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Although these three OAVs (original animation videos) were released years apart--and years after the original Project A-Ko feature--they all share a single plot: the battle between A-Ko, who possesses super-powers, and the super-rich, mecha-building B-Ko for the affections of the infantile C-Ko. (The names of the characters play off the Japanese equivalent of "Girl A, Girl B" to designate extras in a script.) In "Cinderella Rhapsody," A-Ko falls for the dashing motorcyclist Kei. B-Ko wants whatever A-Ko wants, and they're soon fighting over Kei and C-Ko. But Kei only has eyes for C-Ko. In "Final," C-Ko turns out to be a long-lost alien princess whose people come to reclaim her, but the story remains underdeveloped. C-Ko leaves with the alien fleet but turns up at A-Ko's door the next morning and announces, "I came back." Viewers may wonder why everyone is so gaga about a whiny case of arrested development like C-Ko, whether she's a princess or not. In Japan, the pursuit of C-Ko is seen as a manifestation of the intense, platonic friendships among high school students, rather than lesbian attraction, but a weird sexuality pervades the stories, which include androgynous bodybuilders in dresses. All three episodes are silly enough to make Tenchi Muyo! sound like Nietzsche. Rated 13 and up for brief nudity, occasional sexual humor, and violence. --Charles Solomon

Customer Reviews:

  • Project A-ko rules
    Loads of fun with this 'oldie' from the anime front. I knew the VHS from years ago and I can only say it is still a delight to watch it. If you like the typical Japanese humor with screaming girls & lots of slapstick comedy this is the one to buy. The pop/rock soundtrack cd wich comes as an extra is a bit outdated but enjoyably campy if you're in the right mood.
    ...more info
  • An anime classic
    This movie was my first introduction to "anime" when I knew to call certain cartoons anime. I originally saw it on the Science Fiction channel in 1992. Though I didn't get all the references to other anime, and I still don't in some cases, it is a very fun movie. Even though now it's several years later, and the animation style's age shows through, I enjoy re-watching it. This may sound weird coming from a man's keyboard, but Project A-ko is my "feel good" movie....more info
  • This is the best anime movie ever made.
    Yeah, you heard that right. The best EVER. Unfortunately, Central Park Media has never been the top-of-the-line in terms of packaging, voice acting, mastering (etc., etc., etc...), but that's the reality. Unless you have a Region 2 DVD player and can dig up a Japanese version, this is the best you're going to get.

    If you have to ask what Project A-ko is, you may wish to go back to watching Cartoon Network, because you'll probably hate it. Otherwise, this is the brainchild of Yuji Moriyama, an anime director who seems to have had a role in creating every single 80s anime series (yes, they made anime in the 80's. What, you weren't born then? Oh). Moriyama also directed several orginal video productions, most of which were slightly above average fanservice-fests. However, Moriyama had a moment of sheer genius and created Project A-ko, a film that is supposedly about three girls (who Moriyama and his team didn't get around to naming, thus Girls A, B, and C) but is more an excuse to blow things up, break things, promulgate even more fan service, and lampoon just about every major anime up to that time.

    There is a storyline, but it gets weirder and weirder as things go on and starts to reference things so obscure most Japanese fans can't even recognize them all. Good thing that the humor is easy to laugh at, the animation is top-notch (for the time), the character designs are wonderful, and of course that nothing is sacred. A-ko, by the way, is a normal happy schoolgirl who is habitually late, likes junk food, and can lift a tank. B-ko is her wannabe evil genius rival; hers is a stereotype almost any anime fan of any age will recognize - the evil pretty girl. B-ko, however, is also completely insane. C-ko is a walking cerebral hemmorage who could have been written into the movie after Moriyama had a vision of infuriating 'Ninja Scroll' and 'Akira' fans for the next 25 years. She is also A-ko's best friend. The only other characters of significance are the cross-dressing aliens. To summarize, B-ko decides to steal C-ko away from A-ko. This soon turns into 'A-ko must die,' so B-ko begins to create a stream of incredibly destructive inventions to use on A-ko, who -unfortunately for B-ko- is invincible. Hilarity ensues.

