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Street Fighter [VHS]
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Despite remaining the subject of intense debate by fans of the Capcom video game on which it’s based, the Jean-Claude Van Damme punch-em-up Street Fighter returns to DVD with an array of supplemental features, many of which may seem very familiar to anyone who’s owned previous DVD releases of this title. The film itself, directed by screenwriter Steven (Die Hard) de Souza, remains an amusing camp exercise, buoyed largely by the presence of Raul Julia in his final film role as mad dictator General Bison, who holds a trio of soldiers for ransom. Coming to the rescue is a bleached-blond Van Damme and a team of fighters, including Chun-Li (Ming-Na), Sagat (Wes Studi), Cammy (Kylie Minogue) and other characters from the Street Fighter rogues’ gallery. De Souza’s decision to weave humor into the storyline hobbles the impact of the fight scenes, which are largely relegated to the final third of the film, and budgetary restraints render some characters--most notably Robert Mammone’s Blanka--as laughable caricatures. The result is probably appalling for Street Fighter die-hards, though most audiences seem to regard it as a camp hoot. That status may account for this Extreme Edition, although the tie-in factor with the 2009 theatrical release Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li should be taken into consideration as well. Those who own the 1999 Collector’s Edition DVD of this title will already have most of the extras featured here, including commentary by de Souza, a making-of featurette, outtakes, deleted scenes, storyboard and video game sequences (the latter featuring likenesses of Van Damme and Julia) and a barrage of promotional images. The only features that are new to the Extreme Edition are the sharp anamorphic transfer, which is a vast improvement over the previous release, and a trio of trailers for the Street Fighter IV game and Street Fighter IV feature-length anime. --Paul Gaita

Customer Reviews:

  • Ryu Isn't the main character!
    Why didn't they make Ryu the main character? For the love of Street Fighter WHY? Oh Yeah, I know why its because of that stupid Jean Claude Van Damm. If he wasn't in this movie they probably would have made Ryu and Ken the main characters. Bottom Line... they should have gotten some okay, brown headed, American actor to play Ryu. Not a black haired Asian. And what about Ken he is a complete retard in this movie and he doesn't have long blond hair.

    PS. They should make a new movie that has present day special effects and a deeper less cheesy storyline. With of course RYU AS THE MAIN CHARACTER!
    Oh and there should be Akuma!...more info
  • MUST READ!!!!
    I dont know about everybody else but this movie was AWESOME! Maybe because I watched it when I was little but i LOVED IT! AWESOME!!!...more info
  • One of the Worst Movies Ever! Literally!
    The humiliating label of "worst movie ever" gets thrown around a lot, but Street Fighter truly deserves to be included in the list of worst movies ever. It's so bad, it's its own unique brand of bad. I mean, not only is it inept and stupid, it's just plain strange. From beginning to end, everything about this movie is strange, stupid and inept. Bewilderingly strange and bewilderingly stupid. A "what were they thinking?" curiousness pervades this whole movie. It's a movie that can only be tolerated in small doses it's so bad. I've never watched this movie once straight through from beginning to end. I think if I did I would end up looking like Blanka. Someone please put this film out of its misery and quite re-releasing it on DVD. ...more info
  • A Disgrace to a Great Game and Animated Moive
    I thought the animation was terrible. This was nothing like the animation done for the other Street Fighter movies. They were too "kiddie like." The story lines were horrible also. If you liked the other animated Street Fighter movies, then you will hate THIS collection. It was not what i expected at all!!! Invest in the street fighter 2 V collection, that is worth the money! Much better animation nd closer to what you would expect after watching the Movies. 2 THUMBS DOWN for both Soul Powers AND Code of Honor!!!...more info
  • Street Fighter gets some credit
    Street Fighter is the full length movie based on the popular video game and features an all star cast including Jean Claude Van Damme as Col. Guile and Raul Julia as M Bison in his final role before his untimely death.The Movie was panned by lots of people and i have to be the one to say it's not as bad as everyone says it is.If you are looking for top notch acting and a great story look elsewhere--This is an Action Movie, Period.There is some humor throughout the film but the rest is non stop action,fight scenes and excitement.I Personally love this movie and i know that i will get massacred for saying so but it is a all around good movie with lots of great fight scenes and adventure....more info
    I know it was probably meant to be a spoof of Street Fighter II but it wasn't even that funny! As far as action goes, it was garbage! Even the Mortal Kombat films were funnier than this PLUS it had good action!

