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Denise Austin Hit the Spot: Abs: 3 Quick Tummy Tightening Workouts [VHS]
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"Just 10 minutes every other day!" is Denise Austin's prescription for a flat, defined midsection, and she should know. Despite two babies, she has the abs of a teenage athlete. In this video, Austin presents a gazillion abdominal exercises formatted into three different 10-minute workouts. She gives plenty of instruction, with tips for form, alignment, and breathing, as well as the proper way to perform each move. Exercises target the rectus abdominis and obliques, and are varied enough so that you won't feel you're doing the same workout each day. A few of the exercises seem outdated and are less effective than others. Full sit-ups, little pulsing crunches, and standing twists, for example, don't work the abs as well as regular, slow crunches. And some of the exercises in the third segment could be stressful to your lower back if you don't already have strong abs. But Austin still gets credit for plenty of variety, which is what we want if we're committing ourselves to 10 minutes of abs every other day. --Joan Price

Customer Reviews:

  • Super Results
    This is a great tape. I am a 48 year old mom of 3, and still had that baby fat in my abdomen area from my last baby-now 13:). My stomach has always been a problem area since high school. Denise is encouraging, informative, and a pleasure to do these exercises with. I have been doing my own abs exercies for over a year - not real good results, and as she states in this video - you will see results in 6 weeks. That is where I am at this point, and waited to write this to see if it was true. I enjoy this tape so much I am doing it twice a day now. I highly recommend this tape to anyone wanting to tone up the abs and waist. I do all three of the segments, as she makes it fun, with very good directions, and tips. It has really helped my self esteem, and my feelings about my body. Thank you Denise! So wonderful to be getting back into shape. Go for it!...more info
  • Great for working moms!
    As a full time occupational therapist and also the mother of 3 boys, I have found this video to be excellent to help shape my abs after 3 pregnancies. (My youngest is only 18 months.) The sessions only last for 10 minutes, which even I can find time for. You can definitely tell a difference in only a week or two. I recommend it to all of my friends....more info
  • Great Variety of Workouts
    With three workouts, this video provides the variety I need. Denise Austin is detailed in explaining what you are supposed to do and how you should do it. My only complaint is that some of the excersises are a little too easy. All in all a good purchase....more info
  • Yowza!
    I found this tape at a consignment shop about five years ago...and I am convinced that this is the best ab workout of them all! I just did segment one today and let me tell you-my adominal area is good and sore! Great video!...more info
  • Found my abs
    My preschool-age kids were no longer willing to sit in the stroller for my work-outs, and so i was not snapping back into shape after this 4th baby. Having never heard of Denise, I bought the tape used. I am so glad i did. After about 2 months of doing 10 minutes every other day, I am 8 pounds lighter and my waistline is "whittled." Even though the routines are only 10 minutes, you may be crying for mercy. But Denise is very supportive, and I do not find her to be overly peppy. The "You did great, I'm proud of you!" at the end of a work-out is a welcome encouragement. Highly recommend....more info
  • Outrageous Abs
    Before I purchased this video I was doing 150 situps a day. After using this video 5 days a week for 3 weeks, I saw muscles appear in my stomach that I had never seen before. It only takes 10 minutes a day to achieve a great stomach and I wasted so much time doing all those situps with less than half of the results I have received from this workout video. My husband has also received great results from this tape. He was recently diagnosed with diabetes and one of the most important steps in controlling the disease is to have less fat around the abdomen area. This tape really "hit the spot". He has had no glucose (sugar) problems in over 3 weeks--he has been using this tape for 3 1/2 weeks. Denise is a real life and time saver. I absolutely recommend this video!...more info
  • great for after baby
    This is the tape I used to tone up after having my baby. Ten minutes fly by and I saw results fast! It really worked for me!...more info