    Moriyama succeeded brilliantly, but sadly A-ko was buried by godawful dubs, the curse of being shown on the infant SciFi Channel, several very mediocre sequels, and the fact Central Park Media went from being an obscure producer of weird overpriced VHSes in the 80s to the most obscure anime distributor on the face of the earth today.

    I have not listened to the newest dub of this movie and I don't plan to. If you cannot bear to watch this movie in Japanese, please click on over to the DragonBall/YuGiOh/Hello Kitty portion of Amazon. If you haven't seen A-ko but your buddies make fun of you for watching 'wussy' anime, whine that they can't read subtitles, or think the Evangelion movie is the greatest thing since Benedict Spinoza, then A-ko may be for you.

    Perhaps you can imagine watching an ancient VHS with the words "CONTAINS NUDITY" printed embarassingly on the box, or perhaps you can imagine you are watching this in a darkened Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza conference room at a sci-fi convention in a time before 99.99999% of the US population knew what "Japanamashin" is and anime cost $34.95 for thirty freaking minutes... if you could even find it outside of mail order. If you can, you may very be blown away by this ludicrously irreverent, clever, and endearing anime that has stood the test of time, if not the test of marketability.

    An old fanzine once wrote of the "anime generations." One was the Robotech generation and one of many others was the Akira generation (whose descendants still go nuts over ever blood spray they see). There was never an 'A-ko' generation, but the impact of this goofy movie is lasting on just about every fanboy with a sense of history. This movie belongs in every serious anime fan's collection, and I can't rate it highly enough....more info
  • If your sick of school girls and giant robots
    Project A-Ko is a total send-up of the genre, which is no doubt why I enjoyed it (and its sequel) so much. It has the usual giant mechanical paraphernalia, teenage school girls, and crossdressing alcoholic aliens. Err... where did they come from? Never mind: far more than most of the famous and iconic animes it parodies, Project A-Ko is entertaining, intriguing, and often just fall-down laughing funny. It's sort of like Japanese anime directed by an English eccentric. It's still sutiable bewildering in a Japanese sort of way, but with flashes of anglo style satire thrown in.

    rated 13 up: brief nudity, occasional profanity, sexual humor, and violence ...more info
  • A classic and an exercise of freeform Japanese animation
    All that is to be said about A-ko has probably been said already by the 50+ reviews so I just want to chirp in and say if you are an old school anime fan or just a plain or regular anime buff you will appreciate the included Director's notes in the DVD collector's edition.

    In the director's notes, Shigeru Morikawa, gives tons of interesting facts and trivia about the creation and dynamics of Project A-ko. What was first planned to be a soft porn cartoon turned a science fiction anime slug fest and acknowledged by Japanese animation industry insiders as a hallmark in the field of Japanese animation.

    In fact, I was surprised to find out that tons of famous people in the field of manga (such as Kia Asamiya of Silent Mobious fame) and animation (people who worked on great Sci-Fi series like Macross and Evangelion) were key animators and contributed to the storyline of this movie.

    I could go on for ages but I would spoil it too much. So if you are still behind the times and want to update your A-ko to DVD or haven't watched the movie but considering the purchase, I say, go ahead you'll love not only the anime itself but also the tons of extras packed within....more info
  • FAB!
    I have this movie.It's really good.I've only seen the dubbed version,and I think it's really funny. My favorite person is C-ko,because she's so funny,and B-ko and A-ko are tieing in 2nd place. "Fun for the whole family",haha. Please get this so you can see how great it is, then tell my friend!She has no idea what anime is about! -BYE!!!...more info
  • Quite possibly one of the best in anime's slapstick genre
    It's a given that this movie may seem odd to some, well most, when they first watch it, but take my word, it will grow on you. The only thing I found particularly disappointing was the very beginning where the city was destroyed(hopefully I'm not spoiling this for those of you who haven't seen it) I saw not where this tied in to the movie, maybe I'm not as sharp as I used to be. Omit this short scene, and you've got one of the best darn anime ever to come from the mind of the genius himself, Yuji Moriyama.

