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  • Raising the Titanic - This IS Fiction
    Seriously, this is one of my favorite movies! Granted it's got a hackneyed script and having a nuclear submarine head off the Russians (we were still in the "Cold War" remember?) was a bit far fetched, but what makes it a favorite is:

    Richard Jordan - Always a treat to watch act, no matter if he is playing Harley on the Equalizer or General Armistead in Gettysburg.

    Sir Alec Guiness and Jason Robards for the same reasons.

    The best part - the first 15 minutes when you have the excellent John Williams score interspersed with photos of the actual Titanic before it's maiden voyage. Not even James Horner, with Cameron's Titanic comes close. It brings back the feeling of the era and the pathos of man thinking that humans could design a "ship that God, himself, couldn't sink".

    This is definitely worth a watch even if you find you don't like it. It's a couple of hours well spent.

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  • Annoying
    There can be no mistaking the fact that this is a bad film. But this is not the reason why I dislike it.

    I dislike this film because there are so many excellent Clive Cussler books that deserve being turned into big movies, and because of the sheer awfulness of this film, Cussler has turned down all offers for deals on the other books in his Dirk Pitt series. So there will be no more Dirk Pitt films, all thanks to this pile of rubbish....more info

  • Excellent soundtrack. The Titanic is the Star of this one.
    People watch this movie for the soundtrack. Forget the acting. the Titanic is the Star. Clive Cussler is a brillant author and Dirk Pitt is the all american hero (James Bond, Indiana Jones and Macgyver all rolled into one) who gets a little short changed in this novel adaption. Watch the watch movie, buy the soundtrack and then listin to it while reading the book....more info
  • Upstaged By Reality, Still A Good Movie
    When you watch this film today, you have to ignore the real world finding of the RMS Titanic that occurred only five years after this film came out. Remember that most people had thought that the ship had gone down intact.

    The plot premise was that the United States had developed a anti-ballistic missle system, but a very rare element (byzanium) was needed to power it. Unfortunately, apparently the entire known world supply of byzanium was locked in a storage vault in the wreck of the Titanic. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

    So, a plan is formulated to locate the ship and raise it to the surface. The Soviets catch wind of this plan and work to thwart it, through some very surprising and innovative means, I must say. The Soviets are not the simplistic thugs some films might have portrayed, but are cunning and subtle.

    The acting quality is good and the underwater scenery was very well put-together. If you over-analyze this film, it will ruin it for you. Just go with it, ignore what happened in the real world and appreciate the film for the effort....more info
  • DVD & Great special effects
    Recently released on DVD in Australia, this movie is not as bad as you mya have heard. Remember, it was filmed in 1980 when the mystery of the Titanic's exact whereabouts were still unknown. Also, no-one knew what condition it was in, people naturally assumed it would be preserved because of the sea. What I like about this film is it gave audiences the chance to "imagine" what it would have been like to search the ocean floors looking for the great ship, and then attempting to raise it. In 1985, National Geographic located the Titanic and revealed that the ship had broken in two, and many of the parts were affected by the environment.

    This DVD has been tricky to locate over the years. Finally I have got my hands on a copy which is glorious widescreen (although the cover incorrectly statedfull-frame). This is the only way to see the great special effects before CGI came about. Overall, a film worth owning if you have an interest in all that is Titanic. Let your mind wander a little....more info
  • A classic in my dvd-collection!
    I agree with one of the reviewers below though I haven't red the book (yet): it's far from the first screen-adaption not being faithful to the book it's based on, far from!

    And this adventure-movie, that's all it tries to be, is extremely entertaining -so adventure-fans, haven't you given this one a chanse yet, well, then you've missed something - I guarantee!

    The filming of the raising: all I can say is WOW!!! It looks real, though I must admit as a big fan of the movie some wreck-shots on the "bottom of the Atlantic", well, you can tell it is a model -but not all data-animation looks real today either, and that's a fact. This movie must have required a lot of hard work and planning.

