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True Lies
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From The Terminator to Titanic, you can always rely on writer-director James Cameron to show you something you've never seen on the big screen before. The guy may not consistently pen the most scintillating dialogue in the world (and, especially in this movie, he doesn't seem to have a particularly high regard for women), but as a director of kinetic, push-the-envelope action sequences, he is in a class by himself. In True Lies, the highlight is a breathtaking third-act jet and car chase through the Florida Keys. Arnold Schwarzenegger plays a covert intelligence agent whose wife of 15 years (Jamie Lee Curtis) finally finds out that he's not really a computer salesman and who becomes mixed up in a case involving nuclear arms smuggling. Tom Arnold is surprisingly funny and engaging as Schwarzenegger's longtime spy partner, and Bill Paxton is a smarmy used-car salesman (is that redundant?) whom Arnold thinks is having an affair with his wife. Purely in terms of spectacular action and high-tech hardware, True Lies is a blast. --Jim Emerson

Customer Reviews:

  • about the movie true lies.......
    The story is basically about how the actor and his team of special forces got rid of terrorist whom posses nuclear threat. A good recommendation for those whom are interested in this genre of movie/film.

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    Enjoy........more info
  • One Of Schwarzenegger's Best Films
    Generally, Arnold Schwarzenegger's films are a hit or miss affair. However, thanks to a good script, dazzling special effects and a reunion with "Terminator" director James Cameron, the governator's 1994 vehicle "True Lies" turned out to be one of his best movies. In fact, I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's his best film outisde of the first two "Terminator" movies.

    Performance wise, this is Schwarzenegger at his best. He plays superspy Harry Tasker, who along with his partner Albert Gibson (Tom Arnold in a rare winning performance) work for a secret government organization known as Omega. However, to his wife Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis) and his daughter Dana (Eliza Dushku), he's just an Average Joe who sells computer for a living. For 15 years, he's been able to keep his life a secret.

    For their next assginment, Harry and Albert are out to stop terrorist Salim Abu Aziz (played with scenery chewing finesse by well known character actor Art Malik), who has smuggled various explosives in hopes of laucnhing attacks across the U.S. Malik and his girlfriend Juno Skinner (Tia Carerre) always manage to be one step ahead of Tasker. Then, to make matters more complicated, Harry learns that his wife is having an affair with a man named Simon (Bill Paxton). This leads to several intrigung twists and turns, many of them often hilarious but mostly filled with nonstop action.

    "True Lies" is a fast paced, red blooded action movie that belongs in anyone's dvd collection....more info
  • Over The Top Violence - Comedy!
    This movie has everything: Undercover agents, military violence, insane anti-American antagonist, great comic situations, Jamie Lee Curtis doing a sexy dance, family rescue... best of all, Arnold. Who else can deliver true grit fighting and side-splitting humor the way Arnold can? This movie has them both in adequate amounts to keep you riveted. Who dances the Tango better, Jamie Lee or Tia Carrera? This movie is just great fun!!...more info
  • One of Arnold's best!
    True Lies is my 2nd favorite Arnold movie after Terminator 2. It's such great fun and has great acting! Arnold, Jamie Lee Curits, Tom Arnold, and Bill Paxton are all excellent. The movie has SO MANY memorable action scenes but also has loads of great laughs. The movie is about a spy played by Arnold whose wife thinks that he's a computer salesman. Arnold fights lots of bad guys and even rides on a horse! It's nonstop fun with great action and great laughs. Some of the scenes with Bill Paxton will have you rolling on the floor with laughter.
    All I can say is that if you like Arnold movies, this is a definite must own and even if you don't like him but like action movies, this is one of the best ones!...more info
    This James Cameron action-adventure starts with a bang and ends with one, but gets sidetracked along the way in a subplot that adds little to the overall value. Schwarzenegger stars as a secret agent, with Jamie Lee Curtis as his unsuspecting wife, Tom Arnold as his sidekick and Bill Paxton as a sleazebag used car salesman who tries to seduce wife Jamie Lee by posing as a special agent himself. Although this part of the plot is entertaining, it takes us away from the main plot - which is about stopping a terrorist splinter group that's gone nuclear - for almost an hour. We practically have to remind ourselves whom the terrorists are when they return.