    Some wonder where A-ko's superhuman strength comes from, be patient with this movie, and you will see(Hint: Pay close attention to the last few minutes of the movie, when A-ko wakes up for school. Notice the name of the newspaper A-ko's father is reading and rack your brain about what other being with superhuman strength might have to do with said paper.

    Hopefully, you have, or will enjoy this anime masterpiece as much as I did, and no matter what others may say, the dubbed version is just as good as the subtitled, there's so much to the movie, tht losing a nanospeck to the dubbed version won't spoil your outlook on the movie. But beware, the voice of C-Ko Kotobuki might drive you into hysterics the first time you watch it, consider yourself warned....more info

  • A true anime fan's movie and a brilliant satire!
    Forget Akira, this sugar-high story of girls A, B, C and an alien invasion is the ultimate in anime fan entertainment. It's been available in the US for a comparatively long time; hence it has been surpassed in name-recognition by more popular action series. Its sales were probably boosted in the early 90s by the ominous CONTAINS NUDITY (for it was the era when anime was still 'cartoons') branded on the cover; its harmless five seconds are nothing in the tentacle era. Yet dedicated anime fans still grin when Project A-ko is mentioned, for it is a wonderful and whimsical foray into the real of animated satire and slapstick humor.

    For this reason, casual fans or newbies might be confused by Project A-ko. About the only broad appeal the movie has lies with its high quality animation, dynamic character designs, and wild machines. But while these contribute greatly to the film, Project A-ko's true attraction is as a satire of the anime of the 1980s.

    Macross/Robotech, Captain Harlock, Fist of the North Star, Yamato/StarBlazers, and many other series too numerous to mention are targets in Project A-Ko; I notice some new reference every time I watch it. For fans aware of the significance of these, A-Ko is side-splitting, although one need not be informed to be entertained. The characters in themselves are great: A-Ko, B-Ko, and C-ko were so named by creator Yuji Moriyama, who was basing his story around three girls. He couldn't decide what to name them, hence the names Girls A, B, and C. They are stereotypical anime girls in many ways (A-Ko is always late to school, B-Ko is a super-rich zaibatsu daughter with an evil laugh and an old score to settle, and C-Ko is a nauseatingly cute brat with no attention span), but are crazy enough to be some of the most memorable characters of the genre.

    Finally, true weirdness is what really makes Project A-Ko a classic. From Dirty Pair levels of destruction and cross-dressing alcoholic aliens to deadly Pepsi cans and Colonel Sanders to B-Ko clad in a revealing battlesuit (the infamous Agakiyama 23 M-Class) firing unlimited reserves of mini-missiles at everything, Project A-Ko was rightly described as "The Holy Grail of Anime" by Antarctic Press. Moriyama's whimsical rollercoaster and satire of all Japanese things on acetate belongs in any true anime fan's collection.

    Then you too can wonder exactly *why* B-Ko 'wants' C-Ko, and you too can meet A-Ko's father, which explains a hell of a lot... ^^

    (Skip the sequels and the dubbed version, though, they are particular letdowns.)...more info

  • Stick to subtitles unless absolutely necessary.
    Still a great spectacle of animation, but the dubbed voices are lethargic and don't accentuate Yuji Moriama's story like the original Japanese does. But if you don't like subtitles, you would probably miss the point of A-Ko anyway.......more info
  • Animation at it's best
    Of all the anime I have seen, A-ko is my favorite. Definately. The rest of the A-ko movies are just as good. I highly recommend this video....more info
  • A Hysterical Spoof
    A hysterical spoof of every anime cliche in the book. From large eyed giggling girls to outrageous mechs that just seem to get bigger and bigger.