    I really enjoy "Raise The Titanic", every time I watch it - and I never get bored.

    One more thing -the fabolous John Barry soundtrack. Worthy of an Academy Award (and this is serious), the music is so mighty -and the music alone makes this movie worth seing. Fantastic soundtrack!

    It's not on dvd here on the amazon.com, I've checked - but it's released on dvd over here in Norway. It contains the trailer, no behind-the-scenes. But I was very happy the day I found it... again!

    You can buy it on dvd on www.play.com (in case you're a fan, and would like to buy it). Trailer included. And Cast-biographies.

    Recommended!...more info
  • 10 years befoer it was found
    I think that the movie was good even if the titanic in reality was broken into pieces, but the book was made ten years before they found the titanic, and well the movie needed to follow the book....more info
  • It Ain't The Book, but if you can get past that...
    The scriptwriters and editors murdered Clive Cussler's great novel, Raise the Titanic. The original premise of the novel was excellent, and throughout the pages, you feel the excitement build as Gene Seagram searches for the missing byzanium. When NUMA gets involved in the search for the lost liner, you get a sense of how frustrating marine archaeology can get. When the submersible closes in on the 'Big T' you feel the peaking satisfaction, and when that monster soars halfway out of the water when she sees sunlight for the first time in over 70 years, you want to jump out of your seat and cheer.
    The movie leaves almost all of that out.
    You DO get the charge to the surface; the scene of Titanic finally making harbor in New York - slightly overdue - is GREAT. There are a couple of minor climaxes scattered around the film. And, as another reviewer wrote, Alec Guinness is excellent as the Commodore, passing his treasured White Star ensign over to Dirk Pitt to be flown again when the liner surfaces.
    But generally speaking, the movie is only vaguely related to the book.
    However, IF you can leave behind having ever read Cussler's work, the flick takes on a life of it's own. Not as vibrant, never as exciting, and sadly lacking the triumphant victory in the intelligence game being played out on both sides of, in deep below, the Atlantic.
    But it IS watchable. Pity Robards, Jordan, Guiness and the others were wasted in such a low-grade film....more info
  • As a movie, good...as an adaptation? Well, not so good...
    Having seen this movie specifically because of my love of Clive Cussler novels, I cannot help but pile on the criticism of this movie as one of the more horrible film adaptations of a truly spectacular adventure novel. Why? Because those who made this movie, attempted to re-write what was virtually perfect ALREADY.

    However...for those who have never read the book, this movie really CAN have some fun & adventurous moments. So why all of the negative comments? I have YET to see a really decent and faithful adaptation of a novel to the big screen. Why? Who can say other than of COURSE there are several reasons why specific scenes are difficult or downright impossible to recreate visually, either by budget limitations or special effects difficulties or is simply unnecessary to the plot. HOWEVER, with that said, when eliminating certain portions of a film end up literally changing such large sections of the storyline as to render it almost an entirely different story, you have to ask yourself WHY DO IT? For those who have read the sequel to Jurassic Park and seen the abysmal movie version, you have to wonder if they even made the movie based on the novel AT ALL. In the case of Raise The Titanic, this is yet another case of plot alterations so severe that it renders the movie almost frighteningly different than the book.

    One MAJOR problem with the movie HAS to be the casting of Dirk Pitt. While I am not entirely sold on the casting in 'Sahara' (other than Penelope Cruz as PERFECTLY fitting as Eva Rojas), Titanic's Dirk was simply mis-cast entirely. Somewhat like picking Regis Philbin to be Indiana Jones...well maybe not quite THAT bad. The special effects are surprisingly well done, though. Unlike some films, as time goes by many movies which when first viewed seem to have fantastic effects, only to be seen decades later and you wonder at just how cheesey they look today, this film's effects manage to hold up rather well over the years. However for those of us who are Cussler-aholics, we still find the re-written script to be silly by comparrison. This ISN'T to say the movie is not worth seeing, especially for those who haven't read the book. I can appreciate the film for what it is, and even for what it was INTENDED to be, but I find it almost in-excuseable to rate this movie beyond 2 stars for how much of a horrific adaptation it made.

