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Crow [VHS]
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The Crow set the standard for dark and violent comic-book movies (like Spawn or director Alex Proyas's superior follow-up, Dark City), but it will forever be remembered as the film during which star Brandon Lee (son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee) was accidentally killed on the set by a loaded gun. The filmmakers were able to digitally sample what they'd captured of Lee's performance and piece together enough footage to make the movie releasable. Indeed, it is probably more fascinating for that post-production story than for the tale on the screen. The Crow is appropriately cloaked in ominous expressionistic shadows, oozing urban dread and occult menace from every dank concrete crack, but it really adds up to a simple and perfunctory tale of ritual revenge. Guided by a portentous crow (standing in for Poe's raven), Lee plays a deceased rock musician who returns from the grave to systematically torture and kill the outlandishly violent gang of hoodlums who murdered him and his fianc¨¦e the year before. The film is worth watching for its compelling visuals and genuinely nightmarish, otherworldly ambience. --Jim Emerson

Catch the explosive, action-packed hit that thrilled moviegoers and dazzled critics everywhere! Brandon Lee (RAPID FIRE) plays Eric Draven, a young rock guitarist who, along with his fiancee, is brutally killed by a ruthless gang of criminals. Exactly one year after his death, Eric returns -- watched over by a hypnotic crow -- to seek revenge, battling the evil crime lord and his band of urban thugs, who must answer for their crimes. Loaded with intense, nonstop action and a hot #1 hit soundtrack, THE CROW delivers exhilarating, fast-paced entertainment!

Customer Reviews:

  • Brandon Lee, The Crow
    Brandon Lee was able to weave a strange little tapestry of vengeance, love, hate and sorrow as the title character, The Crow and as Eric Draven leaving me with the impression that, had he lived, this would likely have been his ticket to stardom. Instead it served as the epitaph for a great man from a revered family.

    Another movie taken from the pages of a comic book series, this one written and drawn by James O'Barr, it carried with it all the sorrow that James put onto the page. The movie contained little of the self inflicted pain the Crow suffered but still got across the horror that lived in his heart.

    The characterizations of each of the players in this little drama were right on, meaning the casting director did one hell of a job. Alex Proyas directions were amazing, and though the body double for Brandon left a little to be desired, it had to be done to complete the movie.

    A cult classic? Truly. But to be honest, I think this movie carries with it so much by way of being a love story, a ghost story, an action movie and a horror movie that it should go beyond cult status and be recognized as simply what it is, a classic....more info
  • "This is the really real world....."
    I've seen "The Crow" so many times (anyone who was around 13 when this movie came out should understand) that one would think it only natural for a person of that generation to have come to a conclusion about the moral of the story, a final judgment of the film. This would be presumptuous.

    Eric Draven, a young man very much in love with his wife, Shelley Webyster, is dealt a cruel hand in every sense of that term; he is forced to watch while a group of (believably) degenerate thugs rape her as he dies from a quick knife wound.

    Resurrected from the dead by forces we never get to understand fully, Draven dishes out grisly punishment just as bad as he got. Painting his face up with his wife's wedding makeup (the symbolism here is beautiful, and all of it is owed to James O' Barr's masterpiece graphic novel of the same name), he possesses powers of recuperation and invulnerability to pain that can only be characterized as divine.

    The cinematography here is perfect; when Draven is leaping across the rooftops, just understanding precisely what he is and how he came back from the dead, Nine Inch Nails gives their try at "Dead Souls" by Joy Division. It works. Perhaps the most representative seen of the whole film is where he confronts Tin Tin before killing him, the urge toward vengeance pumping through his veins like a steroid from high above.

    Draven inhabits a remorseless dark night of a world in which ghosts are certainly not believed in. (Too bad for the boss and everyone else.) Rain falls constantly, and the director did a perfect job of starting a new Goth trend that was alternately corny and stylish. In the end, we cannot fault Draven for his actions; and the people he eliminates are one step above animals. This is a Shakespearean tale of absolute wrath.

    I often wondered if this would have been so popular if the unfortunate Brandon Lee had not been killed during filming accidentally. I still think it would have. I remember every line from this film almost verbatim, just from repeated viewings with friends. This is a haunting, important film and more than a must see. ...more info
  • An Excellent Purchase
    A smashing hit, and a nostalgiac wonder: The Crow is a wonderful action flick that just screams Awesome.