    Although this anime makes more sense if you've been exposedd to massive amount of anime, even if your a newbie to the medium it's still side spliting. I would recommend Project A-Ko to anyone....more info

  • Twistedly great Animation
    first I watched the movie on the Sci fi channel. yes at first it gets kinda confusing. This is Yuri Moriyamas Best work yet. C-ko is the only character in the movie who really shouldnt be called a character at all. a-ko and B-ko are the main characters no matter what....more info
  • It's ok
    Fighting scenes... Great. Mecha's.... Cool. Character's... Wonderful. Storyline... well... It just plain sucks. The first time you watch it's confusing. You get in to this big fight between B-ko and A-ko and then suddenly all this other stuff comes up. I've seen plenty of Anime's and this one was just not one of my favorites. Although, if you look past the storyline, this is a very entertaining video. I must admit, it can be very funny at times....more info
  • Hilarious anime classic
    If you're an anime fan, you can't miss this movie.

    It's funny, action packed, and makes humorous references to other anime classics.

    You won't regret this buy... as long as you get it in subtitles. The dubbed version isn't nearly as funny....more info

  • An hillarious anime romp with beautiful art and music.
    The first movie in the series, Project A-ko is most definitely the best. The pacing, plot, characters, music, humor and action blend perfectly to make an enjoyable and memorable anime experience. Basically a spoof of other genres of anime, the movie is nonetheless enjoyable by a newcomer to anime. The visual humor works on many levels, from the obvious slapstick, to the parody of various styles to the subtle and hidden references and in-jokes. One can enjoy this movie on face value as a raucous romp with a serious streak of weirdness, or with an inspecting eye, looking to pick out any concealed gems of mirth.

    A-ko is a teenage schoolgirl, best friends with C-ko. The two have transferred to a new school, and the movie begins on the morning of their first day there. All is normal this morning, as A-ko has overslept, C-ko greets her at her door, and a frantic rush at supersonic speeds up the hill, through trees and into living rooms takes place. Normal? This IS normal for Graviton City, the girl's hometown.

    The viewer is exposed to one fantastic event after another - A-ko's super-human speed and strength, B-ko's phenomenal engineering ability, C-ko's incessant wailing and toxic cooking - and is expected to accept them as "normal"! This is the way of this movie, and unless you plan to knot your mind in trying to define it rationally and logically, it's best just to sit back and enjoy the ride.

    And what a ride it is! When the girls are introduced to their new classmates, one of the girls in the class, B-ko becomes immediately infatuated with C-ko. B-ko is the spoiled but brilliant daughter of a very wealthy businessman and she is used to getting her way. When she learns that she has encountered A-ko and B-ko before, an old grudge resurfaces and she challenges A-ko to a fight. B-ko is no match for A-ko's super powers, and B-ko is humiliated. Not about to be out done B-ko creates b! igger and more powerful robots to battle A-ko. When these prove failures, B-ko makes the fight a lot more personal.

    While this is going on, a mind-bendingly huge alien spaceship heads towards earth looking for their lost princess. Their spy has been watching A-ko and C-ko closely, and been suffering greatly in the process. When the invading alien forces and the dueling A-ko and B-ko meet, destruction of biblical proportions ensues and the chaos is unparalleled.

    This movie may seem a little odd to the uninitiated, but if you are able to put all expectations aside and just enjoy the show for what it is, it will be a very rewarding experience. Repeated viewings are absolutely necessary to fully appreciate the humor (as will occasional use of the pause button!), and a broad knowledge of anime helps, but isn't necessary.

    I thoroughly recommend Project A-ko to the seasoned anime fan and as a perfect introduction to the anime newcomer. It is a wonderfully twisted movie with an enduring appeal.