    We open on a James Bond type scene in a European chateau, which includes Arnold doing a tango with a beautiful artifacts dealer while Tom waits impatiently in the van. Arnold realizes she's really an agent, as he investigates her further; but when she discovers who he is, she has him tailed into a restroom by assassins, where a great fight scene ensues, followed by a terrific chase sequence - with the bad guy on a motorcycle and Arnold on horseback - through town, into a hotel, up an elevator and off a roof. There are unbelievable stunts - in both senses of the word - with the horse, in this case, stealing the show.

    If the film had continued in this direction, it would have been much better, because the secret agent world of Arnold and Tom is full of cool gadgets, danger and a boss who can't be pleased, played by Charlton Heston. Plus, the two men make a great team. Tom is likeable as he tries to give Arnold advice on marriage and child rearing - none of it encouraging, but all of it funny. Arnold and Tom use their secret agent skills to discourage Bill from pursuing Jamie Lee; and, although Paxton is funny, and his scenes are entertaining, they cause the main plot to lose momentum. A better job at editing could possibly have solved the problem, as the movie tends to run a little long. (It's nearly two-and-a-half hours.) The movie begins with a tango scene and it ends, wonderfully, the same way.

    Waitsel Smith...more info
  • James (Cameron) does James (Bond)
    I officially love this movie. It's my favourite Arnie film ever, plus it has a very young Eliza Dushku in one of her first starring roles. However, I am disappointed to discover, after getting the region 2 version, that it was cut for UK viewers, in order to make it a 15 certificate, and making it 135 minutes long. I could only spot one scene that had been cut, and that's because it was done so badly. (I can spot stuff that's been added in, but I'm hopeless at spotting stuff that's been taken out, unless I'm looking for it) The scene I spotted was just after Arnie gets given the truth drug.

    This movie is full of memorable and infamous scenes, including Jamie Lee Curtis' stripping scene, the beginning scenes, the finale (although heavily CGI-d by the looks of it!), Jamie & Tia Carrere (Juno Skinner) fighting in the limo and put it this way, Men In Black & the Matrix (heavily) ripped this movie off. A lot of this is what you see in the Matrix. Tom Arnold is terrific, especially when he's trying to get to Arnie in the van, and skidding about on the ice! ("It's called ice and it gets a little slick.") OK, you have to see it, but when he sees Dana (Eliza) with a motorbike helmet and says to her: "Yeah, I remember the first time I got shot out of a cannon." Or: "You know what? I'm sick of being in the van. You guys are going to be in the van next time. I've been in the van for 15 years, Harry."

    When Arnie rescues wife Jamie Lee Curtis from an airborne chopper, he grasps her by her arm just as the chopper heads out over the water. The woman you see dangling below the chopper skid is no body double, but Curtis doing her very own stunt work. At her insistence, director James Cameron agreed to let her perform this scary spectacle.

    I absolutely LOVE how Arnie can laugh at himself, bringing out his infamous lines ("You're fired"), and doing everything but winking at the camera. One of his best moments in this is when he's at the urinal and he starts whistling "Edelweiss" from The Sound of Music. He also learned how to land and take off a Harrier Jet for the climax of the film.

    The place where Helen meets Simon at night is the 6th street bridge, the location used in Terminator 2: Judgment Day when we are introduced to the T-1000.

    Bill Paxton is absolutely hilarious as the used car salesman, who's fantasy world quickly becomes reality. You can't help but laugh at this guy when he comes on screen.

    My only quibble about this movie? The finale. Although it's great, yadeyadeyada, it's so very much not real, and way too over the top! The only thing that tries to save it is Eliza Dushku, getting in some practice for Tru Calling.

