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Chazz Palminteri wrote the script for this excellent story of an Italian American boy (Lillo Brancato) who grows up in the 1960s caught between the strong influences of his blue-collar, straight- arrow father (Robert De Niro) and a Mafia chieftain (Palminteri) who is his all-purpose mentor. De Niro makes his directorial debut with this production and, except for a little stiffness, does very well by the characters and their world. The story does not go precisely where one might expect it to go: Palminteri knows better than to force the central figure to choose between the two most important men in his life, and he doesn't fill time with stock drama about crime or family conflict. Joe Pesci makes an extremely effective and uncredited appearance at the end as a man who doesn't have to do more than speak softly to communicate how dangerous he is. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • Best time period movie
    This has to be one of the best time period movies ever made. I have not known anyone who didn't agree with this opinion. The acting is great as is the directing and story line. The moral message is very clear and to the point: "We must all make life choices and live, (Or die), with the consequences"

    The action is continuous and riveting; you will not want this movie to end. The characters are real and grow on you. The humor is ethnic, as is the premise.

    It is obviously based on Chazz's experiences growing up in the Bronx.

    I highly recommend this movie.

    Phillip A. Purpura

    ...more info
  • for everyone
    amazing movie- it's not about's about life. chazz palminteri also did this on broadway years ago (and is currently doing it via broadway across america)- i had the pleasure of seeing his one-man show version of this- it was also amazing- if he comes to a city near u, check it out before it's too late. u won't regret it....more info
  • Good directorial debut!
    This picture works out as a real modern fable. And this atmosphere is maintained all along the story through the eyes of a simple child who observes both universes: two opposite visions about the life. His father is a honest man who works hard to survive driving a bus and Chaz Palmitieri a charismatic mobster who bets and plays hard in his domains, a violent man who is captivated by this boy in a clear allusion to his frustrated paternity and the inability to establish himself as a normal husband. Somehow he assumes to Calogero as a prot¨¦g¨¦e.
    The time comes and others problems will appear when Calogero is in love with a black teenager. The racial issue will be other tension element in this well built movie that seems improving through the years.
    De Niro made a honest and convincing tale about the options in the life: easy money or hard work.
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  • Chazz is the genius behind the film
    A couple years ago Chazz Palminteri came to my school to talk about this movie, his life, and hollywood in general. He basically does a one-man play version of this movie by himself, and that is what caught De Niro's eye. Many people could easily get confused that because De Niro has his name all over the film, that it is his work of art. It is actually about Chazz's life as a kid and has nothing to do with DeNiro. I would easily recommend this movie to anyone because it deals with so much in a few short hours.

    Note: During the speech that Chazz gave, he claimed that indeed, he believed that if the girl did not reach over and open the car door for the guy than she wasn't a good catch....more info
  • Ethical Mobsters - not the best mob movie - no turkey either
    De Niro directs this. It is not perfect, but it is old and the budget is some restrained considering. It is nowhere near anything like Goodfellas, but works like Carlito's way. This film has smarts but it is old, independent and the film transfer is not perfect. Not everybody in this film is a professional actor, including some of the leads, making it a mixed bag at times, but none the less has its moments, and all these mobster movies are about those moments, and to be honest this can stand along side something like Casino from Scorsese no problem because of that.

    Chazz Palminteri who you know from The Usual Suspects, wrote the story about a boy who grows up between his straight family and the crooked mafia, learning the ropes from both, it is all about choices and consequences, and as others have rightly noted, whole heaps of morality minutes, as killer gangsters try to tell a kid how to hit on a girl, there are some background stories to this plot that work out quite well, not as soppy as let's say Steven Spielberg started tugging your heat strings with John Williams standing in the background with a violin, but it ain't as if Joe Pesci's Tommy would be teaching us how to dance if he didn't have a gun.

