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The Birth of The Constitution:This is America Charlie Brown [VHS]
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  • Great cartoon! (And educational, too.)
    This Is America, Charlie Brown cartoons were very innovative specials that featured the Peanuts characters in important moments in history, and gave kids (as well as parents) a fun insight on how certain histicorial characters (and their influences) came to be. This episode is about the how the Constitution was created, as well as how the legislative, executive and judicial branches affected the delegates. The special mainly revolved around Linus and Peppermint Patty, but the other usual characters were there as well (Schroeder was only in one scene, but he didn't have any line).

    I knocked off a star because the idea of Charlie Brown inventing all those sports, like basketball and baseball ("I bet that hitting a ball with a stick would make a great game!"), was a little too surreal. But it's all right because the special is still great. These This Is America specials rarely come on television any more, so if you want to see them, click the ADD TO CART button.

    Anthony Rupert...more info

  • The worst Charlie Brown movie ever
    "The Mayflower Voyagers" - In this Charlie Brown special, the children appear as passengers on the Mayflower. Most of the characters in the movie are adults and they speak, contrary to most Charlie Brown movies (which focus on the children). In this poorly animated (why are Lucy's feet sometimes brown?) and unhappy tale, we see a lot of people throwing up (yes, throwing up), holding their mouths so they won't throw up, falling sick and dying, and generally being miserable and struggling to survive. In the end, we find out that the Native Americans, who cleared the land the settlers claim, are thrilled to have them there, in part because so many Native peoples died of plague (they want the land to be used). Not exactly politically correct... We see a happy scene of the pilgrims piling fish on the ground on top of their corn seeds, then praying over their Thanksgiving dinner while the Native peoples scratch their heads in bewilderment over piano playing and Snoopy on the drums. Highlights include Linus and Charlie Brown throwing up over the side of the boat, and carrying dead people on stretchers to a graveyard of crosses. This is a Charlie Brown special I could have done without....more info
  • Outstanding Childen's Series with 'Peanuts' Characters Created by Minnesotan Charles Schulz
    One of 13 kids videos that teach kids
    about our heritage, featuring lovable
    Peanuts Characters. Long Live Charlie
    Brown!...more info
  • For Educators of young children, this video is a must!
    This is one of the best presentations of what the Mayflower pilgrims really went through on their historical voyage to America. It also portrays accurately how hard life was for the pilgrims during their first year in their new country. It is truthful and accurate. A must for any primary classroom....more info
  • Music Video Is Great!
    This is, in my opinion, the best THis Is Amerca Charlie Brown video because it's music and it's amazing and entertaining. Must must must buy-today!...more info
  • Story of first rail line across Rockies & Sierra Nevada
    Because I'm an armchair railfan, I bought this video for my children; so far it is their least favorite in the series. In telling the story, a number of colorized old photos were used; too much colorization rendered some images hard to distinguish. Also there is a bit much repetitious animation (mostly wielding of hammers and picks) during the musical segments. This video could have been much better, but nonetheless it contains a lot of information on the "transcontinental" (actually just Nebraska-to-California) railroad and is a good educational tool. --- Paul H!...more info
  • A Great History Lesson
    I'm going to have to get this one, "The Mayflower Voyagers". Always been a fan of the classic Peanuts specials (Halloween and Christmas) but had never seen this one. It was on TV last night, following the original Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. What a great history lesson, even for us oldsters. Wow, and they dared to mention God and faith. I'm so encouraged. Highly recommended....more info
  • Good for kids to understand the basic NASA fuction
    This is a pretty cool movie for kid who want to know more about NASA Space Station. The moive is fun to see and I like it. It shows inside of the space ship is acutal look like and what kind of job they'll do in there. The funny thing was when Charlie want to cook, all the food and pan fly everywhere. Kid will love to see this movie. They will learn alot from there....more info
  • The Peanuts Gang are at it again.
    I really enjoyed this adventure. "Meeting" the presidents through their eyes was a great idea. I liked touring the Smithsonian, one of the best parts was when they saw that giant mouth and Linus said, "Hey Lucy, we finally found something with a bigger mouth than yours!" Hilarious....more info