    END...more info

  • The English dub audio sucks!!
    The anime of Project A-Ko is good, this is just a review on the poorly mastered audio of the English dub. I didn't feel like reading the subtitles to this movie so I put on the English dub and the sound is terrible. I know the audio source is over 10 years old, but come on the Japanese audio (I don't think neither were remastered) which is about 16-17 years old sounds way better. I had to switch over to that and read it with subtitles to watch it. I mean, when they went through all the trouble to remaster the video (which looks amazing on DVD) why didn't they go through the trouble of remastering BOTH tracks. If you watch this on the new CE DVD please watch it in Japanese because I watched it with my new Home Theater DVD system and the sound was terrible for the English dub! The movie is really good though...more info
  • remains ok
    This is one of the few animes that I still get a kick out of (mainly because of the fact that it is an anime that ridicules its own genre). After seeing my fair share of Japanese animation movies and series, I have noticed an unfortunate trend. That is, that anime is utterly plagued with stereotypes. This movie redeems itself in that it (quite intentionally) pokes fun at those rampantly recurring elements that make up Japanese animation.

    What themes am I referring to? I'm talkin' bout' epic space battles with zillions of missles, about ultra hot women fighting and striking poses left and right, about the stupid sailor outfits, gigantic robots, jealousy among peers in a prestigious school, etc. Just about every sterotype is represented here, and played off as exactly that.

    So check it out. There's something here for you no matter what. I'm willing to bet that if you love or hate most animes, you'll at least enjoy this somewhat. I also want to point out the fact that the overall QUALITY of the animation here is AMAZING even today. ... This is the one to watch. This movie has provided me with a surprizing amount of entertainment value over the years, and has imparted a strange attraction to redheads on me to boot....more info

  • A-Ko remastered
    The Collector's Series DVD version of Project A-ko is all new version of an anime classic. This version is far better then the old Image version in just about every way. CPM were able to locate the original full screen version of the film (all the old versions had the top and bottom cut off to create a wide screen version for the theater), and the film has been Digialy remastered. The remaster was well done, colour is much better then the old release, black level is back where it should be without being crushed. I don't see any artifacts like I have seen in some other remastered animation. Gone are the badly timed white subtitles of the Image release, this version has very easy to read subtitles in yellow with thin black boarder.

    Extras? Some of the best I've seen on any anime DVD! All the extras from the old LD are back (missing on the Image DVD), plus new ones from the Japanese SE LD, plus some created just for this release. If you buy the A-ko box set you also get the sound track on a CD (along with two more DVDs).

    There are lots of good reviews here about the movie, I've just reviewed the technical features of this DVD. If you have ever been interested in this movie, or even already have a Image version THIS is the version to buy! I don't see how it could be any better....more info

  • Hold it...!!
    The following review refers to a previous DVD edition. Somehow this got attached to the new "collector" edition which, judging by at least one other review, looks to be pretty good. Go ahead and get this edition, and pay no mind to what follows:I won't go on about how great this movie is. I leave that to the other reviewers. What I will talk about is the dreadful job that has been done releasing this. The picture is grainy. They didn't clean up the scratches on the film. The sound quality on the Japanese track is okay, but is shockingly poor on the english dub. Trust me, even if you prefer dubs to subs, you won't like this. They also put the subtitles on the picture itself instead of below it like they used to. I advise you to wait for the Project A-ko collection. Rent it first, and see if they don't do a better job. It's a shame. This movie deserves better....more info
  • Best Japanime film ever
    Maybe all the wackiness got to my head, but I think this is the best Japanese animated film, if not the best movie ever. I haven't been watching it much lately, but that could be 'cause I watched it about 5 consecutive times when I first rented it and more than 20 times after I eventually bought it 4 years ago. Hey! How many times have YOU watched a single flick? Seriously though, I have been known to have weird taste so you might not like this film nearly as much as I do. However, if you'd like a movie with the hyper behavior found in Ranma 1/2 and Tenchi Muyo and the blow-everything-up machine clashes of the Gundam series, Project A-ko is your ticket.
    A-Ko (or Eiko) is a teenage girl with super-human strength and speed. When she transfers to Gravitron High with her friend C-Ko, she runs into an old foe from kindergarten named guessed it... B-Ko. I don't know why the creators of the movie chose an ABC list like this, but that's Japanime for ya.
    B-Ko wants to fight A-Ko to the finish with C-Ko as the prize. "We'll call it our own superbowl."
    Things get even weirder when androgynous aliens think C-Ko is their lost princess and want to take her back to their home planet. Now A-Ko has to fight B-Ko's robots and an elite force from outer-space.
    The English dubbing is not bad, especially for a foreign film. All the characters sound fine and their altered lines still fit the cartoon almost perfectly.
    Everything up to this point was written for the VHS version of this movie. Now, the Collector's Series DVD is slightly different. I'm sure tells all the extra features but there is something you might want to know: near the end of the movie (when Miss Ayumi steps out of the classroom onto the balcony), there is a slight pause that shouldn't be there. This is trivial and it's probably just the copy I have, but I thought you should know. This is a Dual-Layer Format DVD. It says on the back of the box that the "Layer transition may trigger a slight pause."

