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Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live
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Peter Gabriel's extraordinary mix of sound, visuals, and theatrics gets the widescreen digital treatment in this remixed and remastered edition of a 105-minute concert recorded in 1994 in Italy. But not without some controversy, it seems, as several viewers have protested that the new version contains some not-so-deft lip-syncing with poor visual quality. The complaints may be valid, but chances are most viewers won't notice; in any event, the performance by Gabriel and his international band (with violinist Shankar, drummer Manu Katche, and bassist Tony Levin, among others) is strong, featuring versions of well-known material like "Solsbury Hill," "Sledgehammer," "In Your Eyes," and the always-moving "Don't Give Up" (with then-backup singer Paula Cole capably handling the Kate Bush role). Bonus features include a delightful "time lapse" view of the concert setup and breakdown, a "making of" documentary, and a brief preview of Gabriel's 2002-03 "Growing Up" tour. --Sam Graham

Customer Reviews:

  • Non-diehards be warned: this dvd is awful
    I'm a huge fan, have all the CDs, DVDs, etc. blah blah blah. BUT, this concert BARELY sounds live. In fact, when they're not inbetween songs, it COMPLETELY doesn't sound live. And what's with the pedestrian synching? Watch Manu Katche's drumming to see what I mean -- the sounds he makes come a half beat AFTER you see him hit his drums. The same problem can be seen with various mouths not matched up to the words being sung. I've read the other reviews and I can tell you (with my musicians ears, mind you) that I don't have a sense disorder and I have a stellar TV. After this recording, it was brought back into the studio and simply OVER-remixed, OVER-edited, and OVER-produced. If I wasn't such a huge fan of the songs and the artist, I'd call this DVD "awful."...more info
  • Best Live Show Ever!
    Secret World is the Best Live Show I can imagine! The mix of excellent impassioned songs, great sound, great stage presence of all the band- they were all having fun! plus the cool stage presentation make this the best concert!!
    When we play this dvd we all end up "dancing in the aisles". The girl singer- Paula- mixes so well w/gabriel and has one of the best voices ever. I've been to a decent amount of shows and this has to be the best- from the living room. It goes so well with a cranking sound system and big screen!
    It's interesting because I had the secret world live cd for years and it was amongst my favorites. I was thrilled to discover the dvd and the couple of "dud" songs on the cd that I used to skip over have some pretty cool stage theatrics in the dvd that make them riveting....more info
  • Goofy AND Cool
    This concert is excellent, Peter Gabriel puts on a terrific show with an excellent support band and gorgeous vocalist Paula Cole.

    The music in this DVD is mostly taken from the "US" album ("Come Talk to me","Steam", "Blood of Eden","Secret World" "Kiss that Frog" "Washing of the Water" and ) which is a great album.
    The high points of this concert are indeed from it : "Come talk to me" and "Secret World". The greatest hits are included too: "Sledge Hammer", "Don't give up", "Solsbury Hill" and the other highlight in this DVD : "In your eyes".

    Peter Gabriel and the Band put a great show that manages funny, sharp, dramatic, goofy AND very cool. Sound quality is excellent though I only listened to it in a low end 2.0 system. The video transfer is poor - as in grainy - but totally watchable because of the great show. The extras are not nearly as interesting :

    a)Slow Steam Photo Gallery has very nice pics but Steam should have never been slowed down.
    b)Concert Set-up Timelapse : Once you've seen a concert timelapse you've seen them all and this one has no music to it so it's quite dull
    c)The "behind the scenes" is barely insightful or interesting but you would miss it if it hadn't been included.
    d)The film "taster" of Growing Up is just that.

    The show and music are great so this DVD is a must-have in any collection.

    4 stars out of 5 because of the grainy transfer and poor extras....more info

  • Concert Film that rocks
    I saw it in Netfilx rotation and came here and bought it. Consistent, entertaining and I found myself humming the tunes the next day....more info
  • You'd expect more from Gabriel
    I own a high end home theatre system (sony XBR CRT display, lexicon processor, B&W 7.1) and I am a professional in television so I feel qualified to comment on the technical quality of this disc.

