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TerrorVision [VHS]
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  • Where's the DVD?
    This is a hilarious movie, The dvd IS out in Canada but not here in the US as of this review. What gives? Are we chopped liver down here? Same old distribution troubles......more info
  • what planet does this place on?
    The Puttermans install a new satellite TV system not knowing that it has..uh, well maybe a backstory is in order. The aliens of a distant planet love to keep as pets these gloopy monster things. Unfortunately, when they get older, they become monsters which must be destroyed by beaming them into space using the same signals that are received by satellite dishes like the kind installed by Stan Putterman. Soon the monster is beaming in and out of the Putterman's TV and making life a horror for everybody.

    While that says little about the movie, the real plot twist is the Putterman's themselves. After watching them for a moment, you begin to wonder if the colorful Puttermans are any more of our world than the monster. Their son and grandpa are militant survivalists; their daughter is dating a metal-head, and they themselves are spouse-swapping swingers - you see why nobody gets out of the house for the entire movie? The house itself is almost a character - reflecting the Puttermans' outlandish tastes. (Imagine a cross between a "B-52's" video and something directed by John Waters.) The script tosses in a buxom late-nite movie hostess, guaranteeing that wife-swapping, head-banging, machine-gunning and relentless squishing won't deprive us of flesh. Though never really over the top, "Terror Vision" is consistent fun....more info
  • A Little Cheese Goes A Long Way
    This movie is honestly of the best 80's cheese horror/comedic films of all time. Where else could you get Medusa and A big mess that comes out of the TV to kill you? LOve It Love It...more info
  • Give me a smoke an a brew and make it snappy.
    This movie is an all-time classic!!! Filled with wonderful characters and classic one-liners. The first time I saw this in the 80's, I hated it. But years later I saw it on T.V. and had a completely different viewing experience. I saw the movie for what it was, a hilarious, cheesy, 80's, horror-comedy classic. If you grew up in the 80's and liked metal and monster movies, then trust me, see this movie, it's totally unique.
    Every line in this movie is funny. My friends and I still use quotes from this movie in our conversations. Just rent it or buy it and you'll see what I mean. I envy anyone who can see this for the first time. Most of all, enjoy the brilliant, kooky, almost cartoon-like characters. Enjoy....more info
  • Cool 80's Movie
    Jennifer Richards was Sexy as Madusa she looks like she could be Elvira's Mom. ;) I just saw this film in Hi-Def the other night on MGM-HD. and it looks better than it did back in the 1980s. I hope this shows up on Blu-Ray as a low price (under 10bucks) Hi-def title. ...more info
  • Best 80's flick of it's kind
    1 word, FANTASTIC!! This is such an overlooked cult classic and deserves to be issued on DVD. Why is this highly sought after movie not on DVD? I've seen this flick well over 50 times & have turned many a friend on 2 it, same results every time, THEY LOVED IT! The soundtrack is very good as well, I obtain the CD & 12" vinyl versions of this cult classic & even own 6 ORIGINAL VHS copies of this movie. So go ahead & feed the hungry beast that dwells inside of you, watch Terror Vision & I swear Medusa will tuck you in all comfy & cozy, so what are you waiting for, come on, come on, come on, come on. Schroeder (Publisher/Owner) of Cult Movies Magazine & Orbital Traxx Records (DJ WACK "O") ...more info
  • "TV! Mankind's Greatest Invention!"
    You won't beleive the endless madness on screen that spoofs 80's styles, horror flicks, middle-aged clueless "swingers," metal, horror movie hosts, etc. In fact, the only people who have a clue about what is happening are the kids, and nobody listens to anything they have to say, anyway!

    How I wish this was on DVD. 'Till then, I hope you all have some "real... wet... nightmares!"

    Excuse me, but I gotta go hit some parties....more info
  • The very best of the 80's creature effects movies!
    Of all the cheesy 80's movies there are, this is the one you need the most of all. It has everything, including the best creature effects monster of all time. He's not only violent and gross-looking, but he's gotta be the funniest monster you've ever seen as well (wait until you hear the kids trying to teach him to talk). I can't believe, considering all the crappy movies they have on DVD, that this has not been made. It's rediculous, i mean they even made Black Roses and Rock N' Roll Nightmare into DVD's.

    You might have to pay a little more to get this VHS, but what you'll find inside is a true treasure trove of camp and gore. Don't wait any longer, this movie beats all the rest....more info
  • "We use live rats you know..."
    I saw Terrorvision when I was a child, it is so much fun. Medusa is amazing! Punked out New Waver Diane Franklin star of the 80's is great, I love The Noodles as well dear. Chad Allen is super as Sherman Putterman. And of course I must mention Mary Woronov, so wonderful. The opening credits and song are perfect. I just am waiting until The DVD is released! Now, go have your hair ratted....more info
  • very good
    It's a very very good movie....more info