    If you want to see a good Street Fighter film, please get the Animated movie! True, some will like this one anyway but I believe if its going to be a spoof, at least make it funny. This wasn't neither exciting nor humorous in my opinion....more info

  • Simply Hiliarous to Watch--Even If It's Not Meant to Be a Comedy!
    Let's get something straight before you think of purchasing this product:
    -This is NOT the anime (japanese animation) movie for Street Fighter 2, nor is it the anime Street Fighter II V series.
    -This is NOT the live action Street Fighter movie, however it is *kinda* based on said media. (I will explain why it *kinda* is further down.)

    This is the animated cartoon that you may or may not remember that appeared on USA Network (or at the time: the "USA Cartoon Express") along with the Double Dragon and Mortal Kombat cartoons.

    This particular show stars Guile (instead of Ryu), who leads an 'elite' group of young man and woman in an undercover police force know only as their code name "Street Fighter".

    Also be aware that this is the first season instead of the entire series: the second season of the two is Street Fighter: Soul Powers, so you'll have to get that box set to complete the series.

    Before I explain a few problems and/or reasons why most people may turn away from the show, I'll give you a full list of episodes that will be included:

    The Adventure Begins-
    Guile and the Street Fighters must save a group of scientist from Bison, who are working for a cure against a deadly disease.

    The Strongest Woman in the World-
    Bison is threating to destory an entire village and Guile in the gang must stop him. The village just happens to be Chun Li's old home and the episode is really based on her wanting revenge against Bison for killing her father. Out of all the conclusions with fights against Bison, this is the one that makes the least since but I won't spoil it.

    Getting to Guile-
    Bison tries to brainwash Guile and turn him against the Street Fighters, using a machine and a series of nightmares to make him believe he can trust Bison. It's up to Chun Li (leading the team), Dee Jay, and the gang to save him.

    Chunnel Vision-
    After MI-6 finally capture Bison, who then has Shadoloo terrorize England by blowing schools and such up until his release and 1 Million pounds, Cammy and Guile must assist them.

    No Way Out-
    Guile and the gang have to save the American Embassy that's being withheld in Shadoloo.

    Demon Island-
    A Dee Jay episode of sorts. Guile and the game have to uncover a missing aircraft that can literally, turn invisiable. Dee Jay wants to clear is name after Zangiff sabatoged him in a fight, causing him to loose his title. This also begins the Cammy/Guile ship. (With seriously flirtation, including trying to kiss Guile, from Cammy.)

    Desert Thunder-
    Guile and Blanka have to recover a stolen laser with the help of an outside source.

    Dark Heart-
    Bison's got a machine that he's using to pull a once in a thousand(s) year comit to Earth that will destroy the entire midwest. Guile, Blanka, Ken and Ryu, along with the help of Dhalism, who has now turned his back on science and technology, must stop him.

    The Medium is the Message-
    Guile and the gang enter a tournament, hosted by Shadoloo. After Bison tries to destroy them with three monsters (using Dhalism's old notes that he used to create Blanka), he then produces a false tape that shows Chun Li, Guile, and Blanka defiling a holy temple in India. This enrages the people, who then try to destory them. Some Notes:
    -Just about most, if not all, of the characters from the first alpha game appear in this episode.
    -Common Sense plays a role in this episode: why didn't anyone just go into the temple and check to see if it actually had been destoried? But I ramble...
    -This is the infamous episode where Bison:
    1. Runs down the hallway, crying "YES!"
    2. Contains the part where Bison screams "YES! :pause: YES!" as seen on YouTube.

    Eye of the Beholder (One of the better episodes in the set.)-
    One of my personal favorites. This is a Blanka episode: pretty much, there is a scientist that has found a way to prolong a person's youth with a serum. It also as the ability to turn Blanka back into a human, which is does, but it can only be sustained after the second dose. However, Vega, as vain as ever, also has his eye on the 'Fountain of Youth'. What insues is (for this show at least) is one of the better storylines (and kinda touching at towards the end) of the show.

    The Hand that Feeds You-
    A Fei-Long episode. Guile, Ken and Ryu (who's also looking for his cousin) travel to Hong Kong in a effort to uncover a drug ring. Fei-Long, a famous Hong Kong movie star, assist once he realizes his own director and best friend could be invovled.