    Other reviews have noted the graniness of the film; the concert was recorded on film, not tape, and there's a lot of classic Gabriel moody lighting so maybe this accounts for the abnormally high graininess. It's certainly not unacceptable but is, admittedly, a little coarse.

    The DTS mix is not up to speed...I find it too compressed and shrill lacking sufficient depth and bass, in particular. The imaging is pretty weak too.

    The camerawork is frustrating at times, cutting off the arms of (virtuoso drummer/percusionist) Manu Katche. There is some gawdawful lip-syncing too which really removes the viewer from the illusion that you're watching a live performance.

    My biggest complaint is that the show is self-conciously choreographed to the point that there's not a single moment that has any spontenaity. As with all Gabriel shows, there are some fabulous lighting effects and smart use of props but the show is far too restrained and Gabriel looks rather stiff as he swings around the stage trying to look free and improvised but obviously following rigorously well-rehearsed steps....more info

  • Very bad video, great audio
    It's a shame that more effort was not put into the video portion of this DVD. The audio is outstanding, one of the best I've heard, but by the same token the video is the worst. I have a 50 inch Sony rear projection HDTV which is capable of true 1080 line resolution. My television is not the problem. Other DVD's like Bruce Springsteen live in NJ look great, this is clearly a bad video. The reviewers who claim that it is not bad, clearly don't know what a good video should look like. On the other hand, if you like Peter Gabriel, you'll forgive the video quality because the audio is outstanding. This could have been a really great DVD if they given the video more attention....more info
  • simply astounding
    I have seen both Peter Gabriel and Genesis a number of times, and they never cease to amaze me. This concert is up there as one of the best in terms of visuals and sound. The band sounds tight, Peter sounds great, and each song has been crafted into a theater piece. Love it.
    ...more info
  • Can't get enough of this...
    I've read reviews stating that this DVD is over-produced, thus less than optimum energy. However, I love this DVD. I'm not high tech so I guess I don't search for production flaws. All I know is that I listen to this at least once every couple days. My 15 year old daughter is even getting into it.

    I say it is high energy. I use it as a workout video... although I need to skip a few of the slower songs for that.

    I highly recommend.

    ...more info
  • Great concert video!
    I am a live music fan and have been to several concerts in my years. One problem with video performances is that you lose some of the concert feel and stage effects. There are few concert videos that I will purchase - this is one of the exceptions. This performance is absolutely amazing! From the stage and lighting effects to the amazing vocal performances this concert was excellent! If you are a Peter Gabriel fan in any form this concert is a must have for your collection. You know the songs, you know the videos, I recommend you get to know this concert....more info
  • Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live
    GREAT DVD! I loved it! Understand there was a DVD for the SO Live concert also but can't locate it. ...more info
  • Turned me into a fan
    I had not witnessed Peter Gabriel live until I saw this dvd at a friends house.I purchased it the next day.My 5 and 8 year old kids are asking me when we can go to see him live.Truly,a performer second to none!People who criticize picture quality and integrity of this live performance,in my opinion ,are a little misguided.I buy concert dvd's to be entertained ,and if that means touching up to enhance the listeners enjoyment,so be it.PG admits to the sonic enhancements,and to my ears,the touch ups are minimal.I have a very nice system to play this on and I can tell you that,of the 20 or so concerts that I own ,this is top 3 for sound and number 1 for performance.The dts track has beautiful separation,is rich and immersive.For those who question a lack of bottom end,you need new equipment.Forward to digging in the dirt and hold on to the couch.Picture quality is ok,but wasn't on the radar until I read the reviews here.A great concert from a great artist.5 stars!...more info
  • Love the show, but the DVD leaves a lot to be desired.
    I really love Peter Gabriel. Unlike a lot of newer fans, I've followed his career since he was fronting Genesis with songs like "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway." Most people now don't even remember Genesis, much less when Peter Gabriel was their lead singer.

