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The Firm - Firm Parts: 5-Day Abs (Classic Workout Series) [VHS]
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Product Description

Firm Parts: 5-Day Abs offers five distinct workouts that train and strengthen the abdomen. A variety of instructors lead each segment and concentrate on specific areas of the torso. Crunches, reverse curls, and cross-lateral movements are presented in this uncomplicated format. All of the major muscles of the abdomen get attention here, including some great target toning for the obliques. Time-savvy exercisers will appreciate the quick and effective delivery of each set (ranging from six to nine minutes). Students have the option to do all five sets back-to back (36 minutes) or to complete one set for a quick fix. Firm Parts provides vital information on proper form while keeping the movements challenging. Beginners will learn about safely executing sit-ups in the informational segment at the start of this video. Several exercises are performed with the legs off the ground, and students with injured backs and necks may need to modify these moves. This brief but winning workout combines easy-to-follow moves with schedule conscious formats. Participants of all fitness levels will find a program that can tighten and strengthen the abdominals. Simply said: 5-Day Abs delivers crunches for the time-crunched. --Olivia Voigts

Customer Reviews:

  • this really firms up your abs!
    If you are looking for a great ab workout, then this tape is for you. It actually includes five excellent abdominal workouts from the original total body Firm tapes. As you progress into the "days", the workouts increase in intensity AND duration....more info
  • Great routine but can't "stomach" (sorry) Stud Boy
    I wanted to like this one. Really, I did. What's not to love about the idea of a video with short abdominal workouts broken down in such a way that you can use them to supplement any type of routine out there? And say what you will about the FIRM founders' eccentricites, they've put together workouts that delivered results for many, many folks. These routines can do the job for you. Janet Jones' routine (from FIRM Volume 2) is especially killer, but the others from the early Classic FIRMS are, also.

    However, I had one problem with this tape that I couldn't get past to save my soul. I just absolutely could not stomach (no pun intended, really )Tracy James' on-camera persona. What is this guy supposed to be doing here? From what I remember, he's billed as being, "your personal trainer." Oh, spare me. I realize that I'm about to get very politically incorrect here, and offend people who think he's a real "hottie," but my nickname for him was Stud Boy. He reminds me of a snotty high school pretty boy who drives the latest red convertible sports car and is so full of himself. His opening monologue is delivered in an almost obnoxious tone--especially when he's talking about how firm abs won't show if there's an ugly layer of *FAT* there. Then he gets on the floor and acts like he's going to do the workout with you. . .except they edit you right into Janet Jones and the gang for the "real" workout. On it goes, till he eventually comes back and gives you this cheesy thumbs up sign like you and he have just been sweating through this experience together and he can't wait to "see you tomorrow." Well, I couldn't wait, either. . .to trade this one away on an Internet exchange where hopefully it's found a happy home. FIRM's newest tape, More 5-Day Abs does the job just as well, and we don't have to put up with someone pretending to be our best friend. . .or more.

    The routines ARE excellent. It's just a matter of whether or not Tracy James is your cup of tea. Frankly, my dears, I'll pass....more info

  • This tape annoys me
    Okay, so the exercises ARE good. The abs exercises on most of the FIRM tapes that have them ARE good. But I still think it was a mistake ordering this tape for two reasons:
    1. It's just a collection of routines from other, earlier FIRM tapes, so to me it pretty much seems like a rip-off. Also, get ready for some OLD ones there - from the time when instructors looked like Kate Moss and even guys were wearing pink and orange aerobics clothes. If you ever felt like you didn't quite enjoy looking at such things anymore - well, then you'll find this tape a visual disaster.
    2. Who is this Tracy guy, for heaven's sake?! All he does is introducing the sets of exercises - half naked and looking as unnatural as a diamond ring on a homeless guy's pinky. He's ridiculous, but he's actually too annoying for me to be able to simply laugh at him.
    Altogether, this tape was a disappointment and the two stars are strictly for the exercises....more info
  • pretty good actually
    my friend who has a perfect body recommended this video to me. It is easy, quick and does make a difference. I tell friends about it all the time. You can't go wrong....more info
  • Must-own video
    This ab work-out is thorough and challenging. Beginners may struggle just to finish, but if done consistently it is not too hard to progress. Advanced exercisers can add ankle weights to increase the challenge. Each "day" of the 5-day workout includes a balanced workout, working each part of the abdominal group hard. The instructors are good and for the most part cue well, although the cheesy man that introduces each section is not too helpful and usually just evokes giggles when I'm trying to get ready for the workout. This video is perfect for using after a run or other cardio workout, or if you don't have time to do any other exercise on a given day....more info
  • easy to incorporate into your daily routine
    I starting buying the FIRM tapes back in 1989 when they were fifty bucks a pop. I added this as soon as it came out. At first, I was disappointed -- there's nothing new in here; all of the 5 - 9 minute ab segments were cut from the long workout tapes I already owned. However, once I started branching out into other tapes, or skipping the FIRM total body workouts all together, I became much more dependent on this tape. It's so easy to find 5 - 9 minutes to workout; I can do these right after I roll out of bed (even with my jammies still on), and the exercises are so familiar I can keep my eyes closed & still make it through them while I'm half-asleep. I don't know that my abs look any better, but they sure feel strong -- and I NEVER have the backaches that I used to have ten years ago. The best part about this is that it's so short (and effective), it's hard to find an excuse for skipping it. Two of the five segments require a FIRM "step-up box," a stool used in the FIRM workout tapes. Frankly, anything in the 12 - 20" range that you could prop your feet up on would be effective. I've got the whole array of FIRM step-up boxes, but on occasion, I'll just use a chair seat when it's most convenient.

    I definitely agree with the ky reviewer that Stud Boy, our "personal trainer," whose role is to introduce each of the five segments, is a bit much. He does add comic relief -- My sister (who also owns the tape) & I have been known to call each other or comment while trying on clothes (using a Tracy James New Yorkish -- I guess -- accent "Remember, you won't be able to see your firm new abs until you get rid of that ugly layer of fat." I find him an amusing annoyance, tolerable for the fifteen or so seconds he appears on each segment.

    I don't have the second abs tape, but I'll definitely get it. Although I haven't done so many of the FIRM tapes lately, I do own at least twelve of them (collected over twelve years -- ); I've discarded many, many, many other tapes over the years (Denise Austin, Jane Fonda, Jazzercise, Kathy Smith, . . . ). They were enjoyable, but I got to a point where I didn't want to do them any more, and off they went to Salvation Army. In contrast, I've never discarded a FIRM tape -- the early ones, in particular, really are good and for some reason, much less boring than other tapes. This is the only ab tape I own now -- I used to have Abs of Steel ab segment tapes & a Joanie Greggains ab tape -- but this is the one I would always do -- and which I definitely prefer. Now if I could only get rid of that ugly layer of fat . . ....more info

  • Review of 5 Day Abs
    5 Daily, short abdominal routines was a great idea from the FIRM! This one is comprised of segemtns from five of the original, total body volumes. This tape is great if you want to just do ab work every day, or to add extra abdominal work to any of your workouts. It includes very classic and traditional moves as opposed to the moves in the other ab video, More 5 Day Abs. These sets, however, are a lot of fun and also produce great results!...more info