    One more thing: don't bother using the english subtitles to read words you can't quite make-out. The direct english translation is different from the dubbing....more info
  • How A-Ko died...
    Project A-Ko was easily one of the more popular franchises to come out of Japan. It was perfect. Two students fight over the affection of a third student. (Think Archie) A large and well-developed cast of supporting characters. A setting where almost anything could happen. I have never understood why this wasn't made into a tv series. Then along comes these two movies (theatricaly released, if I recall). The relationship of the three characters is changed completely. The background and supporting characters are gone, all gone. And instead of the humor we were accustomed to, we get a plot and script that approaches the horror genre. The fans stayed away in droves, and A-Ko was never seen again. I can never forgive this movie for that, and it will never be a part of my collection. And frankly, I don't reccomend it be a part of yours either. This isn't Project A-ko. It's just a stolen title and stolen characters superimposed over an otherwise forgettable movie....more info
  • Late for school, again!
    A-ko and C-ko are friends. Pretty close friends. At an all girls school. Yeah. And B-ko is jealous. Classic otaku goodness, giant robot style. See aliens that look like men.......The remaining three episodes in the series with lots of extras like, music videos, a bunch of trailers, A-kos deleted cheesecake shot, etc. This is 5 star material, hands down....more info
  • Anime satire
    A must have for all anime fans, this movie is complete satire. However, it's not for those unfamiliar with japan's contibutions to animation as most of the jokes will be missed and all that will be left is a bad plot, a couple cat-fites and an irritating blond who for some reason is adored by otherwise intellegent young women....more info
  • A lot of fun
    This movie is just fun to watch. The first time I saw it I liked it so much I watched it again. The story is so strange that I couldn't help but like it. My favorite scene is when A-Ko and B-Ko are fighting and they don't notice the war that is going on around them between Earth and the aliens. The fact that the aliens are women who look and sound like men, and that never being explained, just adds to the silliness and makes you laugh. All of the characters are lovable and the animation fits this type of a movie perfectly. It has a suggested lesbian theme but I found it refreshing from all of the "boys fighting for girl's love" themes. I want C-Ko to be my friend too!...more info
  • Excellent Show, but DVD has little flaws
    Project A-Ko is an excellent anime for all anime comedy fans. It's really funny. It's about a 17 years old girl called A-Ko with supernatural strength, and her best friend C-Ko. Everything is fine until B-Ko, who's a science genius, wants to finish a battle of 10 years ago with A-Ko, so she can regain C-Ko's friendship again. You'll gain a lot of laughs with this one.