    As one of my favourite Arnie movies, I command you to watch this. It's brilliant!!! And I'm sure there's a few guys out there of a certain age, who discovered the, er, joys of older women while watching it....more info
  • 5 stars for everything except Special Features
    The plot is covered in so many of these reviews I won't go there. I will concur with repeated comment that these are Arnold's and Tom's best performances to date. Jamie Lee Curtis is great too (and if you agree check her out in "A Fish Called Wanda"), as is Bill Paxton doing another outstanding, funny, loudmouth coward (as he did in "Aliens"). No performance in this film disappoints.
    As a product package, this DVD is lacking in the Special Features department -- nothing but the trailer? Come on! I bought this on VHS and then on DVD and I would gladly buy it again with the kind of Special Features that James Cameron's other projects get -- I'm thinking here of "Aliens" and "Dark Angel." I would of course expect to pay more than for this bare bones disc, which is worth having until the deluxe package comes out.
    Trivia: in Robert Rodriguez' "Once Upon A Time in Mexico" Johnny Depp says "This is no time to screw the pooch" and Robert says in the Special Features that it was one of Johnny's many ad libs, and that he (Robert) had never heard the phrase before. This movie is where I first heard it, used in precisely the same way, if not the same tense (past as opposed to present) by Double-O Arnold's boss. Don't know if it's spy speak or movie speak.
    Last note: I disagree that this movie doesn't treat women with respect. Lot's of men lie to their wives for less acceptable reasons than this one, and Jamie's character holds her own even before she finds out what's really going on. This couple is really in love, after over a decade of marriage, and they work out their personal problems AND save (most of) the country.
    It's worth checking out, even if this isn't usually your kind of movie....more info
  • Great Entertainment
    This is one of the most entertaining action films, and what makes it really appealing (besides special effects), is the interplay between the well developed characters. The casting is first rate. Both Arnolds are terrific, exhibiting humor and special chemistry that often exists between opposite personalities. On a similar level is Tia Carrere. Art Malik skillfully hides his British accent behind the Arabic one. I saw him years ago in some BBC TV production, and that was a memorable, subtle performance. He is excellent here too, although in a different way. Among other roles, my only slight disappointment has been Harry's wife (and perhaps the daughter too: must be genetic). If almost every character in the film is larger than life, Helen Tasker is rather ordinary, and remaines so even after the life transforming experience in the middle of the movie. Such normalcy puts her at odds with the rest of the ensemble. This may not be entirely Curtis' fault, however, but the result of overextended writing, which, in her case, drags the action.
    It seems that the creators of this film, in their desire to produce another AS box-office hit, did not expect it to come out so well overall, or they would have tightened the plot and plugged few glaring holes in it. Despite that, the highest recommendation is still in order, at least from me.
    ...more info
  • Jamie Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger, WOW ! ! !
    I saw this movie a while back and I was glad to find it here at Amazon. We can all identify with the characters of the wife and husband for what they "seem to be" and the marrital delemas they find themselves experiencing. Key words here are "Seem To Be". In actuality the husband is NOT the boring Lugg his wife thinks he is NOR is the wife just a simple Little Woman. Both bring Surprises, Action, Laughs and make us not only wish but Belief (at least for the duration of the movie) that We Too could be Adventurious, Mysterious, Beautiful and FUN! ...more info
  • Ridiculous but very, very fun
    The thing to remember about "True Lies" is that you can't take is seriously. With movies like this, you simply have to sit back and enjoy its implausibility.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger plays Harry Tasker, an agent working for a top-secret government organization called The Omega Sector. His parter Gib (Tom Arnold) is pretty much a slacker and exists only to provide comic relief. Harry's wife Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis) and teenage daughter (Eliza Dushku) think he is a boring computer salesman.
    Events occur in which Harry must prevent an Islamic terrorist (Art Malik) from detonating a nuclear bomb on U.S. soil. And, of course, Helen and his daughter become involved.
    Schwarzenegger is very good in this movie. Tom Arnold's character was hilarious, if not pointless. Curtis excelled as Helen, but the villain was pretty forgetful. Bill Paxton's subplot, while not having much to do with the actual story, was very entertaining.
    The best thing about "True Lies" was the action setpieces. From the opening escape to the climatic showdown in a Harrier jet, the action scenes were SPECTACULAR. James Cameron always incorporates eye-popping special effects into his films, and this movie is no exception. The effects got an Oscar nomination, ultimately loosing to "Forrest Gump."
