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Whoopi Goldberg (The Color Purple) gives one of her earliest and finest film performances as Terry Doolittle, a computer programmer who unwittingly becomes embroiled in an international espionage scheme, forced to outmaneuver the CIA and KGB in this riotous 1986 Cold War comedy. Doolittle, the outspoken and irreverent employee of an international bank, is working overtime one evening when her terminal receives an encrypted message pleading for help from Jumpin' Jack Flash, code name for a British spy (Jonathan Pryce) trapped in Eastern Europe. At first reluctantly and then audaciously, Doolittle becomes privy to his predicament and essential to his escape while delivering a steady stream of ribald one-liners and witty slapstick—whether it's her Mick Jagger impersonation, police station meltdown, or infamous dress-caught-in-the-paper-shredder escapade at the British Consulate ball. A host of supporting talent includes Annie Potts, Jon Lovitz, Jim Belushi, the late Phil Hartman, and Stephen Collins (who shines as Marty, the mole), yet the film belongs to Whoopi. Though the plot is far-fetched and often flimsy, Penny Marshall (in her directorial debut) gives Goldberg enough latitude to showcase her immense talent in a role she obviously relishes—and audiences will too. Rated R for extreme profanity and mature themes. --Lynn Gibson

Customer Reviews:

  • Cute, only funny when Whoopi is on screen.
    Whoopi Goldberg is such a talented actress, and should be doing better stuff than this. But, it is cute, semi funny, and some Saturday Nite Live actors can be spotted in their first movie roles. Enjoy!...more info
    I was pleased to find exactly what I expected, in about the time I expected it, and for less than I could find it in the local stores!!!...more info
  • It's a gas!
    This movie is Whoopi Goldberg at her finest! The movie has hysterical one liners, and it completely captures Whoopi's sense of humor and her comedic style. While some of the plot might seem outdated, the movie as a hole stands on its own well...Basically, this movie will always be a gas gas gas!...more info
  • The Best Comedy I've seen *and that's saying a lot*
    I'm not usually a fan of Woopi, but this movie takes the cake. I first saw this movie in the 80s and I've seen it consistantly since then. It's just as funny now, if not more so. Some of the dated news topics addressed in this movie may or may not bother you *I just think it adds to the over-all effect*. Great fun, I highly recommend this one!...more info
  • Just a Flash
    Not a very realistic movie, but very enjoyable. Whoopi almost at her best. Doesn't pluck the heart strings like "Color Purple", not as moving as "Clara's Heart", but certainly showcases her comedic talents. Loved the "silver box" and "tropical fish" comments. Some very funny parts that did require real acting talent. A thoroughly enjoyable film best enjoyed with someone to watch it with you. ...more info
  • Jumpin' Jack Flash
    I was pleased at how quickly I received this produced. Shocked was more the word. However, I bought 2 of these, one as a gift, one for myself, and I have not watched the DVD yet, due to the holidays and time constraints. I would buy from Amazon again with no hesitations.

    J. George...more info
  • Thank God
    I am sooooooooooooooo happy that one of my all time favorite movies has finally come out on DVD. I love this movie so much. It's one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. Every time it comes on TV, I watch it like it's new. My favorite scene is when she dresses like one of the supremes and she gets her dress caught in the shredder, I laugh so hard at that point. Please, if you haven't seen this movie, it is a must have, cause it is unbelievably funny. ...more info
  • Whoopi having fun
    A decent movie to kill some time on a rainy day. My lovely wife could watch it over and over so it makes her happy.

    And we all know...A happy wife = A happy life......more info
  • Movie's a stretch, but ya gotta love Whoopi
    Whoopi Goldberg is one of those people who could make me laugh just reading the phone book. I always enjoy watching her no matter what she's up to.

    So, I definitely got a kick out of Jumpin' Jack Flash, even though the storyline is pretty unbelievable and the romantic element kind of tacked on perfunctorily. There are a bunch of fun bits that keep the movie entertaining, but the story line is really just something to hang Whoopi's immense talent upon. Fun but flawed. ...more info
  • Great fun, despite dated technology
    Whoppi Goldberg is a delight as the computer clerk working for a bank who receives a cryptic message from a US agent who needs assistance escaping from a foreign country. Our family thought this movie was a great comedy/drama when we first saw it in the 80's and it still wears well if you can deal with computer technology that has long since become obsolete. It is great fun....more info
  • Favorite finally on DVD
    Jumpin'Jack Flash, my ultimate favorite movie, finally coming out on DVD !!

    A few years ago, a friend asked to borrow my VHS copy of the movie. I couldn't find it. Looked high and low. Found it days and days later, in the box we had packed because a hurricane had been predicted for our area. In the box with the video of our wedding, the insurance papers, the will, the priceless photos, was the video of Jumpin' Jack Flash !!

    Up till that time, I didn't really realize how much I love that movie. And I have been checking from time to time to see if and when it would come out on DVD.

