years ago still remember: "Auric Goldfinger," Oddjob,." and - of course - "Pussy Galore," one of the all-time great names in the history of film!

    The story moves fast without overdoing the action. Sure some of it - especially today - looks contrived and corny, but that's part of the fun and charm of the film. Meanwhile, Bond's Aston-Martin DB5 sports car will never go out of style. It's still very the film. ...more info
  • The best Bond film ever!
    This film has it all. Action, humour, romance, exotic locals, espionage, a fabulous script, a great villain. I do like another poster here feel sorry for sexy Shirley Eaton as she dies in this film of paint suffocation. I hope in real life she didn't miss herself (I read that at the miss herself bit)....more info
  • Saw a special 'digital' screening at the cinema
    I've only seen a couple of Bond movies. I certainly would not call myself a 'fan'! I've seen two Timothy Dalton movies, and of course, the recent Casino Royale. When asked if I wanted to go see a special 'digital' screening at the cinema, I thought "why not?" I haven't seen any Sean Connery Bond movies and a few people say he's the best Bond. My mum disagrees, she seems to have a thing for Roger Moore.

    I've never been so disappointed in a film before. For starters, the cinema was really hot, which severely affected my viewing. And I just didn't like Sean Connery. For me, he's definitely got better with age (Entrapment for example), but I just did not like him as Bond. Every line he said was absolutely DRIPPING with innuendo, normally ended with a wink or a smirk. And I mean dripping. It's called subtlety, and Timothy Dalton had some. And where is his Scottish? It sounded seriously toned down. He's sexy with a Scottish accent! Plus, I think I was coughing up furballs at the sight of his chest. It looks like a extremely furry animal died on it. Ugh! Can you guess I like no hair on my men?

    For me, Goldfinger was the longest (it felt that way!) and dullest Bond movie. After really liking Casino Royale, this was a major let down. There's nothing memorable about it, and for a film that had a budget bigger than the first two combined, Sean Connery doesn't set foot outside Pinewood Studios, even though Bond is shown in America etc, in the film. What did they spend the budget on? Nothing major that I could see. The only thing I really liked about Goldfinger, was the girl who was asphyxiated by being covered in gold paint. Such a good look, but an absolute pain to get off I bet! Her skin was probably red raw from scrubbing at it that much.

    I really didn't like Goldfinger. What am I not seeing? People seem to rave about it. I just don't see it. I'll stick to Daniel Craig in his blue shorts. Hairless. Sean Connery may be white haired and an old man, but he's good, just not as Bond I'm afraid....more info
  • Truly a BOND Classic! Unfortunately, it becomes sillier with every viewing.
    GOLDFINGER burst onto the scene in 1964 and the Bond world would never be the same. Though the previous two entries had been well-received, this is the one that touched off the worldwide phenomenon that propelled the series well into our own generation (currently filming Bond movie #21!!) In fact, it would become the Bond movie that all other's would be compared to ("yeah, I liked the latest Bond movie alright, but it wasn't as good as GOLDFINGER!!)

    GOLDFINGER introduced us to so much of what would become trademarks of the series. It was the first to have an independent opening sequence (yes, FRWL had one, but it was more of a prelude than a stand-alone "mini-movie"). It was the first Bond film to have a title song sung during the opening credits (which would also become a fan-favorite Bond theme). It featured the first souped-up gadget car (hailed by many as still the best). It introduced us to the first "larger-than-life" henchman in the character of OddJob - a silent-but-deadly killer who would be the quintessential Bond henchman until Jaws came along. And, it featured the first main villain to truly stand on his own alongside of Bond. Gert Frobe left a memorable impression as the titular nemesis, and is also a fan-favorite to this day. Finale, it features the first of many double-entendre female characters - Pussy Galore(a very overrated Bond gal, by the way)

    Unfortunately, the movie also introduced us to that "other" element of the Bond series, and that is the "over-the-top" action spectacle. Sure, it is nowhere near as out-there as Bond in a submersible car, or Bond on the moon, but the genesis of all that followed in the "unbelievable" department begins here. And this is where my criticism of the film really comes in. Having just watched for the umpteenth time this weekend, I was really able to see the flaws of the film. For the first time, Bond is placed in an elaborate "machine-of-death," when a simple gunshot to the head would do. Yeah, it's a lasting image no doubt - that of Connery strapped to a table with a laser inching it's way toward his, ahem, mojo. And yes, it provides us with the first classic Bond line - "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!" - however, it is a really silly moment compared to the series up to that point, and begins to take us into the more fantastic and out of the more believable.