    "True Lies" is a wildly entertaining action movie. I recommend it. Sure, it may be unbelievable, but how many films really are believable? Not many....more info
  • Another Childhood Favorite!!!
    When I was little, I used to play the Super Nintendo game, based on this movie, which I still have. Because I enjoyed the game, my parents let me wach the movie. I like it better now because I understand the plot more. Everybody did an awesome job, including Jamie Lee Curtis who does an extremely sexy striptease! Arnold stars as Harry Tasker, a secret agent who is on a mission in Switzerland trying to get information about a terrorist that has stolen warheads. When he is at home, his wife named Helen and rebellious daughter named Dana think he is a boring computer salesman. Harry works for Omega Sector, that try to stop Salim Abu Aziz from setting off bombs in America. To add to Harry's problems, he thinks his wife is having an affair with a guy named Simon who claims to be a spy. When Helen is on a fake assignment, set up by Harry, they are kidnapped by Salim and his men, and later, Harry finds out that Salim even kidnaps his daughter. This is extremely action-packed and I would really like to see a sequel some day! I highly recommend TRUE LIES!!!...more info
  • The most perfect movie casting I have ever seen in my life!!
    Sure, Bruce Willis is my favorite actor in action movies, but there is something very special about True Lies. This movie is simply brilliant, start to finish. I have never seen a movie with a supporting cast that was so perfectly put together in my life. Arnold is great, we all know that. Jamie Lee Curtis was the perfect choice for the female lead. What a brilliant job she does. Tom Arnold? Whoever cast him also deserves a medal. He is brilliant and the best at keeping the comedy and one-liners coming. Bill Paxton also turned out an unforgettable performance as the sleazy used car salesman. Tia Carrere was great too. This movie was perfect from start to finish. My only complaint is, where are the extras? They need more than a trailer to accompany this steller movie, like a featurette, behind the scenes look, how the stunts were done, interviews with the cast/crew. Seeings how this is Arnolds best movie, and BY FAR the best thing that ever happened to the careers of Jamie Lee Curtis and Tom Arnold, I would think they would be jumping at the chance to do new interviews for this release. They should come out with a Special Collectors Edition of this DVD, because this movie is a modern day classic if there ever was one....more info
  • Ya Gotta Love It!
    Arnie is best when the movie is: 1.) Campy, ex. Last Action Hero, Commando, 2.) Shear testosterone: Predator, Terminator, or 3.) when he surrounds himself with great co-stars: Kindergarten Cop, Eraser, and the focus here, True Lies. Jamie Lee, Bill Paxton, Grant Heslov, Art Malik are all terrific, but Tom Arnold takes the prize in this one. Gib(Arnold), the perfect partner for Harry(Arnie), is histercal as he trys to keep Harry's two lives separate and them focused on their national defense assignments, even while firing off very funny lines about all that comes up.
    Not to be missed by any Arnie fan and leave it to Jamie Lee Curtis to give a strip-tease that is both VERY sexy and belly-laugh funny at the same time!
    I suppose, if you really wanted to be offended, a middle eastern person could be, but give it a rest, I'm Irish, and the Irish folks are the bad guys/ terrorists in Patriot Games and just flat out nasty-bad in Gangs of New York. Everybody has their "bad apples". Just sit back and enjoy a funny, action movie with secret agencies, used car salesmen and a pair of Harrier Jets firing Sidewinder missiles at a bridge somewhere in the Florida Keys. ...more info
  • The Arnold's best movie
    True Lies is probably Arnold Schwatzenegger's best movie (the other candidate might be Total Recall). The overall story is nothing original, but there are a lot of funny, light-hearted moments and it's an entertaining movie to watch. The Arnold is actually likeable in this film, although the other Arnold (Tom Arnold) is quite annoying. Tia Carrere is gorgeous. There's just a lot of action and comedy in this 1994 production. This is a movie I've watched and will watch again many times....more info
  • Top class blockbuster
    Arnie is a spy, Jamie Lee Curtis is a housewife. Inside the lies of their marriage are a great many fine stunts and setpieces, with some superb one liners and a lot of first class action.
    This is a very entertaining and enjoyable film, like James Bond but with less class. ...more info
  • Tell me sweet, little lies ...
    This movie is an absolute BLAST!!! Usually I don't care much for action movies, but this one definitely took the taco! The special effects are definitely special, considering this movie was made in 1994. And actually, the whole nuclear arms smuggling/Arab terrorism is a terrible foreshadowing, if you think about it; some of the action toward the end of the movie actually mirrors the events of 9/11.