    It took quite a few years after his departure from Genesis before his solo career really took off, but I was totally fascinated with ALL the tracks on his "Security" album (that was the one that included the hit "Shock the Monkey"). I bought "So" within days after its U.S. release, sight unseen, and when I listened to it, I knew that P.G. had finally blown it open completely, and that this record was going to be a MAJOR smash for him. Sure enough, over the next year or two that album went multi-platinum, and the rest is history. Blockbuster hits from "So," like "Sledgehammer," "Don't Give Up," "Mercy Street" and "In Your Eyes," have since received the critical and popular praise they so richly deserve, and P.G.'s well-earned place in rock history has finally been firmly established.

    The "Secret World" concert memorialized in this particular DVD showcases P.G. at the zenith of his popularity and musical power. The music is awesome. The live presentation was clearly solid, imaginative and highly entertaining. However, the technical execution on both the video and audio is surprisingly weak for an artist of P.G.'s caliber!

    On the video, whether due to atmospheric conditions in the concert hall, or the film and lighting techniques employed, there is no question that the video quality is not so hot. The images are grainy, and the overall cinematography (use of camera angles, lighting, sequencing) seems only average, at best.

    On the audio, I noticed DRAMATIC variances and "dropouts" in the levels, apparently an "artifact," or leftover, from either "overproducing" (e.g., by post-production sound guys playing with their toys) or plain poor equalization/compression techniques used in connection with preparation of the soundtrack for DVD mass production. In my view, the DVD soundtrack should be every bit as good, if not better, than the audio soundtrack alone. This one definitely is NOT.

    I give this DVD three stars, only for my love of Peter Gabriel and the musical/performance genius on display in this show. Two stars are lost for poor execution in the technical production of the film and audio....more info
  • Peter Gabriel - Secret World Live
    Everything was as promised. Delivery was on time and the item was in great condition....more info
  • A must have,even if you're not a Peter Gabriel fan
    I've had this for a while and then a friend that visisted me from NY liked it so much that i gave it away. I bought it again recently, and although I've watched it many times, every time i see it again it's a blast. Great music performed by great musicians! ...more info
  • This is DVD quality?!
    Prior reviews which criticize the transfer quality of this DVD are exactly correct. It *is* terribly grainy. The VHS version looks much better!

    This is nothing against the show itself, which is excellent and a must-have for any Peter Gabriel fan. In fact it's probably the best concert PG has done to date. But video (and to a lesser extent, audio) quality are sorely lacking here. If you don't need DVD-specific features buy the VHS instead....more info
  • Best Concert Video Ever?
    I wasn't even a fan of PG's work before seeing this concert video. After seeing it, I think Gabriel is the finest artist still breathing and performing. The duet with Paula Cole on "Don't Give Up" is the most incredible, excellent live concert footage I've ever seen. "Solisbury Hill" is the most joyful 5 minutes ever captured by audio visual technology. The musicianship is exceptional. The sets and onstage performances transcendent. The audio recording quality is superb; way above average. In sum, a powerful, beautiful, work of art....more info
  • One of the best DVD's ever.
    This is a great concert in Italy. My wife and I have played this concert so much we wore the dvd out. I am buying my second one.

    If you even remotely like Peter Gabriel you won't be disappointed with this DVD. The songs Solsbury Hill and Paula Cole's solo in Don't Give Up is nothing sort of incrediable.

    It was an up beat, fun concert...wish we had been there. ...more info
  • Bad set? Bull.
    I agree that this is a great concert, and a "must have" for anyone who enjoys collecting concerts, but the quality of the video is just plain terrible, period. And yes, I have a high-def 57" television, so it's not because I'm viewing it on a small tv. Grainy doesn't begin to describe it. So when I watch it, I pretend that I'm there and viewing the show through a thick smoke :)...more info
  • Secret Worl live from P.Gabriel
    A Very good Concert on DVD.