    It is worthy of any collection, but just don't go breaking out this DVD as the best mob movie ever. It is a long shot away from the classics but isn't as garbage as say Sly Stallone trying to do the mobster thing. Now there is 1, 2, 3 star territory....more info
  • "A Bronx Tale," fantastic Robert DeNiro work.
    "A Bronx Tale" is Robert De Niro's directorial debut and a superb exposition of his autobiographical story of how he grew up in the Bronx in the 60s, written by Chaz Palmenteri, who also plays the chief antagonist. I'm not certain that I've got here the best copy of the film...but that doesn't take away from the story's grip on my senses; it is exciting, quick-paced, well-acted and skillfully edited to show a powerful story of the lethal reigns of neighborhood power. I recommend this movie to all intending to be correctly informed on how our world really works....more info
  • Authentically Awesome Film
    This film is amazing. A remarkable story is revealed and stellar performances abound. Palminteri and De Niro, as is often typical of these great actors, offer impressive performances. However, the real stars of this film are Capra and Brancatto.
    The intense plot of this film makes it quite difficult to remove
    yourself from the television. One drama leads to another and you
    soon realize that nearly two hours have passed. Even more interesting, however, is the authenticity of the film. Depictions seem almost too real. This film romanticizes life in the Bronx during the 1960's. It's likely that you will end up desirous of living in that place and time. I know that I did. The soundtrack,
    meanwhile, only accentuates an already wonderful film that is representative of the Italian-American experience in New York. A
    must see film that words cannot even describe!...more info
  • A Great Movie
    "A Bronx Tale" is an extremely well done movie with terrific acting and an excellent script. It depicted the life of a young Italian boy growing with such consideration and sensitivity. It showed that life is not a dichotomy of good vs. bad, but that life is continium of many different perspectives.

    A lot of critics disliked the Jane-Calogero plot, but I really liked it and I thought it added another dimension to the movie. Their union showed that Lorenzo, depicted as the "good" guy, has his flaws. In contrast, Sonny, who is depicted as the "bad" guy, shows his wisdom beyond the times (after all, this was set in the late 1960's when interracial union was still very much frowned upon).

    And I also thought the awkwardness of Jane and Calogero's courtship was also well done, whether intentionally or not by Mr. De Niro and the actors, Taral Hicks and Lillo Brancato Jr. These are two sixteen year olds with not much dating experience afterall. Everything from the uneasiness of their conversations to thier kissing was very realistic and should be given credit.

    One thing that I wish could have been explored more but wasn't is more background on Sonny and Lorenzo's feud. The movie alluded to some bad blood between the two men but was never fully explored.
    But maybe what is left out of the movie is what makes it so great.

    All in all, I give this movie five stars. Excellent directorial debut by Robert De Niro....more info

  • Broxn Bash.
    This film is a great Mafia related movie that belongs in any Cosa Nostra collection. Even with the boring love story hidden in the script, the overall acting by De Niro and Chazz P. is awesome. Gives a real great feel for life in the Bronx during the late 50's early 60's, and also has an astounding soundtrack. The movie is violent but in a good way, without any blood and guts. A great organized crime feel. The only disappointment is that you never find out what Mafia family Chazz P.'s character, Sonny, belonged to. Plus you get a cameo of Joe Pesci....more info
  • Disappointing
    I am a huge Robert De Niro fan. I love gangster genre movies. This film was really bad in my opinion. Extremely predictable to the point of nausea and the audience is force fed the rights and wrongs of life to the point where you want to throw this movie out the window. I also saw it when it first opened in theaters and I was really let down.

    There are a few good moments, all in all not the worst movie ever. There is no way this can be ranked with any of De Niro's really great movies though. If he was trying to use everything he learned from Scorscese he must not have learned too much.

    Again, this is my humble opinion. What do I know? But if you are thinking of buying this, make sure you rent it first. I wouldn't want this movie in my house....more info

  • brother loves it
    my brother was looking all over for this movie and couldn't find it. i found it on here and bought it immediately. he converted it a mp4 video so now he can take it wherever he wants on his ipod....more info
  • Great movie!
    The movie is terrific and I received it in a timely manner. The only downfall is that the dvd was loose in the case and got a little scratched up, but it was still in good working condition....more info
  • "Is it better to be loved or feared?"
    This movie is a wonderful triangle between three characters -- a boy and the two men he looks up to: his father, Lorenzo (Robert De Niro), and Sonny (Chazz Palminteri), the local mafia boss. Both men love C and advise him, with completely different points of view. It is the two men who fight to be the dominating force in C's life.

