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It Happens Every Spring [VHS]
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Cheating? Who's cheating? When an egghead chemistry professor (Ray Milland) stumbles upon a formula for making baseballs resistant to the touch of wood, he sneaks a little onto a pitcher's glove and for a time has a career throwing from a major league mound. Set aside ethical concerns: this light comedy is in an Absent-Minded Professor mold, with balls clownishly, impossibly dancing around the swing of batters. (Besides that, the climax requires an act of minor heroism on the prof's part when the magic suddenly isn't there.) Directed by Lloyd Bacon (42nd Street), the movie is a lot of fun for all ages and proves that you can make kids hysterical with silly action without wrapping a stupid, crude story around it. With Ed Begley, Alan Hale Jr., and Paul Douglas. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Baseball Comedy
    A must see if you are a baseball fan or a fan of comedy and wonderful endings. The only thing that would make it better is if it were on DVD....more info
  • Movie I enjoyed most as a young boy and now with my kids!!!
    Charming and unbelievably pleasurable film. I have watched it more than a dozen times since first viewing it on "Saturday Night At The Movies" when I was eight years old!!...more info
    Well, it did`nt happen this spring, at least on DVD. Maybe next spring, as most fans say in October, theres always next year. Hope springs eternal. "Angles in the Outfield", "Kill the Umpire", why not this one? ...more info
  • Who Needs Steroids?
    Talk about dated! However, that's not a knock because "dated" many times means fun to watch, and nostalgic for some. This is an entertaining film and very likable. In one respect, it's very up-to-date: cheating in baseball!

    But, if you are a baseball fan or know anything about the game, be prepared. The actors in here have NO CLUE how to throw a baseball or how to bat. This has the hokiest baseball scenes ever put on film. It's almost like those corny Ed Wood and others sci-fi films of the 1950s that are so bad, so corny that they are good, if you know what I mean.

    The story is at its funniest when Ray Milland pitches and the ball dispy- doodles around the baseball bats of all the hitters. The college professor had invented a substance in his classroom lab that when applied to something makes it avoid touching wood, so swabbed on a baseball, a bat could never make contact with the ball! Presto.....Milland goes from geek to baseball hero - without steroids, too (although it's still cheating).

    Dumb...but innocent fun and definitely has enough laughs to make it worthwhile watching. Before every couple baseball seasons, I put this tape in the machine and laugh. It's got a lot of charm. I'd buy the DVD if someone would put it out!
    ...more info
  • A classic movie everyone should see
    This is a great, classic movie. Everyone should see it at least once. Certainly, baseball fans should see it.
    ...more info
  • It happens to generate a lot of laughs
    Ray Miland is a great actor, and teamed next to the beautiful Jean Peters in this screwball comedy, he's even more dynamic. The picture is a lot of fun. Good lines, great acting and directed in a fast, comic style. Paul Douglas is a riot as a catcher who has no idea the guy who's pitching all those fast balls is actually a chemestry proffesor - who has invented a special formula. If a baseball is dipped in this formula, it will repel baseball bats!...more info