    Keeping the Peace-
    Guile and the new colonel Sawada try to stop emerald smugglers in Mexico. (Note: Sawada was the third person in Guile's close nit group (other than Cammy) from the movie. He's not in the game and he is NOT T-Hawk!.)

    Strange Bedfellows (Anotehr of the better episodes. The first (of only two I believe) with Akuma.)
    Bison and Guile must work together against a greater threat: Akuma. Note:
    -This is the Season 1 finale.
    -Akuma in this show is portrayed as an actual, erm, demon. Complete with crazy 'demon' powers.

    What happened with this cartoon was they attempted to continue the story where the movie ended--however they also tried to base the story on the actual game, which then lead to the overall story being very conflicted.
    A few issues raised because of this and overall, resulted in more than a few people not liking this version of the Street Fighters characters:

    -Guile is once again, the main character of the show. It has been believed that many that Ryu is the main character of the series, if not the most important.

    -A ??? moment: Blanka, Dhalism, and Bison apparently survived at the end of the movie--though how any of them did is never explained.

    -Chun Li works for Interpol: she never was a television reporter. And her father was also an agent, not a poor villager.

    -Everyone's personality is completely ? ? ? at times, though in some episodes, more so than others. And some characters personalities are changed completely. (Like Ken's.)

    -Blanka and Charlie Nash (Note: For those that don't know, Charlie was actually the best friend of Guile, who was murdered by Bison. He is the reason why Guile hates and is originally after Bison in the games.) are two seperate people, though Blanka's transformation apparently (if you by the 'Street Fighter: Eternal Challenge' book, as well as loose content from the games and bios) is the fault of Shadoloo's.

    -Guile was in the AIRFORCE, not the Army (As portrayed on the show, I can't remember if it is in the movie or not.) And he NEVER lost his rank as colonel or was discharged, though he was (I'm still not exactly clear on how this happened as the show does a poor job of explaining things, more on that below.) in the show. He's also suppose to have a wife and daughter, not an ex-girlfriend or (out of no where too) trying to be shipped off with Cammy.

    -Cammy's story is...huummm...: she apparently was kidnapped from her home (though she's wearing the Delta Red outfigt already) by Bison, who murdered her parents. She (unknowingly?) somehow escaped, joined Delta Red, then left them (apparently due to regulations and rules she didn't agree with, plus a more than hinted at love triangle that she got involved with two other memebers of the group) to help the Street Fighters.
    However in the movie, she was part of an 'Interpol' like set up, where different people from around the world had assembled together from different branches of their government to bring Shadoloo down.
    Her real story: According to both the Udon comics, hints from the games, and the SF: UC book, Cammy is actually an experiment made by Bison in the attempts of making another suitable body host for his soul and/or Psycho Power. She was freed from his mind control then joined Delta Red.

    -A few characters switched roles in the shows from the movie:
    1.)Dee Jay is actually a good guy (like he's suppose to be)and his connection to Shadoloo is either completely ignored or is just never brought up. (Like it never happened...)

    2.)Balrog works for Shadoloo as he's suppose to, though he's still quite calm and apparently, intellgent, unlike his actual character. He also apparently can do EVERYTHING, including type on a computer, with his boxing gloves.

    3.Sagat is is a mish/mash of being a 'crime lord' and his original character: he's got a serious grudge against Ryu, as usual.

    4.Vega is actually done correctly personality wise, though a bit toned down on the psychosis and bloodlust. He apparently doesn't work for Shadoloo or Sagat (like in the movie) even though he's seen with the gang in the intro as if he does. Though Bison can get him to do things if there's something in it for him, I.E. the promise of 'Eternal Youth'.

    5. E. Honda is the 'intellgence' of the team. He's ridiculously awesome with computers and such and comes off as very intellgent.

    6. Ken & Ryu:
    They *almost*, *kinda*, *sorta* got him right. Except he's not all 'about the fight'. He's still far more honorable than Ken, even though he allows himself to be pulled into schemes and such. He comes off more like a sidekick than anything, more so in the second season.

    Wow. This has to be the worst on they got wrong. It's like they tried to capture Ken's personality but instead, made it worse: he's annoying, whiny, and almost cowardly at times. He's very undisciplined, quite selfish, and seems to be very one tracked minded on money, being rich and famous, and lots of babes--even though the second season contradicts a few things. (Like one minute Ken is wealthy, this is hinted at thanks to his father helping to make Fei Long's movie. Then in another, where they have to save Gouken, which happens to be the biggest What the Heck moment in Street Fighter history, he was a kid on the street that Gouken took in. Make up your MINDS!) Ken fans: get ready to be insulted...

