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8 Minute Abs [VHS]
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  • Great workout video!
    I bought this video about a year ago along with the 8minute buns video. 16 minutes a day was all it took to get my body into shap. I could actually feel it working the first day after using this video. My tummy ached, my buttocks ached but a few days went by and it soon went away. Why did it ache? Because my muscles were actually being strengthed, techniques in this video works! If you haven't exercised in a long time, look out because this video gives your body a workout. For under 20 bucks and under 20 minutes a day, this workout is so much cheaper than joining a gym! Get a friend or your partner to work out with you, it's fun :) I really recommend this video pack if you want to get you're serious about getting your bod in shape for the summer. I'm a happy camper.. 8 minute abs and 8 minute buns worked for me! :)...more info
  • Great! Definately does the Job
    I think this tape is really great and 8 min is short enough that you can work it into your routine 3-4 times a week. I have a tendency to gain weight on my upper body, after doing this video for about a month I have noticed a difference!...more info
  • Wow!
    It's short and gets right to the point. I love it! It counts down how long you have left and the instructor is very good. One bad point, the instructor goes a bit too fast for me so I just go at my own pace....more info
  • Great Workout!
    Got this video a month ago and have done everyday. I can already see a major difference in my Abs. The exercises are easy to do and "painless". I've been very pleased with this video and the results obtained. I'm 59 so this can work for all ages!

    Mike...more info

  • A Total Ab Workout!
    I have to say this video is well worth the money. Being an All-State Volleyball player in highschool, i have done lots of workouts, and lots and lots of crunches. My stomach has always been somewhat trim and toned, but i wanted to work towards a defined 6-pack. After doing this video i can actually feel a burn in my stomach.

    The best part about this video is that it is soo short and easy to do in the morning before showering for the day, or even after a quick cardio workout. I have been pleased with the results of this tape and have bought 2 of them becuase my first tape is wearing out.

    The format of the tape is to have 6 workouts for 45 seconds each. The 45 seconds feels longer than it is, and with the counter for the seconds and how many workouts are left, you know exactly how much longer you need to push yourself. This is a must have, even if it is used along with another tape and rotated in your workout schedule.

    My suggestion- purchase the Crunch: Washboard Abs and rotate these to tapes to every other day so that you have a longer (1/2 an hour) ab workout one day and then a quick tone of 8 minutes the next to avoid the feeling of a monotonous routine....more info

  • Best Ab Exercise Video
    When I first started this video, I could feel the burn quickly but then the video was done. I find that the 8 min. exercise videos are the most user friendly and to the point. Along with cardio exercise and a better diet, 3 months later I definitely have ab detail in which I thought I would never see. For more resistance, I add 5 pound ankle weights for the leg movement portions. Get compliments often. Thanks Jaime!...more info
    I have been exercising for about 2 years and began lifting weights about a year ago. I have lost a total of 22lbs and have maintained my present weight for the past year. However, I am not happy with my stomache.

    I only weight 100 at 5'2" tall. I am happy with my weight but my abs are a problem. I began using this tape along with several other tapes (rotating each day) and it works. It only takes a few minutes a day and you will see results.

    I also recommend Quick Fix Abs and Quick Fix Tight Abs; along with Firm Parts 5 day abs. All these tapes are less than 10 minutes. Most have 3-5 day segments so you can use the same tape for a few days. They are all good.

    For a longer ab workout Winsor Pilates Ab Sculpting is good but it's 20 minutes. I try to do this one once a week.

    Hope this review helps, I know I greatly appreciate all your reviews in helping me chose good videos....more info
  • Ab routine
    I find this to be a good ab workout, goes by quickly. The day after I did the tape for the first time my abs were sore, so I would recommend that any beginners definitely go at their own pace. The thing I like the most about it is you get a good ab workout without killing your lower back, in my book that's a definite plus. Would recommend this routine....more info
  • Ditto that, Nutcase!!!
    My roomie and I wake up every morning and do this tape before we go to class. It is amazing... we have two copies because we love it so much and so do the girls down the hall. "These exercises are safe, effective, and fun, and they work!" - says the lovely Jamie Brenkus himself! And is he right!!!!! I haven't kept up with it as I should... but my roomie noticed definition within the first week!!!! ...

    So - my point - BUY THIS TAPE. You will get addicted. Remember "it's just eight minutes long... every day!"...more info