    Peter Gabriel is Unique:)...more info
  • seeing is believing
    I did not look at the cover for the videotape closely enough to see Paula Cole's name until today. I probably heard her voice on the 2-CD set years ago without thinking about it, but when I saw her performing in the concert, she was really there. I have not seen her often enough to know it was her, but I should have guessed that she could have been a star. The dance routines that Peter Gabriel does with people in the band were a stitch. I don't think there is a better word than stitch for how together it was. The stage set-up and props were fantastic. `Steam' and `Shaking the Tree' had special effects that seemed to be what the songs were about....more info
  • Some Great Moments Here
    As with all of Peter Gabriel's projects, this one ranges from pedestrian to good to GREAT. If it wasn't for the rather grainy (it was filmed in a European auditorium full of cigarette smoke, I guess) image quality, I would give it five stars overall. Musically it IS five stars....more info
  • OMG What a concert film
    I was so amazed at this DVD when I watched it. If you have no other PG DVD this should be the DVD to own.

    If I had to give stars on this DVD it would be as follows:

    Audio 5/5 stars! Sounds like it is remixed and the concert is not like the CD verison. Kinda sounds like it was the other concert. When I mean that I mean by the CD version is one night of the concert while DVD is the other day of the concert.
    Like "Shaking the Tree" CD version the 13th
    "Shaking the Tree" DVD version the 14th

    Video 4/5 stars! compared to other DVDs it is not the best, BUT it is great none the less. Plus it is in WIDESCREEN so that makes it very cool to watch on a Widescreen TV , but with that being said it doesn't take away from the film itself for some of us without widescreen television

    Direction 5/5 Very well, Acted out and the crowd really gets into the songs like Sledgehammer and Solisbury Hill.

    Song Choice and Extras 5/5 stars! They are great, but I would have liked to see more. Song Choice is the best of all the tours.

    Just random negatives: NO Red Rain on the DVD, but Red Rain is replaced with San Jacinto, and that is about it!

    In conclusion, PICK UP THIS DVD!! You will never be sorry! Though the songs are replaced and different they are still great and can make for a great gift or a gift for yourself. So pick it up....more info
  • I'm so disappointed !
    The poor quality of this DVD is unworthy of Peter Gabriel, his musicians, Robert Lepage and this amazing show. Nothing less ! I could do a better job with my own DVD recorder. The technical team responsable of that should be dismissed. It's awful to discover that such a great artists like that are so badly disserved. Deeply sorry for Peter, his fans around the world and for me....more info
  • Fantastic
    I don't know, maybe my DVD player is broken, but I don't think it is that grainy at all. Definitely nothing to complain about. And the sound quality is excellent.

    Paula Cole is beautiful and she sounds great! Also includes one of the most entertaining drummers ever. Maybe the sound on Growing Up Live (another GREAT concert video) has a little more punch, but that can be contributed to the different drummer's style. The guitar only adds, never draws attention away. And Tony Levin... does it get any better?

    If you don't simply LOVE the show, all you have to do is watch it again because you obviously weren't paying attention the first time.

    Highlights (for me) are "Come talk to me", "Secret World", and "Blood of Eden".

    Watching something this good makes you feel that you are somehow participating in the work of art. It is that engaging.

    And then, when you're an all out PG fan, get your hands on a copy of the POV video. Search for it. (Buy the boot rip.) It is more than worth it....more info
  • Peter Gabriel's Secret World Live
    Absolutely well produced, absolutely well done. As a longtime fan, I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite it's overall 'VH-1-ness' - all the 'hits' are represented. There are some genuinely poignant moments, here - and some genuinely (affectionately) cringe-worthy ones, as well (think, 'hand gestures' and 'hipthrusts', and you've got it) - but the joy of it comes through, especially in the title track. A great performance by all - I would expect nothing less from Mr. Gabriel and his merry band.