    Other things that might annoy you about the show:
    -Storylines and elements aren't explained very well. You have to do a lot of 'assuming' most of the time.
    -There are more than it's fair share of What the Heck? moments, more so when dealing with Bison.
    -Some of the character's signature moves are used incorrectly or just look outright laughably lame when performed: like Chun Li's Spinning Bird Kick and Fei Long's Flame Kick are ridiculous slow and last amamzingly too long in some instances. (It was hard NOT to laugh during her flashback of Bison vs. Her Father.) You will DIE laughing when you where Ryu say "Hadoken!", let alone when they perform their Hurrican Kicks. Guile's somersault kick is now a projectile.
    -The animation can get bad in some instances. (I now am the proud owner of more than a few avatars based on a few bad moments when I happened to pause the show.)

    In all, the best reason, if any, to get this show is simply because it's so bad, it's actually funny. I found entertainment in pointing out all the things they did wrong with the show and cracking up at them than anything else.

    For as cheap as you can find it from the user's, this is worth the $20 bucks to pick up, just for a laugh.

    I give this title three stars because while yes, it was bad, it did entertainment, which was it's purpose.

    ...more info
  • Did they really have to do this?
    I'll keep this short and simple.

    Everyone who thought Super Mario Brothers was a a horrible movie knows how much worse this one is. It is by far the worst video game to movie translation ever. The only reason this is being put on blu-ray is because there is another one being released this year based off of Chun Li, one of the characters in the game. Don't buy this unless you're doing your own Mystery Science Theater night with some friends.

    That or you really like to make yourself suffer....more info
  • Street Fighter, or Gi-Joe?
    I'm a street fighter fanatic! I've loved the concept since the original Street Fighter Arcade Game (the impossible to play one with the large buttons you had to smash, and the impossible to pull off special moves, Street Fighter II was a piece of cake in comparison).
    I bought this because I was hoping to get a more complete collection, and I'm not entirely dissapointed...
    Though it is quite true to the video game, it's very much the same style as the 1980's Gi-Joe... which means that if you're used to anime (like the Otaku I am) you might be a little dissapointed....more info
  • A classic for all the wrong reasons
    This is my first blu ray review I don't review movies that much. I will say I like this movie for Rual Julia performance and JCVD as a decent Guile. If I was on hand making this movie I would have made the 20 Billon to go twords his psycho drive that's why he would hold hostages Ken was abducted and brain washed by Bison Ryu has to fight him. Charlie was killed at the beginning of the movie Guile goes and fights him Ken comes back to normal in the part where Bison has his psycho power I would have Bison dominate Guile Ken & Ryu save him. Guile, Ryu & Ken team up and defeat Bison. Somewhat like the anime film which is a lot better. This movie ain't the worse of all time I could name 4, 2 of which were video game films & the other 2 made by Warren Beatty. I give it a 4/10 anything under a 5 I don't recommend but any thing over a 7 is a must have. The fault of SFTM goes to the idiot who gave Steven DeSouza 1 night to write a film script. Want worse go see Double Dragon or Super Mario. Becuse there even worse....more info
    Have anybody encounter any problem with this DVD ? All the new generation DVD PLAYER including THE HIGH END MODEL , can't play this title .

    My old PIONEER PLAYER can only play this title . I recently bought a new copy but the problem still the same .

    STREET FIGHTER suppose to be a big hit for VAN DAMME but end up being the biggest flop movie . Director STEVEN E.DESOUZA seem have lost his direction . Even the anime is much better than the live action . Why can't they shoot this movie with a serious script , minus the comedy part & made the action scene more reliastic . IS A LIVE ACTION MOVIE , NOT AN ANIME MOVIE ....more info

