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Neighbors [VHS]
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  • I JUST SAW THIS.....
    ... and now I'm gonna watch it again!

    The mark of any truly great work of art is repeat viewings, and or, listenings.

    Guess this proves it....more info

  • neighbors
    great old movie and pretty hard to find ,not yet available on dvd,is what i found out,have had very good shopping experience with amazon,thanks joe...more info
  • Why it's not on DVD
    There is probably problems with licensing parts of the Soundtrack... One Part in particular ~ The Dead Kennedy's song playing while they are all in the Kitchen... Holiday in Cambodia. There have been lawsuits over this song between band members and Jello Biafra when Levi's wanted to use it in a commercial. Royalty payment disputes and the like. It has probably killed any chance of getting this film released on DVD....more info
    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful and wonderful still. "Neighbors" is a dark, surreal jaunt as many of the fans make it out to be -- it's simply marvelooouuuss!...more info
  • Saw it at the Milton-Freewater, OR Drive-In, summer 1982
    It's still as funny and bizzare now as it was back then. Great atmosphere movie for a Friday night. "Neighbors" is a wonderful companion to films such as Scorsese's "After Hours." Don't bother with Leonard Maltin's "tiresome" review.

    Not for everybody -- thank Christ!...more info

  • A great black comedy that may not sink in with the first viewing...
    I don't know what it is, but I see this in music and movies too: those things you instantly love are the ones that you tire of more quickly. The ones that grow on you over time are the ones you love for years and years. Well, Neighbors is one movie that just has to grow on you. This is a black comedy with lots of dark humor, so some scenes you're not sure whether to laugh or cringe on first viewing, and the subtlety of the excellent score also doesn't necessarily grab the viewer on the 1st pass.

    The first time I saw this movie, I just found it ODD. However, upon a 2nd viewing, I found more and more of the entire film very funny and by the third I was laughing at pretty much every scene wondering how I hadn't found it more appealing the first time I saw it.

    As the many other reviews state, this is Belushi playing a "straight" and ultimately bored suburbanite until "Vic" (Dan Aykroyd) -- a crazed lunatic with an apparent sadistic streak and overly seductive "wife" (played fantastically by Cathy Moriarty) -- moves in next door.

    From there, nothing is what it seems and all you know for sure is that Vic and his wife seem out to get Belushi, and Belushi's wife even seems in on some of the madness. But every time Belushi tries to call them on it, HE somehow comes out looking like the bad guy. Every time he tries to expose how everyone is against him, it just backfires until...

    Well, I won't play spoiler. Just check out the movie if you haven't already!! And be sure to give it at least a couple of viewings. It gets funnier every time I watch and I've seen it probably 30 times now! The stories of Belushi being out of it on cocaine during the filming of this may indeed be true (he clearly had a problem....), but you can't tell from his performance. This is his most demanding comedic role and he delivers, as does Aykroyd and all the cast. Remember: popular does not equal "good" and UN-popular does not equal NOT GOOD! This is a great, great film and should be released on dvd if there's any justice!

    ...more info
  • I agree that Maltin misfired on this one...
    This may be Belushi's best role. Haven't the rest of you ever felt like you were an observer looking in on the bizarre happenings of the world around you? I have too, and this is exactly the part that John Belushi plays. Without the dark and bizarre surrealism, and the exaggeration, the film makers wouldn't have been able to get this feeling across to the viewer. Evidently, some people weren't able to grasp it anyway. I can only say that those people must not be among the "observers" that the rest of us are, which by default puts them among the "observees." This film is truly a hidden masterpiece....more info
  • Not bad but sadly belushi's last film
    I'm a huge fan of john belushi and i was sad that this had to be his last film. It's not that the movie was bad, but i dont think it really expressed the true john belushi. In this film belushi takes a spin and tries playing the strait man while aykroyd is the party animal. The movie is set around a normal boring couple that lives a normal life in the suburbs until their lives are changed by the arrival of their new neighbors. The movie takes place over the period of one long night following the misadventures of the two couples and how that one night changes all their lives. Pretty interesting movie, but probably only for the die hard belushi or aykroyd fan....more info
  • One of The Best
    I can not comprehend the fact that a must see movie such as this is unavailable on a USA DVD format.
    This is much more than a cult movie this has one of the greatest comedy teams at there best, add a cast of stars that play off each other in this comedic masterpiece and we have a win win situation.
    I'll buy it and so will many others.
    To all movie lovers, please sign up so they will make this available.
    Thank you
    ...more info
  • What a team
    Belushi and Aykroyd were a great pair to star in this movie. I wish they had done other projects like Neighbors. My VHS tape is getting ragged from being played for so many years. Who ever owns the rights to this movie need to get up off there butt and get it out on DVD. Its a shame to leave us out in the cold when they have it available for region 2 players. ...more info
  • Simply the best!
    Belushi meet Aykroyd. 'Nuff said...more info
  • I GOT IT
    After reading the other reviews I would say some people got it and some people did'nt.I thought the movie was very funny.I would recommend watching it and forming your own opinion....more info