    Anyhow, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Arnold are simply hilarious. Jamie Lee Curtis (as the first Arnold's wife) won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical/Comedy for her role in this one, and she does not disappoint. She doesn't disappoint in the sex department, either; from what I understand she required NO body doubles. And veteran actor Charlton Heston has an agreeable cameo.

    This is surely a crowd-pleasing movie across the board; it has something for everyone. Highly imaginative and well-executed; many notches above the tripe they hand us in the mid-2000s....more info
  • Gordon Street? Sid once benched with Arnold on Gordon Street, but that was a long time ago when Sid was a young man
    True Lies has long been on the Sid the Elf back-burner. It was on the list of films that must be reviewed at some point, and kind of became an emergency B. It was like the Vinny Testaverde of B, weren't too excited to use it because of the apparent clumsiness involved, but if first and second options failed, you might be ok going with it. Well, we officially went into emergency B mode this week so we went with True Lies. It turns out that we were exactly right, there was a ton of clumsiness to endure, but in the end Sid came out ok. Really, you're never in bad hands with Arnold. If Amazon had his California tourism commercials on DVD, we'd not only review them, we'd give them 5 stars. The point is, we could get a laugh or a hundred out of Arnold saying anything at all. True lies was no exception.

    In this film, Arnold plays super terrific secret agent Harry Tasker. Tasker's family believes he is a computer salesman, that he loves the computer business, and that he is an incredibly boring person. His mission is to track down nuclear warheads stolen by an arms smuggler from Kazakhstan. We were blown away when we learned that Borat's country was prominently involved in this film. So Arnold goes to a party at the arms dealer's house where he meets Cassandra from Wayne's World 2. She is an antique dealer who is using her business as a front to smuggle the warheads for Aziz the leader of a terrorist organization into U.S. and A, greatest country in the world. Once Arnold starts poking around the situation, Aziz decides to follow him. Arnold, of course, is much too smart for this. He leads Aziz into a mall where he procedes to catch him with the front and make Aziz blead inside his chest. Aziz manages to get away on a motorcycle, being chased by Arnold on a horse. A terribly B action sequence ensues and Aziz gets away. Just great B all-around, trust us.

    Arnold then finds out that his wife, Laurie Strode, is having a kind of affair with a guy named Simon, who is a B version of Lester Diamond. This is the intentional comedy part of the film with Arnold using secret agent methods to track Simon and his wife. Simon pretends to be a spy to get chicks. Harry and his sidekick, Tom Arnold, kidnap Laurie and interigate her through a one-way mirror. They find out that Mrs. Tasker hasn't done anything with Simon Diamond, but that she is bored with Harry and craves adventure. So Harry gives her a fake assignment, which entails her going to a hotel room and getting ready to have a sexy time with a supposed stranger, even though it was really Arnold doing soundboard in the shadows. Anyway, the terrorists bust into the hotel room and take Harry and Helen prisioner. Some of the most ridiculous action sequences ever filmed ensue, including the famous Arnold iso-rowing Jamie Lee Curtis from the limo to the helicopter scene. So he just saved his wife from the terrorists, now they have kidnapped his daughter. Harry's daughter is played by a young Eliza Dushku. In case you were wondering, the ruling on the field is that it is ok to think she's hot here--moving on. She manages to get the arming key for the missles and has Aziz chase her onto the top of a skyscraper. Arnold flies to her in a marine jet and has her jump in. Ok. Aziz manages to jump onto the plane as well, but he is hanging from a missle. So Arnold fires the missle into a helicopter carrying the other terrorists and kills them all. That encapsulates why Sid believes Arnold should be the sole exception to the law stating the president must be born in the U.S. At the end of the film, we see that Arnold and Jamie Lee are now secret agent partners as they go off to a mission together.

    This film was an action-comedy(both intentional and unintentional), by James Cameron. We liked it, but we also lost interest in the second half of the film. Maybe we just couldn't resist the lure of the Arnold soundboard after listening to him for a solid 45 minutes. Maybe it was only enjoyable after doing a unit in the bushes and making countless "Good. Now we are having fun" jokes and assesing the parallels of the film with Wayne's World 2 because of Charlton Heston and Tia Carrere. If you're an Arnold fan, it's certainly a must. You can always laugh at Arnold and as a bonus, you can make fun of Tom Arnold and his "I can't believe they gave me this part!" glow throughout the film. This film isn't the Governator's best work, but it did just fine in a B pinch. Without hesitation, Sid recomends....more info