    A little over a year ago I had the incredible opportunity to interview Clive himself, and I asked him specifically about this movie. He said he was so disappointed with how it turned out he vowed to NEVER again sell one of his books to Hollywood unless he had script approval, actor approval and director approval. Since it has been a VERY long time in between Titanic and the release of Sahara, you can see that it took Hollywood a considerably long amount of time to finally wise up and allow him what he wanted. All things considered, I felt the elimination of the President Lincoln angle from the movie took quite a bit of the REAL fun out of it.

    Will I pay to see another Cussler film if ever adapted for the big screen no matter HOW badly it is scripted? Probably. But I sincerely hope that before any Producer makes this attempt to consider one VERY important thing first: Remember WHY the book was so good to begin with. Don't mess with the original. Leave out only what is absolutely necessary and don't take too many liberties with the storyline. See how successful the Lord of the Rings movies were?? They adhered to the actual story about 85% of the time and look at the incredible success it enjoyed as a result? Just something to think about. ...more info
  • This Movie is AWFUL! DON'T BUY IT!!
    In the early 1970's, Clive Cussler wrote this story. It is so well written that he takes you down to the two and a half mile depths to raise the mighty ship in order to recover a rare ore. Then he takes you into the eye of a hurricane with a group of Navy Seals who must battle Russian Commandoes on board the raised ship as it sways every which way in the storm. Heady Stuff. 1980-Paramount studios decided to turn the book into a movie. They went down the list of unemployed TV actors and totally miscast them in this movie. They even ignored one of the three principle charactors-not even bothering to cast him. In this story, the story is the story and no amount of special effects will rescue this overacted, poorly directed, horribly casted excuse for a motion picture. The author was so disgusted with Paramount's effort that it was another twenty two years until he trusted another studio to talk to them. DON'T BUY THIS VIDEO. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY....more info
  • Great Novel and wonderful music score, don't add up to good film.
    I had already read Clive Cussler's fine novel "Raise The Titanic!" upon which this film was based before I saw it in 1980.

    After having red the other reviews posted here, these are my personal thoughts:

    Richard Jordan - I like this actor. He did a fine Job as National Security Advisor Jeffery Pelt in the film "Hunt For Red October", based on Tom Clancy's novel of the same name.

    I disagree with others who have said here that he was mis-cast at Dirk Pitt. I felt that, given a better script and better direction, Jordan would certainly have pulled it off much better.

    No, the casting was not a flaw in this film for me. But the writing, directing, and execution of this film left out the best parts of the book. The relationship between Dirk Pitt and Dana Seagram was so quickly glossed over in the movie compared to what it had been in the book, that in the film it served no purpose at all. The strain between Pitt and Gene Seagram was likewise watered down in the film to the point of being useless to the story.

    The book had far more tension, drama, suspense, and emotion in it's pages than the film did. The tragedy is not that the film lacked what the book delivered, but that the film lacked SO MUCH of what the book delivered.

    I agree that John Barry's music score was one of the pluses of the film, but it did not SAVE the film. A good movie needs more than a good music soundtrack.

    The fact that the real Titanic, discovered five years after this film's release, was revealed to be broken in two or three sections and virtually impossible to salvage, ruins the film for some, and I understand that.

    Still, had this film not glossed over the book to the extent that it did, it would have been and remained a very entertaining and thought-provoking film even after the discovery of the Titanic by Bob Ballard.

    And I, for one, do hope that any eventual American DVD of this film, if ever released, will include extras that will also include a tribute to the late Richard Jordan, who I thought was a fine actor.

    Rent this film for a rainy afternoon when you've nothing better to do. But if you really want to enjoy the story, read Clive Cussler's novel instead. And if you like the music score, then get a cd of the soundtrack and listen to that instead of watching the film.