    It's 1960. Nine year old Calogero LOVES the Yankees. He likes to hang out with his friends -- all boys from the Italian neighborhood of the Bronx. His father Lorenzo is a busdriver, his mother a homemaker. Just yards away is the club that is owned by Sonny, the area's high-ranked mafia underboss. Sonny and "his boys" are the local heroes ... to everybody but Lorenzo.

    One day, Calogero is sitting on the front stoop to his apartment building and he witnesses a shooting. He not only sees the entire event unfold, but sees -- and locks eyes with -- the man holding the gun, none other than Sonny. When Calogero is summoned by the police to face a line-up of suspects, Lorenzo is fearful ... he knows what could happen if his son names the shooter. Forced by the police, Lorenzo brings his son downstairs to stand in front of the suspects, who happen to be mobsters. Calogero stands in front of each man and shakes his head. Finally, he is brought in front of Sonny, and the stare at each other again. Calogero once again shakes his head, allowing all the men to be released. "I did a good thing, right Dad? I didn't rat!" he tells his father. "You did a good thing ... for a bad man," his father replies, but admits to his son that he did the right thing. Calogero's show of loyalty to Sonny immediately earns him great respect -- not only amongst the neighbors, but also by the mobsters. Right away, one of Sonny's men contacts Lorenzo and presents him with a job offer on the side. Lorenzo politely -- but succinctly -- declines. He wants no part of the mob.

    Sonny summons Calogero to him and the two talk. When Calogero expresses his anger over the latest Yankees game (where they lost), Sonny's reply to that is, "Forget them, forget Mickey Mantle! He doesn't care about you -- why should you care about him?" Calogero asks Sonny why he shot the man and Sonny replies, "You'll understand when you get older." Calogero begins to sneak away from home and visit Sonny in the club, where he learns how to serve drinks (making large tips in the process) and how to throw dice. As he and Sonny grow closer, Sonny presents him with a new name -- "C." C learns quickly that being in Sonny's circle has a lot of perks and earns him special treatment from many of the local vendors.

    When Lorenzo discovers his son's cash ($600), he angrily goes to Sonny's club, with C in tow, to return the money. Sonny and Lorenzo nearly come to blows and Lorenzo angrily yells, "He's not your son, he's mine!" C is angry with his father and yells at him, "People love Sonny, just like people love you on the bus!" Lorenzo tells his son, "They don't love him, they fear him!"

    Sonny becomes C's mentor as the boy grows into a teenager. Sonny shows a firm hand when something could negatively affect C, scaring off a local punk trying to sell C's gang of friends illegal guns. C looks up to Sonny even more as the movie goes on, envying the fancy cars and the high respect the mafia boss receives wherever he goes. When Sonny invites C to a boxing match, C has to decline -- he already promised his father he would go with him. C watches from high up as Sonny is sitting ringside, wishing he was sitting with Sonny instead.

    "Is it better to be loved or feared?" C asks Sonny. Sonny's reply is direct: feared. "Fear lasts longer than love." C develops feelings for a black girl and expresses this to Sonny, who is laid back about it. Sonny tells C that it doesn't matter and explains how to immediately see if the girl is a "good one." Then Sonny offers C his sports car for the date. Lorenzo's feelings on an Italian-Black relationship is the opposite of Sonny's: he doesn't want his son dating a non-Italian. Both men have completely different views on life and what is important. In the end, C comes of age having seen the views of both men and appreciating them both in different ways.

    Chazz Palminteri does a splendid job as Sonny, who is by no means innocent but nonetheless loves C as his own son. He makes it a point to show that Sonny has not gone soft, despite his closeness to C ... and in a moment of great conflict, shows that he can turn on anybody in a second. And Robert DeNiro (also the director) performs well as Lorenzo, who struggles against a mobster for the love and respect of his own son. Both actors who play C, Francis Capra and Lillo Brancato, do well ... though it is the younger C that makes C most believable. Also in this is Joe Pesci, who makes a brief appearance in the very beginning and finally speaks at the end.