    I mean, you can't beat that VOICE.

    I would definitely recommend....more info
  • Very Vibrant and Outstanding DVD
    The sound and quality on this DVD was excellent! You could clearly hear Peter Gabriel, and he sounded great (which compared to the "Growing Up" concert DVD, he always sounded far away and faded out). All the band members, including Gabriel were very energitic and vibrant! This was a concert that I wished I would have seen with my own eyes. All the song selections that Gabriel made for this concert were either his better and livelier songs, such as Sledgehammer, Sulsbury Hill, and Shaking the Tree, or they were at least pleasant and melodic, and enjoyable to listen to. From beginning to end, this was a very entertaining DVD. I played this for several friends who were not into Gabriel, and one even said that he would love to purchase the dvd. It is a dvd that will make an impression on you! I am not a true Gabriel fan, yet I enjoyed the dvd and concert very much. I would recomend it to anyone in a heartbeat! ...more info
  • A must for Peter Gabriel fans!
    This DVD is a compilation of some of Peter Gabriel's best music, and true to form, he backs this one up with a well designed stage show. It has some nice effects and really adds to the overall experience without being over the top. He is also joined by Paula Cole who has a great voice. She blends well with the rest of the group, but the thing I enjoyed most was that they all seemed to be having a great time. Great music and a lot of fun! A great addition to any music/DVD collection!...more info
  • The Ultimate Peter Gabriel concert DVD
    What a package--great song selection, performances, and film production. I had it on VHS and finally obtained the DVD. I recall when this tour came through LA around 1995 or so and wished i could have seen it live. A great combination of theater and music. Tony Levin on bass and the gorgeous, sexy Paula Cole on vocals are more reasons to obtain this gem. I have this and Growing Up Live, and Secret world Live is superior....more info
  • A great concert!!
    This is my first Peter Gabriel DVD, and I'm going to buy more because of it. Gabriel is a natural genius in his genre, and emotion exudes from his songs as they lull you effortlessly into them. The musicians who accompany him are top notch to put it mildly, and the female backup singer is fantastic (although I had to look past her combat boots she wore with a beautiful senuous black dress). Her vocals were excellent however. I didn't care too much about the choice of visuals Gabriel used during the concert, but that is not an important issue with me as it's the music that counts. In summary, the DVD is well worth the price....more info
  • Creative performance
    Peter Gabriel certainly challenges the traditional realms of music today and this concert reveals his creativity. A very unique stage and show concept in use, as Pete does best. This is a cool live performance to have in your collection. Although not the best effort placed in video quality, the content and enthusiasm of the musicians carries the concert through....more info
  • I only wish I had been there to see it , but this will definitely do
    I was more than impressed when I first saw this on videotape , but the DVD adds sound options which really help to immerse yourself in the music .

    The staging has been much talked about and it is certainly something to behold , yet it does not detract from the focus of the show .

    I hesitate to call Peter an entertainer as this DVD shows him to be more than that - after all , his band match him in creating the moods for all the songs .
    It is almost like a movie .

    I look forward to showing this to people over the years so they can see the full potential of presenting music to an audience .
    This DVD together with STOP MAKING SENSE would be a potent double bill .
    See this and be enriched ....more info
  • I don't normally write reviews but....
    My wife and I first saw this concert when it aired on T.V. god knows how many years ago. We were leaving to go on a date and I was reaching to shut down the t.v. when I stoopped for just a second to see what it was....that was all she wrote. Ever since my wife and I have been the equivalent of brainless giddy crying screaming groupies when it comes to this concert. I taped it off the t.v. then bought the VHS tape and ultimately got the DVD. Is the video grainy..I don't know and I don't care. Did they re-dub anything...I don't know and I don't care. What I do know is that I watch it at least once every 2 months and love it as much each time. Take it from a guy who hates groupies but couldn't help but become one, get this DVD and play it until the plastic warps....more info