    I gave 4 stars only because the some of the subs are out of time, and that's tedious. The english audio is terrible (but most of the anime fans like me doesn't care because we can't stand dubbed anime). The DVD has no extras either. Well, not all is bad, it's presented in its 1.815:1 original theatrical aspect ratio. Anyway is worth the money, if you haven't watched the original Project A-ko!!!...more info

  • Classic humorous anime insanity
    The original Project A-ko is certainly one of the funniest titles in anime. Released in 1986, the action supposedly takes place in 2003 in Graviton City, Japan, the site where a massive meteor crashed seventeen years previous (after first destroying a Space Shuttle in orbit).

    The main characters are A-ko, B-ko, and C-ko; A-ko is insanely strong and super-fast, B-ko is tremendously smart and uses her brains to design mecha, and C-ko is intensely stupid and highly impulsive. The relationship between the main characters is a bit fuzzy. On the surface, A-ko and C-ko are friends, and B-ko is jealous of their friendship. However, given that Project A-ko was originally intended to be a hentai (adult, sex-oriented anime) film, the intensity of B-ko's jealously and her many attempts to take C-ko, and the way that C-ko almost literally clings to A-ko all certainly allow for a lesbian-triangle reading of the film... which also adds more hilarity to the dialogue for those who are not offended by (pseudo-)lesbianism.

    However, the aliens cannot be forgotten... and never will be forgotten. Only an alien would stand in the middle of a road day after day to faithfully conduct research!!! Apparently, sake is available outside our solar system, and is relied upon quite heavily by a particular alien. And the aliens - who come to Earth with a spacecraft seemingly larger than Rhode Island - also have some dirty laundry which needs airing. Further, how did the aliens learn Japanese so well, having apparently never been on Earth before?

    Project A-ko is an excellent film to watch when in need of mindless fun, combining sexual- and gender-based humor with general slapstick and a high content of fast-paced, often-explosive, sometimes-meaningless chaos and violence. The subtitled VHS version also includes original French and Japanese trailers for the film (I remember seeing Project A-ko on a movie theater marquee when living in Belgium in 1990), providing an unusual learning opportunity for French and Japanese language teachers and teaching assistants to use in class; these additions are unfortunately not included on the Project A-ko DVD. This is one of many anime titles for which normal laws of physics and biology are often neglected, but always in the name of humor; for example, A-ko could never realistically survive sitting on the cockpit of a jet fighter at high altitude, and B-ko's monokini-style hardsuit could never realistically hold that much (read, "unlimited") ammunition!!!

    Unfortunately, the sequels in the Project A-ko series all pale considerably compared to the original :-( However, a "redeeming" point of Project A-ko 4 is the inclusion of a music video which is very much a throwback to mid-1980s American music videos, but featuring a Japanese all-girl group....more info