  • whats with the bad reviews?? this movie was good
    i can't understand why so many people disliked streetfighter but i enjoyed it very much as i love the video games, the comedy fitted in well in the movie and the story was pretty good and not as complex like mortal kombat as well as the action was spot on....more info
  • A decent Buy
    While not as polished as the other Street Fighter IV it does have some okay action in it. The main character change is a depature but out of respect to Raulo Julia who was a great actor I bought the Dvd. It was a decent buy and if you are a true collector its a must buy for the street fighter collection though I would buy it used....more info
  • "I'm the Repo Man, and you're out of business!"
    "You can't make a movie out of a video game." That's what they told writer/director Steven de Souza when he took on this daunting project. They were probably right, but he wrote the script anyway...and he only had one night to do it. Perhaps he should have asked for two nights. Nevertheless, here we have the infamous live-action version of Street Fighter on DVD in a lavish Widescreen Collector's Edition, packed with a plethora of bonus features, including: trailers; TV promos; behind the scenes footage; storyboards; deleted scenes; video game footage; movie poster art; Chun-Li's news footage; video game character art; `The Making of Street Fighter' featurette; and even a running commentary by the aforementioned writer/director, Steven de Souza. Never has a motion picture so universally despised received such an extraordinary DVD treatment!

    Street Fighter may not be as awful as some people think, but it certainly isn't very good. The plot is meandering and hard to follow, and the characters' motivations are not always clear. It's too often silly and only occasionally exciting, but it's not consistently funny enough to be considered a comedy, and not dramatic enough to be considered an action movie. The film's worst flaw is that it doesn't stay true to its source material. General M. Bison is a drug lord turned power mad dictator who is holding sixty-three "Allied Nations" relief workers in a "hostage pit" in his secret underground base in Shadaloo, Southeast Asia. The smartly-dressed megalomaniac demands that a staggering ransom of twenty billion dollars be deposited into his Swiss bank account within three days or the hapless hostages will die. Though he lacks the Psycho Power of his video game counterpart, the impudent General plans to use the ransom money to build Bisonopolis (complete with a food court) and, of course, take over the world. Chun-Li Zang is a reporter for GNT World News and her news crew consists of Balrog, the boxer, and Edmond Honda, the Hawaiian sumo wrestler. Colonel William F. Guile (the main character here) is the blue-camouflaged A.N. military commander who has an American flag tattooed on his shoulder even though he's Belgian. Cammy works for Guile, not for Bison. Ken and Ryo--the stars of the video game--are portrayed as thieving con men who sell ping-pong ball guns to bad Bison's skinny one-eyed arms supplier, Sagat. Zangief, the Russian, is depicted as a complete moron. And Dhalsim is not an Indian monk and Yoga master, but a scientist who is forced, by Bison, to turn Guile's friend, Charlie Blanka, into a mindless, orange-haired Hulk-like killing machine by injecting colorful liquids into him and making him watch horrific videos (like this one) in an "incubation chamber." Dr. Dhalsim has a full head of thick black hair until near the end of the picture, when he suddenly and inexplicably shows up completely bald.