    Several other actions by Goldfinger leave one wondering how intelligent he really was. In the above mentioned scene, all Bond has to do is suggest he knows more than Goldfinger thinks he does about his fiendish plot, and Goldfinger gives in and allows him to live. Why didn't he simply ask Bond to prove it - tell him what else he knows? He could easily have exploited how little Bond knew. Later, GF pitches his plan to a room full of mafia bosses (in one of the goofiest scenes with GF opening all kinds of hidden maps and displays in the room and the gangsters responding with lines like, "What is this, some kinda merry-go-round?") When one of the hoods declines being involved, GF has him taken out and secretly shot. However, he ends up gassing all the other hoods in the VERY NEXT SCENE! WHY? Who knows!? If he was going to kill them all, why take the one guy out and kill him seperately? If he was going to kill them all, why even tell them his plan? Yes, unfortunately, the more elaborate the film gets, the sillier it gets as well.

    Which leads us to a bizarre finale. Having foiled GF's scheme, Bond is sent home on a US Jet, presumably millitary. This is at an airstrip surrounded by millitary - yet somehow, GF and Pussy have gotten aboard, incapcitated the pilots . . . ah, it's just too much!

    Well, I have alot of complaints, obviously, and it mainly because I see the film in its context as being the first to really bring Bond down. DR. NO and FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE tried very hard to give Bond some street cred as a believable Secret Agent - GOLDFINGER and later films tore that image down and turned Bond into what he is today - another generic action hero. That being said, there is still plenty of charm in this film - and it is still a Bond classic, if only for its score, villain, and Connery's most relaxed and comfortable performance in the role. His first, "Bond, James Bond" in this film is said with such suave dismissal, that you realize for the first time that Connery IS INDEED Bond, James Bond....more info
  • loved it
    One of my favorite Bond films, a classic....more info
  • Classic Spy Flick If There Ever Was One.
    Dashing spies, beautiful women, criminal masterminds, gadget cars, and unforgettable one-liners. This is one of the first places to find all that. The James Bond films of the 60s and 70s were quite different from the more action oriented ones of the 90s and 2000s. Bond flicks of this age were less about action and special effects and more about solid plots, classic lines, memorable (if sometimes unbelievable) characters, and they had much more clever humor. The story can get pretty silly at times but it has the spark and charm of the characters and plot to make you completely forget the silliness.

    A classic opening with Bond blowing up a criminal HQ with plastic explosives, exchanging clever lines with contact, making out with a beautiful girl, and killing a villian in a dramatic fashion is what your treated to in the first five minutes of the film. Then the opening credits playing the sexy and classy movie theme and then beautiful overhead shots of a Florida beach resort. We are then introduced to the villian who shares the title with the film. Au Goldfinger is a classic villian who set the standards for movie villians in the following decades. Even more so is his henchman Oddjob who kills his victims by throwing a steel brim hat at them. In any other movie that would seem to absurd to be credible but for some reason in a James Bond movie it works just fine

    Classic scenes include the famous laser heading for the groin with its famous dialogue and tense atmosphere. Women are no longer treated as sex objects (with the possible exception of the poor soul who dies a rather interesting death right at the beginning of the film). The women aren't invicible and treated with kid gloves either. No less than two die near the beginning of the film but its balanced out considering that over a hundred men get killed. Spy gadgets and technology make one of the, if not their, first appearance in this movie. A car with an ejection seat have become standard in most spy parodies and when was the last time you've seen a cheesy action flick without a 'Q'

    Some scenes have no action at all but are nonetheless very effective. Such as the golf scene where Bond uses Goldfinger's own cheating habits against him to make him lose the game. Goldfinger's reaction to the lost shows us how demented and wicked he is while Bond's actions show how clever and how he can take advantage of any moment. Sean Connery displays one of his best Bond performences ever as well as one of his best performences period. Nobody has been able to bring the character to life like he did and nobody has carried on and passed on a legacy as well as he has done.

    During the evening, instead of watching some present day horror flick or overrated teen movie, put this film on and experience spy action like you never have before ...more info