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  • Great Movie
    My husband has been looking for this movie at all big movie stores and I found it here on amazon with just a click of the keybpoard, it a great movie ...more info
  • a bronx tale
    the best thing about this movie is seeing the everyday life in the bronx the way it was then it paints a perfect picture and thats what the director - deniro is responsible for....more info
  • Brilliant!
    I just saw Chazz Palminteri perform this story live in a one man show...brilliant! He captured the entire movie, charctaers, theme, and lessons in a one man show..absolutely brilliant!...more info
  • Real Life of Lillo Brancato has Turned Tragic
    I am writing this long overdue review shortly after the real life arrest of Lillo Brancato in the connection of a murder of a New York City police officer. He played the young man in this splendid movie which deserves to be seen by everybody. It is a beautifully written and acted production. Brancato portrayed so accurately the challenges of a young Italian-America youth being raised among the gangsters in his blue collar community. I always wondered why he virtually disappeared. Brancato's small role playing a cheap gangster on "The Sopranos" didn't even begin to equal what had earlier been expected of him.

    Robert Di Niro is fantastic as the father, a proud bus driver, trying to make sure his only son remains a law abiding citizen. Chazz Palminteri is likewise brilliant playing the role of the neighborhood Mafia chieftain. He also wrote the spellbinding script. "A Bronx Tale" apparently was only modestly successful. I simply cannot understand why it isn't considered as one of the very best movies of that time period. This is a family movie. Anyone who is a teenager or older should enjoy it immensely. You truly feel like you are visiting the 1960s. It is a warm and loving story about choices that must be made early in one's life. Lastly, why hasn't Di Niro directed more films? You would think that this particular work of art might encourage the great actor to work more often behind the camera. ...more info
  • sheer masterpiece
    Closely relating to my upbringing, definetly the greatest movie of all time in my books... i have watched this movie with 5 other people and they also give it the 5star salute as well... blended with continuous suspense and drama, the mix of love and moral and ethnic standings, this epidemic is not only for viewing pleasure but is an educational account of life on the streets....more info
    robert deniro and chaz palmenteri are genius in this movie, it has everything, love, drama and a little bit of interacial love......... I highly reccomend this movie, you will love this I had the vhs tape back in the day then bought the dvd a few years ago.... a must have....more info
  • Bronx Tale
    This was a gift based on my love of the film. It's a great movie that would be enjoyed by all....more info
  • Solid
    With Bob De Niro and Chazz Palminteri staring in a mob movie, you know it has to be good. Written by Palminteri, "A Bronx Tale" is the story of a boy going up in the Bronx of all places who toys with falling for the "glamore" of mob life or staying straight and living a clean and good life like his father. With Machiavelli Philosophy and "The Test" this movie is sure to entertain....more info
  • "A Bronx Tale," fantastic Robert DeNiro work.
    "A Bronx Tale" is Robert De Niro's directorial debut and a superb exposition of his autobiographical story of how he grew up in the Bronx in the 60s, written by Chaz Palmenteri, who also plays the chief antagonist. I'm not certain that I've got here the best copy of the film...but that doesn't take away from the story's grip on my senses; it is exciting, quick-paced, well-acted and skillfully edited to show a powerful story of the lethal reigns of neighborhood power. I recommend this movie to all intending to be correctly informed on how our world really works....more info
    Robert De Niro stars in, and directed this incredible movie! If you like mob movies, you have to see this one. The acting is absolutely top-notch, from everyone in this film, and the story is unforgettable! This is an absolute must-see movie! I hope they come out with a special edition DVD soon, this movie deserves the best picture and sound quality possible!...more info
  • no title
    This was the third film in 1993 that had De Niro as a major character, the others being "Mad Dog and Glory", and "This Boy's Life". Here we have his first directorial outing. It was a very good film, and another about a teenager choosing a life, but it was rather violent. ...more info
    One of the forgotten greats! A lot of people have either not heard of this film or have passed it up? Why?...... Maybe the title sounds dull?....or maybe it just didn't get any buzz going? Whatever the reason, it is a great film and shows another side to the mob and much more. The film is set in the 60's and they really bring you back to that time and my own childhood! Well done! Lillo Brancato's resemblence to Robert DeNiro is amazing and makes it totally believable that he is DeNiro's son in this movie! Too bad! I have heard Brancato has gotten into some pretty bad trouble with the law recently. I would have liked to see him do more than his brief role on the Sopranos. If you love The Godfather,Goodfellas and Casino you should love this too! Not as much violence,but there is alot more going on here than just "crackin' heads wit baseball bats"! This should not be missed! The DVD is good, but is a bit grainy. This deserves a deluxe makeover!...more info
  • the boy from the bronx tale really is wasted talent
    it was december 10 a saturday night the actor who played sunny n the bronx tale was involve in robbery along with someone else they both tried to break in to someone's house and a cop tried to stop them but the other robber not the actor shot at the cop and he was later announced dead he was only 28 years old it is sad because the guy who starred in the bronx tale was young as well he had everything going from him from adequate looks to his acting ability he was also in a movie with denzel washintgon and gen heckman that was another successful flick what makes this news more surpising the actor and other guy is looking up to anywhere from 25 years to life in prison 10 years ago sunny was trying to send a message to all the teenages on earth which was to don't waste your talent or god will take it away here he is in his 30 years may never be on the big screen again because of him following someone ...more info
  • Interesting Portrait With A Killer The 'Hero'
    Here is a realistic-looking and an involving story of the street life in New York City's Bronx section in the 1950s and 1960s. Excellent acting and a good job of re-creating the era and atmosphere are main things going for this film. Also the soundtrack is very, very good.