    Good things DO come to those who wait :) !!...more info

  • The key IS the key

    This is a very special film. It stars Whoopi Goldberg, an interesting character, a real liberal in real life, but in reel life you just don't know what kind of movie she'll make. Some of her movies are very moral and decent. The best of them (in my opinion) is Jumpin' Jack Flash.

    The film begins with "Terry" (played adroitly by Whoopi) a lonely, single, working girl. The movie was made in 1986 before the internet came on the scene. Terry works at a major U.S. bank doing international SWIFT transactions. Through a (then) special hi-tech communications technology, she organizes an IM-archetype chat room with other bank employees around the world.

    Then one day she gets a message on her computer from Jumpin' Jack Flash. (The voice of Jonathan Price). He's a British Intelligence agent on a secret mission. He's trapped inside the ex-Soviet Union. He needs help. The KGB is hunting him. Suddenly Terry's life is turned completely upside down.

    The KGB, CIA and British Intelligence are all after her in one way or another. At Jack's request she goes to a ball at the British Embassy in New York City to try and find a man that may be able to help him. There she only finds betrayal. She find's further intrigue at Jack's apartment and through his old flame, a hot blonde otherwise known as "The Lady Sara."

    But no one will help Jack. "He knows the risks and he's on his own," they all tell her.

    Terry pleads with Sara. "You had a thing once." You loved him. He loved you. He still has you picture in his apartment. He still loves you! Why won't you help him? Why do you turn on your back on him when he needs you most? After all he's done for you?

    Sara simply says, "I'm sorry."

    Terry gets so angry. She replies, "You're not sorry. You're sad!" And you're no lady!

    Other agents, Jacks's fellow MI-6 friends, are being murdered. A little girl of a dead MI-6 agent writes "KGB" in her birthday cake in a most non-plussed manner.

    Terry puts her job and her very life at risk for a person she doesn't even know.

    When Jack finds out she's a woman he threatens to break off all contact with her. He is chivalrous of course. He doesn't want Terry get hurt or killed. But Terry becomes very mad. She tells him, "I've got better things to do than save your butt, bud!"

    Terry's made a promise never to abandon Jack, no matter that everyone else he trusted has abandoned him. She had honor and moral integrity with her word. Her word is her bond. Her word is her life. Her word embodies her honor, no matter what the cost may be. As such, you simply can't help but stand up and cheer for her. In a world of women who abandon their children and spouses and others who love them, she's special. Again, what Terry says, she means.

    And in a world of lies and betrayal, the cost of truth is great. Terry is told by Archer Lincoln, a mysterious intelligence agent who appears out of nowhere, to "Get off the stage before you get carried off."

    The plot thickens further when Terry is abducted and chemically interrogated by the KGB, but no one can break her. Because she's kind and good and breaks the rules only to help others, the angels have given Terry the key to saving Jack's life. She knows the key when no one, not the KGB, CIA or MI-6, has a clue.

    "The key is the key."

    Jim Belushi, who plays the chemical interrogator, exclaims with exasperation, "The key is the key! What the hell does that mean?"

    But in fact the key IS the key. That's the thing. Terry's smart. She's figured out the key. It's the key to the song "Jumpin' Jack Flash." (B-flat). This song was made famous by The Rolling Stones and their lead singer Mick Jagger.

    But there's one missing piece to the puzzle. Terry still needs The Lady Sara's help.

    Will Terry's heart, which always hopes for the best and always hopes for love, finally be enough to move Sara to action? Will Sara finally become a true lady? And will Terry and Sara save Jack before the KGB kills him?

    Remember in life, just as in Jumpin' Jack Flash, the key (goodness, kindness, love, keeping one's promises, forgiveness, endurance, service, selflessness, courage, risk, devotion, morality, values and honor) is the key.