    Purchasing from the people I did, I was glad to see they sent me an excellent in-wrapping package. 5 stars~...more info
  • Tragic loss for us
    He had it all, looks, screen presence, talent and a perfect movie for many sequels. This would have made Brandon a super star for many,many years to come. We miss you Brandon, God Bless, wherever you may be....more info
  • The Best Movie I Have Ever Seen
    This is one of the best movies I have ever seen. It is the only movie that can excite me, put me on the edge of my seat, and make me cry all in the same hour and forty five minutes. It has everything from incredible fight scenes to a heartbreaking finale. The tragic death of Brandon Lee during the making of this film only adds to the heartbreaking reality of the love story behind it all. Brandon Lee gives a flawless performance in his final film that would have sky-rocketed him to stardom.
    Brandon Lee plays the rock star Eric Draven, who is killed, along with his girlfriend Shelly, on Halloween (The night before his wedding) by a bunch of thugs. One year later, Eric's restless soul is carried by a crow and he returns from the dead to seek revenge on the thugs that murdered him and raped his girlfriend and left her to die. One by one Eric makes his way down the line, with the help of a sympathetic cop, killing the thugs and finding his way to their leader who chooses who they kill. Eric also helps Shelly's friend Sarah (who is about twelve years old) develop a relationship with her drug addicted mother. Eric has two days to make things right before he returns to the grave, can he make it? I highly recommend that you watch and see for yourself. A dark, gothic action flick with awesome martial arts fights with a sad love story underneath. Without a doubt, one of the best films I have ever seen....more info
  • my own reviwew
    Personally i think this movie is fantastic.It should not have 41/2 stars.I think it should have 5.I know they have made many crow movies.But this is one of those kinds of movies that you can not make sequel for.It could never be compaired to any movie.the action the romance but also the tradgedy.Only certain movies can have that emotion that when you watch it,it affects you.It was also tradgic that Brandon Lee died while making this movie.It is and amazing film.And i recomand that you give it a 5....more info
  • Great movie
    This movie is mind blowing! You're on the edge of your seat the whole movie, its great. RIP Brandon Lee....more info
  • Not my thing, but boy was I surprised...
    I had no intention of watching this movie, none. There was nothing about it that I thought I would like, but when a friend of mine wanted to rent it, and I had nothing better to do, I watched it with her.

    I was wrong.

    I should have wanted to watch this one. It was at best understated, and definitely overlooked. There's a few places where it's a bit 'out there' for me, but all in all, I was totally blown away by how much I actually liked this movie.

    Not for kids. And in fact, probably not for all adults, but if you like things that are a little out of the ordinary, can truly relate to some of the more basal and darker sides of human nature, this is sure to send a chill or two down your spine.

    There is a beautiful image of love unrequited in this movie, almost of a poetic nature, but so obscure that it is hard to grasp it entirely. I consider it like I would a work of art, not everyone is going to understand it, nor is everyone going to get the same things from watching it, but I think that it's worth watching....more info
  • The Best
    This is an incredible action movie by any standard. It captures ugly acts by ugly people in an ugly city in the rain - but does it beautifully.

    The plot may not be anything grand, based on supernatural vengeance for a vicious murder. It's played out in a spectacular way, though, set against a combination of crumbling Victorian and 90s grunge in a city that seems never to see daylight. The crow itself is never wholly explained but never far away, giving a pervasive sense of mystery to the movie. Police sergeant Albrecht brings some sense of justice to the vengeance, and little Sarah reminds us of what needs to be avenged. Rochelle Davis, aged 14 when she played the role, put in a truly memorable performance. She managed to convey everything sulky and rebellious in a teen of her actual age, along with the strength of the young woman and fragility of the little girl that combine in her one small person. She never acted again after this movie - understandable, given the tragedy of its production - and I am sure that cinema lost something valuable because of that.

    One scene showed Sarah playing an LP album, reminding me that this movie predates today's pervasiveness of CDs. It also predates most of the computer-driven effects seen routinely in today's movies. Don't get me wrong, I'm as big an effects nut as anyone. The movie, though, is a stark and strong reminder of how good a movie can be without that kind of enhancement.

    If movies adapted from comics put you off, I have to agree that you have lots of good reason for that feeling. Give this one a chance anyway. The fact that some other adaptations have been really bad doesn't change the fact that this movie, adaptation or not, is really good.

    //wiredweird...more info
  • The Crow
    A fairly decent film. Brandon Lee's best (and unfortunately last) role. Somewhat predictable and lame acting from the film's heavies, but the dark tone, decent storyline and OUTSTANDING sountrack help us overcome the shortcomings. Watch this film when your girlfriend is feeling sentimental....more info
  • those who praise this film to the stars are all biased
    I have seen this film-labeled the best one, and the 4th Crow movie-labeled the worst one at pretty much the same time. And I just gotta say, I was pretty disappointed with both, but especially this one, which has been labeled the best Crow film and it's soooooo good and a must see etc etc etc. Needless to say, my expectations for this film is pretty high.