    The main problem I have with the film is the fact that a cold-blooded killer is made to be the hero - a guy that you root for! Unbelievable. Playing that killer is Chazz Palminteri, who outperforms the more famous and great actor and co-star Robert De Niro. Actually, the co-star is Lilo Brancoto, who was in the news severral years ago for allegedly committing a major crime himself.

    It may have a bad message, and gives a couple shots at the Catholic Church along the way, but the characters and the story keeps one tuned to the screen for the full two hours. It was good to see De Niro play the honest, hard-working bus driver who wants his son to have character and not emulate the local hoods.

    This is a not a movie for those who wince at the f-word because it's used frequently. This is more of man's movie, really, with males dominating and some good advice on dating and what to look for in women! Actually, there are so many mixed messages in here - good and bad - it would make your head swim, but it is a crime film very much worth investigating.
    ...more info
  • perfect
    It was in perfect condition. I couldnt find this movie anywhere but i found it here and got it brand new....more info
  • DeNiro's directorial debut makes for a GREAT slow burn...
    It's a little slow, a bit methodical, and quite purposeful in its story-telling, and I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT... This is Robert DeNiro's directorial debut, and its a winner! I credit a strong assist to Chazz Palminteris touching screenplay.

    For me, the charm of this movie was watching DeNiro play AGAINST type as a regular-guy, a working-class dad trying to protect his son from the lure of local mob-boss Chazz Palminteri. And, so soon after seeing him in Goodfellas as mob hitman Jimmy Conway.

    The winning formula here is making Palminteris Sonny LoSpecchio easy to root for. He doesn't encourage DeNiro's son (Lillo Brancato-- now grown up with his own real-life problems) to follow his lead; he really tries to steer him clear of the life he leads, but does teach him some heart-warming lessons along the way. DeNiro's Lorenzo fears he is losing his son, but the more he fights for him, the more he risks pushing him away... I file this under A slow burn....more info
  • Entertaining though revisiting an old country
    It is a good film about the Bronx, about Little Italy in New York, race relations in the 60s and many other things, indeed. Yet the film seems to be a country revisited several times. The new element is the point of view that is adopted here, that of a kid who is growing from 8 to 17 and is the witness of the law of the neighborhood and how this law is imposed by some group of self appointed people who impose security and guarantee it then. In this case it is an Italian boss, and on the other side it is the Blacks, and no detail is given. What makes this film interesting is how the son sees the world and how he comes to accepting this or that idea, from his father or the local neighborhood boss. We see his personality growing, his independence blooming, at times without knowing it, his reason and moderation expanding at times against his own feelings and convictions. You add girls to that and then accidents on the road of social peace and you may have some real drama in which you discover the real value of this man, or even your father, who did not hate this or that or anyone in particular but rather tried, at times awkwardly to protect you. There are a few funny elements here and there, more dramatic elements now and then, but a lot of pathos all the time. Entertaining with good actors who are very well directed.

    Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris Dauphine, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne & University Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines
    ...more info