    ...more info
  • Jumping Jack Flash
    Always wanted to buy this movie and never found it. Still a great movie and Whoopi Goldberg is a really good solid actress. The movie is well cast and well acted and we enjoy it very much, and will for a long time to come. ...more info
  • Why are almost ALL movies "not for persons under age 18? "
    I love this movie too like you guys, but I'm REALLY surprised and amazed, to learn that whenever I enjoy a US movie released in France where it is classified for all public, this movie has been restricted for a whole group of viewers in the US. The point is: what ON EARTH is so shocking in this funny and delightful movie that may affect a teenager ! Ban GUNS first before prohibiting comedies !...more info
  • Good, but not great...
    This is a funny film which is easy to like. Whoopi does raise above the pretty basic material, her mouth has always been a problem for me, especially since it wasn't necessary to the film. Watch it on TV only. But the ending saved it for me, Jack's appearance was an excellent visual twist....more info
    Critics really loved to trash this movie... Well they're all wrong. Jumpin Jack Flash was Whoopi Goldberg's frist comedy film and I think to this day it is one of the best films she has made. I guarentee you will love this one! With Penny Marshall as director, you can't Miss!...more info
  • A Classic Finally on DVD
    I've been dying for this movie to be on dvd for years. It is Whoppi Goldberg's best movie. THANK YOU GOD! I love this movie...more info
  • Jumpin' Jack Flash
    It's a good movie, lots of laughs. Whoopi Goldberg is at her finest. ...more info
  • Who doesn't like Whoopi?
    This movie is from the 80s and yet it still manages to be somehow timeless (if you discount the bright yellow shoes!) It is typical Whoopi fare and definately child friendly. The world is always happier if it's full of laughter and this movie is definaely on the all time list of funny! This is a must see if you love Whoopi, love laughter, and enjoy a good flick!...more info
  • it kept me jumpin, but that dont mean nothin
    it was a great movie, with a great plot, but it was presented poorly, it wasnt interiesting, it kept repeating itself yet overall, it was great go figure...more info
  • Loved It.
    This is my all time favorite movie. I can watch this movie over and over again and still find it funny. I wish there were more movies out there of this quality....more info
  • DVD at last!
    JJF is one of those excellent 80's comedies that has begged for a DVD release for some time. I presumed the delay was because Fox were preparing a bunch of extras to add to the DVD, but not so. JJF has finally arrived on DVD, and despite there not being a single special feature (not even the trailer), it is still worth owning! Would have been nice for Whoopi to do an audio-commentary. A nice 5.1 surround sound has been given to the soundtrack, and the widescreen anamorphic is nice to have after years of watching the video cropped version. I will say that the DVD transfer is not sharp, but acceptable considering the film's age. JJF is Whoopi at her finest. She plays a bank computer operator who starts receiving help messages on her screen from a spy. It's one adventure after another from then on. Please remember .... it's a gas, gas, gas!...more info
  • A great Comedy!!!
    A great comedy with just the write amount of mystery, drama and intrigue. Whoopi Goldberg does a fantastic job in this movie. The supporting characters are all hysterical. The main plot revolves around Terri receiving a message from this guy who needs her help. The guy is caught somewhere in Europe and needs an exit contact. There is so much comedy within this otherwise serious plot. Whoopi is just fantastic and the plot isn't convaluted at all. Its a nice little spy-comedy....more info
  • Perfect light action comedy
    When I am feeling down I just put on Whoopie and relax in her misadventures. She falls into trouble by being too intelligent for her job at a bank. She solves a spy's problem by getting out of danger and back to England. In her adventure she meets various other spys, who either try to kill her or try to help her. The best part for me, is watching the original versus the TV version. Whoopi cusses like a "truck driver" in the original and while on TV they change her words and take away most of the "offensive" language. BUT that is the part I like - Whoopi is so real and down to earth, you can't help but love her and therefore this film....more info
  • Great Comedy
    This is one of the funiest movies i have ever seen, as whoopi Goldberg's comedy debut, nothing could top it. it has everything! the funiest scenes, lines and situations, not to mention characters, ever put into a movie! I recomend this film to anyone!!! see it today!!!...more info
  • One of the best comedies of the 80's
    A movie that has it all: great comedy, an interesting plot, endearing characters and action all in one place. Whoopi Goldberg delivers an incredible array of comedic acting joined with her ability to draw you into the fray.

    The chance to see old cast members from SNL (Jon Lovitz and Phil Hartman) plus early appearances of Jim Belushi and other actors deliver quite a magnificent combination for everyone to enjoy....more info
  • Classic
    This is one of the all-time great movies. I've watched it a thousand times and it still makes me laugh. It has both the subtle comedy that draws you in and the out-loud laughs that keep you there. Whoopi at her best!...more info
  • Classic Whoopi
    Although this movie is a bit outdated vis-a-vis the Cold War and computer technology, it is still a classic Whoopi movie - filled with lots of laughs and good music - the plot isn't too bad either....more info
    This movie has an all around appeal. Comedy, action, a little romance and intrigue. Whoopi kept me on the edge of my seat, several times and left me holding my sides, laughing....more info
  • Dogs barking can't fly without umbrella!
    I am so excited one of my all-time favorites has finally been released on DVD. "Jumpin' Jack Flash", along with "Ruthless People" are my two favorite 80's movies. I must respectfully correct one reviewer and report that there is a theatrical trailer on the DVD. But some of the scenes were cut out of the film, and that was a bit of a disappointment because they looked real funny. Full screen & wide screen are available. Everyone has seen this movie so I won't detail it, just wanted to say it is great!...more info
  • Classic Whoopi
    Great movie....you fall in love with the character that Whoopi is trying to save. It's classic Whoopi humor.....I love the slippers.
    ...more info
  • Classic Cold War Drama and Humor
    This movie is a masterpiece Cold War comedy. Whoopi Goldberg is wonderful as the computer programmer, who is unsuspectingly brought into the struggle of a British spy. The plot twists wonderfully, and has real quality. Jonathan Pryce's cameo as Jack Flash is great also, as well as his voice. If you want to see a great, and funny film, as well Penny Marshall's directorial debut watch this wonderful film...more info
  • Jumpin' Jack Flash
    Jumpin' Jack Flash has to be Whoopi Goldberg's best movie. It has
    both comedy & drama and keeps you interested till the end. Great
    evenings entertainment....more info
  • Jumpin Jack Flash
    If you love Whoopi Goldberg and I do, you will love this movie....more info