    So here's my comparason of The Crow and The Crow: Wicked Prayer:

    But when I saw the film, I was pretty much cringing for most of the way through. First of all there was Brandon Lee's acting. he wasn't so much as "the crow" as "the clow", or more accurately, "the Joker". Edward Furlong had a much cooler "The Crow" look, while Brandon Lee's Crow look is pretty much like a clow, it was a really ridiculous look. And secondly, if I had to compare acting, I would choose Edward Furlong for he had more character depth than Brandon Lee (and just on a side-note, I'm not a fan of Edward Furlong, I didn't even know him until I saw the fourth crow movie). Furlong pulled off the Crow as someone who is deeply confused, and was despairing over what he had become, and even resisted his undead-ness. Brandon Lee, on the other hand, fully embraced his power to create havoc, and was pretty sadistic most of the time throughout the film(especially when he was telling people to shoot him-I was cinging like heck) (hence making him more "the joker" for me). Furlong had some pretty good lines, Lee, on the other hand, the only line that gave me a few chuckles was when he told the cop "your hat is still on", all his other lines are really cheesy, and he failed to show me how he brought people together by using his wisdom. So basically, I felt Furlong was a better crow in looks, character depth and cunning speeches, and he kills the bad guys in rage(which made me feel more for his revenge). While Lee was pretty much a crazy and at many times pathetic clow killing people sadistically(which pretty much made me cringe).

    So that said, what are the things this movie is better than the fourth one?? There are lots- mainly the violence. Lee's Crow had pretty creative plots for each of the people he's gonna kill. The film is also much much darker and set in a feeling of sad, dangerous, yet at the same time sacrete place. So needless to say, this move definitely had the best action.

    As for the plot. both films, in my opinion, are equal in different way. And I pretty much mean the villains. This movie's villains were pretty over the top. The ending-how the crow killed the guy, is creative but didn't work as well-it got kinda destroyed when he thanked the cop-gosh I was literally screaming CHEESY!!! the fourth crow movie's villain wasn't great either, and also pretty cheesy, but at least in the fourth crow movie the villains were formidable-aka he had power almost equal that of the crow. While this movie the crow kills like everybody, and the resolution of his power being taken away is pretty stupid too-the bird peck the woman's face, geeez I wouldn't have thought of that *sarcasm*

    So why do people praise this movie to the stars? Simple, two reasons: 1. this was the first film, and I know about the first initial biase over everything in most people-so basically this was the first crow movie, people loved it(there was this saying that "it's always the first one that is the best one" but it's just not true, it's because of the first-biase). 2. Brandon Lee lost his life for this movie, yet this movie was still released, I gotta say, that is really impressive.

    But I also know that this movie is released in 1994, yeah, that was before Joss Whedon-the master creater of dark themes-and who nowadays pretty much everybody(who tries to make the similar genre) was trying to copy on was known. So it's understandable, but that's pretty much proving what I've always observed-films (in general of course) get BETTER, not worse. Actors get better and better as the generations goes on. In fact, nowadays when I see old movies like Gone With the Wind and the 40s version of Pride and Prejudice, I was literally YELLING how incredibly HORRIBLE the actings are.

    So hit at me if you wish, but this is the solid opinion of someone who is completely unbiased. For the viewers: if you really enjoy violence and juss wanna watch violence, this is the movie for you, but if you are looking for something a little more, I suggest you look elsewhere....more info
  • Proyas' breakout film is a triumph.
    I was one of the people who read James O' Barr's graphic novel long before the movie was released. The novel really struck a nerve in me and touched me in a way no other book, comic or otherwise, has yet to do. When I heard a movie was coming out based on O' Barr's Crow I was both skeptical and hopeful. Luckily my expectations for a movie to respect the original did not fall short with The Crow.

    The book was dark, moody, and extremely emotional. Though much of the content in the book can hardly translate to a movie made for the general public, The Crow has very much the spirit of the book. Admittedly it was severely toned down, but you have to expect that. The most important elements were there. The Crow is ultimately a love story and the movie kept that. It also held onto the mood of the books, paying tribute to the gothic and the post-modern genres. It actually might be the only mainstream movie out that does this right.

    The differences that were made between the book and the movie didn't diminish the spirit either. One big change was making one of the books characters into the ultimate bad boss. I know for Hollywood you need to focal point for the hero to eventually end up at and they sure got a doozy of a villain. The other characters are well rounded and you get enough to know who they are what they are about. Character development can make or break a movie so I was glad to see all of the characters from Officer Albrecht (a major supporting character) to Darla (minor supporting character pivotal to a side story) and her daughter get well defined within their airtime.