  • This is Awesome!
    Man, I didn't know it at first, but on this disc are the 3 sequals to the original Project A-Ko masterpiece. I own Project A-KO on DVD, and was going to waste most of my money on buying the stupid VHS versions. If you have seen the first Project A-KO movie and want the best sound quality ever, order this. Most Animes on their dubbed version usually lose most of their sound quality as well, so just switch it over to Japanese format....more info
  • Special movie
    It's hard for me to write a review of this movie because it has such a special place in my heart. I have fond memories of my best friend's birthday party when she played this movie for all of us to watch. It was startlingly fun story of a unexplainably puissant young girl who can run at supersonic speeds yet wears a cutesy school girl uniform and has a school girl crush on her best friend B-Ko. The movie is hilarious, off-beat and ironic in a very non-threatening way. Its main theme is friendship, the importance of and maintenance of. I think the movie is fantastic.. but be warned, I am probably biased by the roomfull of laughing friends who watched it with me....more info
  • A-Ko is a knockout!
    Project A-Ko is one of the most humorous anime movies ever produced. Made in 1986, it sports classic old-school hand-drawn animation throughout the whole production, which brings a tear to my eye and gives me the sniffles *cries*. But seriously, Project A-Ko is a classic piece of anime history, just as much as some major high-profile series like Neon Genesis Evangelion (a very good series indeed!), and it would behoove anybody even remotely interested in anime to buy it. You don't have to be a hardcore collector to enjoy A-Ko, and casual viewers will find their sides splitting over this movie's humor. There is plenty for everybody: Gunfights, big explosions, space battles, romance (talk about a subject shift!), intrigue, and enough physical humor to permanantly fracture your funny bone. Even the English dub of the movie is good, which is rare with older anime titles like this one. One particular scene in English is incredibly funny and happens to be the greatest KFC joke ever. Not that the English version is a gem, but compared to the dubbing in some series it stands out. Sailor Moon S, for example, has atrocious voice acting that I shun like the ebola virus, but that's beside the point. I enjoyed all of the movie, which sports cool 80s rock tunes and a good plot. The only reason I took off one star is that the audio isn't too great and the video could have been cleaned up some more, but these are mere oxpeckers on the charging rhinocerous that is A-ko. Don't just do something, sit there! And order one of the funniest anime films in existance: Project A-ko! You won't be sorry you did ^_^...more info
    Project A-KO is finally remastered i've seen this DVD & everything in it is absolutely fantastic Project A-KO is the greatest Anime film made own it now...more info
  • Great movie with good satirical qualities
    This anime is very comedic and is often viewed as a satire of all anime up to that time. However, it does have a plot of its own.

    The main setting is an all-girls school where the heroine, A-ko, and her best friend, C-ko, is confronted by B-ko who wishes to break up their friendship and take C-ko for herself. Each main character has her own unique qualities, A-ko is super strong, B-ko is rich and a brilliant engineer, and C-ko is extremely cute (through the eyes of the characters). B-ko uses all her resources and goes to extreme measures to try and achieve her goal. This provides for some great action and comedic scenes. Meanwhile, there's another unknown menace that threatens them all.... Definitely, a great movie to watch.

    This is the first movie in the series of six Project A-ko movies. I am glad to have it on DVD because it is bilingual, and it is like owning both VHS copies (subtitled and dubbed) in one package....more info

  • Wacky comedy.
    Project A-Ko is a wacky comedy about a high school girl, who is gifted with superhuman strength, and her equally outrageous friends. It has a lot of Japanese humor which is actually quite endearing and funny. Kind of anime that will put a silly grin on your face....more info
  • a warmhearted anime spoof
    Project A-ko centers around our heroine A-ko (naturally), her friend C-Ko and B-ko who wants to be friends with C-ko a bit too much. All the major characters have personality flaws (A-ko's fiery temper comes off as the most normal of all of them) and the end result is a massive battle involving fighters, tanks, a huge alien spaceship, B-ko and A-ko (naturally).

    Most of the overused anime cliches get good (meaning humorous) treatment in this film. There's a megalomanic alien commander with a screw loose, transforming mecha with serious design flaws, bungling alien spies, overly heroic fighter pilots and a rather unlikely end to the alien command ship. This is definately the lighter side of anime, and a lot of fun.

    The animation isn't quite state-of-the-art anymore and the DVD is very sparse on features (nothing more than a chapter/language select), but I think it's worth it for the story and characters alone....more info

  • Anime I liked! (I'm not a huge anime fan)
    For the anime unaware: Get the subtitled version!

    Excellent bizarre combination of comedy and action. Subtitled version has better flow to it, but dubbed version is okay if you're used to anime.

    After having seen this about 5 times, I find that I just like the characters. This may be one of two Anime DVD's I buy, A-ko and Ghost in the Shell....more info

  • an anime classic!
    I was fortunate enough to see this at a convention with about 100 other people. the whole series is fantastic, over the top doesn't begin to describe to it. I laughed so hard the first time I saw this I cried. for any fan of anime this is a must have. I can't wait to get the rest of the series on DVD. to really appreciate it, watch it subtitled, and give yourself 2 points if you figure out who A-Ko's parents are....more info