    The movie does have its moments though. RašČl Julišą is terrifically entertaining as General Bison, even if he is too gaunt to be believable as the powerful fighter from the arcade game. There are some clever lines like: "For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. For me, it was Tuesday." And Guile's speech to the A.N. troops just before they mount an amphibious attack on Bison's lair is pretty inspiring, despite the fact that Jean-Claude Van Damme seems to have a lot of trouble speaking the English language. There's also a very impressive explosion near the end of the film. Still, proper representations of the Street Fighter characters can only be found in animated form (see Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie and Street Fighter II V: The Collection).
    ...more info
  • No Good!!!!!!
    This movie is on my all time worst list. It quite possibly had some of the worst acting i've ever seen by Jean Claude and the rest of the cast. It seemed as if the casting director just put anyone he owed a favor to in parts to fufill favors he owed. The script was cheesy, even for a chidrens movie and the final fight seen didnt help the movies cause either. Guile faced off with M. Bison in one of the worst fighting sequences ive ever seen. In a corny manner, they used their signature moves and off course Guile won as the building as about to blow up. Although i was only 10 when the movie came out, i was able to recognize pure crap when i saw it. My recommendation is to not buy it. Instead, try one of the animated video if you havent already done so....more info
  • foolish
    I remember watching this movie years ago. I was still nuts about street fighter back then so I thought it was the greatest. Well, a few days ago it was on the tube and I thought it would be cool to watch it again after all this time. I made it maybe about half way through. If you are a street fighter fan and havent seen it... rent it. Just to get it out of the way. But to have this in your movie library would just be embarassing....more info
  • Good Enough
    I still think they should have stuck more to the video game. Some of the costumes are off but it was still an Okay flick. Would recommend but only to those that can enjoy the concept of the game. ...more info
  • Laughing at most reviewers
    This movie ranks as one of my favourite films I have ever seen. I have watched the film over 7 times over the past month and have still enjoyed the work. Reason?
    People keep viewing this film as a serious VidGame-to-film adaptation. It isn't. This film has a creative license, which has it's own storyline, with a few "game" ideas thrown in. This film isn't supposed to be a serious action flick. It's a light-hearted action spoof, which is meant to entertain the humourful.
    I disagree with 99% of all reviews i have read all around the internet, in which to say that this movie doesn't suck. People just can't see it for what it really is - a spoof, not unlike Hot-Shots (albeit, not so obvious).
    Raul Julia is the best, and from what i feel, the Bison I'd imagine to be. Mad, self-opinionated, and damn sure of himself. So sure that he can still joke.
    People need to stop viewing this film as a straight forward VidGame-to-film adaptation. This is a film, with Street Fighter characters and a couple of Street Fighter backgrounds. I could guaruntee that if all the characters were given different names, people would be complaining that "it was a street fighter ripoff".
    Take my advice - give the film a go, and view it as a spoof. Something just to laugh at, and not taken seriously. Once you master that, you may begin to see why i love this film so much...more info
  • not to well
    man i tell you.i see alot of problems in this movie.
    i can make a better street figher.thats to whoever produced this movie and directed this movie....more info
  • Dumb fun at some of its best
    Despite its lack of attention to the source material it is based on (though it certainly isn't as bad as the Street Fighter cartoon that USA broadcasted for two seasons), this really is just a fun film. So many memorable lines and goofy sequences make it a great party movie for those that like a little cheese in their viewing diet. Plus, it's nice to have an anamorphic transfer of the film with this Blu-ray release, which the super-old DVD release lacked.

    It's an interesting footnote in the Street Fighter legacy and a fun one to boot. ...more info
  • Campy live-action cartoon is entertaining but do not take it seriously or overly critical in comparing it to the video game.
    This is an entertaining live-action comic book and based on the source material, the cast is borderline good. Raul Julia, Wes Studi and Van Damme were all casted well. It has good sets, exotic locales and comedy. The film is more of an action comedy than anything. May I add that I liked Guile more here than I did in the game. Not quite up to the funny entertainment or quality par of say Live & Let Die or It's a Mad Mad Mad World but it was better then some claimed, and some people just should not watch these types of films. I feel sorry for film based some of these public judgements of the film so i'm adding another star. Its refreshing to see these older types of adventure/comic book serials without the use of dreaded CGI (I'll take Street Fighter over Spiderman any day). Van Damme is the man but not quite on Chuck Norris' caliber in terms of hip factor, skill and gritty manliness. I got to add that I do like this film more than I did when I first saw it as a lad. One of the few movies that seems better now than it did....more info
  • Not one thing right in this movie...
    Ok, here we go. Grab a snack cause I'm gonna be bashing on this movie for awhile. Ok, where do I begin? The movie was horrible. That took off. Now. When this came out, I was a hardcore Street Fighter fan (hell, I still am. Fighting games are my life)and when I looked up online to see the reviews, I heard nothing good at all. So I decided not to waste my money on going to the theatres. So then when it comes out for video, I rent it. And I was sad to say, those reviews were right. Let's begin on what they did wrong, shall we?

    1. Jean Claude Van Damm - I used to be a big fan on Van Damm in his very successful movies like Bloodsport and Timecop. But recently, his movies were bad. And then they give him the roll as the American soilder, Guile. Now, firstly, Guile is American. Van Damm is French. Smart move there guys. Secondly, Guile wasn't even the main character in the game. It was Ryu and Ken. Thirdly, Van Damm hardly even looked like Guile. Van Damm had a crew cut in the movie while the real Guile has something like a flat top hairdo. And lastly, Guile was a captain. Not a clonial.