    This is definitely Brandon Lee's finest performance. I was very much saddened to hear his passing during the making of the film. He is one of the celebrities out there I feel left us much too soon and I really miss him. At least his final movie truly showed the kind of actor he can be and not just a martial arts prodigy. Pretty much all of the actors did a splendid job with this movie. Director Alex Proyas picked a great cast and has a knack for making the film feel grim without being depressing.

    Not only do you have a good story put together with good plot and character development you also have a healthy dose of very cool action. This might be Brandon's greatest acting role, but that doesn't mean we don't see the man kick some serious butt. While I wouldn't call this an action movie you get a nice amount of excitement sprinkled along the story. The special effects are right on par too. The backdrop models are real gothic and moody. The digital effects are the best you will find in this era. Due to Brandon't untimely tragedy they had to superimpose his image digitally on body doubles and other scenes to finish the movie. I dare you to figure out which scenes aren't him without looking it up.

    Did I forget to mention the soundtrack? Oh yeah... the soundtrack gives The Crow its moodiness and does it well. Whoever picked the songs and composer knows what are talking about. Music is what defines the gothic and post-modern styles and The Crow was oozing with that kind of music. You get songs by The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Rollins Band, Rage Against the Machine and more. There were also cameo appearances by My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and Medicine. I normally don't make a point to bring up bands in a soundtrack, but considering the specific look and feel of the movie I felt like it deserved mentioning.

    The collector's series is the DVD to get for The Crow. You get interviews with the cast and crew as well as a sweet commentary by Alex Proyas. You also get interviews with James O' Barr regarding the genesis of the comic book. The one thing that disappointed me was the deleted scene montage. Instead of actually giving us the scenes you get chopped up one second cuts in a music-dubbed montage. I would have really liked to see the scenes they made with "Skull Cowboy" and instead I get a music video. Shame on you.

    The Crow is an excellent film. It's pretty different from any film that even comes close to this kind of plot. Not only is it done different it is done right. Keep in mind it might be an acquired taste for some not used to this kind of movie.
    If any of you are into the gothic/post modern genre, or have any interest in it, you're going to really like The Crow. If you're into dark and moody stories you're going to love it. And since it's not too dark and moody for the normal people out there I think many others will enjoy The Crow too. As for that acquired tasted I mentioned... I recommend acquiring it.
    ...more info
  • Mesmerizing
    This is easily the best film I've ever seen.From start to finish I was simply gripped, it just seems so weird the manner in which both he and his dad died.It's simply a beautiful piece of cine-
    -matography, that just can't be forgotten.Forever remembered rest in peace Brandon.By the way how did he get those abs man it was an 8pack not a 6 ?. ...more info
  • "I want you to tell me a story..."
    The truest tragedy will always be the fact that Brandon Lee died while filming. Had he not, he would most likely have become greater than he is now. But this movie is what keeps him alive today.

    Brandon Lee's performance was nothing short of phenomenal. He portrayed the character we all would seek in Eric Draven. The action was intense, but it was the emotion he applied that gave it such greatness. The story itself carries a uniqueness that is often-times doomed to fall short in the chaos that is Hollywood, but the Crow is able to keep it as it's meant to be, retaining its beauty....more info
  • The only adaption of The Crow worthy of purchase.
    Brandon Lee gives out his best performance in this film. This is the only adaption of The Crow that's worth buying and the special features on the DVD is a plus. The Crow is also Brandon Lee's last film. This is worthy of collecting just as much as Heath Ledger's final full performance in The Dark Knight as The Joker. I'm naming my son after Brandon Lee....more info
  • no title
    Very dark, very violent, stylized film, somewhat on the order of "Batman", but no lightness anywhere. Premise is dead man comes back to life to avenge lover's death. Blood and gore and shootings run rampant. Brandon Lee was good - kind've reminded me of Johnny Depp. And the head bad guy was very good, with a marvelously raspy bass voice. But after having seen within a few days "Natural Born Killers", a rescreening of "Robocop" and now this, I cannot help but be struck by our society's penchant for being entertained by gore and bloody violence, in many cases quite sick. I see no difference between this movie gore and the Roman gladiators performing for the populace. Sure, in the arena men died, and all on the screen is make-believe, but the visuals are the same. We are impacted with the same sights and sounds, perhaps worse. Why do human beings find this entertaining? This is not new either; people used to love boxing, seeing a boxer's face get smashed to pulp. Because it's not them? ...more info
  • True Love Never Dies
    I Love this movie. A mystical look at revenge, reincarnation, second chances, and last goodbyes. The soundtrack rocks, BRANDON LEE would have been huge, R.I.P....more info