    The film has it's fun moments, but I recommend Cussler's oroiginal novel. That's excellent writing that was put to sahme by this film so badly that Clive Cussler avoided film studios for a long time after this film was released.

    ...more info
  • A fun movie, so stop playing 'dog pile on the rabbit'
    Sorry, I am so tired of "dog pile on the rabbit" with this movie. It was the Waterloo for Cussler and Lew Grade, and had the grave mistiming of premiering as they found the real Titanic. Here was Dirk Pitt riding the Titanic in NYC harbour when footage was shown of the real Titanic on the ocean floor - in pieces.

    But you know - SO WHAT? This is FICTION not a documentary. This film has SO MANY people lining up to take potshots at it because it was "shooting fish in a barrel". People grumped because the Titanic could not be raised - OH, is this the first time Hollywood did not follow TRUTH, but opted for fiction? Others grumped it did not follow the book (a Book I loved!) and again I am forced to asked, since WHEN did they EVER really follow a book. By definition, films rarely match a book, because it's not "your" imagination on the film. So toss that ruler out going in.

    Did you know they play this film on Bravo? Seems other see something worth viewing. Bravo does not play dogs!

    What are you left with? A great, fun sea adventure with the wonderful, late Richard Jordon as Dirk Pitt. You have great backup work from Jason Robards, David Shelby (Quinton from Dark Shadows) and well stocked with solid character actors for support. Nicely done effects, and well paced suspense. Add the wizard John Barry's so beautiful score, this is great fun!

    So stop taking the easy road of trashing a film for not living up to real life or not living up to the book. Just enjoy it.

    And accept the beauty of seeing Titanic sail into NYC harbour as our wishes of what we wanted to see. I think in our hearts, we always wanted to see the Titantic whole and raised again... You might find, it's an enjoying time after all....more info

  • Not bad, just rather dull
    A one-time Stanley Kramer project before he jumped ship after a couple of weeks' filming, Raise the Titanic is one of those films that isn't really that bad, it just isn't much good. It handles the exposition and setup briskly and efficiently and the raising of the wreck genuinely spectacularly, but everything inbetween is just tedious and undramatic. A huge problem is the decision to drop the parallel narrative from the book: where the film only concentrates on the modern-day story, which means lots of looking at sonar screens while mini-subs float around in the darkest depths of the ocean for almost as long as it took the ship to sink, the book livened things up with the ship's maiden voyage and sinking as well. The end result is by the rules storytelling that keeps everything under two hours, but which keeps everything pretty flat as well. Still, it has its moments - Alec Guinness' cameo, Richard Jordan wandering through the ghostly skeleton of the Titanic's ballroom, the sequence of the raised Titanic sailing into New York past the Twin Towers inadvertently linking the first great civilian tragedy of the 20th century with the first great civilian tragedy of the 21st - and has a very nice score by John Barry.

