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Jane Fonda's Step and Stretch Workout [VHS]
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Product Description

Four of Jane Fonda's instructors take turns presenting an energetic 45-minute, moderate-intensity step workout. The frequent switching of instructors adds variety and interest, and the different teaching styles keep the workout feeling fresh. The choreography starts out very simple, and as the workout progresses, so do the moves, although the patterns never get terribly complicated. Each pattern is taught clearly, practicing the base moves before adding on arms, styling, or intensity. The cueing is excellent. Occasionally one of the participants demonstrates lower-intensity modifications in case you get tired or need to adapt a move for your fitness level; another shows how to raise the intensity for more experienced steppers. After the step workout, Fonda herself leads a relaxing 15-minute stretch--no extreme flexibility required. She repeats stretches, because you can take a stretch deeper if you do it more than once. This is an excellent tape for an intermediate exerciser with some step experience who wants an effective, enjoyable workout and a nice, long stretch. --Joan Price

Customer Reviews:

  • Great workout!
    I am thoroughly enjoying this workout tape. The instructors are clear and the steps are easy to master, but not boring. The 45 minute step workout is terrific. The instructors are good about offering alternatives to help vary the intensity, but I find the intensity following all the basic moves with arms to be ideal. Jane Fonda leads the 20 minute stretch routine at the end. The stretches feel great after the step workout. I have some problems with my joints, but none of the stretches that are included cause me any problems....more info
  • Great Step Workout for Anyone
    This is the first step aerobic workout I tried. I really like it. I started with no bench, then went to the 2" bench, now I am up to the maximum level 6". It isn't all that high impact, but it is still enough of a challenge to make me sweat. The stretching after is wonderful. Jane really takes the time to give you a wonderful whole body stretch that makes you feel relaxed. The stretching part is my favorite part. I love stretching!...more info
  • Awesome Workout Tape!
    I purchased this tape on ebay earlier this year. It has become my favorite step aerobic tape. The music is great. The tempo is excellent. The instructors give great cues. This tape is great for a person new to step aerobics. However, the instructors provide modifications for the intermediate or advanced stepper. I agree with the other reviewer that I am drenched in sweat and have to head to the showers right after! The stretch segment is great also. Worth the purchase. I keep crossing my fingers that it will be released on dvd eventually. ...more info
  • Next please!
    I was looking to try a new video and when I found this one hidden in the back of my closet I thought I'd give it a try. The first thing I didn't like about this video is that there is absolutely no warm up in the beginning. The next thing I didn't like was that they don't give you time to get used to the step you are doing before moving on to the next. The movements aren't explained very thoroughly at all. I also thought that they should have shown more closeups of each of the exercises instead of just showing a group shot almost constantly throughout the workout. Not only was the routine poorly choreographed and narrated, but the music was bad too. After 20 minutes of trying to do this video I decided to turn it off. All I can say is, don't waste your money on this one....more info
  • FUN Step workout
    I love this workout and wish all step workouts were more like it: fun, varying in uncomplicated steps, and enthusiastic.

    I honestly forgot I was working out and the time flew by.

    The cueing is the best I've seen on any workout DVDs I've done.

    Enjoy!...more info
  • Interesting tape
    This tape is very good for a beginner. If you have never done stepping before then this is should be your first tape. But if you have even done one other step routine then you should probably not buy this tape. I bought this tape at the same time that I bought a Kathy Ireland tape and I thought that I was a beginner yet I enjoyed the Kathy Ireland tape much more. I had already used one step tape that came with the step that I bought and I would even rather go back to that one than do this. There is one good thing to this tape and that is the 15 minute stretch at the end with Jane herself is very good and I will at times put that on after I have finished using another tape....more info
  • One of the Best There Is
    I love this video as much as Jane's first step video (Step & Abs). This one has an intermediate music tempo - around 124 beats per minute. To me this is wonderful. Too many modern step videos have tempos as fast as 134 beats per minute! I just don't believe that's safe. I love everything about this video, even the music. I love warming up WITHOUT a step. You do not stretch before this workout, but you get such an excellent stretch afterwards that I think it's fine. The stretch portion is excellent! The whole tape is a perfect length. As soon as this one comes out on DVD, I will buy it immediately. It is one of my top 5 favorite step videos that has withstood the test of time....more info
  • Even my son loves to work out to this video!
    I have had this workout tape since 1995, and every year or so, I pop it in and work out to it for six to eight weeks to get myself back in shape. It's challenging to a beginner, but when you can go through the whole step programme from beginning to end, you feel as good as if you had run a marathon! I get more out of the stretches at the end of the step tape, than Jane Fonda's segment, so I do my own stretches. My son watched me work out to this tape a few times, decided that Michelle was cute and perky and started doing the routine with me. We still groan when Jay comes up in the last part, and when Laurel leads us out, but in the end we both feel we have accomplished a good fitness workout. Even though this was my first step tape, it is the one I always come back to-it never gets boring....more info
  • Great for beginners!
    It's old school, but it offers a lot of different routines and they change instructors before you get bored. Now that I'm more advanced I'm finding that it's not quite challenging enough, but it's great to start out with....more info
  • Its no Kari Anderson, but then, who is?
    If you're a beginner, looking for some very simple step choreography - this is a video you should try. They have 3 impact options displayed during the video which includes "high impact", lower impact, and one lady modifies the moves for the floor. Most of the music isn't annoying, and they switch instructors throughout the entire set so you never get bored of just one person's style. Because I've been sick, I only used the single bench module this morning. This made the 40 minute aerobic section very easy to accomplish without much effort. If you are looking for a stronger workout, definitely add another bench module and use any of the suggested "advanced" moves like the left side of the room demonstrates. Being more of an intermediate stepper, I have to say the choreography was quite repetitive and too simple to keep me really challenged.Even so, I'd probably use this tape again when I was looking to give my mind a rest and just get some aerobic activity in my day....more info
  • WHEW! Be prepared to work your buns off!!
    I don't like most step videos, but this one is difficult enough to have you covered in sweat, but has options easy enough for a beginner and it's fun!! I find that I don't watch the clock with this video as I do with some!!...more info
  • Excellent Workout Tape
    I bought this tape a few years ago in a discount bin. I love it. I am at about an intermediate fitness level and I found the tape to be both challenging and fun. I love the fact that the instructions rotate every few minutes. It keeps my attention and makes the workout seem much faster than it is. I also really enjoy the stretching at the end of the tape....more info