  • encouraging
    I've only been using the product for a little while now so i havent seen much results although i can definately feel that i'm doing SOMETHING when i'm working out. I've never been in shape and when i'm a full time student acutally over full time student and i work 40 hours a week i don't really have much time for anything haha. thats what i like about this video is that you can pop it into your dvd player or laptop and work out in the hour or so before i go to work. My mom got this for me to help get me in shape (she's recently lost over 100lbs and now wants to help me to lose weight.) The thing that i appreciate most about the video is that he is constantly saying that its ok if you're a beginner, or its ok if you cant do the full 30 seconds because honestly at this point i cant and when i did exercise groups or other videos i felt kind of ashamed or REALLY out of shape. I like how he doesnt pressure you and he realizes that everyones limits are different. I've also used the 8 minute legs (not so hard for me since i do alot more walking and running than anything else) and it was pretty good too i will definately keep on using these products!...more info
  • 8 minutes anywhere
    I give this short video a ton of credit. It was the perfect choice to kick off a fitness habit five years ago when my girlfriend introduced me to it: the right length to do every day, serious enough to produce results and campy enough to keep me in good humor. It's become an old, reliable friend. In order to keep it handy in my travels, I digitized the videotape so I could play it from my laptop -- then I extracted the audio so I could play it on my iPod! I'll probably still be playing it twenty years from now....more info
  • Low quality video, but high quality exercise!
    I love 8 minute abs. It works, okay?

    A reviewer here complains "It just seems like this video was poorly made with amateur video equipment". Yeah. It isn't in THX or Dolby Digital either, so I guess the exercises suck. I need a sharp picture and surround sound to exercise my abs!

    He/She continues, "I have used the tape about 15 times and it is already showing signs of wear (i.e. ripples in the tape, as if the tracking were off)". After fifteen times I was more impressed by the ripples subtly appearing on my abdomen than the ones on the tape! There's nothing that burns like sitting up in a crunch to adjust the tracking on my VCR. :)

    Honestly, after using this for a small amount of time, what happens to the tape after repeated use is moot. Speaking for myself, I have the routine memorized and can do it without even bothering with the tape anymore. Can anyone else memorize an 8 minute routine after enough use, or is it just me?

    Another dude says "I really didn't notice any improvement in my ab department after a month and a half of use." How much blubber covers your abs? Do you diet well? Do you do other exercises or is "8 Minute Abs" the beginning and end of your workout? Anyone thinking this or ANY routine without a proper diet or fat burning routine (cardio) is going to miraculously make you look like the guy on the cover of the video is nuts.

    In conclusion, I have found 8 minute abs to be a quick, but powerful routine to apply to my overall workout and a high protein, low carb diet. The results are unquestionable and though the producer didn't spend a lot of money making the video, you don't have to spend a lot to buy it, so what's the problem? This is a very worthy routine for anyone who is serious about developing their abs, but smart enough to realize that it is not going to be the single reason for the results it helps you achieve. You won't find any tape here that will....more info

  • The Exercises are Good, Though...
    While I enjoy using this ab video, I am not impressed with the production quality. The music is louder than the instructor's voice, making it hard to follow at first. I have used the tape about 15 times and it is already showing signs of wear (i.e. ripples in the tape, as if the tracking were off). It just seems like this video was poorly made with amateur video equipment. If you can get past these complaints, the exercises are good. The time goes by quickly, and I am not completely wiped out at the end. If I were rating the video on content alone, it would be 4 stars. However, the quality is poor enough to drop that rating to 3 stars....more info
  • Get That 6-Pack Back
    After reading through the comments for this video, I have to agree that this is the best ab workout I have found. I played sports throughout high school and college, but now that I've graduated, I find myself going to the gym less often. This video has helped put me back on my fitness schedule and I use it as motivation to get back into the gym. The video does go by fast and I'm already beginning to see the definition in my stomach come back again. If you're looking for a quick, effective program for your stomach, I couldn't recommend anything else....more info
  • Great short abs workout
    I use this program in conjunction with The Firm video series. I truly feel that Jaime does a much better job that many of the other abs workouts that I use, including the one included with the basic Firm package. As a matter of fact, I have replaced my Firm abs workout with this one.

    Although I still have not seen the "six-pack" as of yet, my abs look wonderful. I am really going to put Jaime to the test as I have started doing this video every night of the week.

    I highly recommend this program for anyone who wants to maintain great abs but finds that their time is very limited....more info

  • upgrading
    I used this video in High School weightlifting class, and remember hating it cause it actually made me work. (I used to mostly try hide out in the back of the class with my friends.)

    A few years later, I had my daughter I decided to buy the tape for myself. I would use the tape for a couple months and then go off for a while. I did notice that when I used the tape my stomache was a lot harder than it was when I wasn't using it.

    One thing I did notice is that this video seems to only work me in the middle section of my stomach. No matter what I would do I couldn't seem to get rid of my love handles, even though they were small, they seemed to want to stay. Though that could have been from having a baby and having my body change so much.

    My tape had many uses for about 2 years when it quite working on me, it just wouldn't play in the vcr anymore. I did memorize the routine and was doing it that way until I got pregnant again, now I can't seem to remember exactly how it went so I've decided to upgrade to the DVD.

    I would totally recomend this video to others, though I might suggest the dvd for better viewing if you can't memorize the tape yourself.

    I hope you love it as much as I do!...more info
  • Great Workout!
    Got this video a month ago and have done everyday. I can already see a major difference in my Abs. The exercises are easy to do and "painless". I've been very pleased with this video and the results obtained. I'm 59 so this can work for all ages!

    Mike...more info