    Sadly, while the film looks good in its original Scope ratio, Carlton's UK DVD is cropped to 1.85:1 - for the full 2.35:1 widescreen version you need to track down either the Australian or Swedish PAL DVDs....more info
  • Review of Raise the Titanic
    I have this great film in VHS and is a "must have" when the DVD is released. The creative imagination and special effects done were a tribute to this magnificent ship. It also created a realm of possibility to the viewer's imagination. Even now knowing the Titanic will never be raised, it is the best of all the Titanic movies....more info
  • forget all the other complaints, this is just really boring
    Sure people talk about the problems with this movie and sure some people love it, but all that aside, the movie is quite boring. Not one thrill to be had,not one!!!!!
    ...more info
  • DVD is readily available in Region 2 - a fun taut thriller
    This entertaining adaptation of the Clive Cussler novel is readily available on DVD in Europe. Armed with a region-free player and you have access to a whole wealth of movies that are not released yet in Region 1 for example HIGH ROAD TO CHINA (Region 2), SILVER BEARS (Region 4), WHEN EIGHT BELLS TOLL (Region 2) and THE FOURTH PROTOCOL (Region 2) to name just a few.
    This movie may take some liberties with the Clive Cussler novel and the plot may be implausible but I still love this movie. If you approach this production as just a fun adventure movie you will likely enjoy it, it has its scenes of high tension (Cold War-era Russians flexing their military muscle) and some pretty nifty special effects (who can forget the image of the liner rising from the waters). The movie is perfectly complimented by a simply beautiful score by James Bond composer John Barry whose stirring ballads evoke a sense of nostalgia and passion.
    This movie was released in 1980 and the real Titanic was not discovered for another four or five years so there was at that point a fascination as to why nobody seemed able to find the ocean liner. The search for the liner in the depths of the ocean includes some fabulous underwater photography and the MgGuffin (plot device to move the story along) of a rare ore leads to some great detective work from the opening in the Arctic Circle to the very end.
    It is also worthwhile to note the gravitas that are lended to the proceedings by the inclusion of Sir Alec Guinness (of David Lean and STAR WARS fame) in a small but amiable role as a survivor of the ocean liner and Jason Robards as Sandecker. The always appealing and very attractive Anne Archer is also in the cast and (since I saw this movie before I read any of the books) to this day I still picture Richard Jordan as Dirk Pitt.
    I enjoyed the whole drama of the production, give this movie a chance and I'm sure you will too....more info
  • dissapointed
    I was dissapointed that the movie left out so much great stuff that the book has to offer. I truly feel that Cussler was robbed of the finer and major points of his work. I also didn't like thier choice of actors for characters like Admiral Sandecker or Dirk Pitt. I hope in the new movie they plan onmaking McCaunahey decides to take the role if not Harrison Ford or someone like that....more info
  • Poor film, but a good effort.
    Raise the Titanic is an action-adventure film based on the best selling book by Dr. Clive Cussler, starring Jason Robards, Richard Jordan, David Shelby, Ane Archer, and Alec Guniness.

    A team of Government scientists headed by Gene Seagram (David Shelby) and Admiral James Sandecker (Jason Robards) create a secret laser defense system called the Sicilian Project. The only catch; they need a rare mineral called Byzanium. But the proplem is that the worlds only known quantity of the stuff went down with the Titanic in 1912. So, they turn to Commander Dirk Pitt (Richard Jordan) to go out and find it, than Raise the Titanic!

    Now that sounds like a good movie, right? Wrong. this film leaves out many of the points that made the novel so good. And any good that was left in the film is destroyed by poor acting. And unlike the book, two little of the action involves the Titanic or the Sicilian Project, and insted centers on the people involved. This is evident everywhere you look in the film. The whole story realy centers around Pitt and Seagram, and how they hate eachother.

    Now don't get me wrong. This movie does have a few good moments; most noteably the raising scene itself accompanied by a beautiful score by John Barry. And I'm sure many will agree that Alec Guniness does one heck of a job as Commadore Bigalow as he hands over the White Star line flag. But in all actuality, the movie still fails to gather the suspense the novel did. But I give it two stars beacuase I still think it was a good effort. I wouldn't recomend buying the movie, but if you are a fan of Clive Cussler's books or of the Titanic, than you should see it at least once....more info

  • Classic
    Love this movie, it's a classic. At the time it came out it didn't get the greatest ratings because of the other movies it was up against. If your a Clive Cussler fan this is a perfect movie for you. Not to mention it gives you a little background on the movie Sahara. ...more info
  • Raise the Titanic
    Entertaining film based on a good book by Clive Cussler. Richard Jordan, always a pleasure to watch, shines as the hero Dirk Pitt. Anne Archer is excellent as well. The scenes of the Titanic breaking the surface of the Atlantic Ocean accompanied by a moving score makes one of the highlights of the film. Perhaps not an award winning film but definitely an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours.
    Can't wait for the DVD version to be released, hopefully with some bells & whistles and perhaps a tribute to the late Richard Jordan.
    ...more info