    2. Storyline - The storyline wasn't not even close to the game's storyline. Ryu and Ken in the game, are martial artist who grew up together living in the same dojo with their master, Gouken. They train every day. In the movie, they're weapon dealers and are brothers. Wow, quite different. And also, I recall Ryu being somewhat like a Bruce Lee wannabe. I mean, he'd always ended up needing to take off his shirt and fight with only his pants on and even getting cuts on his chest by Vega (Balrog in Japan). Sagat is supposed to be a Muay Thai fighter known all over the world who lost to Ryu and was scarred by his Shoryuken. In the movie, Sagat is Ryu and Ken's dealer who ends up trying to kill Ryu and Ken cause he got screwed over by them. Chun Li in the game is an Interpol officer searching for M. Bison (Vega in Japan)cause he killed her father. In the movie, she's a news, Honda and Balrog/M. Bison are her crew in the movie. In the game, Honda is a Japanese Sumo wrestler. In the movie, he's some fat hawaiian camera man. Balrog/ Bison, in the game, is one of M. Bison/Vega's body guards and is a BAD GUY. In the movie, however, he's apart of Chun Li's news crew and is a GOOD GUY. Cammy, in the game, was once being controlled by Bison/Vega but gained her memory and is now apart of Red Delta. In the movie, she's Guile's lover (which I remember in the game, Guile has a wife and a daughter)and is apart of the army with Guile. I'm probably boring all of you to death from the horrific things of this movie.

    3. Horrible fights - Street Fighter is mainly about fighting. Well, I hardly found any fighting in this movie. And the fighting that was in this movie stunk. And the saddest part of special moves.....That's what made Street Fighter unique. Specials. But, where's the hadoukens? Shoryukens? Tatsumaki Senpukyakus? Sonic Booms? Nope. Nadah. Nothing at all.

    Bottom line: Movie is horrible. Don't even bother trying to see this movie....more info
  • It's Fun, in a way.
    By no means is this a good movie, but for a mindless action flick it is not too bad. There is a bunch of over action and groan outloud lines, but at the end of the movie you don't feel robbed in anyway. There are some really fun moments, on-liners, and some of the fighting is not done that bad.

    Sad note this is still a bare-bones DVD, just the movie and nothing else. You wished for maybe getting Van Dam to do some commentary or something by now....more info
  • Parallel Universe?
    The end of Raul Julia's esteemed career is startlingly similar to the late, great Orson Welles'.

    "Street Fighter," a movie based on a toy/video game, was Mr. Julia's final film. He plays Bison, a maniacal super-villain with anti-gravity boots and delusions of godhood.

    Orson Welles' last appearance (at least, his voice) was "Transformers: the Movie," based on a toy/cartoon. He played Unicron, a maniacal super-villain planet (generating his own gravity) and delusions of godhood.

    Unicron is destroyed by the Autobot Matrix. Bison is destroyed in a fight-scene reminiscent of "the Matrix."

    The Autobot girl Arcee, played by Susan Blu, is hot (if you're into that sort of thing). The female Street Fighter Cammy, played by Kylie Minogue, is hot (if you're into that sort of thing).

    One of the Street Fighter heroes, Guile, has an annoying French-sounding accent. One of the Autobot heroes, Wheelie, is annoying (and may be French).

    I can watch "TF:TM" over and over again. Hmm....I guess the similarities end there....more info

    The Jean Claude Van Damme Review Matrix (JCVD-RM)

    1. Who is he? Colonel Guile, leader of a fictitious, multinational military force that the U.N. should be in real life
    2. Which family member/friend must be avenged? His fellow soldier, Carlos Blanka
    3. Does he take his shirt off? No nakedness
    4. Does he have sex with a C-List actress? No, but Ming Na wears some hot outfits
    5. Is there a tournament? No tournament
    6. Is training needed for this tournament? No training
    7. Does he do the splits in training or in the tournament? No splits
    8. Does he punch someone in the balls? No groin shots
    9. Does he do a series of flying or 360 kicks? The most telegraphed spin kicks in history during the final battle
    10. Is his enemy unbeatable? No, it's that guy who played Gomez in the Addam's Family
    11. Does he overcome an injury or other hindrance? The rest of the cast.
    12. Does he win? Does anyone really care? Just put in another quarter already.

    M.Bison, Chun Li, Ken, and Ryu are played by people seen in bit parts of decent movies, and starring parts of bad movies. Zangief is played by the guy best known for portraying roid-heads in The Program and Necessary Roughness, which is also where the casting director grabbed the faux-Japanese sumo wrestler for the E. Honda role. Speaking of Honda, he's horribly miscast as a journalist alongside Balrog. And the coup de grace of bad casting, Kylie Minogue plays Cammie, a character with no discernable purpose. Wes Studi is solid as always.

    Directed by Steven E. de Souza, a man who single-handedly tried to destroy JCVD's legacy - and later tried to destroy Stallone's career with Judge Dredd - this is a movie that should have never been made.

    This one can't be wholly blamed on JCVD. The video game Street Fighter II was all the rage, and there was money to be made on the craze. It's not JCVD's fault that there was a near conspiracy among the director and cast to sabotage the entire wretched production. Nearly everything except for costume design is horrible, and I can't express it another way. Horrible. ALMOST worst of all is the forced product placement for Capcom's logo and the Street Fighter II game console. WORST OF ALL, this movie doesn't even resemble the format for which JCVD has become famous. It's a complete disappointment in every way. Next to Black Eagle, this is JCVD's worst full movie. Don't watch it....more info
  • Okay, it's got a story and will keep kids watching
    I really think Dolph Lundgren(The Punnisher, Rocky 4, Universal Soldier) would have been better as Guile. He even looks like the video game character. But Van Damme's name will sell. Okay fine. The movie has goofy acting, sets, costumes, lines, etc. But it's a complete movie and I felt it deserves 3 stars....more info
  • Ah! DON'T change the channel!
    Street Fighter is one of my favorite movies but is sooo short it makes me wish there was more to it. The plot is sort of wacky and cartoonish, too. Major Bison (Raul Julia) has created a new force of evil called Bison troopers and has captured a number of soldiers and nurses from the Allied Nations. The goofy part is that he is holding them ransom for $20,000,000,000 and they have three days to live. If you're gonna do that, ya might as well kill them or ask for world domination! You'll never get that much! At the same time, he has taken Colonel Guile's-AN soldier-(Jean-Claude Van Damme) friend and attempted to turn him into a killing monster. Guile, angrily and vengefully, goes to recover the hostages and kick son of a bi***'s Bison's a** so hard the next Bison wannabe will feel it (quote Colonel Guile). There are so many other turns in the plot that makes it fun to watch. Its also got lots of comedy and action/adventure to rock the genre. Rent it first since it is a movie that only certain people have taste for....more info
  • Not movie worthy
    I have seen Street fighter way back when i was a kid. Now they play it on cable all the time. and to this day, i still wonder why the hell they made a movie out of it. Its only good to look at when you don't have nothing else to look at or you just winding down to go to sleep....more info
  • Street Fighter Blu-ray [Steve Sap Review]
    LOL. What can I say about this movie. I'm not a Street Fighter fan but I respect the fighting franchise. My all time favorite is Mortal Kombat...Not to get off subject. When I watch this movie when I was young I thought this movie was serious action movie. But now I watch it, it was a comedic movie. I'm saying that because of the actors I mean the whole movie funny, the movie had nothing but humor in it. So it's true when they say watch a movie when you get older and you'll understand it more. But the quality of the movie is great (9/10) even though it's an old movie the transfer to blu-ray was phenomenal. Of course none of the special features are in high definition besides the Street Fighter IV trailers.

    Q.uic C.ash

    - Steve Sap! Your #1 Asian Guy!...more info
  • A guilty pleasure Flick
    Street Fighter is one of those movies that really ticked off fans, especially if they are fans of the anime areas as well. The plot here is that M. Bison (Raul Julia in his final performance on the big screen) is out to conquer the world in his own demented way. With his allies being Sagat, Vega, Zangief, and Dee Jay he and his army are out to rule the World. TO oppose him Captain Guile (Jean Claude Van Damm) leads the army that will bring him down. With his top two ranking officers Cammy and T. Hawk they team up with Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Balrog, and E. Honda as they all battle the forces of evil.

    The reason I love this so much is because of how campy it is. Raul Julia steals the show as his over he top performance as Bison, the psycho path who believes in the Warriors code, but just wants world peace. In fact this movie holds one of the all time greatest villian lines ever "For you the day Bison destroyed your town may have been the most devestating day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday." Classic campy dialouge that makes Raul Julia etched in my mind forever in this movie. This is a guilty pleasure, it's campy and cheesey, but over all a fun movie to watch....more info

  • SHORYUKEN!!!!!!
    Hardcore streetfighter this is a joke . This is the first six button fighter game to grace the arcade. This game paved the way for games like Killer Instinct, Mortal Kombat,Dead or Alive, and Tekken and many other 2-D game fighters. This movie is a insult to the franchise. If you want the true origin of this movie get the animated version of the movie this is garbage for real. ...more info